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  1. Auto destroying sessions and cookies
  2. Connection Reset When uploading.
  3. Processing multiple value check boxes from a post
  4. check if it's numers
  5. Using windows UNC names in mkdir
  6. Splitting pages
  7. Uploading pictures
  8. update query problem
  9. how to check if mysql_fetch_array is empty
  10. Open a command line process, wait, then close it after output?
  11. GZIP Help!
  12. Query not working
  13. Does not Equal
  14. Using PHP if to create permission system
  15. How to process variables before a form action?
  16. Problems getting page to validate
  17. Send mail using mail() with attachment
  18. multidimensional arrays
  19. SQL & PHP : Retrieve the last 10 records in table
  20. small question : date/time
  21. php form/email
  22. Running a password protected php script as a cron job.
  23. Store Checkboxes Values in the MySQL, php & MySQL
  24. form submit to enter in mySQL database
  25. How to return specific SQL results
  26. setting the display order on a html table
  27. max php
  28. Simple search box
  29. Difficulty Enabling SOAP in PHP5
  30. Display a part of a sentence in one line
  31. Menu Options - Selected
  32. Selling the Source Code
  33. unexpected $end
  34. upload file
  35. autoincrement PK
  36. PHP Hitcounter
  37. from A to B
  38. Security Alert!
  39. wrapped text in mysql
  40. how to retain values in my textboxes??....
  41. newb needing help! ^_^
  42. Timestamp
  43. find the file name of a remote site's index page
  44. Site Login . . .
  45. Problem with my image uploading script...
  46. Changing html index files to php?
  47. Adding 2 results into a code
  48. date formating problem
  49. writing to a file
  50. Best place to place PHP codes.
  51. compute time??? :(
  52. get values from checkboxes
  53. output sql to table
  54. Hiding the display of index.php from Dir Files Listing
  55. weird <> if statement
  56. SSI of a php nuke page
  57. index undefined?
  58. syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or. . .
  59. Using PHP to verify link placement in a given domain
  60. Server Not Displaying Errors - Unsolved Still
  61. Time format
  62. Populating page content from mysql db.
  63. $PHP_AUTH_USER problem in safe mode.
  64. Get number and multiply from string.
  65. Feedback form
  66. At embed, clould'nt see status bar
  67. validate date ?? how?? thanks
  68. Random Quote From MySQL Database
  69. MySQL datetime format not compatible with PHP Date function??
  70. List files names(with links) in the same dir
  71. read address link
  72. how devshed did its pdf file
  73. Problem with foreach
  74. Open source help desk ticket system
  75. Choping data from text file
  76. Newbie - Possible to Bookmark a 'Submit' Button?
  77. Wanted - Simple Random Image Script
  78. login script MD5 issue
  79. Need help with what I think would be considered PHP
  80. Function Help
  81. autoclose????
  82. Can't delete Windows directories
  83. Need help displaying database information in HTML tables
  84. Daily Bulletin
  85. On-line Dictionary/How to.....
  86. using substr...returning int not string...
