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  1. A little help
  2. How to Display the latest 8 stories' title
  3. Database table data not being displayed in right format on browser
  4. Discussion on what is Joomla ???
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  7. Please help me isolate some code.
  8. Extreme n00b - go easy please
  9. Sort by Month Day Year
  10. Web-submission form end message
  11. Some questions :D
  12. $_GET['id']
  13. $_GET['id']
  14. Table data not being printed
  15. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  16. Sessions not getting stored
  17. Tips for tasks assessing a candidate's OO PHP capability
  18. URLs and new pages
  19. Coding help
  20. PHP - simple contact form help
  21. Can't find error: small snippet of code...
  22. pdo lastInsertid() problems
  23. Database menu?
  24. My own error script
  25. Wordpress Help - Displaying Random Posts On Homepage
  26. Help me to decipher this email
  27. PHP uploader and send via email
  28. Submiting a form
  29. Linear Calendar PHP
  30. pagination code issue
  31. why get_meta_tag() won't work on individual Amazon product page?
  32. album functions help
  33. Display Results in Table
  34. HELLP ! Nice profile urls
  35. A self updating sidebar
  36. Help! Notice: Undefined index: page issue....
  37. Problem with Dynamic Form
  38. Incorporate a loop into a new theme
  39. keeping a count within a function and not resetting it
  40. Masonry layout help needed - WordPress
  41. Increment Post Variables
  42. Date error message appear on Joomla website
  43. What does this mean?
  44. Those 3 PHP questions
  45. PHP Authentication error
  46. Delete specific rows of MySQL
  47. Converting URL to Href (almost there)
  48. Resolved Capturing and Echoing User in-putted text structure
  49. Resolved Exploding Problem
  50. Php countdown script
  51. Need help with postback
  52. Hide columns in MySQL/HTML table
  53. CSV File Search
  54. Math Game with AJAX/Jquery
  55. which CMS?
  56. Error on page load
  57. Creating Input Area for End-User to Update Content
  58. Sorting an array, and affect another array as well
  59. I need help understanding the ! operator
  60. php upload form boolean error
  61. Constant prob.. I think....
  62. keeping track of how long people are online for
  63. Resolved Problem with UTF-8 sending php form to mysql
  64. Problem with building array
  65. Sort names in list
  66. Creating multidimensional array with a foreach
  67. Loope in .tpl PHP script {hjelp}
  68. Help with combining multiple isset lines
  69. How to prevent direct access to a landing page after password validation?
  70. Resolved Replace a multidimensional array for a mysql_query
  71. preg_match
  72. how to use php
  73. this works but?
  74. Contact form not working. Missing engine. Looking for it
  75. ask how to open php
  76. quick php security question
  77. how to create temporary accounts
  78. Need to retrieve record of table of mysql database based on record position
  79. insert multiple rows at once in database
  80. Relatively easy question, new coder
  81. Problem using rand and switch togheter.
  82. Newbie but with question
  83. Array code not working
  84. doubt in orangehrm
  85. Installing PHP Script with Database
  86. Problem - Need help applying CSS Elements to php Dynamic Data
  87. help with random
  88. Text comparison with a list of items?
  89. PHP Simple Form Calculation Error
  90. Need a PHP JavaScript Clock based on mysql datetime
  91. CodeIgniter newbie, I need this for my test
  92. Retrieving data from xml
  93. Ignore SQL error
  94. Upload script wont recognized file?
  95. String Manipulation
  96. How retrieve data between two date ??
  97. clean $_POST
  98. what kind of code encryption / compression is this?
  99. Echo in a DIV
  100. two of every value in array?
  101. Resolved fsockopen and SSL
  102. Restrict user from login more than once per day
  103. Redirect User To Different Pages On First Time Login
  104. Big Help!! Updating User Info on database
  105. Php_self
  106. securing data
  107. PHP mysql error
  108. after upload png and gif files turn black
  109. Repeating rows in email script
  110. How do i store and call images in php
  111. Full a query string from an enquire button to text field
  112. PHP program
  113. Resolved Variable Variables for Cookies?
  114. Date search function with range.
  115. Is this script secure?
  116. Expecting user input
  117. search for the following answer
  118. UNescaping single quotes (')??
  119. php functions/identifying path
  120. Security Image Captcha Verification Not Working
  121. How to submit a php form to database and email
  122. help making my dropdown boxes sticky (within a function)
