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  1. Whitespaces in forum subject/message
  2. File upload problem....
  3. display links to other pages
  4. Arrays
  5. Help on alphabeticaling stuff
  6. Multi-Multisort
  7. parsing from a form file
  8. PHP and MySQL
  9. selecting data from two tables at once...
  10. $_GET[ 'var' ] Problem
  11. Is it possible to insert PHP in a SQL query?
  12. Passing variable with the caracter "&"
  13. undefined var error?
  14. Cookie problems
  15. How can I get a click on a radio button to refresh the page?
  16. SSL Structure, Implementation...
  17. Link not appearing inside PHP print
  18. parse data from the db to the browser
  19. PHP mail form, sends from the user email instead of root?
  20. a mess with table columns
  21. Auto generate ID number for new entries in a MySQL DB
  22. How to setup PHP CLI on Windows XP?
  23. big problem on my search.php
  24. php question
  25. php question with sql query..
  26. Array results in HTML format email
  27. java and php timer help
  28. Link Java Script And Php
  29. guestbook confirmations...
  30. Shud We Close The Mysql?
  31. Php Countdown Timer?? Help
  32. Xdebug with an alternative to KCacheGrind for Windows
  33. Weather Code
  34. returning data
  35. User Search Help
  36. PHP Form Not Working
  37. Special Character Form Input
  38. Open File Into Textarea
  39. nl*br...
  40. using file_exists() to get # of files
  41. PHP/mysql and data passing
  42. Login area script help
  43. Ignoring First 6 Lines
  44. Testing for get_magic_quotes_gpc
  45. need help with short php reg exp
  46. list box issues
  47. how to shorten this code as much as possible
  48. anonymous email tracking script
  49. PHP Auth $_SERVER vars empty
  50. Building a menu from an array: Double Values Appear
  51. PHP5 MySQL Problem
  52. PHP script to serve CSS
  53. Excute Java?
  54. Problem with hiding a variable...
  55. Script refusing to sue the correct string.
  56. Updating database script
  57. How to calculate days elapsed?
  58. Compatability issues between PHP 5 and 4
  59. Problems trying to run the PHP CLI
  60. PHP Security with Command Line Function
  61. arrays
  62. url problem
  63. Your advice is needed..
  64. Where have I stuffed up the bolding of the user name
  65. sum of numbers from a DB
  66. To build an Admin Panel and upload script
  67. PHP5 and PHP4 code
  68. Displaying one random row from a MySQL database
  69. Inserting data into a MySQL database
  70. SSL inside PHP?
  71. days between dates
  72. phpnuke modules with a html site
  73. image and text output using <img src=filename.php> Is it possible?
  74. PHP5 - Unable to find php_mysql.dll
  75. couple of questions...
  76. Help! Graphics out of wack!
  77. Unknown modifier '<'
  78. please help us to test the Editor
  79. Help computing a string
  80. htaccess - ASAP Plz!
  81. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /home/ftpuser/rleague/admin/index.p
  82. php/mysql help
  83. Login script sessions & database
  84. Faster way to POST[]
  85. Pagination, help?
  86. Need Help / Example
  87. { } elements
  88. Problem with form elements!
  89. Insert not inserting array correctly
  90. Regex
  91. Directory Script
  92. Multipage forms - Clear something out for me, please
  93. getting information from htaccess log in
  94. Session Array w/ self posting form
  95. need a few helping anwsers
  96. recognizing session variables in main file AND include file
  97. Php includes on iframe not appearing in IE
  98. PHPBB Forum
  99. does anyone know the scripts for a working "upload" and "browse" button?
  100. Remote content retrieval
  101. Can anyone help me??
  102. randum and limited records PHP
  103. PHP validating
  104. A PostGres Class
  105. Problem with global variables
  106. Editing phpnuke
  107. I have been trying for 2 weeks. How do I get this to work?
  108. Building an Array/foreach question
  109. PHP switch statement/include page distortion
  110. Problem with user authentication script
  111. Passing a variable into mysql query
  112. PHP include to load via onClick event
  113. Help needed with php script!
  114. attachment in mail()
  115. How could I reformat a date which is already formatted
  116. problem with hidden form/session variable, maybe...
  117. A couple of questions about efficiency with OO and file parsing
  118. pressing the return key instead of submit button
  119. Changing font for GD image text
  120. finding an X,Y along an arch
  121. I have a problem with spammers
  122. cookie question
  123. Best free PHP/MySQL poll software?
  124. striping url to be used as a $variable
  125. php script trouble
  126. include within an include, trouble with paths
  127. Form works fine in Unix but not in NT
  128. Techniques for redirecting to another page
  129. cookie tracking?
