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  1. allow etc
  2. Types of php coders?
  3. Issue with Upgrade from 5.2.17 to 5.3.20?
  4. PHP looping with step of 100
  5. Problem with an added "www" ??
  6. CSV File download not working on live server though it works on localhost
  7. Constructing a classification selection page
  8. query executed or not
  9. Search Query Problem
  10. Dropdown navigation not working on WP
  11. Strange Problem Driving me mad! Wamp or Include code
  12. Last 7 connections mssql php
  13. Thumb up down or Star rating with database
  14. Looping through an array and running a query each time?
  15. Change values to text
  16. Automatic List/Nav Generation from textfile
  17. help in xampp
  18. Resolved How to pass an array to a function and use it as an array
  19. php image upload broken
  20. How would you approach this problem?
  21. Parse out word only if it doesn't follow a specific word
  22. Resolved PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144000 bytes exhausted
  23. help me fix this
  24. Checking a file exists?
  25. Unexpected "T_ECHO"...Please Help!
  26. Initializing Arrays
  27. fputcsv slow
  28. Php email form troubles
  29. Resolved Best way to sanitize/escape PDO data?
  30. Confused By PHP/MySQL Syntax
  31. Install/Package Manger
  32. URL Locking isn't working? Why? please help!
  33. Need php video uploader
  34. PHP FTP Transfer Issue
  35. Backing up One Page is causing 404-Error
  36. Problems with Query String
  37. Using Jabberd as a pm system
  38. How To Use Curl In Php For Json Results From Google Places Api
  39. PHP/MySQL advice
  40. IF Visited
  41. Very Weird Problem with mysql_fetch_assoc()?
  42. Question about Sticky Forms
  43. Video Editing
  44. Need direct link downloader
  45. Removing HTML Comments
  46. mysql_fetch_array Error
  47. Website screenshot using php script
  48. Resolved Just exec and don't output.
  49. formatting text from textarea when inserting into a db table
  50. php script has wrong link
  51. Shopping Cart - best way of doing it?
  52. Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 3 to be long, string
  53. Help me configure mail function in XAMP
  54. Getting Radio Data
  55. How to insert domain name into URL as GET parameters
  56. Getting user's timezone based on IP address
  57. Learning Symfony 2
  58. Preventing duplicate data pairs
  59. Get a url from a string
  60. Resolved Need help with simple print
  61. Merging php script with .html template
  62. php experts needed to make ultoo scripts
  63. Wordpress Help - truncating blog titles on listing page
  64. scope :: of class
  65. Wordpress help 4 posts per row
  66. Orangehrm-Symphony customization
  67. PDO fetching objects - how to assign variables ?
  68. Have I Finally Become Dense? (Rounding Issue)
  69. How could I begin OOP?
  70. Newbie question time
  71. php mail From header - only sends email when field is one word
  72. Problem using $_SESSION
  73. Resolved Why cant i check for $_FILES without element
  74. How do I make directory outside of root?
  75. its like i can never catch up grrr
  76. PHP web crawler
  77. codeanywhere FTP
  78. Resolved Quiz Answer Help: Apostrophe Issue
  79. Help generating multiple graphs
  80. php script to stop browser finger printing
  81. How to pass javascript function variable into php
  82. How do I count Uniques in mySQL ??
  83. Dynamic Car Make, Model, Year, Battery dropdown form
  84. Punycode converter not working on ONE page - why?
  85. mySQL call not going through
  86. Three tier select dropdown not pulling data from last tier correctly
  87. How to generate a table with unique ids?
  88. checking safe mode and shell exec
  89. Weak programming learner needs helps (compare input with database)
  90. Exploding a string with a delimiter of multiple spaces
  91. Resolved Mail() is not rendering HTML
  92. Help, Webpage is crashing on localhost
  93. Resolved Three Table query sort
  94. PHP option selection help
  95. New to PHP, have some problems
  96. PHP to link to Database and HTML
  97. Include code from other server ?
  98. page loading insert condition problem
  99. Session issue?
  100. PHP Concepts - page loading
  101. Pass variable from page to page
  102. Triple if statement
  103. Display taxonomy name and value in a WP template
  104. Help needed at JSON for a even calendar using PHP
  105. Cannot Display Image Uploaded into MySql DB
  106. PHP or die mysql error
  107. PHP form sanitization help
  108. How to send mysql data to email after submitting the form?
  109. Checking if Check-Box is Checked!!
  110. Click counter on an image
  111. Joomla RSFORM
  112. Contact Form Problem
  113. photo edit can't
  114. Problem using IN with Prepared Statement
  115. do away with the submit button?
