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  1. Form to MySQL
  2. Something wrong...but where?
  3. PHP Markup alt?
  4. WebPhp help
  5. Deleting From Database Help
  6. preg_replace ain't workin'
  7. new to php...
  8. show all errors
  9. using oop to create a mysql object
  10. csv and excel issue (related to PHP upload)
  11. load a php-page with javascript
  12. have a look at this
  13. php mysql error little help please
  14. VERY wierd problem with php
  15. Some problems with dynamic forms.
  16. Image Uploading and animating
  17. Sending a ping?
  18. keep repeat users out
  19. I Need some help.
  20. Make the page a standard width in all browers.
  21. Creating a .txt file with PHP
  22. php calendar w/ categories
  23. How to display this stuff using mysql and php
  24. PHP connecting to MySQL problem
  25. good page protection script
  26. php- insert into if not already in database
  27. Form to Email
  28. Contact form - unexpected T_ELSE
  29. Looking For A PHP Forum Software like.
  30. Regular Expression Conditionals
  31. How do I create a new message alert ?
  32. How do I refine record access ?
  33. Webhosting
  34. php_gd2.dll extension
  35. Form Code Help
  36. Really Really Need Help
  37. Re: Comparison of IP
  38. funky math question
  39. mysql fetch array error - what could be wrong?
  40. What To Look For In A Web Host, re: PHP
  41. How 1,5 + 1 = 2,5 Not 2
  42. Prepend On A Simple ShoutBox
  43. annoying beginners installation woes
  44. Session Issue
  45. Integrating PHP and SVG
  46. inc files
  47. Conflicting Single Quotes
  48. Need my script to stop echoing blank variables..
  49. Tempermental sessions
  50. make foreach work randomly
  51. Anti-Denial of service
  52. PHP Web Portal
  53. Replacement for location.href-'' in php?
  54. php XML Comment script help!!
  55. SQL: Taking two IDs from a table for each row in another
  56. Calendars appearing from a dropdown, but server side ?
  57. How to insert image to database?
  58. Odd Error With a Class
  59. Upload via email?
  60. navigation bar menu
  61. updating variables before updating db
  62. browser filter ?
  63. Problem Loading PHP Extension
  64. headers already sent.
  65. whats wrong with this script
  66. Another Date Problem
  67. how to take text from a html site and output it to another
  68. Need Help - Index.php is not working
  69. Unexpected T_VARIABLE quickie...
  70. Special characters in XML files parsed with simpleXML
  71. Remote directory listing
  72. How to check a valid date time in PHP?
  73. What does this mean '->' in sessions?
  74. Database abstraction layer - OOP style w. pagination support
  75. Session Garbage Cleaning
  76. POST save to file help
  77. Project Released
  78. PHP Convert HTML Code to normal Characters... Help !
  79. Synchronizing info from 2 tables
  80. PHP Access problem
  81. Strip ° From A String
  82. Remotely displaying a SERP page
  83. Auto Fill Form Inputs
  84. PHP includes and forms
  85. Strange unexpected T_VARIABLE error...
  86. Using stripslashes... I need to allow both ' "
  87. Display number of row processed
  88. Memory Limit
  89. Curious: Saving files from URLs
  90. Anti-Leeching
  91. CuteNews FF vs. IE problem.
  92. Header(location : site.php?and post vars)
  93. Can You Use PHP To Generate An XML File?
  94. HTTP authentication
  95. Between Two Timestamps
  96. A forum
  97. concatenate
  98. Trouble passing a variable to an HTML form
  99. Php calendar
  100. Using php to write xml from mysql data.
  101. Php System() call Perl Script Return Code 13 ?
  102. Spider Crawling and indexing PHP
  103. Alternative server
  104. Shopping Cart wid Sessions-pls help
  105. Tutorial Database
  106. Login code??
  107. creating a connection to MS Access
  108. No cache & calling html within php
  109. Email Application
  110. New Posts Forum Question
  111. Quotation marks ""
  112. calculating the load time of a web page
  113. Help with preg_replace
  114. File upload NOT using HTML input type=file
  115. Cannot redeclare function error?
  116. Multiple forms on one page inserting to multiple rows in DB
  117. small logic problem
  118. Disabling showing of session id
  119. using php to check filenames
  120. Change a string
  121. FAQ suggestions?
  122. Show files in a directory with a checkbox. Then write them to an xml file? THANKS!!
  123. Placing php into a html layout.
  124. PHP Error..Help
  125. Stop mysql connection
  126. Whats wrong with this code?!
  127. Looking for somebody who will tutor me in PHP
  128. How to query text field from mysql
  129. is_associative function?
