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  1. Saving text box to file
  2. Basic cookie question
  3. adding documentation/manual to my website
  4. script failing to recurse beyond the first child
  5. Ereg question
  6. Sessions In PHP
  7. seem a difficult question
  8. weird behavior using single quot (bug?)
  9. Need some help with a nested IF
  10. image with latest date in name to be displayed?
  11. where wrong
  12. count responses to survey
  13. what is wrong with this sql
  14. php_mcrypt.dll not loading
  15. what is phpnuke
  16. Double insert into mysql db
  17. how to output result in world documents
  18. Detecting IE 5.x - How?
  19. Any one see an error in code?
  20. Case Insensitive?
  21. Big empty function?
  22. Searching function: check for same values.
  23. Windows Server Load
  24. Colored Usernames
  25. how to create html mail using php
  26. Global Variables, once again I am confused about something
  27. how to use php to change the password of a pop mail box
  28. Getting unknown number of query string...
  29. For each loop
  30. is there any php script that can access the webmail in cpanel
  31. ezPDF and ezTables
  32. Which is the Best Editor for PHP
  33. How to stop it?
  34. session problem
  35. iterating _POST array
  36. escaping problem
  37. php break or pause?
  38. problem generating thumbnail
  39. Php help
  40. exec() Page never loads
  41. detect and ahref links
  42. Problems with mail
  43. help viewing mysql query with php
  44. simple IF / ELSE not working properly
  45. Date inserting error - "Call to undefined function now()"
  46. Display records with connditions...
  47. simple php search script
  48. Having a link go inside of a frame?
  49. Matching a RegEx, but only a certain part of it
  50. problem with POST with sessions
  51. Sessions not working on redirect.
  52. help please
  53. Modify Content of a Document?
  54. Cannot get variable to print.
  55. Rating Sytem Vote only once
  56. How to run a 2nd query when link clicked
  57. Creating a Ban system with MYSQL
  58. php form question: ignore textbox?
  59. session problems :( BIG TIME
  60. login/register script
  61. What does "\n" actually mean/do? newb question
  62. Is this syntax correct for this multitable query?
  63. is there any database transaction support in PHP?
  64. can php and asp be used together?
  65. Tracking Email
  66. How to run the same process multiple times at the same time? (Forking??)
  67. run exec() as differnt user
  68. PayPal
  69. Validation
  70. an IF statment - is there a better way to set this up?
  71. Using mail() but not from 'nobody'
  72. creating a ZIP / PEAR Email in a cron
  73. PHP double and single quotes
  74. List links in order
  75. resizing jpg images with PHP
  76. Wanted: GD2 Scripter (or) Script Help
  77. Parsing semicolons in forms
  78. Attack Script
  79. PHPBB Installation Help
  80. Parsing strings with spaces
  81. setcooking not working correctly
  82. IE, Netscape, & Firefox
  83. which is the correct directory include path?
  84. IP rotation
  85. php and pdf and images
  86. parseint equivalent in php
  87. Categories and Sub-Categories
  88. Paypal IPN
  89. classes and custom functions
  90. I need Help Coding a PHP Form to Collect User Data.
  91. very simple question
  92. How to get page to show up when users go back?
  93. Opening secure website using fopen()
  94. Problem: Variables in URL are not used by script
  95. check boxes
  96. Need help with user logger, getting a parse error
  97. image galleries using PHP
  98. Finding the extention of a file
  99. Using PHP to Create PDF files
  100. avatar generator/maker script?
  101. Timezone Conversion
  102. PHP include() inside of a href
  103. Date Conversion Troubles (newb)
  104. Bzip2 Support
  105. Displaying execution time of SQL statements
  106. sound & php
  107. rectify this error
  108. how to use sessions
  109. about session and cookies
  110. about cookies and sessions
  111. 10 second time delay.
  112. MySQL timestamp
  113. Hit counter file troubles?
  114. what happens on submit
  115. Site looks different in firefox, IE and other
  116. finding spaces
  117. Run a PHP script as a scheduled task
  118. would this export excel and word files
  119. *SOLVED* I needed a ternary operator!