  116. Resolved System keep updating table even registration fail
  117. Boolean not holding value
  118. Comments Not Inserted Into Database
  119. Help with search using "
  120. Img not seen using PHP
  121. Page Preview code
  122. Searching descendants in Hierarchy family trees
  123. What is wrong in summing up the column?
  124. photo update problem
  125. Best way to check if variable is empty
  126. I need support with errors
  127. Resolved Check Box delete weirdness
  128. Problem in displaying a URL with dash
  129. Resolved PHP preg_match matches help
  130. Removing duplicates from a two table list
  131. Error: Call to undefined function
  132. Link to file in local pc
  133. Zend Framework Coding Standards
  134. cron command
  135. Question about Implode
  136. How can I get both Facebook and Twitter data on the same page through API calls ?
  137. Prevent same username registered.
  138. Could someone help me how to convert this to form action
  139. Problem with pagination
  140. restore db table
  141. $_POST not working
  142. column to row using php
  143. server migration issue
  144. Wordpress: sidebar list with parent and children
  145. Data can't be written into database.
  146. Checkboxes?
  147. [request]Stop users from double posting
  148. Sort Button
  149. Why Can't Registered Users Within My Membership Table Not Log Into My System?
  150. Simplifying a query for a menu list
  151. Upload.php page does not work anymore.
  152. php mail form with upload`
  153. Message system problem
  154. strpos with multiple words
  155. Wordpress: How to set the description of categories in the main menu as tooltip?
  156. Advertisement Plugin for Yourls Shorten Url Script?
  157. Help With Calling A Function
  158. php.ini error
  159. I Get Two Problems That Wont Go Away
  160. How to effectively measure bandwidth used by a user
  161. Cant login on website
  162. PHP form help
  163. Sites to post PHP scripts?
  164. failed to open stream: Permission denied
  165. Help registering session variables then echo
  166. Problem using a variable with re-direct header location.....
  167. Resolved User assigns a string to a category of picture in database?
  168. Contact Form once per day
  169. delete image from 2 directories
  170. PHP + Curl to simulate live http headers?
  171. Check a user and display there email address???
  172. I bought a script in PHP form.... HELP
  173. File Upload Issue
  174. 'feature slider' not working anymore on wordpress
  175. files
  176. Show different MySQL rows within the same results
  177. New project - Website Backend
  178. Twitter API problem
  179. Resolved Merge child array values (tricky q)
  180. Php Array And Listing Description From Table
  181. Encript with php, decrypt within windows without php?
  182. Parse error- can anyone find the issue?
  183. Dynamic dropdown list
  184. Login bar no longer working
  185. [Some Help] Telling PHP to identify pre-existing URLS.
  186. Chat Problem
  187. Apply Javascript Fusion Chart exporting code to PHP,MySql code
  188. Adding File Upload functionality to my Contact Form
  189. I can't work this system
  190. If you built your own simple CMS...
  191. Php Script Help needed
  192. Outputting individual of values to a new line in a text file
  193. header errors on one page but not another
  194. Google Calendar interface
  195. PHP coding error on site
  196. Display The Names From Online Users
  197. Add a new box for every news article
  198. PHP issue. "stopping working"
  199. i have a database
  200. Resolved Needing help to get data from mysql
  201. Jpgraph : how set label for group bar column chart in php
  202. QR code generator in php - what's the best lib?
  203. Resolved Menu List Problem
  204. Get drop down selected value without submit.
  205. trigger simple facebook script on inserting data into MYSQL database
  206. Parse error : syntax error in PHP
  207. detect last.fm api errors
  208. New project image rotation question
  209. Need Array to sort files
  210. Call jQuery function on remote server
  211. How to place text link next to last word of excerpt?
  212. help displaying
  213. php srcipt for Mobile Website checkout ( paypal)
  214. setting timezone error
  215. getting Undefined index error in php code.
  216. Post counting
  217. Fun with Printable Puzzles
  218. 3 Level Menu to redirect to URL
  219. ip change using php
  220. unlink not working
  221. PHP Email script
  222. PHPStorm verdict
  223. is the following encryption normal?
  224. Help understanding this expression
  225. PHPList reviews/experience?
  226. File search - little help
  227. PHP session shopping cart problem
  228. Reformatting the contents of table rows
  229. PHP MsSQL Modify/Delete
  230. how to Download videos with PHP to my Web Server
  231. imagejpeg function only working 50% of the time
  232. global function and PSR-0?
  233. Array results from query
  234. Sessions and cookies to log into a website
  235. Need help to auto open a banner link, (which is changing every time) in webpage.
  236. Guideline Required in Choosing Custom PHP or OpenSource CMS
  237. How can I make a user registration page ?
  238. Resolved Getting subfolders within another folder
  239. Resolved Dynamic closing div placement
  240. Get data from URL and redirect
  241. PHP / MsSQL
  242. Success Page
  243. Problem with include!
  244. Problem with require_once
  245. is there any way to use php code in .txt file
  246. How to send the image to the email box?
  247. imagejpeg() function won't output the image
  248. Array only returning one value?
  249. Create a Wizard That generates a Custom PDF
  250. Best way to start a comparison list.

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