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  1. How can we submit a form without a submit button?
  2. Need help installing this marketplace script
  3. Retrieve value from database (got the data with extra spaces)
  4. getting referrer extention
  5. echo select in loop with internal if
  6. Help with amazon and google mercant feed
  7. Need a bit of help with Php and Wordpress
  8. Retrieve value from database (with same layout for textarea)
  9. Pieces of code appears on page
  10. I need to copy and rename a file
  11. Can someone advise me how to add alt desc in php?
  12. HELP: Server Can't Find PHP file
  13. PHP Titles?
  14. Help Extracting Image url from Strings
  15. Return results into a table
  16. Displaying Receipts in App
  17. Removing 'spaces' from GET variable
  18. Help with an essoteric syntax
  19. curl postback script
  20. Mysqli Update Help
  21. Newby, first gotchme!!
  22. Basic question about php5.ini please!
  23. Resolved foreach inside foreach
  24. Using one form to submit to multiple forms
  25. Changing a div colour via fetching the Sunrise and Sunset times and calculating the..
  26. syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_OR
  27. Output double
  28. regenerate sess id
  29. image from list function array
  30. Which PHP image editing set / plugin in the best?
  31. Can’t connect to database
  32. Incorrect PHP Syntax
  33. multiple user profiles in columns
  34. Sorting users by Location
  35. php bin2hex help
  36. Please Help me with an unexpected T_STRING error
  37. iframe and php code
  38. Anyone here very good at hacking, and know a lot about security?
  39. form not posting
  40. mcrypt foreach loop crashing
  41. Header error on 1 server and not another
  42. Loop problem
  43. If statement HELP [PHP]
  44. Resolved PHP allow url include
  45. Help with a dynamic drop-menu
  46. how do i get the $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER']
  47. cookies
  48. how do i get the page that caused the internet server error 500
  49. problems with exec/shell_exec/etc.
  50. What is function in PHP?
  51. How to store row/column of mysql data in array
  52. Script to forward email, only change Subject line
  53. Looking for a sorting script
  54. Resolved Disappearing variable in recursive tree code
  55. detect text from iframe tag
  56. directory problem with php include
  57. Getting started with PDO
  58. wordpress - show POSTS under content in a PAGE
  59. Display category above title in Wordpress post?
  60. Resolved Trouble with submitting data to MySQL database
  61. Push email support in php 5.3
  62. Array limiting at 50
  63. Link an array from a URL and print array to a web page
  64. Sorting a Multidimensional Array with PHP and usort
  65. How do I write the code to create a form and include data
  66. Options for functions via MySQLi
  67. Struggling with simple local time PHP print
  68. is php_self still ok?
  69. change Background color.
  70. Help setting up IIS with PHP files
  71. Resolved Is this an object? How to covert it?
  72. Better to have a single file of classes or multiple?
  73. MySQL Error - Is it really this hard?
  74. preg_match issue
  75. Adding an image on my copy email
  76. 'Help' php echo inside php include
  77. How to Get the ID variable of input type txt
  78. An error in my PHP
  79. Fatal error: Call to a member function setErrorCallbackFunction() on a non-object
  80. Need help urgently! Php script not working
  81. Unknown column 'site_status_name' in 'field list'Error in updateQry()
  82. Syntax Error
  83. Need help sending txt msg using email-to-sms gateway
  84. get numbers from string following specific character sequence
  85. VERY long php-script crashes
  86. Helping with PHP Navigation!
  87. PHP dropdown menu
  88. if condition clause
  89. PHP 5.2 to 5.3
  90. Error reporting problem
  91. Sorting subarrays by another array keys
  92. String manipulation
  93. Paging with PDO
  94. Best Security Measures on User Input
  95. Resolved using checksum on final php script folders.
  96. Need some help with PHP
  97. Resolved new define notices now and not before
  98. simpleXML loop missing first and last node
  99. Resolved datetime with 5 weekdays date function
  100. How to define Variable Scope in Php?
  101. Pulling Content from another website.
  102. Real mystery with loop results
  103. Resolved PHP Error
  104. Help Get Rid Of Text In Header
  105. Displaying Array Values
  106. MYSQLI Advise - Help ETC..
  107. Faking a file upload
  108. PHP login help
  109. transfer file to different server secure not sftp
  110. magic quotes question
  111. How to disable required fields
  112. preg_match from array
  113. split a string with no spaces to an array?
