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  1. Dynamically Named Variables By Reference
  2. Create Images With PHP
  3. Help: Grabbing linked images
  4. Could not load, phpMyadmin
  5. not echoing title like I think it should
  6. echoing message on certain dates...
  7. how can i always get the first row from my table in mydatabase
  8. Emailing Long Links
  9. treemenu processing problem
  10. How to do 301 redirect with exceptions
  11. php hits code....
  12. pure mini poll,,,
  13. newbie needs help please
  14. verify email
  15. I'm a newbie trying to install PHP on my server
  16. redirecting with multiple domains
  17. Sessions
  18. Retrieve System Info using PHP
  19. Text-Based RPG
  20. Contact Form Not Working
  21. 2 weird errors
  22. php / mysql date time field help
  23. Replace empty MySQL field variable
  24. good webmail client
  25. PHP Login Redirect - Multiple Users
  26. Blog posting
  27. how to include files from another domain name.
  28. PHP MySQL Insert Error, Plz Help
  29. Session Info Issue
  30. Testing PHP offline
  31. Php-Java-Bridge: Java_require Cannot Find the Path of the Jar?
  32. Bots and php generated text.
  33. quick problem
  34. Form to File scripts
  35. mass email
  36. How to make php search for text on a site
  37. Cannot recognize php code in html???
  38. Get screensize from javascript to php...
  39. error in my form to email code
  40. Giving Access to Files Outside the Web root
  41. can't figure out this code
  42. Can php-java-bridge be Used with DBG and Eclipse and Trustudio?
  43. Code Review, Is there a cleaner way to do this
  44. Using PHP To Create A Sub-Directory..
  45. PHP / MySQL Display
  46. PHP Link
  47. help needed for forms and php
  48. Update query requires confirmaton before executing. HOW?
  49. Please help with guestbook script
  50. php4 to php5 - problems with code!
  51. Can I put this PHP thing on my site?
  52. What is wrong with my upload script? help plz!!!
  53. PHP writing XML [IMPORTANT]
  54. DB if / else not displaying as i hoped
  55. noob can't get it to work right... little help..?
  56. Looping through listbox
  57. Connection security both ways
  58. problem with image submit button passing value to php script
  59. Detecting a page size without saving
  60. Parsing XML
  61. Validation Issue: (ZIP Code) Parse error, unexpected '&'
  62. preg_replace to find email addresses
  63. Randomizing Items on a List
  64. Can I use php to create this attendance register
  65. PHP array question
  66. Saving a html_template_it output in a var
  67. Update command problems
  68. Problem with PHP installation
  69. Game Stats Logger
  70. send a location header which will change location in parent window from a frame
  71. Delete query not working
  72. Problem w/ db connections...
  73. Passing the message
  74. why don't I know how to do this?
  75. checking if value exists in SQL DB
  76. Any info on Instant download and delivery apps
  77. Help with Warning cannot modify header location
  78. PHP Image Problem
  79. Image map PHP session ID?
  80. PHP to search mySQL database by keywords
  81. Session Vs DB Query
  82. how to find out browser type in php?
  83. date() function
  84. Getting a stat from another site...
  85. mysql_query insert double duplicate
  86. Schedule and php.exe
  87. Debug PHP tutorial on Dynamically populating a JavaScript image slideshow
  88. using various forms
  89. Regex to get a url
  90. sql table help
  91. Navigation Variable
  92. Creating a ratings script
  93. Block Variable
  94. Dynamic PHP Form with dropdowns
  95. Creating shorter uniique filenames
  96. Photo Gallery
  97. redirecting you in 3 seconds.
  98. Encoding a plain text file in UTF-8
  99. Best Method.
  100. How to redirect all but Mozilla using strstr ($HTTP_USER_AGENT)
  101. Compare Dates Problem?!
  102. how to notify the receiver that u have received a new message
  103. Edit page
  104. get variable value
  105. SELECT query....
  106. annoying error
  107. Hosting?
  108. Remove more then 1 space
  109. How to Save Variable in Application Scope?
  110. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING
  111. How do I make this short?
  112. Taking subdomains and subdirectories as variables
  113. EOFORMSTR problem
  114. Attention visitors of DevNetwork Forums -- Please Read
  115. Advanced countdown timer
  116. How do I save and update data without using mysel tables ?
  117. PHP fork
  118. phpdev5
  119. Output direct to printer
  120. myMP3Player
  121. How to Install PEAR package in PHP
  122. TXT Files
  123. chmod 0777... bad idea?