  123. JSON / JSONP / XML cross-domain data delivery
  124. PHP/MySQL updating/deleting file with multiple image links.
  125. Php code to split strings
  126. How to get same feature as CodingForums have
  127. How to make thumbnails on footer
  128. How to make thumbnails on footer
  129. PHp and Wordpress
  130. Pagination Issue
  131. App to check for unprotected $_GET Variables ?
  132. Resolved Update user information
  133. Replacing with a login form
  134. https not working with script
  135. Cannot Modify Header Information
  136. How do I make this work
  137. Php data sort by date range ????
  138. unused form elements
  139. Please help with localisation <?php _e***
  140. Php error
  141. Help with Calendar Script
  142. Multiple Categories Problem
  143. Strange glitch - updating databases
  144. Resolved [HELP] Plz Fix this problem
  145. Anti-Spam Mail form
  146. File error localhost/XAMPP
  147. Php registration form summary
  148. Help Updating MySQL database tables
  149. Price change depending on OS
  150. text bases mmo can i do it
  151. Error in connecting, how to resolve it?
  152. Anticipating Errors
  153. SQL date and one more thing
  154. Unexpected T_VARIABLE
  155. Need a bit of help using TinyMCE with PHP.
  156. Struggling to get a variable to print on PDF!!
  157. Question on PHP HTML forms (with mysql)
  158. System to re-direct users when they log in based on user level
  159. Staff hours sheet
  160. displaying errors within action file or use session?
  161. PHP div question
  162. Hiding a object in a site
  163. display different # <td> in 4 different <tr>'s
  164. Need help with splitting up the form
  165. Set string inside function to parameter variable?
  166. PHP Form "works" but format is way off. Help?
  167. How to restrict some links to be click without valid login
  168. Read URLs from csv
  169. Php coding changing command WP, theme using s.wordpress
  170. URL with spaces
  171. Failed Attempts Maxed Out
  172. Table Duplication in PHP!?!
  173. Check box + submit + e-mail
  174. Integrating PHP (Login and Registration form)
  175. how to separate date in 3 variable?
  176. Make if conditionals more "light"
  177. Multiple Categories Problem
  178. Resolved Function return string?
  179. Upload, file type validation
  180. [Easy] Please help what is the right replacement code
  181. problem with simple function
  182. Emailing a list of commenters from mysql db, no duplicates
  183. users individual recent game name history
  184. Please help!!!! PHP Curl problem
  185. Help on small project
  186. strstr()
  187. Can somone solve this and tell me what it does
  188. How to lock parts of forms (PHP and MYSQL)
  189. calling MySQL id from one page for information on another?
  190. Displaying a table when a link is clicked
  191. php/html issues with styling
  192. Adding HTML Search button function
  193. Is this just repeated PHP Code?
  194. [help] Don't have anymore ideas...
  195. Converting a word to a image
  196. Something's wrong...
  197. Action file and undefined vars on file upload
  198. Regex Replacement within an html tag
  199. Minecraft Toplist
  200. Resolved PHP Uploader wont rename uploads
  201. Problem d/l-ing a .zip with a custom script and a MySQL database
  202. is it possible to add/create a 'new' pre-populated listbox when a button is pressed
  203. How to make a drop-down form-field to inject SQL value into list of products..?
  204. Validation.
  205. view image
  206. Upload script
  207. HTTP ERROR when trying to upload an image in Nextgen gallery
  208. PHP Emote Help
  209. Warning: Division by zero
  210. Displaying most recent image from folder into div using PHP
  211. require_once and include_once won't work for me.
  212. How would you describe this in PHP? Selectors?
  213. Displaying clicked images on "checkout" page?
  214. Change image name after thumbnail creation
  215. Recommend MVC
  216. Imge photo change name
  217. Protected page check code?
  218. Need some help!
  219. Help converting MIRC script to PHP
  220. Resolved remote ftp file_put_contents?
  221. place snippet of blog post on a non-blog page?
  222. Function to automate variables from db
  223. Php email script - help pls
  224. do not show thumbnail if not in range
  225. Remove extension when creating new file after resize
  226. Wordpress multilanguage
  227. PHP / MySQL search error
  228. PHP Permissions Errors!!
  229. How to improve this clumsy code with a loop
  230. Help IN blueimp-jQuery-File-Upload
  231. can I repeat a region but sorted by a variable
  232. duplicate error
  233. Help in locating and distance calculation via php please
  234. Resolved Web Application multiple PHP button functions
  235. PHP Web Service Returns Nothing
  236. trying to search a string for certain strings and replace them with a new string
  237. PHP Contact Form mandatory fields problem
  238. Help with PHP and SQL coding
  239. Resolved Hard code Wordpress Plugins
  240. Js Onload Function sees phpid as defined, while onClick function sees it as undefined
  241. Making an explore page
  242. Contact Form
  243. Asynchronous HTTP Requests
  244. Resolved Delete old files function won't work
  245. Contact form captcha FG_CaptchaHandler error
  246. loop turning output into double array
  247. Different landing page for different geo location
  248. [Need Help] Website not displaying correctly
  249. PHP grab code for recent wordpress posts.
  250. I need some help passing info from one page to another when clicking a link

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