  114. Why is mysql_query getting deprecated?
  115. Automatically Save Files
  116. Starting point for dynamic web project
  117. Code problem after changing from mysql to mysqli
  118. Don't understand this short bit of code.
  119. is SET NAMES still common practice
  120. PHP/MySQL Head-Spinning Query - Please Help
  121. Problem updating Form with UNION Query
  122. I need help finding a piece of code...
  123. SERVER['HTTP REFERER'] no longer any use?
  124. Error: Access denied for user 'cookie'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  125. Trouble Wiriting A Regex Funcion To Check Variables Agsinst
  126. mysqli question primarily for Fou-Lu
  127. can't execute .bat file from php
  128. Change $_REQUEST to $_POST problem
  129. some help needed on delete image
  130. recall images name in input type[problem]
  131. How to return Multiple Values with Radio Button?
  132. CURL inside Loop
  133. Use a Function
  134. Best way to refer to Array Values?
  135. directoryiterator sorting
  136. PHP Enquiry form
  137. Prefix for functions and classes
  138. Need help using PHP arrays
  139. PHP, 2 rows into 1
  140. Form to email help
  141. file permissions
  142. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VAR
  143. cart - product quantities problem
  144. A-Z links based on query
  145. SimpleXML messing with my data
  146. world map markers
  147. Do I NEED to move over to MySQLi ?
  148. Have most of you upgraded to MySQLi ?
  149. What do I replace the depreciated mysql_num_rows with ?
  150. New line after echoing .$row['column'];
  151. simple comparison problem
  152. form which will allow download functionality
  153. PHP ssh2 ubuntu
  154. Download Webpage content to txt
  155. how to make image delete
  156. php link from a echo image source. Please help!
  157. Making a Graph with my current data
  158. How can I delimit all input from a form
  159. is MySQL also being deprecated or just the MySQL Library ?
  160. help with referral tracking code
  161. Auto generate a the thumbnail page
  162. cant connect php to database
  163. php memory question!
  164. Can't find the code on a "view source" on the index.php
  165. im/chat
  166. Help with MySQL / PHP problem
  167. how to run .vbs from php
  168. question about ob_get_length()
  169. Check if value exist in mysql
  170. How do you change the URl referrer?
  171. login not working
  172. redirect not working?!
  173. preventing brute force
  174. paypal and credit card php script
  175. PHP and MYSQL on Windows Server?
  176. Resolved Redirect users based on their access level.
  177. Variable Pointing To a Class Address?
  178. Is this a good way to hash passwords?
  179. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'print' (T_PRINT)
  180. Why is my website so slow at certain times of the day?? HELPPPPPP!!
  181. What Values get submitted with this Form?
  182. Resolved Reverse Tree Structure - locating parent records
  183. Date comes out as numbers?!
  184. need php direct link uploader
  185. Alternative code for Y! status
  186. Add an hour to date
  187. Code from PHP include not pulling in html
  188. Enable/Disable Radio-Buttons using only PHP?
  189. php form to email not working
  190. Codeignitor Calendar template modification of content
  191. Queries Per Page and Query Time
  192. New to php
  193. unable to cycle through an array
  194. validating a form, can it have 2 values?
  195. redirecting news for SEO
  196. Spreadsheet to PDF Label
  197. Organizing Friend-Requests
  198. php code for email addresses
  199. Querys from database
  200. need help with code
  201. My conversion to mysqli
  202. Send email to a variable?
  203. Only certain letters from PHP Get Variable
  204. convert forloop to foreach
  205. How to sanitize submitted value before header function?
  206. form not sending
  207. Resolved Query two tables where columns are not equal
  208. pass the value between two table
  209. mysql query help with counting!
  210. foreach help
  211. mail script sends mail when testing locally but not live
  212. Similar string not matched?
  213. Solution for form with PHP
  214. Resolved Looping through two tables to produce a list?
  215. problem passing xml through curl
  216. I need help Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.
  217. trying to change the php address
  218. Resolved When to free sql results?
  219. Php above or inside html?
  220. Best solution to send a user back to previous page after usubmitting login form
  221. New to coding in general and this site look daunting:
  222. PHP Beginner
  223. if 2 = 2 then set a variable
  224. quick help with preg_replace?
  225. Nesd help with php and coding
  226. Saving Webpage Results
  227. How to save results in .csv file?
  228. Customer Feedback Review
  229. Echo grand total of cart array items
  230. Confusion with preg_match for Specific DIV can anyone help me?
  231. Wordpress php quick help,
  232. can't make checkboxes sticky
  233. PHP -MYSQL Aprox price Calc help
  234. PHP code not working on a certain server
  235. WooCommerce - how to integrate basket/cart
  236. Setting Password Strength
  237. Scan network
  238. Passwords and Illegal Characters
  239. Help me to add embed function to my script
  240. Auto adding emails to mail chimp database form contact form
  241. Email List
  242. Checking for Upper-Case
  243. Should I be using AND or OR
  244. store username in database ??
  245. Problem with displaying images using variable in php
  246. ignore_user_abort()
  247. error after making changes to a wordpress plugin
  248. PHP errors?
  249. Best method to search to two tables?
  250. Changing specified content on one page

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