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  1. Processing Text
  2. Started learning PHP...
  3. Regular expression pattern for screen scraping
  4. how to make a loop?
  5. how to make my site searchable on search engines
  6. Pop out OE
  7. Getting some small errors (Should be a easy fixer)
  8. Creating an array to use inside an array
  9. Question about variables
  10. Looping through comma delimited string?
  11. LEFT/RIGHT for php?
  12. Xbox 360 GamerCard
  13. $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] interaction with frames?
  14. Adding numbers
  15. simplexml for PHP 4?
  16. Can't get the array to pass to another page
  17. javascript pop-up with sql values
  18. Opening Executable
  19. help with a PHP Code
  20. Progress bar ?
  21. Hello
  22. Watermark script
  23. Regex Problem
  24. good php news updater
  25. Textarea
  26. Getting T_STRING error, quick problem, please help
  27. character encoding override - howto fix
  28. Upload image to a different server
  29. using mail() to send attachments
  30. hold untill fully loaded
  31. Download File From SQL
  32. Redirect Works but No SUBMIT!? HELP!!
  33. syntax error
  34. script editor that creates OO constructs?
  35. problem in uploading file on remote linux server
  36. spam protection
  37. Website search
  38. get location
  39. how to use php to calculate the number of downloads
  40. Convert Word file to HTML
  41. can't open page at runtime
  42. Templating and DB Abstraction debate
  43. when can you call a script/program yours?
  44. hacking xml sheets in a php program didn't work
  45. Normalizing stats tracking
  46. getting multiple entries when using insert query
  47. Mail Script
  48. Escaping via Hash
  49. question about note area
  50. Editing This PHP Script
  51. how to list more than 2 featured members on front page
  52. Drop Down Re-Direct Prob!
  53. Looped address results: format wrong?
  54. How secure is my login code?
  55. problem with retrieving a password program
  56. Printing a PDF Attachment
  57. Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result
  58. Clarify these contructs plz
  59. Error on Upload File
  60. Problem w/ Conditonal and Session variable
  61. Script using multiple IPs
  62. How can echo something in pattern
  63. detect punctuation in a string
  64. Regular expression
  65. Mail Script
  66. find image height and width
  67. How can you count the number of times your query has been executed?
  68. difficult question, two query's at once !
  69. Tables and PHP
  70. Uploading image (admin menu shopping cart)
  71. /username!
  72. PHP: XML parse in
  73. Page cannot be displayed on submit !
  74. code not executed !
  75. simplexml editing xml file
  76. Image Wont Insert
  77. help with script to display rows
  78. Strange Date - Last Sunday is Saturday?
  79. Include doesn't work
  80. Mime_Content_Type (Windows)
  81. FIXED: Using Textile on my site (Newb alert)
  82. SQL Injections
  83. Create a custom sort order criteria?
  84. Table going to the wrong place
  85. Help setting up php on apache server
  86. Need help with php script - mailing list
  87. quick question about real escape string
  88. parse error, unexpected $end....
  89. search for one specific field
  90. parse error, unexpected T_ELSEIF
  91. php&mysql help plz
  92. need help with fwrite
  93. Appending all files in a directory
  94. Looking for a script, don't know what it's called...
  95. Overloading server problem
  96. entering rows into MySQL (new-b)
  97. Access database without reloading page
  98. Passing a default value
  99. update mysql using a form
  100. address without spaces
  101. joomla question
  102. Quick EZ Problem, Getting an error
  103. Calling two actions at the same time from Flash to php
  104. Wrap with <TR></TR> for every 3 results
  105. php to load a .js file
  106. Random from db if exist
  107. Multi-server support
  108. Strange PHP installation
  109. Need a little help with phpBB
  110. getting current directory.
  111. Using two classes
  112. How to echo a row from a Join
  113. SORT BY does not work with JOIN
  114. checking file type and if file exists
  115. php include problem
  116. Display Results In 3 Columns
  117. php include file on network drive?
