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  1. Abbreviated "If" Statement
  2. Problem sending mail...
  3. Info from Rows Into Columns
  4. checkboxes and variable variables into MySQL
  5. manual credit card processing addon for shopping cart script.. how???
  6. include is added characters
  7. PHP/MySQL shopping carts.
  8. array sorting, multiple criteria
  9. getting phpbb links to open at specific anchorpoint
  10. php.net and internationalization
  11. Sorting results by
  12. making a contact form write to a file...
  13. Better way of getting workstation status
  14. Getting Computer IP via shell_exec
  15. Switching from one php page to another
  16. Cookies on CGI-installed PHP & IIS 5
  17. <?php or <?
  18. Automatic Timing scheme
  19. Session Errors
  20. Contact form with ability to change the reciever
  21. Read a file and rewrite its contents...
  22. Changing the code on every page.
  23. Welcome message on each page.
  24. feedback form
  25. smtpmail() ???
  26. $post
  27. regex for bbcode
  28. PHP and Javascript Intergration
  29. What script will do this?
  30. Strange problem with textarea tag and php
  31. Blog comments
  32. problems with form in newsscript
  33. combine image upload & image resize scripts
  34. Subtracting from SELECT Count(*) strings
  35. Problem with mail()...
  36. Verify the existance of a URL?
  37. This may seem dense, but...
  38. A smaller image transferes to a larger image
  39. duplicating a row
  40. Pls. recommend a good book...
  41. Mail Server Loads
  42. Creating A File
  43. hiding tags with include or readfile, without losing them
  44. File Creation Problem
  45. Making a text segement a variable for loop.
  46. Having problem with IF ELSE statement
  47. Issue using PEAR::XML_Unserializer
  48. xml and xslt support in php
  49. mail() sending issue
  50. Data retrieval problem
  51. How to place the title in the center?
  52. forms
  53. Help modifying this simple photo gallery
  54. The advantage of PHP web sites?
  55. Incrementing variables
  56. weird cookie problem
  57. Remove Leading Zeros?
  58. Resizing images (Problem with the math)
  59. A simple select statement, but I have an error...
  60. Help displaying MySQL data
  61. Intresting Echo v. Print speed times...
  62. problems upgrading 4.2.3 to 4.3.0
  63. mail function issue
  64. Running CMS remotely to protect source code
  65. Alternating table row background colours
  66. "remember me" value
  67. Changing Title Of HTML Page Through PHP
  68. query inside a query
  69. Creating XML From MySQL
  70. MySQL Error in class
  71. Date Problems?
  72. Style sheet switch possible?
  73. What's wrong with my code?
  74. Adding A Header & Footer To A Generated Text File
  75. Class in class.
  76. showing a progress bar when my php script is working in background
  77. Someone please help with my website.
  78. Error Reporting
  79. Poll/Voting with addon
  80. PHP MYSQL what else do i need for a database?
  81. Date calculation
  82. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}'
  83. Need a variable before it's set
  84. PHP that helps image load faster... ?
  85. Form validation
  86. Learning about Function, got a question.
  87. Problem with MySQL squery
  88. using include or read to fill a textarea; need to swap files onchange of selectbox
  89. why wont my form e-mail me
  90. PHP configuration issue
  91. Getting rid of php's error nagging
  92. Form Question - How to use function() in the action=""
  93. array manipulation
  94. Setting cookies and refreshing the page
  95. Help displaying mysql data
  96. Different Script, Different Problem
  97. Creating Reports, Working with Dates
  98. Browser Detection
  99. Display query results in PHP based on difference between dates
  100. A php bios (profile) page???
  101. Combining uploading images w/file creation...
  102. .= in building a query?
