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  1. PHP Security in Folders
  2. How can I make a text editing area?
  3. Values from a form into a database not being inserted
  5. Multimedia Handling
  6. problems in query....
  7. Can't find error in script
  8. Multiple MySQL entries in one variable??
  9. using PHP_SELF on included page
  10. simple user help
  11. Help with regex...
  12. windows uptime
  13. imap_open() trouble...
  14. Function & Variable Naming Best Practices
  15. Submit to same page.
  16. Exporting MySQL to Excel problem
  17. Problem with sessions.
  18. Hi i Have This Script and i need it to send out a email to the contacts when the emai
  19. Image Gallery
  20. need an opinion about using classes and objects
  21. help me set_ini
  22. how can i build a 2-column table from a recordset
  23. Displaying Results through complex tables
  24. Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer
  25. Expires HTTP header field not working
  26. Connect to database n00b question...
  27. Chat Whispering
  28. Creating A Popup Window
  29. How to Enable Timestamp in PHP Error Message in error_log in httpd?
  30. Multi installer?
  31. creating folders
  32. simple navigation variable problem
  33. Need Effieient DATABASE Connection Classes
  34. Login Script
  35. Pagination in Gallery
  36. whats the dif between php & phtml?
  37. How do I make all of my pages queries?
  38. Delete Help
  39. PHP Japanese text support??
  40. Simple variable to mysql select problem
  41. simple form question
  42. simple question
  43. help!PHP vs JavaScript
  44. Help with trim()
  45. come in! friend who is familiar with XCART
  46. Including php in tables
  47. Noobie Help
  48. retrieving last (X) rows
  49. How can I make this simple code work?
  50. Upload and list alphabetically
  51. basic code explanation ...
  52. preg_replace
  53. Is it dangerous to allow image URL input?
  54. uploader not working.
  55. small php question
  56. creat a name
  57. Querying a sql with 2 variables
  58. how do i block spam?
  59. exif comment on slideshow
  60. need help with a database error
  61. Sessions
  62. PHP code needed
  63. Need hepl About PHP Include files
  64. problems within form
  65. Help on e-library system?
  66. wierd non-existant file error.
  67. How can I Use Define as a Class Name?
  68. email not sending.
  69. Encryption and Login Script
  70. Make a cookie for 3months for visitor's PC
  71. A form with 2 drop down boxes.
  72. ER to Relational modeling...
  73. PHP File Upload Monitoring?
  74. max size of textarea
  75. PHP Array Routing
  76. form data not computing
  77. automatic redirection using php and dropdown list.
  78. find the url of the current document?
  79. showing info
  80. Automatic user logout
  81. using php in a string. Not adding to the string.
  82. How to not show an echo ...
  83. random or choose.
  84. GD functions changing my colours.
  85. Cannot include the last file..
  86. Script not editing the database on submit.
  87. Can someone run this on Windows 98?
  88. Redirection from non-submitted form
  89. Formating Dates
  90. PHP Search Tool
  91. forms
  92. adding in query
  93. General File Deletion on Time
  94. Hola, Problem Checking Forms...
  95. chatterbox/shoutbox
  96. limit article length (link: Read more...)
  97. Very VERY noobie question - How to connect to database?
  98. Maybe a stupid question.....
  99. Uneditble records
  100. limiting number of pages displayed
  101. Update Table Multiple Entries
  102. Help please .....
  103. Function returning problems
  104. How do you display how many people are browsing your website?
  105. Mass Email Script Considerations
  106. simple HTML form and PHP question
  107. Help With Multiple Category Display
  108. Whats wrong with this "in_array"??
  109. Help on Banner Management
  110. sleep function help
  111. How to Create an Object From a Class Name Which is a String?
  112. Should I use strtotime?
  113. checkbox
  114. //solved\\This script won't work, even though it doesn on my other site.
  115. testing php pages without uploading
  116. Send Mail Problems (emails going into junk)
  117. Question: How do I create an RSS Feed for my php-nuke site?
  118. Inserting a future time into MySQL
  119. Weird Require_once Problem?
  120. Appear to be losing session data
  121. Php?
  122. Splitting Longtext into a string with commas etc
  123. Secure PHP Script ...
  124. small php problem
  125. displaying individual "Recordset" in dreamweaver
  126. Outputting data from 2 tables having diff. structures
  127. Form Field Calculations using PHP
  128. Converting 100.00 to One Hundred
  129. Form Auto Select Option
  130. php info
  131. Check backwards compatibility
  132. how do I convert $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] into a array key?
