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  1. String replace with wildcards
  2. how can I update & delete from table...
  3. Convert Excel to CSV using PHP
  4. need to display an avatar (but not as basic)
  5. Non-reversible hash theory
  6. table colums with php
  7. PHP order form
  8. storing variables from form in txt file
  9. Newbie question on array
  10. Extract Data
  11. Object references - stuck....
  12. Global Instantiation
  13. mail() methods...
  14. Watermarking script with png-24 - stumped - help!
  15. themes system in php
  16. how to do this email thing...
  17. Submission box
  18. Repeat cells horizontally
  19. drop down menu not emailing option via form, how to do it with my phpform?
  20. store query results in a variable?
  21. Custom Error Handling
  22. Automate Email Marketing
  23. gethostbynamel wont loop
  24. Creating thumbnails with the GD library
  25. problems displaying database records
  26. PHP sending as plain text!
  27. MYSQL: Making each row an array
  28. .htaccess
  29. Best way to protect members area?
  30. Problems with Objects (Saying methods that [do] exist don't)
  31. Inserting coma delimited file
  32. Auto Linking
  33. Visitor counter
  34. Poll Form Action
  35. Writing to the crontab file
  36. HTTPS accept??
  37. Intresting little URL php problem
  38. Reading Dir With Php Question...
  39. Login Script Problems
  40. Help Needed: Trying to set up simple form processor
  41. special character capture
  42. Check a user came from a certain page
  43. Sorting pages
  44. A wierd script I need
  45. Need a ftp_rawlist glossary
  46. MySQL Query PHP Problems
  47. Show number as 1st 2nd 3rd
  48. Forms and Validation
  49. Requesting a script review (TextDatabase)
  50. Levels of validation [this does not relate to forms]
  51. help with simple php code
  52. Adding a very complicated entry into a table
  53. how to build a web forum?
  54. Check to see if ID exists in a table
  55. needig help with preg_replace
  56. [PHP] Directory Script - how do i make it sort accordingly?
  57. A workaround for the MS @ security patch?
  58. referer filtering and MAIL the unique??? ..code HELP!
  59. searching multiple fields
  60. strange error of String
  61. Page = different then multiple things
  62. Two databases in one
  63. new php version
  64. updating 2 HTML pages on a PHP page
  65. $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] giving wrong Location
  66. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  67. echo checked using http_referer - adding multiple referrers
  68. case & image in table help please
  69. Another uploading problem
  70. PHP search
  71. dynamic form w. character count down
  72. Activating PHP script upon mouseover
  73. Automated System 2 Create New PHP Pages...How?
  74. rand and require, creating parse error
  75. Form to PHP text
  76. Template is ok in XHTML, but screwy when PHP'ed
  77. How to use &name=xxx ...??
  78. What do exclamation marks mean before things?
  79. Relationships within Tables in a database, the php side
  80. Checking for quotes in a form variable
  81. List directory and find matching names
  82. POP/SMPT Email with Php
  83. PHP login script
  84. very difficult code - program
  85. thumbnail script implementation
  86. redirector
  87. PHP editor
  88. Problem with highlight_string()
  89. ASP ecommerce site to PHP
  90. Is there anyway that...
  91. Can Someone Check my PHP Mail Form Please?
  92. form problem
  93. mySQL/PHP Login Page
  94. Help constructing feedback form
  95. Check and forward to httpS
  96. problem with php script
  97. How can i Round a Number to The Nearest 300?
  98. Echo fields not present on refresh
  99. Rollover
  100. php xml output problem, urgent plz help
  101. PHP/.htaccess: Automatic Redirection help
  102. Displaying unread posts
  103. PHP template with categories and sections?
  104. Taking apart the input into a text area
  105. Meta tag catcher
  106. Possible to validate this with PHP?
  107. Basic js-to-php conversion
  108. how to: php connect to sql server
  109. shopping cart cutomization limits??
  110. Random Background Color
  111. Processing XSLT with PHP Problem
  112. Poll in PHP?
  113. PHP & HTML
  114. Advice Please
  115. How to do multiple querys in one?
  116. help with keeping session info when going from http to SSL
  117. Last Monday's Date Function
  118. Regex help - matching nested tags without matching adjacent ones
  119. Newsletter
  120. Debug Super Simple Script..
  121. session ID creation
  122. detecting phrase in a string
  123. Return row from db
  124. edit section of interview script
  125. Need help with making user profile pages
  126. include() other sites
  127. Syntax error
  128. Posting back to same page... <sigh>
  129. going bald fast thanks to this
  130. IP redirection on Apache server
  131. Writing to a file
  132. Creating table in MySQL db
  133. Return-Path: <> Error
  134. Query to phpbb2 db
  135. disk usage
  136. Removing a session
  137. Is this possible?
  138. functions use
  139. Making an XHTML template for phpBB
  140. referencing a class inside another class
  141. Adding to MySQL DB
  142. Pagination Script - too old and too tired
  143. more classes..
