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  1. Grouping data together
  2. Displaying different XML information through a URL variable, via PHP
  3. How do you indent HTML output by PHP?
  4. OOP - worth learning
  5. Simple Template Class
  6. Need your help with this
  7. Extensible menu-tree
  8. Caching an entire site into arrays
  9. form not inserting information into the database
  10. PHP Coding help... With Categories....
  11. My guestbook
  12. Is there something wrong with this code?
  13. change something
  14. usage of preg_replace
  15. Undefined Variables
  16. Mail() send with the chinese characters problem
  17. Navigation script
  18. Users Online
  19. Using $_GET with no variable in the URI
  20. problem with else statement
  21. here is free link checker code! tested
  22. convert PHP code to C
  23. breaking out of frames
  24. PHP/MySQL help
  25. Mapping a folder?
  26. header? How?
  27. Question regarding "weblog" integration
  28. Is it possible to set a variable by clicking on a link?
  29. Creating Login without Database
  30. Files and PHP
  31. Function to see if image exists?
  32. certain amount of characters
  33. creating a dynamic sql statement
  34. Keeping track of points
  35. resending
  36. Saving Form Info
  37. Problems Calling Oracle Stored Proc in PHP
  38. Can I write hex to a binary file?
  39. Configuring Zend Studio
  40. Menu tree
  41. Showing Server IP address
  42. Select data form array that matches condition
  43. To allow user to change their selection after submission
  44. return help
  45. Setting a variable using a text box
  46. PHP mySQL Calendar
  47. Request: Print QueryString into text file.
  48. Query from a query results
  49. XHTML 1.1 Is the name attribute obsolete?
  50. Running a Function from within a Package - Oracle
  51. Regex parsing
  52. the difference between $this->$var and $this->var
  53. assigned an object to session in class and reloading, stupid or possible?
  54. How make a list in a certain order
  55. IP logging script
  56. Saving Form Info
  57. classes and variable life
  58. The :: operator
  59. question about taking words out of string
  60. adding in br to extrnal text file
  61. Writing a complex sql statement.
  62. Help with basic navigation!
  63. Attach file to online form...
  64. Server goof?
  65. PHP contact form -> comma separated text file
  66. Can there be 2 things(i dont know what they are called)
  67. problem with search engine
  68. any ideas would be helpful
  69. Why No extension on filename?
  70. CHMOD777 safe?
  71. Ping Remote Servers
  72. php and framsets
  73. Domain name variable?
  74. how do i make this work?
  75. Pear DB. Seeking in a recordset.
  76. Checking post variables from checkboxes
  77. Need help with XML and PHP
  78. Tags 2 Array
  79. session instead of referer
  80. PHP User in distress
  81. Are there any experienced PHp Programmers willing to help?
  82. poll statistics
  83. Apache or microsoft server for php?
  84. Help echoing cookie
  85. difference between two dates
  86. Retrieving Hotmail with a php script
  87. problem
  88. Parse Error with ELSE statement
  89. php email yahoo
  90. arrays
  91. Best way of creating a on-line newspaper?
  92. Folder above WWW?
  93. Help With Regular Expressions
  94. A bug on counting
  95. Databased Website won't process PHP
  96. merge 3 fields into 1
  97. mac's run php
  98. if else
  99. Suggestions for Tutorials
  100. variables lifespan dblink in class
  101. Templates and PHP
  102. Should I use DB or shopping cart for this?
  103. MS SQL Server, varchar only returns 255 chars
  104. function to filter rude-words, please
  105. Banning by mutliple IP's
  106. stripslashes
  107. Importing Data From External Text File
  108. mail()
  109. using php to write php...
  110. where can i find a good php tutorial
  111. Trying to view databases in phpMyAdmin
  112. Including result from Perl into PHP
  113. Picture
  114. method post problem
  115. i keep getting an error and i dont know where to find it.
  116. writing to a file using php
  117. Displaying different time?
  118. I cant figure out this code?
  119. Executing some code
  120. Initalising a Session
  121. free php hosting
  122. Problem writing a file on XP with AD
  123. Which of you PHP/OSC Gurus Can Answer This?
  124. Expert needed...
  125. What script Allows you to force vote.
  126. Connecting to oracle 9i using php
  127. Searching form (PHP + MySQL)
  128. Edit tag question (In DreamWeaver)
  129. & symbols
  130. Allowing/Disallowing HTML in Posts with PHP
  131. auto exceute?how?
