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  1. Simulating post with php
  2. mysql_fetch_array bringing up error.
  3. Counting time when logged in
  4. sql query returns 0 always
  5. Php Help
  6. How to open huge file so as to break it up?
  7. Where Visitors Came From
  8. combining php scripts
  9. linking mysql database to another site instead of localhost?
  10. Voting Gateway removal?
  11. email help?
  12. Settings files to expire
  13. str_replace help!
  14. drop down menu.. plz read
  15. Session
  16. Tell how long a script is running for?
  17. textfile read specified line(s)
  18. users online
  19. stats access info
  20. PHP $_SESSION doesn't work
  21. How can I display information about a users IP adress?
  22. PHP/MYSQL quick help
  23. Two simple questions
  24. file.doc as attachment
  25. How could I do a text-to-image sort of thing with php???
  26. prob witn login form in utf-8
  27. extention name
  28. What does $ mean?
  29. Sessions or Cookies
  30. password decryption in mySQL
  31. mailing list problem
  32. Whats wrong with this code ??
  33. Error
  34. Spanish PHP Toplist. Remove Voting Gateway?
  35. Need help with PHP/MySQL code
  36. [urgent]how to change row color?
  37. Password protection in PHP
  38. Script Post: Extremely Simple FTP Upload
  39. extracting attributes from jpeg file
  40. write to text file help
  41. Absolute links in opendir()
  42. Good book for an intermediate PHP programmer
  43. "Uploading" Links?
  44. uploading file from one server to another through a form
  45. PHP Code colouring
  46. php_self
  47. strings
  48. special character like " ' !
  49. mail func doesn't work, but fsockopen to smtp server does?!?
  50. Is it Possible to Link PHP and SQL code within a From?
  51. "while" loop
  52. Session handling
  53. help
  54. Which is more correct? { or :
  55. Something Wrong??
  56. Add GD library support.
  57. php form submit/ repost problem
  58. How to keep outsiders from posting variables?
  59. Notice after submitting
  60. FormMail Help.
  61. oh boy... open a file on another site, look for a link then displey
  62. File Operations
  63. keyword search button
  64. Getting a string from a number format (eg changing 2 into two)
  65. Function help..
  66. Help with regular expression
  67. Help
  68. PHP - Direct to another page
  69. Identifying the parameters in post strings
  70. Flash - PHP
  71. Printing values from eregi_replace
  72. Investigating Register Globals (off)
  73. PHP mailform script intermittently fails to validate referer
  74. retain values in option and select
  75. Converting ASP to PHP
  76. special character handling
  77. move, rename and copy folders
  78. creating a string of random numbers and letters
  79. php.ini Configuration
  80. Check if a variable exists
  81. Mail
  82. Format date from a string
  83. to lower case?
  84. Installing php 4 on winxp with apache
  85. forms emailing to hotmail inbox..
  86. change data time format
  87. Nice & Easy about php includes.
  88. Carrying variables into new window
  89. Going back directories
  90. Session
  91. still learning this...
  92. Checkboxes n PHP
  93. PHP & MySQL Hosting?
  94. How to stop spookster? (Forms posting from off site)
  95. page redirect
  96. Any good PHP links?
  97. How do I write to a certain part of a text file using PHP??
  98. php
  99. Password
  100. /tmp dir ( PHPDEV question )
  101. showing text captured with a text area input
  102. variable font size measurements for form fields ...
  103. extentions - how .php/.php3 different?
  104. Variables not place into string from included file..
  105. I want to create a multiple search with php and mysql.. plz help
  106. drop down menu populates other drop down menu
  107. Implanting Vars.
  108. Please helpl this newbie
  109. Image/file upload doing my nut
  110. only 5 at the time
  111. MySQL, show visitors
  112. append to top of file and reload
  113. Re-Formatting a Date
  114. odd even number
  115. basic idea behind using include function in news display
  116. Image resource
  117. Using a { and } in a function
  118. making a random and unique file name???
  119. Can I reset array keys?
  120. No Database Selected
  121. Need help with PHP includes
  122. Parse a url and convert to link.
  123. PHP books
  124. Variable for Pagename
  125. My first script! Yay!
  126. using cookies
  127. I need help with this form script...
  128. pconnect and connect, what's the diff?
