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  1. PHP Loop Calculations
  2. Open new Window
  3. php mail help
  4. Xml / Php
  5. XHTML 1.1 Doctype displays error in PHP pages
  6. an odbc_connect error
  7. PHP Server side template inclusion
  8. ISO PHP programmer with Linux knowledge, Ongoing project - Paid/Unpaid
  9. File editing and uploading?
  10. Different rules for NULL / NOT NULL
  11. install on Mac Os X 10.1.
  12. PHP help, image problems
  13. session-tracking problem
  14. Resetting drop down menu values
  15. Creating thumbnails with GD-libs
  16. Need help with script
  17. table...??
  18. Creating Files
  19. file writing issues
  20. Select Total (MySql, PHP)
  21. Populate textbox, when user clicks items from listbox(Onchange)
  22. Postcode Latitude/Longitude
  23. trying to install php/apache help needed
  24. PHP and XML
  25. Grabbing HTML Title
  26. Formatting a number
  27. main(): stream does not support seeking
  28. Checking the first character of a string?
  29. change javascript code to php
  30. code inspecting ($_GET)
  31. how to manipulate data in list/menu/drop down box
  32. Column name in the output of mysql query needs to be changed using php
  33. how to send automatic alerts ?
  34. all sorts of sessions problems...
  35. regular expression help
  36. Newbie just installed php...
  37. add line of text to beginning of file
  38. Text line to mail link
  39. setcookie() vs 'Cannot modify header ' problem
  40. session_destroy(); and kill history?
  41. Parsing txt file, comparison errors
  42. even though I have meta tags in my php code, but utf8 doesn't display!
  43. PHP code appears in HTML source in browser! help!
  44. Trying to UPDATE a record. Getting a SQL error. Help!
  45. Need info on using Crystal Reports and PHP?
  46. Sessions re-direct problem!!
  47. Authentication
  48. checkboxes, arrays and delete statement
  49. radio button value as a path?
  50. Setting a PHP variable on submission of a form
  51. sorting by drop down...
  52. little php image help
  53. update WHERE clause?
  54. Displaying number of comments next to news article
  55. Converting string to lowercase
  56. aliased text on dynamic image
  57. Dynamic Tables, is it a good design??
  58. Javascript Variable into PHP
  59. How to present data in a effective form
  60. Menu from MySQL
  61. Directory Question...
  62. Moved my pages and now I get errors
  63. Replacing select text in strings?
  64. Explanation of code
  65. form email validation
  66. what is this error?
  67. not validating the value
  68. php mail() flood control
  69. Getting Location Address
  70. I am trying to put a select boX on my data entry form?
  71. PHP webshop
  72. parsing PHP string for browser detection
  73. I am getting undefined variable when I open my page?
  74. session security
  75. if statement not working in php javascript
  76. Sorting a 2 dimentional array
  77. Updating Problem
  78. Installing GD2 on Linux
  79. mhash support in PHP - how common?
  80. form question
  81. php and mysql
  82. Form question
  83. date formating question
  84. Https???
  85. fwrite issue with writable file
  86. OnCLick Execute command
  87. Using set_magic_quotes_runtime()
  88. file upload
  89. $_POST >> form submit help
  90. PHP Aghhhhhh
  91. mkdir() and file permissions
  92. Compare Result
  93. Include Script
  94. passing values
  95. including PHP generated array into .js file
  96. How to point to INCLUDES directory
  97. PHP-GTK installation help
  98. Possible threading issue- ocilogin
  99. PHP 5 and namespaces
  100. HTML equiv of headers()
  101. php executable file
  102. Interesting SPLIT problem
  103. PHP 5 RC 1 released
  104. submit variable help
  105. load into table
  106. Making [php] tags, having problems...
  107. Switching some strings for other strings.
  108. Php Date
  109. Accessing Values of JUST ONE set of values from a multiple record form
  110. creating forms while looping through db query result set
  111. reading file, trimming contents...
  112. store data in an array
  113. Ampersand problem
  114. code help please
  115. Read Data from LOcal PC (ACCESS DATABASE)
  116. browser wants to download .php some pages and not others ???
  117. break out of frames in php?
