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  1. wiritng info to a file - line breaks
  2. Art Submission script
  3. Upload not working
  4. Javascript function called from PHP
  5. Sending Detailed E-mails
  6. naming secure cookies
  7. Help (Passing variables thru forms)
  8. redirect error
  9. Help me and i'll pay you back with hosting!
  10. spaces being added....why?
  11. Regular Expression to match <pre> and <code> blocks?
  12. Init Value = php variable?
  13. Not adding up..
  14. Sending Email
  15. php/sql/ms access problem
  16. unsure what php tags to use on html pages
  17. basic rating system help
  18. Installing AMP locally
  19. Why is this giving errors?
  20. Embedding .htaccess fields
  21. I need some php help with my site
  22. session register problem
  23. help with variable links
  24. header redirect question
  25. BB Code [list]'s
  26. Executing pl script with flags?
  27. Adding more php pages - not working
  28. Help ! Limitation for number of fields in a form
  29. searching & sorting MySQL db w/PHP
  30. Possible to send instant message?
  31. Newbie - Help with passing a variable to a form text box
  32. A Regex Please?
  33. Secure Forum post
  34. execute funcation after time
  35. Automatic Online Presence Buttons
  36. Print VS Echo - what is the difference?
  37. Apple Anti-PHP
  38. What should I do??
  39. First 250 words in field.....
  40. Dynamic Variable Generation...
  41. Sending 100s of emails - fastest method?
  42. information duplication
  43. Show 5 newest rows in a db...
  44. PHP 5 Released!
  45. What's the best way to handle user authentication?
  46. Variables in PHP for a query
  47. need simple script
  48. <select> with PHP?
  49. stripslashes for insert
  50. Count rows in external file
  51. error message
  52. fopen on external server
  53. how to use MD5
  54. Displaying row according to another row
  55. PHP, MySQL and Flash MX 2004 - do they cohabitate well?
  56. Is there a way to save pictures by clicking on them using php?
  57. need help w/script plz help
  58. Email Attchement being marked 'potentially a virus'.
  59. cant select from different tables when switching pages
  60. Check If Row Exists
  61. php and sap rfc
  62. listing the 5 newest rows in a database
  63. Help with Adding pages
  64. Deleting cookies
  65. Show Rows that begin with numbers
  66. PHP installation on windows
  67. question
  68. PHP regular expressions
  69. How do I embed a form inside oh php without making a second file
  70. Getting Values from another table.
  71. dropdown no value
  72. File Upload Problem, print_r($_FILES) returns Array()
  73. Server Password Prottect Directories
  74. Help fine tuning my php and admin site.
  75. Altering Pagination generated query string
  76. HTML E-mail
  77. Writting text on an image
  78. search in text file
  79. Help with MySQL class
  80. Listbox values from a table?
  81. poll results script
  82. help with includes
  83. Help fine tuning my small admin section
  84. Unix timestamp question
  85. Search Script
  86. loading a new page after checks on a form
  87. Execute a Php Script
  88. Putting database values into arrays.
  89. Why am I not getting linefeeds?
  90. class/object browser ... where to start ?
  91. Session Help
  92. Average number output
  93. PHP Programer needed
  94. Authentication mail()
  95. CGI FORM to PHP???
  96. Replacing strings on form submit
  97. How to pull PHP listing into a HTML page?
  98. Page restriction
  99. searching arrays
  100. Question about checking data then sending email
  101. Stuck with next and previous pagination problems
  102. how to ensure forms cant be submitted twice
  103. help developing an inner site search engine
  104. Image Script
  105. Help creating basic PHP image gallery
  106. random images from db
  107. PHP Upload script error.
  108. Removing from one array where found in second - This ones killing me...
  109. PHP programmers
  110. Reg Exp
  111. NEED ANSWER QUICK - Review posting to database
  112. GZip Question..
  113. Error Help!
  114. Sessions not ending unless leaving the site
  115. Help with Searching a Data File
  116. mysql error message
  117. Setting Up
  118. Server Error - File Deleted...
  119. php & dreamweaver
  120. Uploading files
  121. What is the best way to build a login script?
  122. Admin Approval & Continued Results
  123. problems with \n escape
  124. Creating Directory using a form
  125. if & query problem
  126. encoding
  127. eregi_replace and back again
  128. Can you insert a php script into a HTML document?
  129. can't delete created file(s)
  130. Listing files in a folder
  131. Portfolio large display programming...?
  132. reference numbers on forms
  133. Resource ID #6
  134. thumbnail created but with very low image quality
  135. can't register
  136. two dimensional arrays
  137. javascript with php
  138. Smiley parser
  139. fwrite problem - automatic
  140. Auto post form and direct to URL possible???
  141. proper way to write to a database with php?