  124. PHP.ini
  125. Quote function / eregi_replace
  126. Another PHP form problem!!!
  127. domxml_open_file($string) errors
  128. Help.
  129. problem with element in array
  130. IMAP create new mailbox problem
  131. multiple files in a GZ using gzwrite
  132. new to php - advice?
  133. hunting for strings
  134. simplexml_load_file + PHP4
  135. [PHP/MYSQL] Password Encryption
  136. General Question RE: DB Connection
  137. Quick Preview
  138. Dealing with forms controls!!!
  139. retrieving system information
  140. How to know when my email i have sent gets read
  141. Sending commands to an executing script
  142. make sure form is submitted?
  143. Not Returning Primary_Key Field (FIXED!!!)
  144. pop ups
  145. parse problem?
  146. Running a system program and displaying output line by line
  147. Authentication Issue - Need to log in twice!
  148. Includes in php
  149. Ftp timeout, shorter
  150. Ipb Sdk
  151. object-oriented PHP, methinks
  152. Problem with commas
  153. Blocking bots by user_agent
  154. wanted help regarding polling.
  155. Accessing Multiple mysql databases from one server at single time
  156. What does "->" do?
  157. Post Preview Button
  158. Publish problem?
  159. phpbb send private message
  160. index.html
  161. from data
  162. Dynamic Pages Help
  163. ip login
  164. Checking for previous business day
  165. Stopping others from spamming through your web forms..
  166. PHP form?!!
  167. if a file in a folder exists..
  168. Error: Notice: Undefined index:
  169. Click my Checkbox
  170. Creating a Log In Using Password Protected Directories
  171. IF this DON'T do that ...
  172. Problem pls help me
  173. split() or reg_ex()
  174. Quick question on Cookies (cookie names and overwritting)
  175. quick ? about mysql_escape_string
  176. Browser Question - Way off topic - but no where else to go
  177. Hidden form or Session?
  178. UPDATE Query issue
  179. displaying a website and capturing that page
  180. Text From Database Coming Out Garbled
  181. Looping over a list
  182. number of comments for each post
  183. Parsing file for specific info.
  184. How can i put data in mysql server db from local ms access db using php
  185. Script to allow booking of a timeslot
  186. User Management And Sessions Problem
  187. imagefontwidth() issues
  188. file_get_contents() and explode() Help is appreciated!
  189. Calling data into a form
  190. Use of underfined constant
  191. How Do I?
  192. Trouble getting a php form script to allow an image attachment
  193. Drop down menu for background change
  194. Using MSSQL
  195. Form Validation w/ PHP
  196. Discussion board help!
  197. limit characters on line, or wrap
  198. It doesn't show anything
  199. how do i edit php files
  200. Where do I put the if($item == 1) { statement?
  201. need a "Non template-based, fit to your design" CMS !
  202. E-mail Form Problem
  203. upload help
  204. Handling Apostrophes Correctly In Comment Handling
  205. password protection
  206. Scan a directory for images
  207. Undefined Index
  208. register w/o activating from e-mail?
  209. GD library + RAM issue
  210. sessions
  211. problem with a file
  212. Having problems with AVG Command
  213. Problem with include
  214. optimizing code in a form
  215. Sending output to a printer
  216. My query of a column only returns one value
  217. SELECT Problem
  218. Need someone to help me in a script for phpbb attach mod!
  219. storing common messages.
  220. PHP Error / Help me please
  221. Urgent Help Needed: Form Loop Processing
  222. I Need System Design Suggestion. Please.
  223. Multi-user Logic Question
  224. fwrite() problem
  225. List Searched
  226. GD problem
  227. help with alternative content script
  228. datetime
  229. XML/XSLT in PHP4 and 5
  230. haveing more problem with this script
  231. PHP and nested SSI woes
  232. need a database script for forum members to add bands to
  233. Images... to store or not to store in Db?
  234. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  235. php notice!
  236. need hrlp with a script
  237. poll
  238. PHP mailing (Quick Question)
  239. transforming XML/XSL with PHP?
  240. Installation of Apache not working with XP Pro
  241. Php playing of wav/mp3 files for soundboard?
  242. Buddy icon script?
  243. anyoen know a script that ....
  244. table headings
  245. Update
  246. how to define variable for required radio button
  247. Not the usual: parse error, unexpected $...
  248. Installing CMS centrally on webserver
  249. Dynamic Pages
  250. Help me Plz :( need script.

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