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  1. Using a wildcard in a string?
  2. Members Recieve Messages
  3. searchin amazon
  4. Help with REGEXP
  5. Help with Navigation Links
  6. credit card payment on site(how)
  7. Simple Coding, for a beginner
  8. simple basket script (where)
  9. Write to top of file, not add to bottom
  10. Ideas on storing values for arrays
  11. browser detection
  12. On select go to url, in PHP
  13. PHP for Beginners
  14. php/Internet Explorer question
  15. limit text enter in a form
  16. Showing spaces in Posts
  17. How to use Preg_replace?
  18. Installing PhpMyAdmin
  19. PHP Poll Scripting Question
  20. Help!!
  21. PHP Guestbook
  22. Server status
  23. Counter Help
  24. Using function...
  25. Uploading file types
  26. Send e-Mail Help
  27. HELP! I'm a beginner!
  28. PHP Imbedded in an HTML
  29. convert date
  30. PRODUCTION PROBLEM - Files executing twice
  31. Snoopy fetch text: only echo one line ?
  32. create new file
  33. Text area question
  34. Redirecting a user to a url which is passed as a variable?
  35. Need Help with form
  36. URGENT: How can i make a php script close a DB connection?
  37. Passing variables in checkboxes
  38. Bulleted List with PHP
  39. read last x line of file
  40. malformed header error appearing at random times
  41. file handling
  42. In need of help with user permissions and login
  43. RE: Forums
  44. Field Sumbit
  45. File Writing - What's Wrong?
  46. Links directory free SQL
  47. outputting unwanted line wraps, please help!
  48. Yet another PHP-Nuke problem
  49. Shoutbox Error
  50. Real-time stock quotes
  51. Why This Error?
  52. displaying dates
  53. Obtain URL
  54. Script execution atomic by chance?
  55. PHP file writing
  56. Activating e-mail
  57. Alternative Row Color
  58. Session Expiry.. (again)
  59. downloading a file
  60. PHP Upload
  61. Preventing pages to load on its own
  62. Webhost not working?
  63. How do I get the file name
  64. login redirect problem
  65. How to capture the id
  66. php +apache2
  67. Session Expiry
  68. mail() function Undefine in external host
  69. fwrite writes last words twice
  70. last update
  71. Password Recovery
  72. checkbox doesn't get posted
  73. displaying a meaningful filesize
  74. math
  75. How to creat e a username password login
  76. DEADLINE, HELP. Email variables have size limits?
  77. Newbie Help Please..?
  78. Check for String Casing
  79. Tracking Guests
  80. forums
  81. Auto insert a line of code at the end
  82. GD 1.8.4 compliant resize?
  83. preserving already inputted info
  84. local dir
  85. load php output into a textarea-field
  86. including a remote file
  87. Php Mail script like Hostedscripts
  88. What does this warning message mean?
  89. php mail
  90. Url with username and password
  91. mail() contents appear wrong in yahoo?
  92. Connect & read a paradox.
  93. Loop through lines in text file ?
  94. Shipping Nightmare.....
  95. Java function code line
  96. Referral logging on per-file basis
  97. @ supressing errors
  98. Setting Up A PHP Server
  99. How to build a User athentication page, with only PHP and CGI
  100. PHP cookie
  101. Create Directory
  102. How fast can PHP write and access files?
  103. php embedded in javascript?
  104. Session not timeout
  105. session authentication
  106. My host says php fouled my program Help! Where do I get programmer
  107. What's the best database to use with php in this situation???
  108. HELP IN Download counter
  109. Detecting Change
  110. Application variables in PHP or closest alternative
  111. do i need a server?
  112. Read file dates?
  113. mcrypt undefined
  114. Php Help!!!!!
  115. To limit the records every day
  116. apply function to other page
  117. Meta Characters
  118. Is it posible?
  119. chinese encoding
  120. Anonymous Functions
  121. Regex to extract <?php //code here ?>
  122. Login Security
  123. Window display
  124. Dynamic Drop Downs and Dynamic Image Change
  125. /?page=pagename ?
  126. Exposing phpinfo...
  127. PHP mail not working for AOL email addresses?
  128. session_destroy play with your database?