  103. another regex question
  104. browser detection
  105. Can this be done using PHP?
  106. Str_Replace
  107. works on one server, not on another
  108. Sending e-mail to multiple users?
  109. vB Code for posting formatted text
  110. Functions and Arrays
  111. Timer Function
  112. passing on PHP info with out SUBMIT
  113. PHP Upload Form
  114. shut down the error messages
  115. SECURE uploads dir placement
  116. drop down and text box
  117. no error page for mailform
  118. Unable to Jump Row
  119. changing the size of an image
  120. multiple case..switch problem
  121. Server Resources
  122. 4 drop down box
  123. Detecting if $i is even
  124. variables in new window from input boxes
  125. Unexpected T_IF
  126. Template_PHPLIB question
  127. recursive? while loop
  128. Arrays...
  129. parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  130. .htaccess login window
  131. PHP Authentication
  132. If statement
  133. Php - calling oracle store procedures with return value from php
  134. JS and CSS Compression with PHP
  135. errno=2 - No such file or directory
  136. mail() problem
  137. Adding 1 to array value.
  138. Automatically generating a sitemap
  139. Need help passing variables in url
  140. Search PREG in reverse
  141. global registers and arrays for file upload
  142. I want to know which is easier between PERL and PHP!
  143. 2 Questions
  144. comprehensive online tutorial for a newbie
  145. gettting contents of a specified directory...
  146. switch problem
  147. calendar in a combo box
  148. in_array problem
  149. Searching a MySQL database?
  150. event handlers
  151. PHP Help & 20 US-Dollar Reward..
  152. Problems with cookies.
  153. Control css from php
  154. Creating a SQL Connect File
  155. Simple Upload does not run
  156. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  157. random selection
  158. No message in PHP mail()
  159. Try, throw and catch.
  160. I'm looking for script light a candle
  161. Newbie: dynamically populating select boxes with the date?
  162. Searching for a specific typoe of script only I don't know what it would be called.
  163. Checking file upload size
  164. email/attachement (.pdf files) and automation. advice needed.
  165. user url
  166. wierd looping problem
  167. Classes: Calling Classes In other Classes
  168. Mail Form problem.
  169. RegEx to match <tag />
  170. I can't include,require a remote file using http://sitename.com/myfile.php
  171. conflicting where clause
  172. parse error
  173. Problem with writing to text file...
  174. Modifying inline style (visibility)
  175. PHP mail() disabled?
  176. how to display copy correctly??
  177. including classes
  178. Changing a php variable after a javascript prompt?
  179. Identify File Extension
  180. External PHP
  181. errr help please
  182. PHP mail() Function Problem
  183. php next button
  184. Can any 1 explain why this doesn't work? classes
  185. Javascript's document.submit() in PHP
  186. Script Needs Changin plz
  187. header problems with an include file....
  188. showing a message when my php script is working in background
  189. Open a PDF file without user interation
  190. Another fopen problem
  191. PHP Including Header/Footer.php? Easy?
  192. Beginner tutorials and scripts.
  193. Random Thumbnail Image Problem
  194. resize image to a certain height
  195. name of all variables that we used in the script
  196. coding a random image appearing
  197. range() function
  198. Functions inside of functions
  199. PHPSESSID erronously appended to URL
  200. directory structure in listmenu
  201. Listen or Download with PHP
  202. display available stations
  203. Session errors! Help!
  204. make browser https in directory
  205. Finding the Address
  206. keep printed
  207. POST XML doc with Authentication?
  208. print Vs echo
  209. a bit stuck
  210. domxml_open_file() causing error
  211. How to read a .xml file through php
  212. detecting javascript enabled
  213. Not sure if this is a javascript issue
  214. Sessions for different webs in same server
  215. xml validation
  216. guestbook question
  217. Most secure way to keep user logged in after processing a payment?
  218. help!
  219. MySQL Problem
  220. Dynamic links, order and administration....
  221. Annoying Parse Error!
  222. Advantages of Perl over PHP ???
  223. Vbulletin help =/
  224. how do you take away include error
  225. What is the best way to store a stock order?
  226. Detecting a Cookie Rejecting Browser
  227. PHP and DHTML
  228. Help With PHP Script
  229. If on a certain page, display a different block of html...
  230. Chopping characters off a string
  231. Classes: Worth It?
  232. image uploads...setting server permissions
  233. Is there a way to resize and image according to resolution?
  234. Problem with date()
  235. Cookies: Auto Login?
  236. Adventure games in PHP/MYSQL
  237. alphabetizing arrays
  238. Cookies: A Start
  239. URL Variables/If Functions
  240. Scrolling with PHP
  241. cookies problem
  242. Parse Error - unexpected T_VARIABLE
  243. Random-er Random code
  244. Is it possible to do this in php?
  245. Nothing comes out of the MySQL database...
  246. Database script causing Parse Error
  247. Paging function from one file
  248. including options in my cart
  249. If ....
  250. Explaining .php?#this

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