  133. An error when using sessions
  134. Email getter
  135. quick code check
  136. PHP Problems
  137. Desperate looking for a solution (OO PHP Menu)
  138. Help! Password protect script error!
  139. Where to learn
  140. Problem with opendir()
  141. Sound problem, please help!
  142. Custom URL
  143. mail problem
  144. Selecting all tables in database
  145. Request: Looking for a countdown from form input
  146. tinymce validation
  147. Need some help with a php login
  148. need help with a log-in form
  149. Custom error pages for .php web pages? Need help with my htaccess file
  150. Image Upload - Not Working
  151. Problem with awkward date format
  152. Registering and New Articles
  153. PHP script for timed rotation of images
  154. regex to detect a capital letter
  155. How to offer a choice on the form
  156. email problem ini_set() doesn't work..
  157. plz help me to use cookie!
  158. Linking Question.
  159. Ratings Question
  160. Need Help! Please Help!
  161. Changing the page title with a variable
  162. Upload test..need help
  163. sending mail error
  164. How to display wait message
  165. Parsing XML
  166. creating files writing to files and editing files
  167. cgi script that i want in php.
  168. php error handling
  169. Displaying date/time for different timezones/countries
  170. if Question
  171. Function design advice requested. Replacing dangerous content.
  172. cleaning up after a script runs
  173. Intermittent PHP Page Loading Layout Problem.
  174. Help with building a modular base project
  175. how to upload big size file like mp3 and video
  176. Login.php
  177. An idea to report a dead link.
  178. Problem recalling URL from SQL database
  179. Maximum amount of users
  180. upload a file
  181. Need Help with an alert system
  182. Switching Actions
  183. scroller
  184. How to send mail? (if using localhost)
  185. It wont display :S
  186. Error
  187. Making a register.php
  188. PHP MySQL: mysql_fetch_array/row
  189. problem in image handling
  190. How to Display matching Data
  191. Validate record
  192. How to Change The Array Variable to Point to a Different Row than Row 0?
  193. distinct field with cross table info
  194. How do I insert POST data into ATOM XML file?
  195. why wont this de-duper work
  196. a good php script for editing pages and links?
  197. include issue
  198. eregi_replace & stripslashes help
  199. Forms all stopped working
  200. setting form button as default when pressing ENTER
  201. getdate() function ???
  202. Recommendations Please: Community File Sharing Script
  203. SEF (search engine friendly) in home directory?
  204. To open a zip file!!!
  205. Text to Voice when save record... RSS
  206. ?best way to postpone execution of php script?
  207. affiliate record program-script
  208. T_OLD_FUNCTION expected???
  209. returning a variable in a function
  210. How to find a file?
  211. Please Check My Image Uploads
  212. What's the Difference Between &new and new?
  213. troubleshooting and stepping through a script
  214. how to use http://www.mySite.com/test/ as the base domain (base href)
  215. Uploading pictures directly to email
  216. preg_match this AND that
  217. php email to all in database
  218. help! submitting form with multiple rows
  219. Php Noob Question
  220. Temporary files not being created
  221. Help with Adding a countdown timer
  222. php help
  223. regexp help, detecting scripts and dangerous tags
  224. [discussion]how to make a secure member area
  225. php sessions.
  226. Turning off Content-length
  227. passing information through links
  228. Still Need Help...: Adding user to a group on signup?
  229. Generating random codes
  230. include help
  231. correct syntax for comparing 4 variables in 1 if
  232. Alert System :D
  233. running a bash file through php script ?
  234. Please help parsing xml with php
  235. When and who accessed a php file.
  236. Drop Down Menus?
  237. Help with Adding a countdown timer
  238. This has been annoying me for a week now!!
  239. Anyone Know Any Good Tutorials
  240. How to make a progress bar?
  241. photo gallery
  242. what is wrong with this script
  243. thumb nail problem
  244. Making MySQL Results a link to another page
  245. Array out of an array?
  246. gd trouble
  247. Batch file handling...
  248. is there a good Open Source PHP Support Forum for our site??
  249. PHP Not getting TEMP files
  250. [Resolved] Got it working, however, what if i had more than one part?

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