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  1. Okay...let's try this for newbie php'ers!
  2. write the file name?
  3. replacing space with +
  4. is there a 'www' in the URL ?
  5. Is this OLD php and no longer used?
  6. PHP WYSIWYG editor
  7. php header not working
  8. Learning PHP
  9. File handling/string size
  10. cleaning text
  11. \ in front of "
  12. Passing User Variables
  13. I am thinking about using php
  14. secure pages in php
  15. Is my code right? Can I run PWS and APACHE...
  16. No data - no display table cell
  17. PHP and C++
  18. Outputting list from two functions !!
  19. Security problems using cookies to store login+password
  20. How does PHP handle session files cleanup?
  21. PHPBB2 Forum Error
  22. I need help with passing arrays of html forms to script in php
  23. Working out days in a month
  24. vBulletin 2.2.9 upgrade script doesn't work
  25. Cannot access ID's in URL ($_GET)
  26. Using virtual() to execute Perl scripts on a PHP page?
  27. php include question
  28. submitting variables Using Post Method
  29. Best way of passing multiple instances of inputs between pages.
  30. Refresh after download?
  31. GD Graphics Build on Windows
  32. How to open a download dialog?
  33. easy script
  34. generate list of clients machine files?
  35. Use php in an echo?
  36. Create table-insert error, SetTimeOut(); in php?
  37. Serving an image in PHP. How?
  38. Hide link !!
  39. How to use session_id to send my vars from page A to page B?
  40. passing varible from java script to php
  41. Simple php script
  42. session
  43. Compiling PHP
  44. Command to clear screen in PHP?
  45. Passing values both by POST and query string. Not possible?
  46. Angel Fire Help
  47. Can you give me a 'range' of times here?
  48. On my knee wth PHP
  49. Multiple users login
  50. Php Voting Polls
  51. page content does not show after code executes ...
  52. .htacces help
  53. How to determine if a PHP script is allowed to do something?!
  54. two submit buttons
  55. trying not to resort to "HELP PLEASE!!!!!"
  56. MS Outlook headers in URL of email for PHP (POSSIBLE?)
  57. deleting images
  58. Anyone made any games with PHP?
  59. redirection after inserting
  60. Beginner Needs Help!
  61. Need Help adding a image to a php script??
  62. eregi - numeric and alphabetic only
  63. results in 2 colors
  64. Simple script problem
  65. OOPs in php with sql?
  66. Displaying number of visitors.
  67. Passing control to another url?
  68. universal include code
  69. display a php file in an html <table>
  70. Redirect to current page (reload)?
  71. Hello! New here! 1 question..
  72. Form submission problem
  73. Populating an array problem !!
  74. .php & .html compatibility
  75. Connection Error
  76. Remember my ID on this computer
  77. How do U patch?
  78. A great PHP + Javascript example
  79. if statment
  80. how to remove extensions in url
  81. Need urgent help on sessions
  82. writing to / creating new files to write to
  83. ANY small php script.
  84. How can I add a link like this to my photo album?
  85. Need help getting script to work properly
  86. search engine
  87. Header Problem?
  88. Need Help With An If Statement for a Form
  89. calculating unix timestamp...
  90. Easy script problem
  91. Looping through form result for values !!
  92. root relative paths config
  93. Form to databas problem !!
  94. PHPSESSID problem(+ a few other)
  95. Newbie functions question
  96. saving large data as txt then retreiving them
  97. General PHP Script
  98. IIS SMTP Settings for PHP?
  99. CMS Suggestions?
  100. Learning PHP ?
  101. image gallery
  102. Anyone here used/using eZ publish?
  103. Usernames & Passwords
  104. dbmopen doesn't work!
  105. PHP Link Indexing Script
  106. PHP settings, Reading from $_GET['variablename']
  107. Creating a PHP web Counter
  108. PHP4 Session prob
  109. Shopping cart help !!!
  110. password to send my message
  111. Taking PHP further
  112. Control Panel
  113. very basic php input validation q?
  114. PHP - I know not, but wish to learn.
  115. making image upload an option
  116. data enterd twice in database after refresh
  117. Explode Bombs
  118. absolute path: how to find out?
