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  1. Complex array question
  2. Php script help
  3. Own an Experts Exchange Account?? Need help
  4. Posting to DB Problem
  5. using php to create an mp3?? or playlist
  6. determine file extension of many files
  7. file exist help
  8. DOC to PDF with PHP?
  9. 6 digit id numbers
  10. How to echo value of an textarea?
  11. Form Validation - Is this needed?
  12. need a php bulk mail script
  13. Connection Handling problem
  14. alternating background
  15. bulk mail/ mailing list manager
  16. exit() without stopping execution
  17. Add class to link depending on URL
  18. function and queries
  19. Setting sort order for guestbook entries
  20. Browser Gotcha?
  21. Is it possible to delete postdata?
  22. Problem with thumbnail script
  23. Paging
  24. Help formatting my results...
  25. Noob.. forms/php.
  26. Array Sorting
  27. preg_match pattern question
  28. MySQL/PHP Code Help (getting SELECT and mysql_num_rows working)
  29. Refreshing Data from MySQL DB in PHP
  30. IMPORTNAT-- problem with PHP
  31. Important-- problem with PHP
  32. $addcount()
  33. PHP-powered Blog and CMS-s
  34. Extracting between commas
  35. php form data passing to user process
  36. File upload problem
  37. double quote problem on db retrieval
  38. help with Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer
  39. for loop with 2 results => special action
  40. Outputting an image [error]
  41. &nbsp and \n
  42. Phone Number Combination Script!
  43. Cookie variables[$affiliate = $_COOKIE['aff'];] are valid to all site
  44. Don't know what these PHP Errors Mean- Help?
  45. Storing/retrieving checkbox data to/from mysql using php
  46. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted
  47. Need ReturnURL example
  48. Error after formatting the drive that has the directory including PHP files
  49. formatted dates are returned NULL
  50. repeat until find
  51. passing variables through 4 steps.
  52. how to display this data
  53. need help..... =)
  54. i need help in php..... pls share some tips...
  55. PHP Book recommendations.
  56. Help Building Paypal URL
  57. Variable assignment
  58. CSV Export
  59. Prevent Repeating Entries
  60. Masking the URL
  61. need to open a new window
  62. mysql problem
  63. GD onto new page
  64. Slight .htaccess Problem
  65. PHP on Windows server
  66. Dreamweaver | submit form email | ip block
  67. Pagination Question
  68. MySQL Query Problem.
  69. help displaying random thumbnails
  70. Displaying users in php problem
  71. Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
  72. How to preserve newline when preg_replace?
  73. how can i insert my php variables in mysql???....
  74. problems!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. simple script for image loading
  76. How to read and display one record at a time?
  77. Run an external PHP file before the main php script is run.
  78. need help building a link with get variables
  79. elseif ?
  80. Column Summations from Multiple Tables
  81. Uploading a gif image in PHP
  82. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL - OnlineUsers.php
  83. Check whether a file has been included or not, how?
  84. Php Installation woes
  86. problems when inserting to mysql
  87. My Site Has Been Paralysed by one small peice of code
  88. Weird Object Problem?
  89. MySQL and arrays
  90. Need Help With Script
  91. problems when inserting data in mysql
  92. Creating new text file
  93. problems using $_POST
  94. Flash and PHP communication
  95. Dynamic class require and object instantiation
  96. prossesorder php error??
  97. User input validation
  98. PHP cookie/affiliate (basic)
  99. Passing variable issue with a form
  100. I have a simple error- that I know someone who knows PHP can settle
  101. Can PHP used for back end coding?
  102. PHP Security in Folders
  103. How can I make a text editing area?
  104. Values from a form into a database not being inserted
  106. Multimedia Handling
  107. problems in query....
  108. Can't find error in script
  109. Multiple MySQL entries in one variable??
  110. using PHP_SELF on included page
  111. simple user help
  112. Help with regex...
  113. windows uptime
  114. imap_open() trouble...
