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  1. urlencode()/urldecode()
  2. protecting files in a folder
  3. outputing images from a php script,how?
  4. Counting Numbers in Column
  5. Finding & replacing text at the start of a string..
  6. Feedback form not 100%
  7. Is thedre a reason to use EMPTY()
  8. Hit Counter Resetting Itself To Zero At Random
  9. returning a checkbox array - help with code
  10. trouble with MIME types
  11. a simple problem
  12. Curious mail() problem
  13. Time Problem
  14. Predictable array shuffle
  15. Select value from listbox
  16. Please God Help Im Losing The Will To Lve!
  17. PHP Varible Help
  18. Email completed order form in HTML format
  19. Checking if a site is accessible?
  20. Code to list newest posts of a forum
  21. Code error
  22. Help! with scraping form results (with cURL?)
  23. [SOLVED] IF Statement Matrix - Too many options
  24. Modifying values in a multidimensional array
  25. [solved] Intermingling most current "Posted" and "Updated" MySQL query results
  26. random selection out of MySQL results
  27. dynamic urls
  28. Dynamic Thumbnails
  29. Installing GD for PHP 4.3.10 WinXP IIS
  30. Safe to use cookies
  31. php templating?
  32. how to write a loop for coping all line between two lines from a text file
  33. PHP Email form
  34. problem with for... else... statement for searching database
  35. PHP/Apache & fopen() HELP!
  36. sessions
  37. Can we pass object through sessions
  38. Displaying Articles on a Single Dynamic Page
  39. how to apply themes
  40. Editing PHP File
  41. problem in INCLUDE a FILE
  42. problem in login page
  43. help me to connect excel & php
  44. Performing addition
  45. Quick question about site structure using php
  46. Formatting Output?
  47. regarding one php code
  48. Fatal error on page
  49. PHPBB Login Integration w/ my dynamic site
  50. php 4 _GET problem
  51. <SELECT> Help needed
  52. Can someone help me from receiving these spam messages through contact form
  53. Shopping Cart Delete Button.
  54. Mail Function Problems
  55. PHP MySQL and Header Redirection Problem! (Please Help)
  56. How to prevent attacks - Verification procedure in email forms
  57. all program on my website
  58. Script Speed Problem
  59. Hellp
  60. Is it possible to send page through aim using php?
  61. Validating markup
  62. Copying the contents of one file to another
  63. I'm confused
  64. smart refresh to my script
  65. Printing address labels from web database
  66. update xml file from html form
  67. send POST data from a server
  68. Search engine, how to? Pre-coded Script?
  69. upload doc with form
  70. Someone help with members script
  71. Make PHP file and zip for download
  72. Multithreading with PHP
  73. mkdir & unlink question!
  74. Searching mysql with php help!
  75. find a mailing list script?
  76. If no UPDATE....INSERT
  77. Big help needed, please!
  78. Change & to %26
  79. scope
  80. Emails are going in Junk instead of Inbox
  81. Keeping session alive
  82. Cloaking URL?
  83. separating variables
  84. The $_POST array and mysql insert problem
  85. Multiple form actions
  86. How do you disable warnings in PHP?
  87. PHP Online text messaging
  88. Limit MySQL Query Results....
  89. Categorizing a blog post under MORE than one category
  90. Why should one include \n at the end of the "From" field?
  91. Parallel Processing in PHP
  92. Adding SMTP settings to php mail script
  93. Quick question about some Parse error (unexpecte T_ENCAPSED...)
  94. Large Database Synchronization
  95. haveing problem with code
  96. How to use one FORM against different entries
  97. Need a script to search forum
  98. problem while post data to other page
  99. simple filter but ..?
  100. database question
  101. Looking to Download Alot of Scripts
  102. Getting multiple values from List Box
  103. How to display current temperature
  104. name.php?id=
  105. Using PHP & MySQL to display images...
  106. Mailer script error
  107. Creating a txt file in PHP?
  108. different sort of dropdown....
  109. str_ireplace function..
  110. Ordering and Arranging from Mysql database
  111. using PHP in xhtml
  112. How do i pull a value from a javascript menu in a PHP form?
  113. How to point to another page for email thankyou message
  114. Database("related" scsript)
  115. When I added the block last seen I get this error mesg
  116. using php authentication box
  117. Preg help...
  118. Could not work on Fedora3
  119. problem with register script
  120. Need help with PHP
  121. Variable's posting problem
  122. Getting data out of $_POST using foreach()?
  123. A question on how PHP handles sessions and how it should be declared.
  124. Forum with PHP
  125. Some small email form questions
  126. php equiv
  127. mysql row output in 2 colums
  128. Archived post
  129. [URGENT] Adding an htaccess user
  130. Left() in PHP?
  131. Form problems
  132. Image Upload (multiple images at once)
  133. REquest small help...
  134. 2 domains one host possible?