  129. Recording user
  130. PHP Learning Sites
  131. Uncertain about php error!
  132. Can PHP read a MS Access database?
  133. PHP Mail script to avoid bulk dumping
  134. ...in last 24 hours but start counted from 00:00am
  135. scanning PHP for security vulnerabilities
  136. Getting Results from a PHP to appear in HTML?
  137. Using PHP to post to HTML
  138. views of page
  139. Accessing attributes with SAX
  140. php error..
  141. link verification - redirect script
  142. Writing to a folder
  143. Validating email address using regular expression
  144. Any way to post using header ?
  145. variables Vs Text file menu
  146. Need Help
  147. Else statement doesn't works.... :(
  148. PHP linking
  149. I cant get cookies to work for some reason. Please helP!
  150. copy files
  151. How to know the # of users online
  152. Search and Print
  153. Regex replace with values from an array.
  154. searching a string with php?
  155. PHP with JavaScript work around?
  156. how to read records in a file
  157. PHP Clan Scripts
  158. help check a string for two variables then replacing them
  159. How to calculate the difference between two dates?
  160. Php knowledge
  161. alternative to echo command?
  162. With A Scriptin (help)
  163. 4Images Gallery?
  164. don't get cookies
  165. File last edited?
  166. Header to show .avi video ?
  167. php/ my sql
  168. authentication system with activating link by email
  169. To delete a cookie in a PHP page
  170. double authentication
  171. Sort array with values starting with numbers
  172. Authentication
  173. ftp connection
  174. Writing to an XML file
  175. How to get the total of the values in one array
  176. Unknown, but numberd variables, how to get from $_POST
  177. include_path and Windows
  178. Simple cuestion: I want -1 to be 1
  179. using Chinese character as login/password
  180. GPG and PHP
  181. Sort files by date/time.
  182. Simple Login
  183. <a href="this is a format problem">"'"'</a>
  184. Getting rid of session id after first page
  185. 4Images
  186. Preserving spaces.
  187. HELP: deleting messages
  188. id field missing the continuity
  189. Upload File script... Not working! Pleaz tell me wuts wrong!
  190. Qualifications
  191. Learning PHP
  192. Manipulating/displaying arrays
  193. Apache/PHP/Win2K Pro Install
  194. PHP development for the macintosh
  195. Highlight source code
  196. 'new' operator
  197. str_replace
  198. Instantiating Object Variables
  199. Installing Freetype with PHPDev
  200. I'm too obsessed with OO, is it good or what?!
  201. Parameter defaults and references
  202. Date of birth drop down
  203. If / else stuff
  204. Php Code
  205. Http_refferer
  206. operator !, checking variable for number (0,1,2,3) or nothing
  207. directory listing
  208. Cookies across different ports
  209. using a loop to alternate colour of a row
  210. help with some bbcode making
  211. PHPNuke Question
  212. Space limited
  213. Parsing xml with php - where to start?
  214. Cron for windows
  215. freetype.dll:Where can I download a copy?
  216. last line of php page error
  217. FrontPage Extensions / PHP Antics
  218. Problems with retrieving data
  219. word wrap w/o URL
  220. MySQL Help Please!
  221. Need help with understanding permissions in php and unix
  222. Help with GD Thumbnail scripting
  223. XML DOM question
  224. Split returned results into hrefs
  225. Script Execution time
  226. Passwords
  227. word search and wrap crisis
  228. upload image
  229. Can't get Javascript to work in PHP
  230. Some questions about MAX_FILE_SIZE
  231. Are classes worth knowing?
  232. What is ->, => and how are they used?
  233. substring compare
  234. pg_exec() function still in use?
  235. Q: I cant access the global POST data
  236. Creating Images with PHP.......
  237. Of Searches And Sessions
  238. i am very stuck with making a PHP forum work..
  239. .htaccess question
  240. Variables passed to /folder/index.php but not /folder/
  241. Page Speed
  242. Nameing FDile??
  243. Parse Error in Form Handler
  244. How do you make a simple expression evaluate into a variable?
  245. syntax highlighting for code examples
  246. Parsing? a number
  247. search database via click on lin
  248. Send an E-mail with PHP (probably simple)
  249. what charaters do I escape?
  250. Need some one to finish my php login will pay $$ please help

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