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  1. How would you check for illegal letters from form field?
  2. xampp server variables
  3. Limit access to some files (i.e. certain amount of users can download at a time)
  4. Complex timed cron jobs
  5. Why is it that...
  6. Help with installing PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, SMTP, GD library?
  7. Help with User ID
  8. Simple issue?
  9. Send fax from website form?
  10. ID3 v2
  11. queries
  12. Cooooooooookie
  13. How to install PECL-stuff [SOLVED]
  14. upload file
  15. Retrieve data and display multiple pages
  16. Need Help
  17. Need a "offset" for server time difference
  18. Help
  19. pleas look at this, PLEAS !
  20. displaying a statement for 'no results'
  21. Coloured Code Tags
  22. create random url and redirect
  23. T_VARIABLE When adding the Query string.
  24. 'Type image text' -validation, how?
  25. problem with file_put_contents on a form
  26. When Users Upload *.txt file, i will get Total Points ,Points Per Game ,etc...
  27. Adding js to php help
  28. recommend to friend script
  29. Credit Card encryption in PHP / Mysql
  30. MySQL Field Reading, can you improve my code?
  31. Getting the base url, how?
  32. 2 page registration form
  33. Converting two HTML forms into one
  34. addslashes VS mysql_real_escape_string
  35. Question About mysql_free_result
  36. HELP string search & separate
  37. Rotating in order, not random
  38. php5 uuid
  39. how secure is this?
  40. Posting HTML Code from script
  41. header() php function "Content-Type"
  42. sessions... Object ID #1
  43. simple question...
  44. header feeding into template
  45. regex for no parsing between [code][/code]
  46. If{} else{} statement help!!
  47. How to search a string for a specified string?
  48. Get folder name from URL
  49. Assistance with Previous and Next Record
  50. Incorrect value coming through php to SQL & back
  51. Size in KB of MySQL table
  52. global array declaration
  53. form help please
  54. Can't click before click another ? (how, pleas help)
  55. Mcrypt_rijindael
  56. How do I overcome this include problem ?
  57. Simple way to open an OPEN dialog box?
  58. proper search pattern for the following
  59. 6 character alphanumeric Unique ID - DB Check Question
  60. how to change a CONSTANT defined in a class file?
  61. Image in Tooltip
  62. article not sending throgh mail()
  63. read files, add and display results
  64. div id wont work
  65. PHP port contention? Please help
  66. Connection mysql with the new PHP 5.2
  67. Killing session after certain time of inactivity
  68. PHP Redirect
  69. incorporating simple upload into current form
  70. Here's what I need
  71. if you havesome free time look here!
  72. need some clearing up on large files
  73. Storing Date of Birth
  74. I need a little help with this form !
  75. cannt get this pagination working
  76. connection error (mysqli)
  77. can you guide me through making this gallery please?
  78. Help with \" and '\ output please..
  79. How to convert a dynamic php image into a simple png.
  80. mixing php and javascript for a "refreshless" window
  81. php source code not working in main window..
  82. weird php/mysql
  83. make my own encrypt/decrypt funtion
  84. get around safe mode?
  85. about school management system ??
  86. Silly problem but I cant see it ! ??
  87. display mysql table
  88. code syntax
  89. mysql database,row and dvide
  90. Help passing variables back to their original form textareas...
  91. duplicating content in new window
  92. Adding onchange code
  93. Checking a database if username or email already used
  94. Virtuousart.com
  95. Server load jumps too much...help?
  96. Can someone tell me what this error means?
  97. Critique my calendar class
  98. Radio Button Form
  99. variable from xml
  100. MagickWand for PHP
  101. page name varaible
  102. Internal Search Engine tutorials
  103. Hotmail contact grabber
  104. Display everything in a database.
  105. register_globals Not Functioning Properly!
  106. \x80, \xFF etc
  107. Session Problem in PHP
  108. timestamp sort in descending order??
