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  2. Hexa Code in PHP
  3. Php include in .shtml files?
  4. checkboxs into radio buttons problem
  5. Looking for Online Registration Software! HELP
  6. Need help on a very small if statement
  7. Looking to learn PHP
  8. .PDF files take time to load
  9. Leaving Bread Crumbs
  10. session timeout
  11. Why is this PHP code making my entire site die?
  12. making web counter - need some help
  13. Create a text file from php and change the extension for download
  14. new to PHP, seeking guidance/advice
  15. Avoid download of files if user isn't logged in
  16. Can You Do This With PHP?
  17. ? on textarea for a forum posting
  18. Blocking External Links
  19. PHP Dynamic urls
  20. Text in PHP problem - goes on next line.
  21. PHP Parse error on form handling - New to PHP
  22. Question regarding frames,php, and javascript
  23. How can I limit the number of characters in a variable?
  24. date arithmetic/comparison anomaly???
  25. Convert uploaded excel file to <Talble>
  26. PHP 5.0.5 is not working fine
  27. global variable problem
  28. POST BACK - no refresh
  29. how to show all records from database???
  30. PHP Files Configuration
  31. New to WordPress and having huge headaches!
  32. Dynamically displaying smileys in a piece of text
  33. Running An External Program And Passing Arguments To It
  34. What color / number is this?
  35. CSV import to mySql issue
  36. Loading OCI8 Extentions ? Oracle Connectivity...
  37. 'Artist Registry' Script Suggestion
  38. Where is my infinite loop? (and other questions)
  39. MySQL and JavaScript
  40. Check if an array contains empty values
  41. File selctor in PHP
  42. How can I add multiple uploads
  43. Localhost Email.
  44. php mail problem
  45. session overlapping
  46. Output foreach in table down left column then right column
  47. Search query by filtering
  48. Script Modification Help
  49. showing all records in php mySQL
  50. php-mysql reports help
  51. is this correct? fetch_array
  52. Installing PHP on WinXP Professional without IIS installed
  53. Test for isset and value?
  54. Looking for a spreadsheet style php/mysql script
  55. What Is Wrong With This Code?
  56. Proper Syntax/ How to Question?
  57. Update Iframes using php?
  58. regular expressions
  59. Auto Submit images to my database??
  60. MySql Delete Comment
  61. Threaded View Code?
  62. List popular words in a string?
  63. Run Query One time only(per day?)
  64. simple PHP login question
  65. Guestbook has been hacked :(
  66. Passing form variables
  67. [Q] Help uploading a file on a new server
  68. Grabbing Smileys from a piece of text.
  69. drag drop effect from client to server
  70. Can anyone explain what is this?
  71. Form 2 Email Script Code Greatly Appreciated
  72. passing variables e.g news.php?headline=importantnews - how to display this entry
  73. Defining Count
  74. Php and xml
  75. Urgent! BasePath Problem
  76. News Content Publisher - how to create multiple files
  77. PHP RSS parser problems
  78. fopen error: failed to open stream: no such file...
  79. image verification help! the image code is different from the actual code
  80. changing letters to pictures
  81. Question involving include()
  82. Using CURL to post a form. TROUBLES - DESPERATE
  83. when $x ='01'; $x++: Returns '2' NOT '02'???
  84. Replace Space With Hyphen
  86. php with mysql
  87. random letter+number string
  88. Convert Nov 06, 2004 to timestamp
  89. sort by reverse abc order
  90. Creating Calculator
  91. include() and variables ($_SESSION[''] and regular)...
  92. UPDATE doesnt update
  93. Function Checkbox
  94. php output loop - not displaying first entry
  95. Topic subscription question
  96. Echo number of sql queries
  97. what's wrong with my code?
  98. number of idems for each category
  99. Search form post to new page's iframe?
  100. 403 Forbidden & Pagination problems - related???
  101. Can I use PHP to check client input?
  102. preg_replace for capitalising?
  103. Deleting an array element by value
  104. Background is repeated
  105. thumbshot class
  106. using php and html together
  107. Protect PHP with gzinflate
  108. echo html code - how to escape underscore
  109. Cookie Problems
  110. position:absolute inside position:relative in Firefox
  111. PHP Submitting News (Query Error)
  112. php_self
  113. Pausing after echo
  114. php templates
  115. performance
  116. PHP database problem
  117. Breaking up Field Value (doable?)
  118. Speed issues with weighted randomizer
  119. Can someone please help me debug my image gallery script
  120. best way to Authentication
  121. How many members live in which city
  122. php aligment
  123. Preg_match
  124. Convert numbers format...
  125. Cookies trouble...
  126. why will this not work ???
