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  1. How to Make Table with Unknown Length String Fit In a Fixed Size Area?
  2. How to Clear an Array Completely?
  3. need big help
  4. Passing variables thru path
  5. Weird Session Error plz look
  6. Keeping $HTTP_GET_VARS value for longer
  7. display text inside image
  8. AJAX Trouble.
  9. Curl and forms
  10. PHP Help~!
  11. PHP Pagination
  12. upload script not working something simple
  13. PHP and Flash Form troubles.....
  14. Email with validation
  15. Script Not Workin
  16. Undefined class name 'db'
  17. PHP Free Book Link
  18. Only accept A-Z, a-z and 0-9
  19. query help
  20. format number 2 decimals
  21. Email sign up form
  22. Zend Studio
  23. PHP Database Connection Help
  24. Values in _SESSION and database are different
  25. Retrieving Full URL
  26. Using a C API in PHP?
  27. sending emails
  28. Displaying data from mysql database in tables using list and while
  29. picture upload problem...
  30. search text in directory files???
  31. Birthday Script ?
  32. GD to make smilies?
  33. PHPSESSIONID added to every link
  34. How do I get Sum(Column) on an Inner Join Statement
  35. urgent help
  36. php get url and additions
  37. Tracking File Download bandwidth
  38. break Javascript to run PHP
  39. Role and Purpose (help)
  40. simple T_STRING error.
  41. Not letting you input !"$%^&*()_+=-[]{}'#@~.,
  42. find if current date falls between from date and to date
  43. HTML Output in PHP?
  44. Directory Listing using scandir
  45. Including Radio Buttons in form results
  46. re-Ordering results - is it possible?
  47. problem related to fetch data from mysql
  48. Php form
  49. Refused localhost email
  50. GIF Resize Resample Transparent Fill - HELP
  51. Hold a var over many pages
  52. Peculiar:Barring Name, all other data gets outputted
  53. PayPal "continue button" help
  54. Creating a DB
  55. Hi y'all!!
  56. data not writing, but no errors are occurring either
  57. multi dimensional array sort
  58. Simple Random Art Script (XAMPP too)
  59. Session variable problem
  60. Class error
  61. Need help with this cubecart mod...
  62. Incremented Form Name..
  63. How can I get and output RSS?
  64. looping issue
  65. Empty form field
  66. Dynamic Pages
  67. Time Drop Down Box
  68. How to Assign Class Variables One at a Time In a Loop?
  69. Using While() inside table
  70. Changing the photo gallery script
  71. Sessions & security
  72. How Does PHP Determine Require File Relative Path?
  73. Text disappears on refresh
  74. Form output to Excel file
  75. Mystic-Island.com
  76. Grabbing Data from 2 Databases
  77. Error on line 13 (Newb)
  78. pls help me
  79. PHP emails - proper header seperator???
  80. Opinions - UTF-8 and PHP
  81. How to create an array with multiple elements but single index?
  82. different stylesheets for different browsers
  83. function.....
  84. when i read from a folder is it possible to get the width and height of the image
  85. How to Use Foreach When Array is Uninitialized?
  86. BCode: str_replace
  87. Pear (using Net_Ping)
  88. Someone help me out..
  89. Help with DESC LIMIT 0, 1";) I think
  90. Forms
  91. phpMyAdmin
  92. help with array
  93. Simple qustion plz help
  94. Advice Required: Security/Cookies/IPs/Sessions
  95. creating a survey - best way to do it?
  96. html form coder?
  97. PHP Problem: Help Appreciated
  98. Object Oriented Design Problem.
  99. Tweaking php form (adding fields in script)
  100. Translate this short JavaScript to PHP
  101. question about security
  102. enter variables as table data
  103. news or feedback articles
  104. what is AJAX, newbie help!!
  105. By the book word for word whats wrong?
  106. should use sessions or not ?
  107. Looking for a php script to add news to an existing page
  108. Running a PHP system()/exec() command with root privileges
  109. Shoutbox and Captcha
  110. for() problem (parse error)
  111. using preg_replace() for [code][/code]
  112. how to extract first letter of a word
  113. customized upload for members
  114. Parsing XML - Problems with linebreaks under PHP4
  115. Help - Probably easy.
  116. Error: "Cannot modify header information"
  117. Logon Script fatal error
  118. online quiz... really need your help guys...
  119. GD library - resizing and creating thumbnails
  120. Pagination Help
  121. removing duplicates from a list box
  122. displaying menu problem?