  87. Why are my mails always landing in spam/junk boxes?
  88. Giving Format
  89. Continue statement
  90. Submit Button
  91. Trying to export data to excel
  92. login script help
  93. MSAccess and network connection
  94. multiple similar table codes
  95. Script problems PLEASE HELP
  96. Sessions
  97. need a quick fix to a row problem
  98. Data Store Twice
  99. Session being returned wrong?
  100. sql output in columns across the table
  101. Insert into $aROW ???
  102. Form Thankyou
  103. Perl/CGI & PHP include
  104. How to convert Variable to an INT
  105. Using an array as a SQL Where condition..
  106. Help with this query?
  107. Select only part of Mysql desc
  108. regular expressions help searching
  109. catching criminal LAN IP
  110. Inputing from PHP to SQL using INT
  111. highlight row of results from query
  112. Help to convert JS to PHP
  113. Free php "rate and comment" script
  114. External SQL Connection Problem
  115. multiple table search
  116. language encoding
  117. List of folders in a directory. Should be easy.
  118. php form problem
  119. If / Then Statement help
  120. category
  121. Problem updating table values
  122. Make changes to a few hundred files?
  123. PHP Guestbook, Is What I Need.
  124. Problem with PHP's mail function, please help
  125. form action
  126. Prevent caching of site content
  127. Alternating images
  128. upload images and display it
  129. Help please lol
  130. Unable to add to database through PHP
  131. How do I set a variable from the sql database?
  132. Business/organisation Directory listing
  133. A small 'IF' question, please help.
  134. Preg_replace questions
  135. php reg_replace script remove backslash for search \141 to result a
  136. Upload images temporarily
  137. ISSET Coding Problem
  138. Parsing vbulletin code
  139. Remote Sessions
  140. Curl
  141. Simple php problem
  143. Simple Contact Form
  144. Counting how many people have submitted a certain form.
  145. Script won't accept uppercase letter in email adresses
  146. need help with get_headers
  147. PHP and MAC OS
  148. Help with simple php file
  149. Time Since Login Script help?
  150. how to..
  151. Upload from Site - FTP?
  152. Bandwidth In php
  153. Form validation
  154. PHP - help connecting to MS access db on network server
  155. Overwriting only one line of a flat text file
  156. Don't know if this can be done.
  157. php csv parsing using explode and comma's
  158. Generate thumbnails from swf by php
  159. include function not validating as XHTML
  160. filter function
  161. convert query results to time date/time format
  162. Rich text editor
  163. PHP into HTML
  164. Stumped... not sure how to describe either
  165. catalogue scripts?
  166. help with my code
  167. Encoding problem
  168. I want to create a script that will track unique hits, and...
  169. code trouble
  170. include $_server['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] problem
  171. printing a form to web page
  172. Login Script
  173. avoid to re-input data
  174. foreach and lines in a file
  175. Quick question about pjpegs, or progressive jpegs.
  176. Display results
  177. Zip compression problem
  178. Varible and function management theory question
  179. Converting comma delimited field into array
  180. Crypt decrypt password
  181. Mime Type
  182. Uploading Two Files
  183. Syntax Error - With Drop Down Menu's
  184. cannot right to file.
  185. php setting
  186. post php
  187. need "iframe is bad/dynamic content is good for search engine indexing" explanation
  188. What is a '1' doing there?
  189. Dynamically Cropped Thumbnails
  190. Including Variables in Content Management
  191. diary php & mysql
  192. How to sort a multi-dimensional array by recursive heirarchical criteria!
  193. File Permissions....
  194. for smart php'ers
  195. Help displaying database Stuff
  196. sorting multi-dim arrays
  197. extract from database to excel
  198. Upload file problem with timing out..
  199. lot's of selectboxes => how to?
  200. Help. Page seems to get called twice.
  201. Button click
  202. htmlspecialchars
  203. Welcome "username"
  204. php AIM subprofile
  205. Loging in
  206. PHP to find out the pc's ip address
  207. Variables Declared
  208. Problem with cookies not expiring
  209. Email validation
  210. Pull records from two tables and put them back in
  211. array problem
  212. Vulnerable script
  213. .INC Files
  214. Help converting stock script with fopen to cURL
  215. pagination - display next pg and list rest of results
  216. Session_Start Function
  217. Redirect in PHP
  218. HELP: Strange Chat Error
  219. PHP code 2 convert .doc file into .pdf file
  220. need help with form/cgi-bin
  221. Pagination Help
  222. Dont know where to start
  223. Retrieving and parsing source code
  224. Displaying blank values from MySQL query
  225. File attachment from server
  226. Spam Mail Relay
  227. Cookie blocked by privacy settings
  228. redirect
  229. Reload this Page help writing http referrer to cookie
  230. writing to file [simple] question
  231. Looking up users in ldap with php
  232. getimagesize crashes Apache and returns nothing
  233. format currency
  234. PHP Date
  235. open browser popup from thumbnails
  236. PHP File Upload Limit?
  237. PHP Printed Reference Manual
  238. Form to MySQL
  239. Something wrong...but where?
  240. PHP Markup alt?
  241. WebPhp help
  242. Deleting From Database Help
  243. preg_replace ain't workin'
  244. new to php...
  245. show all errors
  246. using oop to create a mysql object
  247. csv and excel issue (related to PHP upload)
  248. load a php-page with javascript
  249. have a look at this
  250. php mysql error little help please

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