  118. Dynamic table problem...
  119. Need a little help.
  120. script isnt working
  121. php to oracle
  122. Session Variable help
  123. receiving 'Nobody' instead of sender (for emails)
  124. Redirect_status Cgi
  125. Problems with extensions (DLLs) in PHP5 setup
  126. PHP upload information
  127. password encrypt problem
  128. PHP include
  129. Cant get GD working
  130. limiting users per page
  131. using md5
  132. PHP Post to remote database
  133. Functions in Separate Scripts
  134. Form with PHP validation help
  135. Urgent Help!!
  136. PHP Post - One Variable is Not Going
  137. radio buttons required needed!
  138. Fatal error: out of dynamic memory in yy_create_buffer()
  139. How can I make it so ' changes to \' on a post?
  140. how to chmod uploaded files?
  141. handling checkboxes in PHP
  142. session variable
  143. Message not returning
  144. phpinfo() wierd behaviour!
  145. How can I install GD in php5??
  146. How to pass variable within a link from a database
  147. Making an install script
  148. Wrong Time Formats in MySQL database
  149. Passing variables
  150. PHP database interactions
  151. get parameter values [post method]
  152. Retrieving data from my database?
  153. user cp for real estate agent
  154. crazy global array problem...argghh!
  155. displaying certain # of items per page help
  156. %20
  157. question about opening file
  158. Random number in link?
  159. PHP preg_replace script wanted to create HTML code for tables
  160. Parse error
  161. goto
  162. themes
  163. rand and if problem
  164. php mysql_connect
  165. integrate
  166. need help with php gallery
  167. mkdir() function
  168. printing fields from table
  169. Newsletter Script
  170. replacing data in a file
  171. Setting a checkbox Array!!!
  172. Failed opening error for simple counter :-s
  173. Displaying 25 Records per page
  174. How can I do this:
  175. What would be the best way to check a ratio?
  176. Need URL of...
  177. Difference Between include and require
  178. retrieving current url
  179. storing file contents into a variable
  180. require
  181. Regular Expression...
  182. executing PHP when a link is clicked
  183. Best mothod for altering the cardinality of something
  184. Saving more than one record
  185. Too good to be true
  186. getting time
  187. Login Verfication
  188. Adding extra fields to be emailed with a PHP form
  189. Need help with PHP Navigation! Somesthing totaly wrong :(
  190. Sorting an array
  191. Running PHP from .htm files
  192. Create Forum Discussion...
  193. Forms help
  194. deleting cookie
  195. PHP Website.
  196. Save variables to file instead of DB?
  197. Can mod_rewrite be done in PHP?
  198. Need a good list server script!
  199. preg_match help with parsing html
  200. Utilising javascript
  201. Passing variables to include file
  202. preg_match syntax
  203. HELP: Search Result display
  204. arrays and requirements
  205. Session Problem
  206. seeing whos "online"
  207. users IP address!!!
  208. Cute News
  209. HTML & GD at same time
  210. My hunt for a ChatRoom.....
  211. phbb forum interface
  212. parsing printed php
  213. striping HTML
  214. Php Counter session parse error
  215. Ghost Sessions Vars
  216. date format problem
  217. login form problem
  218. session with another referer
  219. xmlhttp
  220. Member script help
  221. Undefined index for a defined index.
  222. space without space
  223. How to uncompress a zip file on the fly
  224. Looking for Directory-based CMS software...
  225. Extracting data from a txt file
  226. Download Counter with PHP and htaccess
  227. user error handling
  228. font colour
  229. sms through web
  230. Session Timeout?
  231. multiple sessioms
  232. Trouble looping and submitting forms into database
  233. Source of PHP's bin2hex command?
  234. question about sql
  235. upload control panel
  236. Problems with Symlink
  237. drop down box validation
  238. fsockopen failing
  240. Is there a way to allow guests to add lines to a .txt or .js file on my site?
  241. Javascript and PHP
  242. Basic BB Code
  243. Php
  244. sessions warnings?
  245. error in loop perhaps?
  246. mail() problem and headers
  247. SSL Questions, that I can't find answers for
  248. strange error
  249. php cache and flash
  250. regexp

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