  144. Most users online, problem
  145. 3 basic questions
  146. Looking for Script
  147. "simple script" causing huge headache (literally)
  148. Repopulating a List Box
  149. Scheduling Stumper
  150. Edit a CMS script titles (NeonEdit): Help!
  151. Problem with exec()
  152. Flatfile Counter required
  153. Weight based delivery
  154. copy content of text file in variable
  155. Setting a specific timezone's time to mysql instead of server's time
  156. editing a script
  157. extract() advice required
  158. NOOBIE in need of help with $query
  159. Zip files?
  160. view duplicate entries
  161. Does anyone know how PHP.net does their site searches
  162. Mail: Multiple tos
  163. Good PHP + MYSQL Tutorial
  164. A decent php editor
  165. add ... if longer than what is shown
  166. Getting time difference
  167. multiple options for one "game"
  168. Debug PHP/MySQL Probable Simple Mistake...
  169. FTP Script Resume a file
  170. thoughts on interview script
  171. Disable smiley in code
  172. phpbb2 - feed Author, Date to separate page
  173. adding Google Adsense to IPBs
  174. PHP header(Location: url) error...
  175. Problem with PHP and creating MySQL table
  176. Session Ended
  177. PHP Problem :(
  178. Display 5 records per page
  179. Problem with returning correct user input when it includes quotes
  180. PHP Installation
  181. Include header problem
  182. php/MySQL request.
  183. mysql_fetch_array error
  184. Adding to a database
  185. str_replace() problems
  186. safely addslashes even if magic_quotes_gpc is on == array problems.
  187. Confused about the from address with php form processor
  188. Absolute Paths
  189. Replacing text with links problem
  190. Discussion: Will an md5 Value ever repeat?
  191. Displaying Results
  192. db class
  193. Write out current time PHP script
  194. The purpose of using arrays...
  195. Installing PHPGTK on Windows
  196. Link Extractor
  197. Print in A4 Format for Any Sizes of Pages
  198. reversing md5
  199. A listbox Question
  200. PHP isn't reading variables from URL's.
  201. Can't figure out this parse error
  202. Length of sessions?
  203. I want a shopping cart ...to purchase items through a website .
  204. Reading Mysql Files with PHP
  205. Quiet Difficult to do ?
  206. php not sending $_SESSION over pages on localhost
  207. xml and php - help
  208. retrieving users info without storing the userID in a session var.
  209. Notice: Undefined index: prop_id in
  210. CHMODing, how?
  211. How can I write Unicode in PDF files?
  212. Transient handling not working
  213. Need help with Yahoo RSS feed - displaying
  214. php form forwarding
  215. download AND delete a file from the server
  216. save data, after session times out
  217. PHP to MySQL Form
  218. populate drop down list
  219. Can PHP automatically sign guestbook on cardomain?
  220. php://input fopen ok, file_get_contents not ok
  221. minimum words
  222. Keep Same Variable ALWAYS
  223. mysql_num_rows error
  224. Leeching info
  225. new ssi on mouseover
  226. filemtime Questions
  227. create a file with contents
  228. how to create a .php file
  229. site METER
  230. Adding \n when finding </...>
  231. Using &lt; and &gt; in PHP
  232. Finding in a file, then editing part of the file.
  233. Credit card encryption
  234. Recording IP addresses with PHP??
  235. Guys please help with form creation
  236. undefined index : HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA
  237. making a voting poll on my page
  238. why get this error tep_cfg_select_option(array('true', 'false'),"true"
  239. PERL and PHP at the same time
  240. !is_numeric($value) isn't working properly
  241. AIM Profile
  242. readdir
  243. Problem when loading image as images.php?id=gurusguru
  244. Results per page problem with smarty - urgent please help
  245. Parse error in configuration.php(125) : eval()'d code on line 1
  246. possible to use functions with: mysql_query()?
  247. loops with queries and forms
  248. PHP Limiting Text Characters
  249. Using for(); in GD to achieve repeating windows
  250. Join FORM

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