  129. Configuring Apache to use my smtp.
  130. Im having problems with writing to files. Could anyone please check my script?
  131. Uploading larger files - getting progress-information during upload?
  132. Upgrading phpdev to php 4.3.1
  133. Get and Set Cookies
  134. Sending a confirmation email
  135. What's wrong with this script ?
  136. Check if a text file exists and if not create it
  137. self-extracting installer
  138. Futile!!!
  139. PHP/MySQL problem..anyone?
  140. Page Generation Time?
  141. E-mail date manipulation
  142. object type session variables?
  143. Session Question
  144. hmm phpbb code for ip search not working
  145. date format convert
  146. Can't Find File to Copy
  147. best content management & shopping cart softwares?
  148. postnuke rookie
  149. ImageCreateFromGif
  150. Parse Error in XHTML Doctype
  151. Grabbing remote page, links/imgs don't work..
  152. cant figure out how to add file:// for link validation
  153. Round numbers
  154. header location
  155. PCRE Error Message 'Compilation failed:' ???
  156. pg_connect()
  157. Reading Cookie Values
  158. variables n dropdown menus
  159. Undefined variable error
  160. referral page
  161. header already sent
  162. Magick for morons
  163. sessions and cookies???
  164. What's wrong with my code?
  165. Open and print contents of a file?
  166. Wallpapers Thumbnails
  167. phpmedit
  168. Using ASPELL or ISPELL
  169. Lottery script help
  170. Upgraded to GD 2.0: Now thumbnail pics are 16 colors??
  172. ereg_replace html???
  173. Hidden Form Fields
  174. Introductory PHP tutorials
  175. PHP help for a script I'm writing (I'm a beginner)!
  176. customized user's personal page using sessions?
  177. sms n php
  178. require question
  179. Basic Search
  180. I Need Help With Uploading A Image Script
  181. Htaccess And Php Parsing
  182. PHP Permissions
  183. Database vs Flat File Performance Question
  184. help with my server!
  185. Redirect without losing information
  186. Postnuke help?
  187. True and false or 1 and 0?
  188. Include page containing variables and functions: Is this possible?
  189. $_POST vs $HTTP_POST_VARS - which one is recommended? I forget...
  190. Sessions... why bother?
  191. Session cookies
  192. count function for site
  193. Array stuff
  194. Count the clicks
  195. hmmmmm
  196. Moved to PHP 4.2.3 and values disapeared from forms
  197. arh anyone know how to use the or fnction??? asap please
  198. gd image to watermark image?
  199. php installation
  200. to randomly select registries of a consultation to one bd
  201. need email submit forum for website
  202. Precise time comparison?
  203. login script
  204. Image creating
  205. PHP XML class needed
  206. Can you find an IP address with PHP?
  207. i still dont know regular expression pattern syntax!
  208. Image link generator
  209. insert line breaks
  210. Global variables, using external variables as defaults in functions, and existance
  211. Advanced directory listing?
  212. PHP Hosting
  213. Displaying the name of an array when you don't actually know what it is called...!
  214. What is wrong with this code
  215. Find the largest number between arrays
  216. alert popup?
  217. Get A File's Name
  218. Form Help
  219. http://www.domain.com/?page=home&lang=eng
  220. Creating New Pages With PHP
  221. Faking IP?
  222. email/name in the "from" field?
  223. redirection (ed2k:// protocol)
  224. GD and GIF
  225. How would I make an image pre-processor?
  226. An @ before a function
  227. cant figure out how to delete "\." from a string.
  228. emails in php
  229. What does the HOST refer to in the header section of a request?
  230. Anyone Know How I COuld Get This To Display Randomly???
  231. Screen Resolution
  232. how would i set a cookie with their username on it???
  233. Input data into a word document
  234. Strange login problem
  235. Headers and Footers
  236. [Tutorial] Making A Hit Counter With PHP
  237. Newbie question
  238. Arg whats Wrong With Meh Code???
  239. Hiding download link
  240. include url under Windows
  241. Access Database...um...access
  242. Ever see this error message on phpdev?
  243. Md5
  244. expat Cutting off characters after > ?
  245. on-site text/file editing.
  246. Imput text
  247. Using PHP include and meta tags
  248. Session and Register Global off in PHP 4.3.0
  249. Can I IP Ban?
  250. url redirect based on time & day of week

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