  123. PHP and email
  124. Values get vanished when clicking the browser's back button
  125. difference b/w .php and .php3 extension
  126. problem with storing values selected from dropdown list ?
  127. parse error
  128. Discussion: PHP Certification and the Real World
  129. Recommendations
  130. problem deleting in a database: mysql
  131. Array Coming Out Empty - Please Help
  132. set back of switch statement
  133. How to get image property summary
  134. access address book of gmail, yahoo, aol
  135. php expert needed here!! (pHpOCR)
  136. How can I refresh text on a page, without doing the entire thing?
  137. date and time help
  138. Bizarre $_SESSION problem
  139. path problem?
  140. Adding a Submit box to a script, need help!
  141. php and javascript
  142. Help !
  143. How to Find Out Whether a Word is Repeated 3 or More Times in a Row?
  144. How to Provide Spell Check and Prevent Users From Entering Inappropriate Language?
  145. Naming convention for temporary variable
  146. Using preg_replace() to make hyperlink
  147. please give me some idea
  148. problem with explode()
  149. Product Database (Cold Fusion?) advice needed!
  150. php configure file not present in current LAMP configuration - cURL implementation
  151. php form to txt file
  152. The purpose of @
  153. datediff for php??
  154. problems with >> nl2br($entry);
  155. help with using a class variable...
  156. Help integrating forum to portal
  157. run shell commands with PHP
  158. Searching function help pls
  159. check box problem with php ?
  160. regex
  161. Works in IE but not FF
  162. Authorize.net scripts for php form
  163. Passing a script through an $id
  164. login to only members
  165. Show page last modified
  166. Problem displaying results
  167. Splitting a field into an array (or variables)
  168. help needed for php ssl script
  169. SOLVED: fixing dollar values...
  170. i think its a IF statement someone help
  171. Script Security
  172. Problem with php times
  173. Pattern Methods?
  174. select sum if-else error : please please help !
  175. Can anyone help compare in detail?
  176. count a word
  177. PHP Databases
  178. best free php forum software
  179. [ code ] ubb parser help.
  180. using date()
  181. Pass PHP arrays to Javascript
  182. Sending form contents to multiple email addresses
  183. Problem with file_get_contents(url)
  184. problems checking if data already in mysql database
  185. Another problem with UNLOCK
  186. How to Make a Website Support Multiple Language?
  187. is it possible to read from the dir according to the cration time of files
  188. Sticky Select Form Fields
  189. PHP Chat Problems
  190. Videos not displaying correctly...Help!
  191. PHP and Dreamweaver
  192. find shipping cost from canada to us
  193. what do you use?
  194. How to create Mailing list
  195. Problems Reading file at a Byte level
  196. return query(insert statement)
  197. Making html files be php files
  198. In need of a script
  199. Form Validation
  200. Code Check
  201. Using a variable in an include
  202. which php variable will it be?
  203. remove an extra characters from php
  204. retreiving selected value from dropdown list ?
  205. funky template question
  206. Php Login
  207. timestamp substr
  208. Scripts break when register_globals = Off, need debugging tool recommendations
  209. Sending POST data to a PHP script
  210. Clean Up
  211. hide files when using dirlist.php
  212. Global variables problem in PHP4.2.3+
  213. php & page properties
  214. installing php on my home pc
  215. PHP search engine
  216. From Excel to mySQL: need advice
  217. "header("Refresh:" working in firefox but not IE
  218. fopen() problem, and possible others.
  219. Contact Form - what is going on here?
  220. Day without leading zero in strftime()
  221. login help
  222. What Is Going On??? mysql_connect problem
  223. include php from mysql
  224. Dont add twice
  225. top 10
  226. Passing Variable Through page (Not URL!)
  227. Displaying only one
  228. Need Help - Where to Start...
  229. Simulating Users
  230. Session variables and IE
  231. Please help with dirlist.php file
  232. Not using $_GET properly
  233. reset submit on form
  234. Creating an array from a while loop
  235. array_multisort and numbers
  236. search stats
  237. encryption
  238. PHP Switch I think...
  239. how to allow linebreaks in mailform
  240. PHP and Access
  241. permission denied on uploaded files
  242. PHP arrays and HTML form elements
  243. Maven for PHP projects
  244. How to move select data between tables using 2 checkboxes
  245. Submitting values across pages?
  246. Display date and time in xxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx
  247. passing objects between pages
  248. Splitting an array into separate variables
  249. Help with some code
  250. Parse Error

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