  135. $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST What's the difference?
  136. Form Updating
  137. Pagination problem
  138. Cron Job PHP Problem
  139. Regex isnt doing multiline.
  140. Get selected value from selection box
  141. collecting data
  142. I really would like to know: How can I excecute PHP on a schedule?
  143. fopen() permission error
  144. Can I put the php code in an external file (like CSS or JS)?
  145. refering PHP to the current directory?
  146. Block firefox user agent
  147. convert 10 digits to phone format
  148. PDF Merge
  149. Passing PHP Values To Another Page Problem
  150. make a script run forever
  151. Very Simple Email Validator
  152. Thumbnail Generator
  153. Extracting Problems
  154. php info needed, reguarding php version, and templates.
  155. Could not show layer.
  156. pagination previous and next links to retrieve from form
  157. Processing MySQL databases using PHP
  158. Best reporting tool to make reports and diagrams with php on Pgsql
  159. Why won't this open?
  160. I feel so dead. What does this error mean?
  161. Alternating Appearance **NOT COLOR** Of Mysql Rows
  162. pulling left most characters form string
  163. Most efficient way to grab data?
  164. Directing the nice spiders
  165. get mysql auto increment value
  166. mail() function woes!
  167. mixing values of array
  168. return table names of a database
  169. Script install Problem
  170. Searching in arrays
  171. Image upload script (rename files)
  172. one world, one site... ...one login?
  173. php-nuke
  174. Regular Expressions problem
  175. How to say 'If NoMore then Don'tDoThis'?
  176. Correct way to validate function PHP script
  177. SOLVED: While loop executes for one but not the other when both should be true.
  178. Dynamic Business Card image with PHP
  179. preg_match_all greif
  180. two dif PHP includes in one link
  181. Mailing address feature.
  182. What is happening, this should work.
  183. problem parsing xml
  184. Global file include, how?
  185. Simple Flatfile Recording?
  186. cache a page?
  187. Form return data retrieval?
  188. Passing Variables to Another Page
  189. Need help with news etc.
  190. php script and frontpage
  191. Whats wrong with this section of script? Mysql / Php
  192. I'd like to schedule PHP
  193. Undefined Index problem
  194. php email validity checker
  195. Simple php question
  196. Display Random
  197. Create Member Directory with Alphabetical Listings
  198. What does 'Warning open_basedir restriction in effect' mean?
  199. Embedded a php varieble in a sql stament
  200. PHP programmers needed...
  201. Wrong server headers when using PHP for WML output
  202. PHP and Tabulas
  203. Does anybody have a free host for PHPBB?
  204. executing timed events with PHP only
  205. very very quick PHP question!
  206. Is my script not executing correctly? (sorry for the crappy title)
  207. Saving Affiliate Code after Redirect ?
  208. PHP Poll and Voting Script assistance
  209. Pagination :: SOLVED!!!
  210. how do i?
  211. nevermind for now
  212. How to change background colour on PHP coding
  213. GD Library - Anti-Aliasing using imagettftext()
  214. PHP ignoring error_reporting settings
  215. Code Review please, I want to make sure I'm doing this right.
  216. Image Drop into form
  217. Major noob question
  218. Dynamic Image Resizing
  219. Hey Conf the PHP with Apache
  220. Simple Working PHP Upload
  221. return ID adter MySQL insert [Solved]
  222. Passing variables
  223. how does image verification process works
  224. uploading to mySQL from hidden fields
  225. How to make a table box?
  226. Need help displaying forum text in my website...
  227. Referring to the value of the previous row
  228. how to make forum
  229. PHP Error
  230. substr avoiding html
  231. Submit Forms
  232. PHP Cookies Help
  233. help with encoded paypal script
  234. problem on tcpdf installation
  235. list of links
  236. Passing $_POST variables in header.
  237. How can I make this script work?
  238. Creating an algorithm
  239. Require help with php/MySql
  240. check if server up before fopen
  241. Form not repeating
  242. keeping track of money?
  243. Sql Injection Prevention...Im trying but not getting results =S
  244. Removing Xml Declaration
  245. Problem with fpassthru and download script
  246. Help with an onclick
  247. while ( ... mysql_fetch_array ... ) syntax
  248. forms that use 'GET' method
  249. Fread -speed limit - force download
  250. encrypting/decrypting data

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