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  1. Incorrect count
  2. Carter's Test webpages
  3. Session Auto Expiring after 3-4 page hits, Implicitly....
  4. php.ini
  5. PHP optimization, speed, cpu usage *HELP ME*
  6. Adding multiple items into cart
  7. regex through 'free' output
  8. Is their anything wrong in for loop?
  9. Make directory and create files in a different domain
  10. How can I track Banner Displays on another site.
  11. Big XML file and PHP
  12. filling in check boxes from a database
  13. Footer positioning not where it is supposed to be
  14. Session variable Array ?
  15. Else If lower then 100
  16. PHP Convert To ASP
  17. how to transform an input to another form of strings..
  18. CMS security
  19. using the foreach function
  20. Sending an attachment in an email
  21. Get absolute image paths of remote webpages
  22. Different Mozilla Problem
  23. newble
  24. PHP Include Problem
  25. "Unable to jump to row 0" error
  26. How do I fix this?
  27. Mozille Firefox PHP viewing problem
  28. Pulling posts from a message board to a website
  29. Won't upload something in the way can you help me ???
  30. php 5 sessions?
  31. Newbee Question with Delete
  32. Creating a real estate site
  33. email .asp .php does not work
  34. DB based FORM <option selected='selected'> question
  35. New things to learn
  36. I need help
  37. hard to explain bug.... caused by the 'enter' button
  38. changing background colors based on time
  39. making a shopping cart.
  40. mysql_insert_id(); , will it OverFlow ?
  41. PHP Question - PHP Includes, Target New
  42. Mambo - Possibly the best CMS?
  43. Calling JavaScript Function from PHP File
  44. How do I get speller pages to work?
  45. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  46. displaying floating point number
  47. redirect code not working
  48. rollover image - alot faster
  49. Conceptualization: Forums->File Access
  50. PHP File -> DB field
  51. Problem with "echo"!!!
  52. Problem with foreach loop
  53. $_SESSION and the COOKIE
  54. Assign a textarea value to a variable
  55. Need Code - will accept best offer
  56. Trying 2 use magpie rss 2 display news feeds, but I'm getting nothing on my website..
  57. Unexpected $end
  58. Emailing a password from SQL database
  59. Keeping navigation current
  60. Looking for script
  61. how to send using SMTP with Authentication
  62. Can someone make a php login for me?
  63. News - content publisher.
  64. php html parsing problem
  65. onload a pg
  66. making project pages error
  67. Program to print a web page content.
  68. Year Months
  69. Next month...
  70. Login script, need error message when incorrect password entered
  71. Church Sign Generator
  72. Leading zeros!!
  73. Best PHP members Only Script
  74. exploding every character into an array
  75. PHP math operations
  76. RTL with strings and arrays
  77. Learn PHP from the ground-up!
  78. Please Help if You Can
  79. preg_match help
  80. GD Images
  81. Automatic form submission
  82. Variable split
  83. the save or update button
  84. Let the user add a new field.
  85. Collaborative project for open source
  86. How many times can u use the isset function on a variable.
  87. problem with fwriting url
  88. Successful login, but no $_SESSION propagation?
  89. Go back option problem
  90. Newbie to coding php and mysql, question about adding to database
  91. PHP page swapping
  92. Autofill and autoclick
  93. XML / RSS advice for a n00b.
  94. Odd isset($_COOKIE['username']) problem!!!
  95. Script returning a blank page
  96. Help me clean up this script?
  97. Parse error: parse error, unexpected '
  98. Adding HTML code to MySQL via PHP
  99. Wildcards
  100. Script Help
  101. Forms, Files, PHP...Headache
  102. Call .php file within .html
  103. Can't post variable value a second time.
  104. Connect to the Apache Server (PHP related)
  105. invisible menu item unless item in DB
  106. Question Regarding PHP & Forms
  107. Trouble displaying results of query:
  108. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect() in c:\.....\dbinfo.php
  109. SUMming results of a MySQL Query
  110. Database selection fail
  111. unexpected T_STRING, please help
  112. php includes. simple question
  113. Encription question
  114. php get pg
  115. Help me understand stored procedure from this PHP/SQL
  116. create directories & permissions
  117. trouble displaying categorized results
  118. News section
  119. hit another page
  120. Error: Undefined index - how do you fix?
  121. $http_post_vars
  122. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING
  123. A little form help
  124. php S\MIME
  125. string Search
  126. Sending email via PHP
  127. How to pass a combo box value to next page?
  128. file uploader
  129. Variable passing from one form to another problem.
  130. Class calling function in another class
  131. Help correcting php formatting
  132. problems with fopen
  133. How to allow files to be downloaded
  134. Generating from form to html !
  135. Splitting Keywords
  136. Vote only updates one field
  137. mysql_connect
  138. price and displaying table
  139. Reviewing System
  140. File Upload Script
  141. PHP/MySQL web interface
  142. problem with puzzle, help!
