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  1. ascend / descend with GET
  2. PHP Validation
  3. session.gc_maxlifetime
  4. Help with multiple radio buttons and repeat region
  5. Form Question with PHP
  6. Image creating with PHP
  7. Help! Works sometime but not all the time?
  8. PHP GAME!!! help required, free time or as a hobby!?
  9. Reading large files
  10. Preg match problem
  11. Shoutbox interferring with CuteNews
  12. Text Massage a phone with php?
  13. PHp edit records problem
  14. Sweepstakes script..
  15. HTML email
  16. PHP and Flash together?
  17. Auto Generate Confirm Code
  18. show out all possible order of words of the string
  19. Form Help
  20. user online script
  21. class problems
  22. Regular Expressions - Validation
  23. validating user input
  24. How would I update XML with PHP?
  25. php sessions
  26. Calculation Query & Some Looping
  27. Localized PHP Applications
  28. PHP Page Counter (inc, MySQL...)
  29. Someone please help
  30. Help with email form
  31. ereg_replace -->REG_BADRPT warning
  32. Sessions
  33. Image on the fly questions
  34. Proper Declaration
  35. video script help
  36. A little code needed
  37. Age Verify
  38. DB_DataObject help ?!?
  39. incorporating variables into SQL
  40. .php inserts in .html pages
  41. Tacking software
  42. php newbie - how to show "member only" links?
  43. select first 50 by date desc
  44. If statement
  45. getting mptt record depth at runtime
  46. Help! Can someone get a loop in this code?
  47. php forms to update multiple db timestamps
  48. Apply css class= in php code?
  49. need help finding a template
  50. explode with more specific criteria
  51. messy db pull, timing out in safari
  52. seperate string by commas to create hyperlinks
  53. Fake a type="file"
  54. Output buffering and headers
  55. validation mail
  56. MySql query not working.
  57. fopen, write to a specific point indicated by <!--comments-->
  58. dose any one made a text and banner exchange script ?
  59. Protecting WMV files
  60. $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] Problem
  61. Abstract Page...don't know specific error
  62. PHP errors.. Blank page in phpnuke?
  63. PHP ereg();
  64. MySQL based search engine
  65. Cookie only readable in maindir
  66. How to stop page cach
  67. Unknown() error
  68. Insert a record
  69. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  70. MySQL to Array Coding Help
  71. errors with mime-encoded emails
  72. checkbox and selecting
  73. referer sorting
  74. How do I avoid this error report ?
  75. User Level
  76. Pagination failing when i limit sql results using WHERE
  77. Read and write XML with PHP
  78. parent to child, child to parent
  79. How to support UTF-8 in my php/mySQL scripts
  80. isolate tables
  81. update mySQL from form?
  82. gd fontsize
  83. On Click deleting record from table
  84. (Server Load) Concurrent PHP Page Hits...
  85. code for if current page is secure
  86. arrays question
  87. Best framework for large project
  88. Cant Find The Bug In My IF statement
  89. show news in reverse
  90. Need help with reg exp?
  91. What is the equivalent to \n for a tab?
  92. sessions
  93. Hypothetical. Reading part of a big file.
  94. PHP versions
  95. Open Directory
  96. gd problem
  97. Intergrating issues
  98. "Headers Already Sent" No they weren't...
  99. interval and date help
  100. Download Management System?
  101. Ldap
  102. Help with select and update
  103. htaccess log out? How to
  104. passing the array values stored in session through url
  105. Edit Feature News Script error- delete works though
  106. How to use an array like in mysql_fetch_array?
  107. major problem with sessions
  108. Wiard Redirection proplem
  109. how to exclude an exact phrase in regex?
  110. Is there something like imagecolorstotal() for JPEGS?
  111. Leave a comment? php?
  112. News Script - Only show certain number of articles problem
  113. Editing MySQL Data In Table
  114. problem with UPDATE function
  115. parseFloat() PHP equiv
  116. php chat scripts
  117. Need help !!
  118. Defining CSS Class of text in a php file.
  119. daily number
  120. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  121. How to set end of URL typed to var
  122. outpu html via mail script
  123. PHP & mailing list & Relay of SMTP
  124. help with this regex
  125. Problem sent text/html email + attachments
  126. What to use if "Last-modified" header missing?
  127. add jpg images to pdf template using PHP
  128. Need Help changing a script's date/time display
  129. Resource ID = 6
  130. Installing GD2 Extension
  131. Getting server stats
  132. Need urgent help on grabbing rss
  133. Detecting word wrap, new line characters
  134. PHP upload script
  135. session problem
  136. Problem in XMLHTTP Request
  137. mkdir
  138. Build a category tree from a single MySQL table
  139. Session problem
  140. help with drop down
  141. Use PDF as a Template in PHP (eg mail merge)
  142. Problem with mysql_select_db() and class variable
  143. help with this preg match?