  130. Iterative variable processing on form?
  131. IE session vas/cookies dissapearing after first page on SOME systems (some work)
  132. Text Ticker with dynamic feed
  133. Email form mail arrives from nobody....
  134. PHP Question
  135. CGI Timeout
  136. Php ?
  137. CREATION time of file
  138. email from website withoug using mail()
  139. Is there a website that lets you create polls for your site?
  140. phpnuke with another phpbb forum
  141. creating a client file uploader
  142. Special Character problem
  143. how to pass array via next link
  144. Array question
  145. Advice...
  146. More than one variable in url
  147. Daylight Savings Problem
  148. PHP include QUERY...
  149. aggregate()
  150. function question
  151. letting users rate an item
  152. limiting the number of chars shown when displaying a row
  153. countdown help
  154. How do you link to a CSS file with PHP?
  155. How can i create a control button
  156. Sending newsletter to thousands
  157. modular website advice
  159. getting the names of all files in a dir
  160. Confirmation page after form is sumbitted
  161. searching french characters
  162. download status
  163. absolute URL of remote images
  164. Creation Date of file?
  165. Method of banning
  166. Another dynamic tables question (cells appear according to results)
  167. Forms / Variables / Search (Diff problem)
  168. Mail Abstraction Class
  169. Forms / Variables
  170. How can I append XML file?
  171. I want to create a newsletter signup
  172. Looking For Help
  173. Multiple log in areas
  174. Signup help!!
  175. fsockopen() and post to another website.
  176. Understanding flock() and concurrency issues
  177. current path to class ?
  178. PHP sendmail is returning empty emails!
  179. Character check
  180. Question?
  181. Xampp?? ??
  182. searching problem please help
  183. Adding footer and header to script
  184. strlen
  185. SQL query not doing what it's s'pposed to...
  186. Geoauctions lite
  187. Random Image pulled from a directory
  188. Regex Help
  189. PHP for entire Form
  190. IP Address
  191. Way to call a function like an url?
  192. getting id from url link and inserting into a form?
  193. Forgot password help
  194. Page links IPB/vB style
  195. Php User Login Help
  196. putting a login script on a template
  197. Building a Forum: Thread display
  198. Parse Error: Unexpected ';'
  199. Calendar Help
  200. Sorted Output to HTML Table
  201. Capture only the file name ..!?
  202. form to text file..!?
  203. not getting information out of db after i changed table
  204. Counter Error: Unexpected T_STRING
  205. add to text already in row in mysql db
  206. post_r doesnt capture as expected
  207. Newbie to Everything
  208. SSH using PHP
  209. Php $_server
  210. Random Script
  211. mailing list problem
  212. php exec() to ssh / cvs possible
  213. shopping cart products sent by email
  214. Help needed with a drop down box in an update form
  215. Detecting line breaks from a text area
  216. Problem with posting script
  217. Microsoft Excel PMT Formula
  218. Iterating through an array for validation
  219. change contents with link
  220. what path?
  221. manipulating/suppressing information in the url
  222. Retain form information
  223. 2 Questions (PHP_AUTH) (Includes)
  224. code says im not logged in
  225. can php used to generate .CHM file
  226. PHPBB: A little tweak
  227. Managing headers
  228. iterating through MySQL result sets using PHP
  229. Extremely simple photo gallery...
  230. change.pass.php
  231. How do I force a help (.chm) file to open, not display the download dialog?
  232. access cookie on differnt host and domain
  233. Help with Link Management - Confirmation, etc...
  234. Transfer "include" file to a string
  235. PHPMailer - Inline Flash attachments
  236. Running a php script on an html page (how)
  237. PHPSESSID and Validation Problems
  238. terminating $_SESSION variables
  239. Experience with Ispell or Aspell
  240. appending XML file with PHP script
  241. Force downloading a .RAR file
  242. Assign and retrieve multiple values from a cookie.
  243. CSS Class
  244. password protection: access depends on login
  245. Forms & Action Just want to know if my method is ok
  246. Arranging HTML rows, containing diff values, in ascending order according to values
  247. Help needed with 'Random Quotes' Script
  248. Mails from this form are not going
  249. Sorting by Timestamp
  250. Pass Form Data Using $_SESSION?

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