  120. mail fails to deliver to hotmail
  121. Quick Help
  122. Possible PHP coding problem
  123. Can I Protect a directory?
  124. XML Functions and ampersand issue
  125. Date Function
  126. limit the amount of checkboxes a user can select
  127. Getting filename of a file in a directory
  128. Logout after 60 minutes (Rigorously Needed)
  129. Automatic Password Recover Vial Email
  130. Determining variable name
  131. comment page
  132. displaying selected radio buttons
  133. PHP tutorial on PDF
  134. HTML straight into PHP
  135. Massive Dynamic Form Troubles
  136. is there away to get a file and display it using php?
  137. Downloading PDFs
  138. Change Page Content
  139. PHP - updating data displayed (from a loop)
  140. How upgrade PhpForum???
  141. How to get PC name
  142. Javascript popup if all forms arent filled in
  143. Edit files through PHP, and how to delete .php files
  144. interface w/ USPS - creating XML w/ PHP?
  145. trying to understand how arrays work
  146. Password() ???
  147. MYSQL to XML and back
  148. Problem working with forms & RTE
  149. Problems with Ifs in PHP
  150. Converting carriage returns using preg_replace?
  151. can this be done in PHP?
  152. Trouble dealing with data passed from form
  153. Language Customisation
  154. OOP Methods and Output Buffering
  155. Add commas if needed
  156. if-else or switch-case
  157. Timestamp convert to local date
  158. Adding a week to Date
  159. Searching Through String
  160. php question, please help!
  161. Newbie Question : Handling a Dynamic Form
  162. GMT Conversion
  163. session & form
  164. Credit Card Encryption
  165. Variables not echoing?
  166. need help on php+xml
  167. session help needed
  168. PHP Startup:Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\php\ext\php_zip.dll' little help here.
  169. creating a journal
  170. I'm creating a WebHost Manager/Control Panel (feature help)
  171. make your pc your own server
  172. preg_replace help please
  173. PHP or ASP
  174. returns result "array"
  175. Can you capture the filename of the Last Image Clicked?
  176. php register/login script
  177. seem a quite difficult question
  178. images don't show from database
  179. Step over and down DIVs with php
  180. Backup, Zip, Upload to different server
  181. Is this session safe?
  182. number in folder names?
  183. Can I stop people from accessing a folder?
  184. simple php question
  185. Database aquisition
  186. E-mail and CSS
  187. Parsing a Huge Amount of Text
  188. IPB v1.3.1 help
  189. strip string before first character.
  190. Parse text file and return URLs
  191. Windows Apache allow mail function
  192. PHP/MySQL error
  193. need to update each records after record
  194. Help Me Media Player Live Radio?
  195. Arrays
  196. PHP on MY SITE affecting seo?
  197. Hack My Site
  198. PHP Navigation issues
  199. Delete A File?
  200. messaging System
  201. Creating a graph in PHP
  202. How Do you count the total number of files in a directory with php?
  203. a php script that converts a html form into a xls document
  204. max upload filesize
  205. can u do this? array thing? pls
  206. What is the best way to dispay data like the example?
  207. problem with array
  208. how to obtain certain files from a external usb drive or photocamera w/ PHP?
  209. prevent php script from outputting data in logs
  210. Writing text to an image?
  211. .htaccess and php
  212. Counter
  213. preventing server timeouts
  214. Changing Javascript for php pages
  215. Wordpress menu links choking on ampersands
  216. How to grab values from a text field or selected radio button field
  217. Plz Help me to solve this PROBLEM ... (File and Text Manipulation)
  218. strtotime
  219. Local Time Dropdown
  220. Menu Values From Table
  221. what is wrong with this code
  222. Deleting Messages From Database
  223. Copying a whole directory (with all subdirectories and files)
  224. Finding unknown delimiter with regular expression
  225. Getting Files of a CS:S server
  226. Reducing decimals
  227. PHP 'includes' effect on keyword optimization?
  228. Opinion: notes
  229. Help Urgent Please
  230. My logic to make anti grab proof site
  231. major FORM problem
  232. Poll Script Help
  233. How to strip one line from a remote file?
  234. progress bar??????
  235. Unique array entries
  236. File upload
  237. php table question
  238. Problems with downloading multiple files
  239. newbie need helps on class
  240. I need help about htmlspecialchars,strip_tags?
  241. multiple action on a html submit button in php script
  242. can anyone see anything wrong with this code?
  243. Any tips on sending batch emails
  244. phpBB????
  245. How to auto expire user session when no activity for more than 15 minutes?
  246. using txt files for content
  247. Importing something into an html page...
  248. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  249. Just a general question about variables
  250. How can i list all the rows in a table and have a delete item option?

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