  142. Search MySQL and then display results
  143. Creating dropdown menu with array... help.....
  144. sending email from another server
  145. Can PHP Chmod Current Directory?
  146. Creating BBCode
  147. initialzing base class constructor
  148. what is the error in my code
  149. preg_replace 2x deletes extra stuff
  150. Cannot send session cookie
  151. Creating an Installation System. How?
  152. Useful Functions (Large or Small)
  153. Php with Oracle
  154. String replace with wildcards
  155. how can I update & delete from table...
  156. Convert Excel to CSV using PHP
  157. need to display an avatar (but not as basic)
  158. Non-reversible hash theory
  159. table colums with php
  160. PHP order form
  161. storing variables from form in txt file
  162. Newbie question on array
  163. Extract Data
  164. Object references - stuck....
  165. Global Instantiation
  166. mail() methods...
  167. Watermarking script with png-24 - stumped - help!
  168. themes system in php
  169. how to do this email thing...
  170. Submission box
  171. Repeat cells horizontally
  172. drop down menu not emailing option via form, how to do it with my phpform?
  173. store query results in a variable?
  174. Custom Error Handling
  175. Automate Email Marketing
  176. gethostbynamel wont loop
  177. Creating thumbnails with the GD library
  178. problems displaying database records
  179. PHP sending as plain text!
  180. MYSQL: Making each row an array
  181. .htaccess
  182. Best way to protect members area?
  183. Problems with Objects (Saying methods that [do] exist don't)
  184. Inserting coma delimited file
  185. Auto Linking
  186. Visitor counter
  187. Poll Form Action
  188. Writing to the crontab file
  189. HTTPS accept??
  190. Intresting little URL php problem
  191. Reading Dir With Php Question...
  192. Login Script Problems
  193. Help Needed: Trying to set up simple form processor
  194. special character capture
  195. Check a user came from a certain page
  196. Sorting pages
  197. A wierd script I need
  198. Need a ftp_rawlist glossary
  199. MySQL Query PHP Problems
  200. Show number as 1st 2nd 3rd
  201. Forms and Validation
  202. Requesting a script review (TextDatabase)
  203. Levels of validation [this does not relate to forms]
  204. help with simple php code
  205. Adding a very complicated entry into a table
  206. how to build a web forum?
  207. Check to see if ID exists in a table
  208. needig help with preg_replace
  209. [PHP] Directory Script - how do i make it sort accordingly?
  210. A workaround for the MS @ security patch?
  211. referer filtering and MAIL the unique??? ..code HELP!
  212. searching multiple fields
  213. strange error of String
  214. Page = different then multiple things
  215. Two databases in one
  216. new php version
  217. updating 2 HTML pages on a PHP page
  218. $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] giving wrong Location
  219. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  220. echo checked using http_referer - adding multiple referrers
  221. case & image in table help please
  222. Another uploading problem
  223. PHP search
  224. dynamic form w. character count down
  225. Activating PHP script upon mouseover
  226. Automated System 2 Create New PHP Pages...How?
  227. rand and require, creating parse error
  228. Form to PHP text
  229. Template is ok in XHTML, but screwy when PHP'ed
  230. How to use &name=xxx ...??
  231. What do exclamation marks mean before things?
  232. Relationships within Tables in a database, the php side
  233. Checking for quotes in a form variable
  234. List directory and find matching names
  235. POP/SMPT Email with Php
  236. PHP login script
  237. very difficult code - program
  238. thumbnail script implementation
  239. redirector
  240. PHP editor
  241. Problem with highlight_string()
  242. ASP ecommerce site to PHP
  243. Is there anyway that...
  244. Can Someone Check my PHP Mail Form Please?
  245. form problem
  246. mySQL/PHP Login Page
  247. Help constructing feedback form
  248. Check and forward to httpS
  249. problem with php script
  250. How can i Round a Number to The Nearest 300?

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