  118. Worked fine on my old host!
  119. Getting from mySQL 3 per line
  120. everything in between
  121. Session Error?
  122. Most Users Online
  123. Laoding Arrays and Splitting them
  124. Immediate Help
  125. PHP Decrption Program
  126. Making form display results from Database
  127. imagepng displays garbage
  128. making from from database and html output on next page
  129. Different between ftp_connect() and fsockopen()
  130. Inconsistent error message
  131. Point In Polygon
  132. Session Lost After Header Redirect - SOLVED!
  133. insert file name into database with upload
  134. missing something in form (insert stuff in mysql database)
  135. passing variable's from a drop down
  136. Click button run mysql/php query
  137. Web fetching
  138. Displaying part of a variable HELP
  139. Detecting unique IPs
  140. Obtaining contacts from Gmail/hotmail/Yahoo Mail
  141. Cannot Populate Database
  142. serving a growing file
  143. Encrypting/Protecting commercial PHP code
  144. Form Question
  145. htmlentities() and html_entity_decode
  146. Getting rid of punctuation in a string
  147. IIS Authentication
  148. What is a good PHP book?
  149. max columns in output table?
  150. if and if not?
  151. PHP Product Review "plug in" code
  152. DateWise Report
  153. image help from the guru's 8-)
  154. no results printed
  155. problem with php and ajax
  156. Quick/Easy Problem More then one result to form
  157. Having Trouble Creating a 'News' Page
  158. Problem with a comment submission form
  159. PHP / MySQL Question on Maths
  160. Build flowchart with php or some other tool.
  161. Anyone want a programming job?
  162. php connect mysql and validate through javascript **HELP**
  163. unlink to recycle bin?
  164. Database connection
  165. Pagination
  166. Multidimensional session arrays
  167. advices needed
  168. get name of field
  169. HTML_QuickForm problem ?
  170. Cascading include
  171. how to parse XML file as PHP
  172. Email Issues.
  173. Checking Form box and results next page
  174. Speller Pages
  175. SQL INSERT query acting funny
  176. How to make a live editable table to mysql?
  177. Is there a way to trigger 404 error from php?
  178. file handling
  179. Total Nub
  180. I'am going nuts!
  181. Redirecting users
  182. Update query does not work. Why
  183. interperter???
  184. Query reutnring table id or location?!?
  185. downloading php files from a server
  186. if and else
  187. advice on business directory
  188. Update Script . . .
  189. PHP with images
  190. object oriented php form
  191. Good PHP opensource live chat system?
  192. security image (error)
  193. how fix this?
  194. \n not working
  195. Parse error with ELSE
  196. download file problem
  197. Test linkvalidation from db
  198. Order an array by a specific key
  199. Huge help needed
  200. convert first letter to upper case
  201. Is this script vulnerable to sql injections ?
  202. Is this script vulnerable to sql injections ?
  203. "preg_replace()" question
  204. Forum 'Latest Posts' Question..
  205. Forum 'Latest Posts' Question..
  206. MySQL and PHP -- nested while loops problem
  207. MySQL & PHP order problem
  208. Send form change of line
  209. File Uploads not Working
  210. 5 Diferent Random Affiliates Script
  211. What do you want to see in a PHP Forum
  212. A form or a subform for secondary dropdowns ?
  213. PHP - Sending an image from one HTML table to another
  214. PHP Contact Us Form - Need to add a feature
  215. FSO for PHP?
  216. Send Info To Email Not Working
  217. submit & remember info
  218. Php modify
  219. using array_unique with multi-dim. arrays
  220. Unset session vars
  221. Force Download
  222. determine textarea rows
  223. move data from table to another table
  224. Hey, need help
  225. 2 pages into 1
  226. Question about sessions
  227. Email issues
  228. Math weirdness in a PHP equation
  229. Why Can't I Open PHP Files on My New Mac?
  230. Changing variable formatting in PHP to work with JavaScript
  231. mysql select "AND" problem
  232. php - parsing from a form
  233. OS commerce implemenatation
  234. database update/edit and delete
  235. when to use "@" in PHP ?
  236. is this the best way??
  237. search function error
  238. MAIL on Win2003 server with IIS6
  239. Where we can get free PHP-mysql host ?
  240. help help help - PHP connect to Database
  241. Emailing Issues
  242. Let's count!
  243. How to make PHP show random links
  244. MySQL Syntaxt Question
  245. Help with Concept
  246. Insert
  247. Making a url work in a paging script
  248. query question
  249. references - right or wrong usage
  250. form validation ?

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