  115. Function & Variable Naming Best Practices
  116. Submit to same page.
  117. Exporting MySQL to Excel problem
  118. Problem with sessions.
  119. Hi i Have This Script and i need it to send out a email to the contacts when the emai
  120. Image Gallery
  121. need an opinion about using classes and objects
  122. help me set_ini
  123. how can i build a 2-column table from a recordset
  124. Displaying Results through complex tables
  125. Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer
  126. Expires HTTP header field not working
  127. Connect to database n00b question...
  128. Chat Whispering
  129. Creating A Popup Window
  130. How to Enable Timestamp in PHP Error Message in error_log in httpd?
  131. Multi installer?
  132. creating folders
  133. simple navigation variable problem
  134. Need Effieient DATABASE Connection Classes
  135. Login Script
  136. Pagination in Gallery
  137. whats the dif between php & phtml?
  138. How do I make all of my pages queries?
  139. Delete Help
  140. PHP Japanese text support??
  141. Simple variable to mysql select problem
  142. simple form question
  143. simple question
  144. help!PHP vs JavaScript
  145. Help with trim()
  146. come in! friend who is familiar with XCART
  147. Including php in tables
  148. Noobie Help
  149. retrieving last (X) rows
  150. How can I make this simple code work?
  151. Upload and list alphabetically
  152. basic code explanation ...
  153. preg_replace
  154. Is it dangerous to allow image URL input?
  155. uploader not working.
  156. small php question
  157. creat a name
  158. Querying a sql with 2 variables
  159. how do i block spam?
  160. exif comment on slideshow
  161. need help with a database error
  162. Sessions
  163. PHP code needed
  164. Need hepl About PHP Include files
  165. problems within form
  166. Help on e-library system?
  167. wierd non-existant file error.
  168. How can I Use Define as a Class Name?
  169. email not sending.
  170. Encryption and Login Script
  171. Make a cookie for 3months for visitor's PC
  172. A form with 2 drop down boxes.
  173. ER to Relational modeling...
  174. PHP File Upload Monitoring?
  175. max size of textarea
  176. PHP Array Routing
  177. form data not computing
  178. automatic redirection using php and dropdown list.
  179. find the url of the current document?
  180. showing info
  181. Automatic user logout
  182. using php in a string. Not adding to the string.
  183. How to not show an echo ...
  184. random or choose.
  185. GD functions changing my colours.
  186. Cannot include the last file..
  187. Script not editing the database on submit.
  188. Can someone run this on Windows 98?
  189. Redirection from non-submitted form
  190. Formating Dates
  191. PHP Search Tool
  192. forms
  193. adding in query
  194. General File Deletion on Time
  195. Hola, Problem Checking Forms...
  196. chatterbox/shoutbox
  197. limit article length (link: Read more...)
  198. Very VERY noobie question - How to connect to database?
  199. Maybe a stupid question.....
  200. Uneditble records
  201. limiting number of pages displayed
  202. Update Table Multiple Entries
  203. Help please .....
  204. Function returning problems
  205. How do you display how many people are browsing your website?
  206. Mass Email Script Considerations
  207. simple HTML form and PHP question
  208. Help With Multiple Category Display
  209. Whats wrong with this "in_array"??
  210. Help on Banner Management
  211. sleep function help
  212. How to Create an Object From a Class Name Which is a String?
  213. Should I use strtotime?
  214. checkbox
  215. //solved\\This script won't work, even though it doesn on my other site.
  216. testing php pages without uploading
  217. Send Mail Problems (emails going into junk)
  218. Question: How do I create an RSS Feed for my php-nuke site?
  219. Inserting a future time into MySQL
  220. Weird Require_once Problem?
  221. Appear to be losing session data
  222. Php?
  223. Splitting Longtext into a string with commas etc
  224. Secure PHP Script ...
  225. small php problem
  226. displaying individual "Recordset" in dreamweaver
  227. Outputting data from 2 tables having diff. structures
  228. Form Field Calculations using PHP
  229. Converting 100.00 to One Hundred
  230. Form Auto Select Option
  231. php info
  232. Check backwards compatibility
  233. how do I convert $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] into a array key?
  234. An error when using sessions
  235. Email getter
  236. quick code check
  237. PHP Problems
  238. Desperate looking for a solution (OO PHP Menu)
  239. Help! Password protect script error!
  240. Where to learn
  241. Problem with opendir()
  242. Sound problem, please help!
  243. Custom URL
  244. mail problem
  245. Selecting all tables in database
  246. Request: Looking for a countdown from form input
  247. tinymce validation
  248. Need some help with a php login
  249. need help with a log-in form
  250. Custom error pages for .php web pages? Need help with my htaccess file

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