  132. Php Seesion help
  133. lock help plz
  134. mysql_free_result(), is it needed here?
  135. php poll
  136. extending classes
  137. PHP adds \\\ to a script
  138. include page's meta tags
  139. phpMyAdmin 2.5.4 security
  140. PHP + MS SQL Server...
  141. trying to do != in an HTML form
  142. Sessions and PHP
  143. Changing Screen Resolution
  144. MS phpTree [script post]
  145. Got the SQL stuff working but, PLEASE DEAR GOD HELP
  146. Session State Management on Webfarm
  147. E-mail from php page
  148. Warning: unlink(../template/toto) [function.unlink]: Permission denied in...
  149. $to in mail() multiple user
  150. page opened or not? tracking?
  151. Obtaining A Page name from URL
  152. Apache: redirect if dir doesn't exist
  153. Sessions Working On Lcalhost But Not On Remote Server
  154. Unusual result...
  155. Form validation functions
  156. Uploading images
  157. php and subdomain how?
  158. get count from each word
  159. mail() help
  160. Getting vistors from the previous day.
  161. dynamic includes
  162. Checking for a whole number
  163. Password Protected page
  164. Difference between 2 dates
  165. HEX 2 Colo-u-r
  166. how to protect your passwords
  167. Variable Argument Lengths
  168. Apache2 + PHP4 setup problem! Plz help!
  169. My website backbone / CMS :-)
  170. Add comma between words
  171. online search and replace editor?how
  172. log file autoemailed to me??
  173. Need help with script
  174. php url variables
  175. Image overwrite problem!
  176. True Article?
  177. Difference between " & '
  178. mkdir and safe_mode fun!
  179. using PHP's COM extension
  180. PHP Books
  181. NEWBIE Php help
  182. Getting an IP for a form
  183. Zend Studio & PHPdev, compatible?
  184. Okay i screwed something up....
  185. How to make a style switcher.......
  186. Problem with HTML Email
  187. Dynamically generating a site menu
  188. No Cache
  189. PHP Server Question - Please answer quickly
  190. Comparison between PHP and SSI?
  191. newbie to PHP
  192. Need Help with changing style sheets w/php
  193. Test My Script Pt2
  194. The proper way to split code on multiple lines
  195. download
  196. calculation
  197. how to remove "comma, full stop" from a sentence
  198. Excel Files
  199. PHP and Cygwin
  200. how to....
  201. How to Step through DB, 2 rows at a time?
  202. Cases vs. if/else statements
  203. php: new line code question
  204. Error Problem
  205. help creating math function
  206. dynamic.inc.php??protected
  207. Installing php on UnixWare Server
  208. getting less info than REFERER is giving me
  209. Browser based installs Discuss/help
  210. PHP 4.2.2 have oracle support?
  211. Referencing table fields
  212. simple question
  213. How to create a dynamic image map? Any easy way?
  214. Remove Member from Array
  215. php to connect to authorize.net
  216. Reading Multiple Select Box values with PHP
  217. Use a premade script or write your own?
  218. Sorting table columns ascending and descending
  219. PHP <select><option> problem
  220. need help with php
  221. good php editor?
  222. Help me with this PHP Script
  223. Problem with php code
  224. a shoutbox and upload codes
  225. Show random Image
  226. Make thumbnail
  227. image shown wrong on another resolution
  228. wihtout databse saving data?DBM??
  229. form from someones site and script on my site?
  230. PHP Upload file permission problems.
  231. Header('Location.... not always working
  232. mail() on Windows Hosted Server
  233. Creating a index.php?view=thing
  234. How to point to the correct version of php
  235. Double combo drop down list working within a .tpl page?
  236. What does this warning mean?
  237. $_POST not working for some odd reason
  238. POST variable inside of a string
  239. Copy/create
  240. Image capture and storage
  241. load function in double combo drop down list
  242. Problems writing to file
  243. how to put sendmail ?
  244. variable variables
  245. Passing variables through the URL inside frames
  246. Quick RegExp Question
  247. Weird Content truncation?!?!
  248. Echoing variable from a cookie
  249. PHP Editor...
  250. xml to array

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