  109. limiting 50 records per page & links to go subsequent pages
  110. HELP form processing
  111. Seperating News Posts (Help Needed)
  112. How to order by downloads/title my downloads script?
  113. MAMP Mac OSX
  114. Login and password script`
  115. Problem with script structure ??
  116. Newsletter script
  117. reversing result of regular expression
  118. PHP for a highscore list?
  119. Create new page
  120. website problem php
  121. Listing and Downloading Files
  122. MD5 hashes in PHP
  123. Help with $_POST and Variables
  124. Session Problem in PHP
  125. restricting external javascript with php
  126. PHP Web Crawler
  127. Php files do not seem to be running properly
  128. posting arrays to follow-on pages
  129. Is this regex correct ???
  130. Show signed up users?
  131. radio button data
  132. Echoing different info to certan browser
  133. Regular Expression Problem
  134. display fields from contact form
  135. Random php redirection from array
  136. Calendar!!
  137. problem loading data on first click
  138. dynamic include page post data problem
  139. mod_rewrite handle querystring parameter
  140. Function help: Rand
  141. Help validating mail
  142. Parse big xml file
  143. Where does the class memory allocation reside
  144. Select the right option in select box
  145. Need Paypal Pro Help
  146. What's the best way to have a simple admin page?
  147. call torrent tracker (legal this time)
  148. php mysql data updatation problem
  149. Directory Listing Problem
  150. Need to get a login to work
  151. torrent tracker announce request help
  152. Email from Webpage
  153. execution problem with PHP 4.4 vs. PHP 4.2.2
  154. PHP 5 Upgrade
  155. Generic Dilemma
  156. Cannot remove php credit link
  157. HELP in array
  158. PHP on AIX?
  159. Mime Types - IE
  160. Can Windows mimic a PHP testing server?
  161. Anyone who understands PHPBB?
  162. Is it possible to update site automatically through form's?
  163. Help
  164. Set Update on pageview
  165. How can I embed a video player in site using php?
  166. Email HELP
  167. Destroy Session if user activity is idle...
  168. Need help in setting apache and mysql in Unix
  169. how to write a cron using php
  170. database search not working
  171. email form problem
  172. IP + Domain Whois Lookup
  173. Help understanding PHP some coding - Please
  174. Grabbing data from a website.
  175. Multiple file upload problem
  176. trying to refer to a function
  177. Audio CAPTCHA - Listen to the generated code
  178. Small help please. index.php?=word
  179. Wrong parameter count for mysql_query
  180. php upload :-(
  181. if a str includes something
  182. PHP Email Notifications
  183. Undefined offset error
  184. $_server["http_host"];
  185. affiliate program
  186. A question for webdesigners/programmers who do "login" sites!
  187. PHP & MySQL
  188. read and write specific lines
  189. identifying a page via hyperlink
  190. Does Anybody know of?
  191. Can someone please help me?
  192. Upload picture
  193. Checking for vaid email address
  194. Anti-Bot Confirmation Image
  195. Subscribe Me Form
  196. Help Populating a Drop Down with the help of another drop down
  197. search string
  198. help with a log file
  199. str_replace coding help
  200. Php Redirection code
  201. Custom Error Pages
  202. I decided to try out php!
  203. Setting up GD library with PHP 5.1.2
  204. PHP include()-problem with images
  205. need help with phpfox
  206. Error but it works
  207. Source to create generators!!!
  208. cloak and redirection
  209. can't figure it out
  210. How would I go about doing this?
  211. Javascript injection protection ?
  212. Help needed in converting a .sql file to php.
  213. implode listbox selections
  214. Bar contest site DB
  215. remember form settings w/cookies
  216. check iframe content from php
  217. Please help debug my code, session error
  218. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  219. Coding Practices
  220. pm message system
  221. problem using file()
  222. small help: php/database
  223. Protecting the input - question.
  224. php counter and array problem
  225. TimeclockTimeperiod Listing
  226. php / sql question about dates
  227. readir() with remote host
  228. Setting cookie with refering pages file name
  229. Setting cookie with refering pages file name
  230. PHP Form instead of Formail Script
  231. phpMyAdmin - Error
  232. How does PHPMyadmin List Field Names to edit?
  233. reversing the order of lines of text
  234. PHProxy Conflicting Headers?
  235. Create Friends Script
  236. putting a variable in a .inc file
  237. links and sessions
  238. ordering dates in MySQL
  239. php code that jumps to the bottom
  240. Watermark - File upload help.
  241. Users Logged In?
  242. Status 204 send metadata back?
  243. apostrophes in php
  244. Won't Balance
  245. session problem on the web server, no idea why...
  246. populating drop down fields from a database
  247. insert options!!
  248. poker odds calculator
  249. Can't upload "JPG" images.
  250. Need help altering some php code

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