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  1. session_set_save_handler just ain't working out!
  2. Can PHP extract information from a session cookie?
  3. HELP! Need different images to load on a single page depending on URL or variables!!!
  4. obscure error message
  5. script problem
  6. vBulletin install in a cgi folder on a nt stever
  7. file contents into an array
  8. checkboxes
  9. returning a list of all files in a directory
  10. Simple maths question
  11. <img tag stripping strpos str_replace substr
  12. script problem
  13. free php poll - emergency
  14. downloading php files as xxx.php
  15. no array_insert() ?!?!?
  16. arrays ...
  17. Form to Text question
  18. Ok, so i've made a php news system for my site...(more)
  19. session_start(); problem ...
  20. sendmail from php with html headers
  21. query without submit?
  22. PHP4 not parsed.
  23. Can my Discussion Board be Saved?
  24. mail function problem
  25. Changing how session looks
  26. php / multiple tables advice...
  27. You see above where it says (users browsing this forum)........
  28. Where abouts in this script would i put Stripslashes??
  29. search text file and print which line it occurs on
  30. Files blink on display
  31. Need Help !
  32. How do i prevent a "\" from appearing before an apostrophe?
  33. routing http-page requests to a fixed script
  34. couple of phpdev things
  35. Forms and php_self
  36. Question about PHP syntax
  37. PHP email not working
  38. Sessions, Modules and Apache2.0 oh my!
  39. Contains
  40. need a little php help with conditions.
  41. Running on Windows
  42. PHP Session
  43. Regular expression and textfield - setEditable(false);
  44. Allowing a user to save a text file which is created dynamically?
  45. Up-To-Date-Content
  46. PHP vs ASP
  47. pop3 without extensions
  48. read / write to a file
  49. Php code for traffic analysis
  50. Prevent inadvertent access or download of php files
  51. are their concurrency issues when reading/writing with a text file
  52. Installing PHP, Apache, etc
  53. preg_match_all Expression
  54. PHP expiry function
  55. Question....
  56. will too many include() ruin my search engine plans ?
  57. Refresh page with a difference
  58. Form Problem
  59. submits informtion twice when not supposed to
  60. Help
  61. reading a .txt file
  62. Using PayPal's IPN feature to prevent changing price
  63. Formatting unix timestamp for outputting
  64. Help with regexps
  65. can I create a file ??
  66. how can I insert a quote in my query string ?
  67. my script is acting WEIRD!
  68. Post 1 item from sql database for 24 hrs
  69. How do I parse this code?
  70. script problem
  71. Cannot Connect to MySQL
  72. More than one variable
  73. PHP with Javascripting?
  74. Database compatibility
  75. Always "500 server error" header?!
  76. Get Retrieve Time
  77. Insert php into html
  78. Mac OSX bundle?
  79. Will Design For Code..
  80. Visual BAsic, MySQL, and Host
  81. Replacing characters
  82. Phorum
  83. PHP and CSS
  84. Email portion of current page
  85. Using PHP to frame a DNS name
  86. need small script plz
  87. random picture
  88. Download counter w/email?
  89. Problem with inserting PHP variables in Javasript
  90. checkbox array help!!!!
  91. MIME Types
  92. Accessing CD Rom Drive
  93. Screen Height and Width
  94. where i can find free php?
  95. changing password
  96. Navigating records
  97. Tightening PHP & mySQL Logon Security
  98. PHP-Nuke - how does this kind of stuff work?
  99. Streaming
  100. connection error
  101. How to query an Oracle database ?
  102. php onclick?
  103. Works on PHPDev, but not on my host...
  104. postcodes and miles
  105. Random title image?
  106. great form script but...
  107. Navigation question - can a php nav link indicate what page is currently being shown?
  108. Problem with serialize
  109. How to print a ticket in my web site?
  110. get query string info
  111. Changing Directory name from PHP?
  112. PHP Code Problem
  113. Two-dimentional array
  114. php GET and POST vars
  115. directory indexing in htaccess
  116. mysql to variable
  117. include and readfile wont show gif file as image
  118. Problem with .dat file created by php-script
  119. what about gtk ??
  120. Question about PHP?
  121. entering the same information, differently at one time
  122. help my code
  123. Passing variables from PHP to...
  124. New to php: HELP MEEEEE
  125. PHP Error
  126. Double(")/Single Quote(') Problem
  127. Passing parameters; JS to PHP and back
  128. flock is too good?
