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  1. Using preg_replace for removing css-styling elements
  2. o4xBB Script
  3. function not found...
  4. Php Coding Question
  5. date() changes at 7pm insteam of 12am
  6. Need to sort data, but sort field is calculated (maybe an array)
  7. Suppressing MySQL errors in PHP
  8. XML Help
  9. Help Me Please
  10. My last Question: Query only gets the first one
  11. using php to find information about page viewer
  12. Urgent Help Req., Restore Back'd Up Database Problem...
  13. PHP form question
  14. When I take this part out, its ok
  15. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in...
  16. I'll email you a cookie if you can find the parse error
  17. Putting this code into another
  18. dumping contents of MySQL table into mail()
  19. Random numbers
  20. how to post forms with PHP (easy way please I am just getting started with)
  21. talk about login system
  22. Printing array keys, not their value.
  23. query problem
  24. query problem
  25. Using PHP to get data into and out of MySQL (Re: Formatting text)
  26. stored procedures + php + mysql
  27. If statement problems
  28. Numbers don't add up right...
  29. How to get a sum of rows
  30. how to hide the actual address
  31. just one dumb questio
  32. Can Someone Find the Error?
  33. parsing text
  34. Write to top of file
  35. I asked the Java Guys, They don't know Do you?
  36. Multiple Array Sorting
  37. Return Index with in_array
  38. Php Url Jump
  39. XML parsing
  40. value of _POST variable disappears on page reload..
  41. problems with $HTTP_REFERER
  42. Order by "Hits In"?
  43. (very) simple CMS recommendations?
  44. Loading certain database records with html link?
  45. Need help with function error
  46. mysql_num_rows() error
  47. random alphanumeric string...
  48. Help! Log In Script Problem
  49. Can this be done any easier? Help!
  50. How hard would this be to make?
  51. embedding external javascript in PHP file...
  52. Download script not sending entire file (in IE especially)
  53. Echo individual records using hardcoded ID numbers?
  54. if statement, two conditions
  55. Email Mangement Software
  56. Readiing from file in a directory
  57. Using HTML in textarea without typing it?
  58. Checkbox array posting - Quick Answer PLZ
  59. parse error for gettype()?
  60. Database Input and Output
  61. pdf output problem!
  62. Generate List of terms?
  63. Call to undefined function: now()
  64. using php to create product catalog....
  65. Solid OO framework
  66. PHP version upgrade
  67. Strip lines from file and assign variable
  68. Amazon Web Services for the rest of us.
  69. session_start()
  70. help debugging MIME encoded email....
  71. str_ireplace() alternate for versions of PHP < 5 ?
  72. How to put these together?
  73. Parse CSV, import to mySQL
  74. windows, doc_root = null?
  75. Can't get system() to work!
  76. PHP error message....
  77. Query works on localhost but not server
  78. Join and IN loop
  79. Help unserialize an Array in MYSQL
  80. Encoding multipart MIME in HTML email using PHP...
  81. Remote FTP, move file
  82. MLS database
  83. Valid Date Of Birth Input
  84. Preg_match has got me down
  85. quite simple array question
  86. Setting cookies
  87. Installing PHP4 together with PHP5
  88. getting the results of checkboxes in an array
  89. problem use smarty to display mysql result
  90. switch statement help
  91. Warning Messages: - Help
  92. Install PHP on MAC OSX
  93. Get Resolution and insert to MYSQL
  94. Just installed phpbb forum having trouble editing stuff
  95. Calling a function from another server
  96. Store IP in cookie, enter into MYSQL
  97. Php Script Needed
  98. Submitting and uploading...
  99. select list box in a form
  100. Check value and not sending formdata
  101. mysql error reporting
  102. Recoding a custom code for restricted access
  103. PHP uploader script problem
  104. Database to PHP Form
  105. simple include works only in same folder
  106. Image Resizing Problems! Help!
  107. skip lines when reading a large text file
  108. Reading XML with PHP
  109. My script wont log in
  110. Error handling issue....
  111. isset or session registered?
  112. need help with this array form please
  113. Reading Error?
  114. parse error, unexpected T_IF
  115. PHP drop down/out menu?
  116. Determine byte-size of string
  117. Submitting links: multiple submissions
  118. only showing one result from database, but LIMIT is 100, and there are two results!