  127. PHP froms - line breaks between body elements?
  128. SYSDATE() views
  129. how to get usefel data from string
  130. login
  131. problem with nested variables
  132. This problem is MIND BOGGLING
  133. mysql query failed
  134. need help with email script unexpected t_string error
  135. Grouping Arrays?
  136. PHP problems
  137. Page script
  138. php email script
  139. getting script.aculo.us sortable in PHP
  140. fileupload help?
  141. Pulling ID from MySQL and using as a hidden field
  142. Displaying Last 5 Records
  143. How do I combine these two pieces of code?
  144. automatic watermark generator onto images
  145. send to a friend help
  146. DOM functions
  147. PHP in Javascript
  148. Dynamic function generation using include()?
  149. string problem
  150. Inserting Excel Sheet data into Mysql; does not work
  151. Wrong SQL Syntax
  152. Online Quote Sessions
  153. PHP authenticate Windows account
  154. Where am I going wrong
  155. New to PHP
  156. variables in sql query's
  157. can someone help me with this trim and conditional statement
  158. search box - searching non database content
  159. attach multiple numbers and store in db
  160. What site is the user trying to access
  161. How to create a dynamic self-updating pages
  162. PHP Link Crawler
  163. MYSQL database not loading, and stopping general page from loading!
  164. Insert Row After X Amount?
  165. Whats the problem with the link and button
  166. Php-Cookies-Affiliate Program- Help!
  167. Mail function errors
  168. Login?
  169. Bold and tabs
  170. How to lower warning flag on IIS for PHP
  171. php / appache wrong $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]
  172. Send User to Appropriate Page After Login (How do I?)
  173. uploading to amazon marketplace
  174. Site mapper
  175. Not sure how to deal with this query
  176. running php
  177. Very simple but won't work
  178. basic php mysql knowledge, setting up, adding removing record
  179. fuction to extract words
  180. error abt my sql_connect
  181. page edit user interface (php/MySQL)
  182. need help with register
  183. cant run simple page
  184. Headers Already Sent -> ob_start?
  185. Have to Refresh to submit data to MySql via PHP
  186. Looking for Contact Form Help
  187. Select Distinct not picking unique records
  188. Adding Alt Text???
  189. E-mailing form results to me
  190. PHP Download Problem -Urgent I Want To Download This Over Night-
  191. Continuous forms
  192. no compile, no debugger
  193. Writing to cron via a script
  194. Get rid of notices
  195. How to set many variables to same value
  196. Showing Files On a Server
  197. problem with user login
  198. Help with simple mysql query and php
  199. check activation status when login
  200. programming a search engine
  201. Upgrade to PHP 5.2 problem
  202. fopen() confusion.
  203. Converting mysql query to pdf?
  204. change filename to lowercase
  205. regexp/preg replace
  206. Anyone know a good tutorial for a shopping cart without a database?
  207. Archive question
  208. Excel to mysql conversion
  209. user customized css file and security
  210. Problem with New Records from an Online Form
  211. Working with date()
  212. PHP Crawl Links
  213. a question if anyone knows what im talking about
  214. Search your website
  215. mail() - not sending on local server
  216. Problem with mail
  217. Display entire table and edit?
  218. Select
  219. help to understand this code
  220. Can somone help me with PHP?
  221. Linking php pages.
  222. get text from my other website
  223. How to add flood control (like captcha) this form ?
  224. Static site to blog...
  225. Using PHP to connect to a foxpro database
  226. create popup window
  227. Null value calulation?
  228. Something wrong with while()... help
  229. ssl and session issue
  230. What is this scripts name??
  231. Password Protect
  232. Troublesome PHP Install on Win2k3 IIS
  233. ordering by month
  234. fopen
  235. unzip
  236. Separating list items by "|"
  237. sorting multidimensional array
  238. 1'st' 2'nd 3'rd' etc
  239. how to make words like \\t\h\e\\ in some echos
  240. Help with WordPress, somebody who knows it well!
  241. spoofing HTTP_REFERER?
  242. Can 1 script perform both a dropdown selection and a radio button choice ?
  243. how to echo out the group query result
  244. PHP audio recorder
  245. connection to mysql table fails - basic
  246. Can somone help me with a php e-mail form
  247. Mailing using php
  248. using fwrite
  249. Having trouble with if statements
  250. session problems

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