  129. simple datetime help
  130. mysql_fetch_array problem
  131. Creating a message board
  132. script problem
  133. PHP -vs- ASP
  134. how do you convert php into jsp
  135. How can i generate RTF Files from HTML
  136. Syntax problems or something
  137. Remember the results selected on the list
  138. Making A Form Span Across Multiple Pages
  139. How Can I Do This?
  140. Adding a rating thing to a simple message board.
  141. only one user with one login
  142. Another Newbie Needs Help.
  143. include_path problems
  144. configurating the "url?variable=value.."feature
  145. post form autmagically
  146. newbie -
  147. Writing PHP to write Apache directory
  148. E_notice: a little help on index.php?page=any
  149. A script that can.....
  150. SMTP problem
  151. article continued... ?
  152. Maintaining formatting of textarea input
  153. question dont know what to call it
  154. Alphabetical order? Help!
  155. PHP 4.2.3 Question
  156. could you help me this script
  157. dynamic list boxes populated from MYSQL dbase
  158. Distinguishing data on URL data passing
  159. Maximum Execution Time
  160. Need help with a forum script!!
  161. updating a html file with php... i'm stuck please help
  162. problem with fread() on external URL
  163. IP Address Validation in JS to PHP
  164. php code in java script
  165. A cry for help
  166. How to Change the Background of a Missing Field?
  167. redirecting
  168. Form generation by PHP and storage in MySQL
  169. Checking for spaces
  170. NetScapt
  171. Group Bool data and store to db
  172. more file upload problems
  173. Apache File/Directory Access Modes?
  174. filling in form fields
  175. index.php?page=whatever- Link problems
  176. modify text file with php
  177. File access control scheme?
  178. Forms!!
  179. Avoid access to files
  180. Keeping the same url
  181. devshed?
  182. passing data via form
  183. ramdom pictures with php problem
  184. Fetching Content from URLs off an External URL
  185. Saving and Spending Points
  186. Error on Uploading Files
  187. display results correctly
  188. php tutorial location?
  189. PHP & Excel
  190. Session Expiry
  191. security in script
  192. php and mailing
  193. php-forum help
  194. Scripts
  195. entering data with multiple dates
  196. translating database info with scripts
  197. php search engine [using google]
  198. A simple yet complex PHP thing: Loading content with same layout...
  199. Apostrophes
  200. URGENT HELP NEEDED: include/requre remote file
  201. Upload File - Time Out!
  202. Wich softwere to use for php development
  203. Want to use mail() to send HTML page
  204. simple answer but cant think of it
  205. Getting WindowsNT scripts to work on Unix?
  206. New Script Idea!
  207. URL Encoding - Hiding post Var's ?
  208. Automatically chage pictures
  209. Creating a script that tells how many downloads I have had.
  210. Help with a variable
  211. databases, and forms
  212. Netscape and Php
  213. Replacing Characters On Condition
  214. Scrip problem
  215. Hyperlink
  216. replacing something. I need text that is entered into mysql to keep their returns....
  217. PHP and MySQL?
  218. calculate date variables??
  219. Convert ASP -> PHP?
  220. query
  221. php mail() ?!help!
  222. <img src=variable> ?
  223. converting to line break
  224. Reading an Access DB on a Unix system?
  225. Search Engine using PHP and MySQL
  226. quick php syntax questions
  227. newbie here
  228. UnRAR an uploaded file
  229. Online PHP Font Previewers?
  230. forcing download
  231. PHP Dev Problems
  232. Please Help Me!!!!!
  233. Global Login
  234. <a name""> redirect via php
  235. Reading javascript vars in php? possible?
  236. binary upload to mysql without turning register_globals off
  237. Directory/File count with shell_exec
  238. Input Button do PHP Function
  239. linking to the next page
  240. Using my FTP Server to comunicate with my HTTP server through Php?
  241. Get Line Count
  242. Creating Files and Changing permissions
  243. making a shopping cart using php and MSQL
  244. GD question
  245. PHP & MS Access - is it possible?
  246. Logon script for secure website
  247. Cookies keep dying when browser is closed
  248. PHP and MySQL Help
  249. Something must be wrong with the server
  250. php image gallery script...

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