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  1. Query by multiple drop downs
  2. form mailer code help
  3. Email function in PHP using SMTP
  4. Zend Bootstrap.php usage
  5. How can I pick up two variables at the same time.
  6. formatting characters in php mail()
  7. Why am I getting an unexpected EOF error in this code?
  8. random names that make sense
  9. Modulus operator to get next division
  10. Resolved how to do an OR in a select statement?
  11. function to split a description into lines of 68 chars long
  12. Retreive image PHP?
  13. Shopping Cart / Sessions - 2 simple questions.
  14. php pie chart from DB
  15. How can I get my Cart to automatically update?
  16. Protecting from SQL injection
  17. Would like to check if my image uploader is considered safe.
  18. TimeMemoryFunctionLocation error
  19. PHP Whitespace
  20. Last Activity Function
  21. When to use OO PHP & when to use procedural?
  22. PHP and Image with GD library
  23. xml feed into php/MYSQL listings site - noob question(s)
  24. Login For Wordpress
  25. Login page says Undefined
  26. Searching a database (beginner)
  27. first insert works, second doesn't even though only a light difference
  28. loop trought sql without repeat results
  29. decrypting php file
  30. [Help]Dynamic Grid in three column
  31. Php scritps for exact text search
  32. Ip address does not get sent!! Please help.
  33. expects parameter, boolean given
  34. Any harm in Duplicate Include/Require?
  35. The character encoding of the HTML document was not declared.
  36. Wordpress Search Loop Statement
  37. Catchable fatal error:
  38. help with a form
  39. Validate Url In Php
  40. Report or flagging system
  41. PHP OO or Procedural
  42. Adding elements to a list within an array
  43. array help needed...
  44. Contact Form Has Contractions Error
  45. select by GET
  46. remembering a user search query.
  47. Resolved Arrays & Displaying Messages
  48. PHp excel reader :databse table shows mutliple rows with empty values
  49. My first PHP
  50. Is the time it takes to perform functions negligible?
  51. Putting $_POST values into a text mail
  53. sqlsrv_fetch_array() Error
  54. php Excel Reader code problem
  55. checked boxes not updating correctly
  56. help in displaying
  57. help with menu setting "current" tab when in a function
  58. php sessions
  59. Username With Rainbow Orb (Random Color Name)
  60. Using PHP variable
  61. How to display results from particular one record?
  62. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';'
  63. Resolved Image change on the click of a button?
  64. Wanted to understand What will be API
  65. Looping Through Variable within $_SESSION Variable
  66. Can I get info of which file and line number made a call to my own function?
  67. A CMS built around being simple for new users
  68. Looping Through Exponents
  69. Import API - php
  70. Would this make a correct SQL statement?
  71. help with shortcode needed (wordpress)
  72. PHP code help
  73. Php Youtube Embed Page Script "Need Help"
  74. Can you review my code please?
  75. PHP/form insert statement to mysql
  76. Working with "resources" - search/extract
  77. login to view jalbums
  78. Organizing Mysql search
  79. CakePHP Links. CSS & Images broken
  80. Saving Path in Session?
  81. client login area to view individual private galleries in wordpress
  82. Line Break issues in TEXTAREA
  83. Problems with <select> tags - one is huge, the other one is a chained
  84. Magento Feed Pro
  85. php code to check muliple conditions
  86. How to use gmail SMTP in my PHP
  87. PHP + Apache + DB2 slow odbc_connect
  88. higher number check fails
  89. checking existing password correction..
  90. Insert/Update
  91. I'm playing PHP for login and I'm using PDO
  92. Get Data From API
  93. Help needed - amending OR php logic to AND
  94. $_SESSION Validity
  95. CSV data upload issue
  96. Anything wrong with my OOP?
  97. Resolved simplexml help
  98. PHP 5 new version issue
  99. Is it possible to BACKUP old versions of uploaded (overwritten) files in the server?
  100. Validating a UK telephone number.
  101. Registration code
  102. easy question
  103. Help on locating website users Postal Code
  104. Extra CR's using fputs
  105. Wordpress: Display the page names & descriptions on homepage, not posts? (example in)
  106. Resolved Pass a connection over to another method
  107. Query within Query
  108. Creating Link from XML document
  109. Calling a COM object through PHP
  110. Quick question! PLEASE HELP
  111. Nothing returned parsing namespaced xml
  112. Building a better Error-Handler?
  113. Help with a PHP-MySQL Query
  114. how to display all data in my table?