  119. freehost
  120. send data to flash
  121. Of Files and Email
  122. PHP/MySQL Form menu help
  123. Problems with an error dumping function
  124. Ascendent order, but of two rows
  125. I need a straight PHP Login and Password
  126. Search engine servers up an unknown php error
  127. Premature end of headers?
  128. Retrieve score from livescore ?
  129. Moving up a directory
  130. server time
  131. How do I set a fake URL to redirect elsewhere?
  132. Join in alphabetical mysql query
  133. Cookie problem
  134. How to add the \n without throwing off the php
  135. php script isn't sending mail....
  136. PHP sitemap is putting li out of ul dynamically?
  137. filesystem function - count text file lines, separated values?
  138. Using PHP to enable form field input?
  139. mySQL connection via PHP
  140. register / login
  141. Access Database
  142. why am I getting \'
  143. Parsing a File
  144. timer
  145. Showing unique search results
  146. error 404 in IIS
  147. strstring help
  148. Help with sorting data in clicktracker script
  149. Only 1 process per user at a time
  150. PHP code within .htm file
  151. Returning image in page instead of text
  152. I need a great help
  153. $_POST --> From Two Different Html Documents
  154. header("HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"); in ssi
  155. Unexpect $ in Class
  156. Way to get these results returned alphabetically?
  157. Image hack on a forum
  158. PHP Code?
  159. values are not being submitted to the database...
  160. php image rotator on html page using ssi
  161. Apache HELP Please!
  162. Parse error: parse error unexpected $ Please help!
  163. Php Sessions Help (please)
  164. Querying date from mysql.
  165. HELP - PHP not writing 2 specific fields to MYSQL DB??
  166. Color Word to Hex. Converter
  167. imap_mail_move
  168. eregi pattern question
  169. mail() on windows.. problems
  170. PHP/MySQL Help...
  171. https and www forward script - some errors - help
  172. sessions are not being set properly
  173. Read Directory and write links accordingly
  174. FatalCall to undefined function mysql_connect()
  175. Countup script
  176. Disallow HTML in forum post
  177. download the code from other site
  178. str_replace CAPITALS
  179. Check a web site is responding
  180. Can PHP include truely replace IFRAME?
  181. New to creating functions - what's wrong here?
  182. Hide File URL
  183. converting interger to string
  184. MySQL Search - Problems!
  185. How Do I Put a http:// Link in PHP?
  186. Poll system
  187. Shorten Query Result Via Ellipses
  188. how would you set up a repeating table that is two sets side by side
  189. Break rows in php - mysql
  190. file download problems
  191. format the date pulled from MySQL DB.
  192. Script Question
  193. So what's wrong with this line of PHP code?
  194. Date Conversions
  195. rename file to first 4
  196. Replace string
  197. Need convert javascript to php
  198. previous/next
  199. preg_replace file include
  200. mail() and filters = nightmare
  201. Help me Please
  202. RegEx, preg_replace and $
  203. Wanting to Use PHP/MySQL Driven site, but having problems!
  204. inserting links at a specific point
  205. a page that loads different pages
  206. Re-display form if fields don't validate?
  207. php code showing up on page
  208. Parse Webpage
  209. syntax problems with an If - echo / else - echo
  210. Posting with out a button - Possible?
  211. php language packs?
  212. How do I transform (multiple) spaces into a -
  213. trying to cal image with php
  214. PHP & MS ACCESS database
  215. encryption algorithm using caeser shift
  216. Trying to return to referrer using session variable - no luck!
  217. Making Websites Efficient (I am new!)
  218. href link in php?
  219. Simple Question about Image Upload
  220. chmod doesn't want to chmod?
  221. problem with formatting equation results in PHP
  222. Count number times mysql row is opened
  223. PHP programmers needed
  224. Only run script if NOT different domain?
  225. Liscencing a product..
  226. Searching a music database
  227. Search & Replace Newline Anomaly
  228. creating and editing a .html file with PHP
  229. Complex variable splitting question
  230. Email
  231. for loop Q
  232. Addresses and URLS
  233. Shoutbox Fraustration
  234. Online RPG
  235. Installing apache,PHP,Mysql on a USB Flash Drive
  236. SQL Syntax Error?
  237. preg_match and similar_text together??
  238. help!!
  239. possible way to get by md5()?
  240. Php code for not running any PHP scripts
  241. BBcode XHTML conversion
  242. Script Modify
  243. Parse error: parse error...
  244. Logic Error Populating 2D Array
  245. One image with different size
  246. Practicing OOP...
  247. Storing/Grabbing session vars in diff pages
  248. Novice: PHP to imitate Frameset?
  249. Please review my calendar generator
  250. Image posting with php and mysql

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