  144. How to: Google adSense
  145. Is it php or SQL im not sure what to do
  146. Not really sure what im doing?
  147. color-coat identical rows
  148. GD lib in PHP questions
  149. What's wrong with this code?
  151. What is the code for Registeration?
  152. how to validate arabic text
  153. while AND mysql_fetch_array question
  154. JS/PHP textarea not working
  155. Checking if jpeg image exists on remote server
  156. Empty values posting
  157. SQL statement help please to print a statement
  158. newsletter mass email
  159. How to install the Attachement_mod in PHPBB2?
  160. display all weeks between any two dates
  161. Editing a txt file via php
  162. Need help with this form to text script
  164. PHP, MySQL on Linux system
  165. Multiple pages from a single php file
  166. Upload and display images stored in innoDB table (BLOB Type)
  167. Anonymous remailer function?
  168. Set Cookie With MySQL Data
  169. html link for local file not working in php file
  170. Data not going into a session
  171. [object HTMLInputElement]
  172. Adding Values From A Column
  173. i would like created a search function on my web site.
  174. PHP sendmail script wont work in FIREFOX
  175. Hierarchy Question
  176. JS variable passed to PHP variable
  177. PHP script to trim MP3 files
  178. Calling in data
  179. Php redirect
  180. declaring variables in URL
  181. PHP/MySQL Questions...
  182. I need a script that
  183. Need Help: Getting Error on PHP/MySQL script!
  184. pass variable
  185. Reversed listbox data
  186. my thumbnails are black
  187. php include - deny access like IPB or phpbb
  188. Alphabetical Order
  189. cURL problems
  190. displaying excel file into php or html format
  191. Help - How To Trigger To Send Email?
  192. Downloaded file is always corrupted?
  193. print a message if a person has private image
  194. Read multiple text files to update corresponding !URGENT!
  195. Anything available with this...
  196. parse error
  197. One form, one value, many tables.
  198. How do i get stats from the uploaded file?
  199. Query String
  200. php and .htaccess problem
  201. Can this be done with php ?
  202. Email PHP Output?
  203. $_POST input boxes are blank
  204. $_POST input boxes are blank
  205. Combo box using cookies... Please help
  206. cookie not setting correctly
  207. setting a cookie via image?
  208. parse string to link?
  209. [Resolved] Looking for Script to sort table data (& populate database)
  210. Session Problems
  211. PHP http post question?
  212. Login Counter
  213. PHP scripting problem
  214. explode question
  215. PHP Stream Grabber
  216. Resolve Real IP
  217. PayPal IPN??
  218. Passing a Multi Dimensional Array as Parameters
  219. Getting Resolution, Color Depth of visitor with PHP
  220. finding the difference between two strings
  221. Help with sending forms
  222. php date help
  223. fopen and str_replace
  224. PHPBB template help
  225. Looking for script to let user edit their own pages
  226. [Solved] How do I add a new variable in a .TPL file
  227. digital download problem
  228. Display categories in a tree view drop-down menu
  229. dates in mysql as full calendar
  230. time difference error
  231. Help with entrance page cookie/redirection
  232. Learning PHP
  233. Sending EMail using PHP
  234. problem with my sql and encodung
  235. Text search in MySQL database
  236. PHP scripts that can handle MM-Flash webforms
  237. Mass find and replace script
  238. Possible to fake $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]?
  239. Making thumbnails in PHP
  240. PHP.ini
  241. Making a ms time display as min:sec.ms
  242. How to insert any character in String
  243. Unzip files on Remote Host???
  244. Remove special characters ( "$%%^) and replace space with _
  245. Mail script not working
  246. Froogle XML feed ? help
  247. getting the line number of the current echo line, how?
  248. Insert string problem
  249. PHP-Nuke Issue.
  250. how to add a delete option

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