  143. Cannot modify header information - error message
  144. Error handling for my SQL queries
  145. Web-based Group Calendar Solution
  146. After Password Protection...
  147. Sending Email
  148. db-rse
  149. Please Help, Uploading Files
  150. How can I do php lookup without leaving my javascript page?
  151. How can I define two fields UNIQUE
  152. Question about variables
  153. much quotes?
  154. ODBC_Cursor --> how to use it?
  155. PHP to ASP
  156. Category & Sub Categories
  157. Recursive Kinda Working
  158. Problem with PHP login system
  159. php safe_mode and uploading
  160. PHP/MySQL Question
  161. Best protection against SQL injection.
  162. Please Help me finish this PHP Form- Reward$.
  163. idea required about template php file.
  164. Help needed making link from db output
  165. Retrieve pixels from image
  166. online registration scenerio
  167. Connection Problem
  168. Updating an SQL Table and Outputting
  169. Problem with "enabling" $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']
  170. Advice for passing 15-20 values across php pages
  171. list box
  172. Should I use for and a while loop?
  173. total novice needing advice???
  174. usersystem security
  175. Inital Value in list taken from database
  176. Need help in php-mysql and database design issues.
  177. Backreferences in text being used in regular expressions.
  178. Upload to different directories
  179. I need help making a php login for my site
  180. Preserving form data on reload
  181. Problem with an XML file-generating script
  182. Entire HTML source stripped to one line
  183. updated booking code
  184. booking code
  185. Php Sql Display
  186. PHP cant do its maths?
  187. comparing dates
  188. problem using PHP to create select menu
  189. alerts to pagers using their mailID(urgent)
  190. Log-In System
  191. Popup showing database and script progression
  192. How do I get the true image name from this?
  193. Directory lister, Identify Folder diff than File
  194. External JavaScript and PHP
  195. Cookies are set, but wont display on page
  196. load text from a text file.. parsing??
  197. Adding multiple records to a table in one form.
  198. form data not sending to e-mail
  199. {PCRE} Nested [quote]s to be replaced with <blockquote>s
  200. Display result of slow script after page loads
  201. Stupid boy, need help with PHP script
  202. Month events!!
  203. Reward Points System
  204. How do I use PHP include files on all pages in my site
  205. Color fading code according to Unix time
  206. Problems with preg_replace..
  207. Browser Res Detection and Includes....
  208. Last ditch attempt to prolong the life of a dying RH9 server
  209. Start the learning
  210. php export - slowing down site - suggestions please!
  211. PHP Cron job
  212. need help with php...
  213. Error, Insert Query
  214. Readdir arranged into a table.
  215. Today added
  216. Need Small Change with this Ranking/Review Script.
  217. can a string be made out of this....?
  218. PHP - working with multiple sql where clauses
  219. Image Description
  220. header location problems
  221. Rename files does not work
  222. Error messages with PHPdev423
  223. assigning a dropdown menu value to a session variable
  224. PHP info instead of echo store to file?
  225. PHP SQL Fetch & Echo Help!!
  226. Events dates!!
  227. Load Image
  228. "Opening Hour" of a page
  229. post hidden variables to another site without submitting?
  230. Form Post - Slashes - Help!
  231. htaccess and include_path throws a 500 error
  232. use alternate smtp server
  233. php forum fit?
  234. How do I insert current date into mySQL?
  235. State and County
  236. Hard to say in one line...passing values, frames, file....
  237. Encrypting Data
  238. Mass Mailer
  239. Smart Card Reader with PHP
  240. problems with sessions(am a newbie)
  241. session's in php
  242. mysql_fetch_array() Error
  243. JPEG image limit... Re-Written GIF & PNG's? Help!
  244. How to Write Out to XML?
  245. auto fill with drop down menu and text boxes
  246. help with CAPTCHA form
  247. replacing multiple characters in a string
  248. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  249. problems with email
  250. Search a file/more efficient to use a string or array?

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