  119. sending email
  120. encoding php scripts and HTML code
  121. Horizontal problem
  122. Problems Installing PHP on IBM AIX/RS6000
  123. Determining a "\n" in a string
  124. PHP equivalent of Oracle command INSTR
  125. Check url/string for certain words
  126. Auto-Refresh???
  127. PHPbb forum into HTML
  128. random picture problem
  129. Need some help with sessions
  130. Reading cookies
  131. Help me get rid of \' and \" these PLEASE!
  132. Uploading a file that exceed the MAX_FILE_SIZE limit
  133. why should I use is_uploaded_file?
  134. Authentication page repeats 3 times and dies
  135. Redirecting a user by Header("Location : redirPage.html") not working!
  136. forget password script
  137. String Mystery
  138. Image-creation is failing...
  139. hiding ....
  140. phpmyadmin
  141. need some help with counting ...
  142. passing PHP variable to javascript
  143. Detecting potential URL redirection when using fopen()?
  144. Permissions
  145. PHP Editor with a built in browser!
  146. IIS XP: Post method not working
  147. script problem
  148. Session Help...
  149. How do I create....
  150. script doesn't merge with HTML
  151. Need help merging two scripts
  152. using graphics in php
  153. Using pass by reference, why the need for global variables?
  154. PHP: add to end of the file
  155. Need Help With a Fetching Script
  156. Losing Variable's Contents across Form Processing?
  157. Basic Syntax Problem
  158. script problem
  159. reading data from a table that users clicks on
  160. using a the value of the <A>href</A> tags
  161. netCOMs
  162. Converting a bit of VB logic to PHP
  163. html tables
  164. Asp2php
  165. php restrictions
  166. script to display directory contents (treeview-like)?
  167. making a bank?
  168. What's currently the best way to parse XML files?
  169. testers please ?
  170. Looking for info on installing PHP on IBM's AIX Unix version
  171. Would this be hard ??
  172. PHP security
  173. Basic PHP&SQL database
  174. Inseting Images into a GD file
  175. Wondering if anyone could help me out
  176. image resize
  177. French text based emails accents not working....
  178. Confirm Email
  179. Script Help Plz
  180. Gd
  181. what is apache?
  182. History and session
  183. OOP in php
  184. How do i put name/value pairs in a string to an array
  185. Newbie: My vars won't show
  186. can i write php in windows 200?
  187. Parsing, obfuscating and compressing scripts
  188. Stupid question
  189. External pages within a table
  190. Questions on using PHP to connect to an external source
  191. Windows install of GD V2.04 Graphics Library
  192. imap()
  193. Help to improve template script
  194. Working around auto_prepend_file?
  195. PHP newie needs help.
  196. Securing paypal - and need some advise
  197. Page Last Updated....
  198. Search engine: Unexpected results
  199. Script problem
  200. Need Some Help With a Breadcrumb Script
  201. Automatically Calling a File for Sublinks?
  202. date() function ...
  203. modifying php text string
  204. PHP FileSize Retrieval? Is this correct? Because it's not working!
  205. Smtp
  206. script problem
  207. Xoops and PHP 4.2.3
  208. polls
  209. Can PHP sorting functions handle this sort?
  210. checking file image dimentions
  211. Combining two variables into one
  212. Trig experts...help me with some lant/long stuff
  213. Break a PHP parse
  214. Easy Question - How to Validate A Number is Entered?
  215. session strange problems
  216. error message when recommending a friend
  217. cookie problem
  218. I'd appreciate help assessing the efficiency of an XML application
  219. php saving into text file.
  220. What to replace for a "br" tag?
  221. replace ...
  222. random
  223. array passing
  224. Reading Cookies
  225. merging javascript with php
  226. HTML_Class
  227. i need a script
  228. i need help with this peice of coding
  229. validate form field
  230. sending mail ...
  231. quotes printing normally...
  232. why won't this work on my site
  233. Cookies tutorials
  234. Looking for certain PHP code?
  235. can you please tell me why this does not work on my site?
  236. uploading a file ....
  237. gd lib problem
  238. Include not working?
  239. HELP REQUIRED! converting repetitive code into a function
  240. PHP script parsing XML and dumping to MySQL DB...it works, but!!
  241. Zip code/proximity/state relationship
  242. Directory Copy Trouble
  243. Undoing nl2br
  244. How to check if the end of a string is as I want?
  245. Problems unregistering session variables
  246. PHP Session??
  247. Date processing Using Form
  248. recommend a friend
  249. Using PHP to check domain availability
  250. Start Downloads with PHP

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