  115. Schedule function help needed
  116. Where to store Admin E-mail
  117. database connectivity problem
  118. Sanitizing or validating input first.
  119. How to call a class function from another class using the parameters given
  120. Select option to display all the row data
  121. Upload a php file to a website to be included from other places
  122. I need script for Whois.com that gives info within a date range.
  123. Using ctype functions
  124. Socket Programing
  125. Need Quick Fix of old php user online script dunno php or how to fix?
  126. \r\n Replace not working while sending emails
  127. Not Looping through full array.
  128. Beginner needing help
  129. Spl_autoloading Cascade Issue
  130. Can't get URL Parameter to work.
  131. own WordPress plugin
  132. Something different for the first item in each row of a foreach loop through an array
  133. Taking the 1st 45 chars, and adding .. after
  134. need review and help please
  135. Change code to display image instead
  136. Unexpected end of file
  137. Change [Select 2] options when [Select 1] option is changed
  138. Can't Access Page After Customization?
  139. Add XP on button click
  140. Found Another PHP Session Issue
  141. srand? Fatal error: Call to undefined function 1352483998() line 31
  142. Dynamic Row Updating
  143. Using PHP to Create Graphics
  144. How to check field contents ??
  145. PHP Contact Form
  146. PHP Advanced Email Function
  147. php Execute or whatever..
  148. Get the value of the selected data in database
  149. syntax error when using POST values in query
  150. Proxy blocking script
  151. Acceptable Object Instantizing
  152. Why I Am Not Able To Pass The Value Of Input Type File
  153. Php Time() Questions
  154. Help Me Guys Please!!!
  155. simple php include/var question
  156. [HELP] currency too long
  157. css divisions and php form submittal
  158. Quick Question
  159. Printing data from database in series using fixed HTML layout
  160. Sending Attachments through PHP Script
  161. REGEX Pattern - match only if it doesn't starts with <script type="text/javascript">
  162. header location tracking
  163. Resolved info requred on Jquery & php
  164. PHP and MySql
  165. Math Help
  166. rename files
  167. Roll Number Generation..
  168. Search for files - preg_match
  169. Project Question
  170. Stupid Question- how to assign more than 1 result to a variable
  171. Need help with posting (something i want)
  172. Basic CMS - anyone know CuteNews?
  173. spl_autoload_register help?
  174. Need help with a simple function
  175. Yeah, I suck at writing functions
  176. Edit Function Inline
  177. Automatically Delete NULL values with PHP
  178. Magento & pdo_mysql
  179. Need help with a variable in a form
  180. Create form to search another site
  181. Resolved upload progress bar
  182. how to display a table weekly/daily/monthly and yearly?
  183. Taking last character from each line on a file.
  184. Insert code into text
  185. Where do I process this?
  186. Error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE),
  187. MySQL Table Results to Process Another Table Results
  188. trying to bring a site onto a WAMP server
  189. echo out non "0" values from array
  190. check array for blanks
  191. how to add data from a form into a foreign key
  192. search query product name
  193. Resolved Store several words in a session array and then show them
  194. Resolved datetime difference caluculation for caluculatin SLA in time
  195. Post on facebook Wall using php
  196. Resolved PHP Classes & Performance
  197. Search in 2 tables
  198. Flat file or SQL? - constant values
  199. I need help with script for ecommerce site
  200. Resolved Find URL If Redirecting
  201. how to replace one phrase with another using arrays
  202. header('Location: ') question
  203. Completely new to coding [except a lil bit of HTML] & want to learn how to create.
  204. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  205. I have an idea for a website, but questions as to how to approach idea with 'safety'.
  206. extract a csv
  207. Domain Name
  208. cannot use mysql_fetch_array no error
  209. How to re layout with two col and multi row
  210. Information on writing DB include_once for PHP
  211. should i database user hostname, isp and stuff?
  212. getting a $value into array
  213. Password protected site/admin page to update MySQL db
  214. Undefined Variable(s)
  215. PDF convert to HTML5 flipbook
  216. YouTube API error retrieving subscription videos (all of a sudden)
  217. Regex digit plus sign digit
  218. if statement
  219. redirecting after POST
  220. mail problem cc'ing
  221. inserting data into mysql from radio button form in PHP
  222. Reading file into an array then writing the edited array back to the file
  223. Having a prob uploading a file
  224. Calling a php script from javascript onclick
  225. What exactly IS Zen-Cart?
  226. Getting username variable to display Welcome message issue
  227. Populate HTML Drop Down Box From MySQL Data
  228. Pagination Question
  229. Help with a PHP-MySQL Query
  230. PHP: Get input box value
  231. URGENT - unexpected $end drivin me nuts !
  232. [Help] Php Serial Generator
  233. Procedural PHP with AJAX
  234. function argument
  235. Soap xml curl Request return empty response or 1
  236. how to store javascript in DB, so it does not execute when 'code' is later displayed
  237. arranging pics in table
  238. Change text color
  239. not to execute cUrl everytime
  240. Resolved can i mix php and javascript on a onclick
  241. The process for calling MySQL commands using PHP Data Objects.
  242. send variable from php to html
  243. Error: (1065) Query was empty
  244. Resolved creating and loading sub key element
  245. Resolved Contact form reply
  246. Trouble getting my dropdown box variables...
  247. Smarty Guru please~~ Remove template;
  248. Resolved Page Counter
  249. Resolved Keeping settings, two forms and two submit buttons
  250. [SOLVED] Session problem with "http://www."

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