  130. logic problem - small interactive module
  131. How to collect employee request information...
  132. my page always expired ?
  133. my page always expired ?
  134. htmlspecialchars()
  135. time redundancy check
  136. opensource Software conflict - help needed
  137. "Input file not found"
  138. Shorten text and HTML 4.01 strict
  139. multi-dimensional arrays
  140. noob question. writing xml from mysql
  141. list all fields
  142. imagettftext() AHH
  143. Best way to select a random entry from a recordset?
  144. Extracting the end of a URL
  145. Checkbox validation
  146. bulk image downloading
  147. easy pages link change
  148. extract \n between code then replace remaining \n with <br>
  149. strange problem
  150. PHP Error: unexpected T_STRING
  151. how to convert the whole html page into pdf using php
  152. Decent size amount of help needed.
  153. Eregi expression major bug, no? The "i" thing...
  154. request for idea critique
  155. Apache With PHP
  156. Text watermark on Image reg.
  157. Very simple problem with my PHP code (help?)
  158. Help creating a login variable
  159. traversing multi-array of objects in PHP4
  160. Match Result Add Script - Help :)
  161. Need Login System Without Database
  162. Validation Error
  163. Need PHP Online Students Results System !
  164. Emailing blues
  165. Virtual permalinks?
  166. Update database with dynamic checkbox info
  167. Hard to explain in here...
  168. uploading entire dir
  169. foreach()
  170. Media Submission portal error
  171. updating a database
  172. curl & php 4.3.4
  173. Problems w/ code I have to change that lists files in a dir
  174. Better way to stop script then DIE()?
  175. Why Form Validation Isn't Working
  176. New to PHP and need urgent help!
  177. PHP's $_FILES properties
  178. EZ Problem, im stumped though
  179. RegEx help
  180. Is there anyway to post variables to a URL without using an HTML form (post method)?
  181. Some problems...
  182. .htaccess problem
  183. PHP OO Woes!!!!!!
  184. Sending POST and GET with fsockopen
  185. Checkbox validation
  186. Integrating php into website
  187. php/mysql error
  188. add slashes
  189. link display in php
  190. IPB Mod Modding
  191. PHP on XPHome
  192. is it possible to have insertion from another page?
  193. SQL query problem
  194. Guestbook ignore
  195. I'm creating a petsite and I need some help coding.
  196. Search Feature Coding Problems
  197. running another script from current script
  198. validiting form data with php and javascript
  199. iframe refresh problem in IE
  200. Read POST only by script from MY domain
  201. Search in a file (advanced)
  202. Php error when run script
  203. Dropdown list from DB
  204. Upload script
  205. Retrive image from mysql database, slight problem
  206. PHP/MySQL Query
  207. Help with new Forum Site
  208. How to add index in database?
  209. Capture key presses
  210. URL Snapshot
  211. Wordwrap using ImageString()
  212. problem with function file
  213. number of checkbox selected
  214. retrieving data from database
  215. Alter a csv to sql script - in php
  216. array behavior
  217. Drop rel="nofollow" after any instance of <a
  218. Operator Syntax Question
  219. regex expressions help
  220. insert date from form to db
  221. Can't get this tutorial example to work for me
  222. Adding logout to simple password protection script
  223. How to make an array in a function global
  224. Reorder a string
  225. receiving error codes back from header()
  226. Simple array problem
  227. echoing html code- Help. please
  228. Decryption Problems
  229. sitemap script to improve
  230. IF Statement Help
  231. how to install smarty tool
  233. Free search script download
  234. while doesn't work
  235. Converting PHP to Html?
  236. flush output not working with me why, help
  237. Displaying users online
  238. Form help
  239. PHP Output not displaying correctly
  240. Where to start with ecommerce?
  241. Something easy, no room to explain NEED HELP
  242. php noob trying to learn.
  243. Style sheet not working on PHP
  244. Removing "X-Source" from sent mail
  245. Strange result with feof and break statement
  246. Regex problem..
  247. Search string in database field
  248. processing a password not working
  249. fgetc or fread
  250. If page not found do something else.

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