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  1. Multilevel Marketing
  2. Replace value in array?
  3. Dynamic Select Box Generation
  4. Convert from Java to PHP
  5. Time From Form to Database(MySQL)
  6. Downloading mysql Blobs
  7. Captcha implementation?
  8. Header/Session
  9. HELP - DB an code combination (wamp)
  10. Site running slow transferring to HTTPS
  11. How reliable are $_SERVER variables?
  12. php login form
  13. Uploading issue with different server
  14. Adding Date/Time User Logs Into Site...
  15. PHP to find the current URL?
  16. php email withouth From: in the headers
  17. Rotating data with PHP
  18. Simple Question: Trimming Strings (not ltrim or rtrim or trim)
  19. Pagination - Change count
  20. Using if statement with switch/case
  21. Write the perfect activation script
  22. MySQL data to XML file
  23. Sending Email with PHP
  24. passing variable between PHP and javascript
  25. if & else problem
  26. MIME type of mp3 file
  27. mcrypt encrypt/decrypt functions
  28. php n mysql
  29. Template and XSS problem
  30. mysql_real_escape_string()
  31. charset problem
  32. Decoding html chars for FCKeditor
  33. Call Domain?
  34. Nothing up my sleeves...
  35. How can I cycle .html files, for it to show one .html file a week?
  36. gallery script problem
  37. Link count
  38. How do I pass a variable out of a function?
  39. dirname(__FILE__)
  40. making a extended setup for smartly effectively ??
  41. converting special characters problem with and
  42. Converting from asp to php
  43. i challenge anyone to solve my problem
  44. any .tpl editor ?
  45. Can someone write a code for me???
  46. Php5 Xml Dom
  47. pleeeze help me,pleeeeeze php problem
  48. Mini window with a complete website
  49. Upgrading PHP
  50. Unable to make full-filled table and no center popup window
  51. thumbnail creation error while uploading to mysql works
  52. Converting Excel data into MySQL database with PHP
  53. Don't know how to do this!! Plz try to solve if u can...
  54. problem comparing 2 dates
  55. MySQL database class
  56. Help with reasonably simple eregi
  57. Looking for suggestions on method to order records.
  58. Form variable without Submit
  59. PHP virtual verse SSI includes
  60. Check for characters that are not allowed
  61. how to use smarty ??
  62. Using PHP Text-from-File to Show Date and Version Number
  63. Can't see values in array! Please Correct Me
  64. Form refresh and submit
  65. pulling data from one website to display on another
  66. array problem
  67. Setting a session
  68. Session variables being overwritten:
  69. Initiating session w/o refreshing a page
  70. While Loop Problem
  71. Check to see if post
  72. Dynamic URL Help
  73. Need A Script For Uploading Files To Server
  74. Mysql or Text file for Mass users?
  75. Using a mysql resource with multiple functions
  76. session check/query
  77. Wiki Style Linking
  78. Displaying userlist in my php chat
  79. Php str_replace
  80. header/ document.referrer
  81. a selection in a list to populate another list on the same form
  82. Need help with Upload Script
  83. Php time
  84. Retrieving form field
  85. I can't get a line break
  86. Multiple select list > search problems
  87. Event/Input handling
  88. Is md5 can realy decrypted?
  89. Captcha
  90. Get part of screen as image
  91. fsockopen?
  92. help with php edit script
  93. Archive.
  94. split string
  95. I am looking for a code that do an event at spesified time at day!
  96. How To: Get data out of related tables and output it nicely?
  97. load data from huge file into an array as fast as possible
  98. How to send an entire web page using phpmail()?
  99. Update Table Query
  100. Need a little help
  101. RegEx - Make HTML Lower Case Except Attribute Values
  102. is preloading images possible ??
  103. preg_replace (don't know how to describe it)
  104. Which one to use and why in OOP ?
  105. Problem of reading a line break from a textfile into a textarea
  106. Cookies
  107. php n mysql
  108. using php variables as XML node attributes
  109. Question on how to Alphabetize - PHP & MySQL
  110. Search Help
  111. Help Needed Parsing A YouTube Feed with Magpie RSS
  112. Help catching error
  113. [FIXED] PHP vars
  114. Can PHP Include a "Local" File?
  115. Parsing CSV files using foreach / arrays / fgetscsv
  116. Internal Server Error
  117. PHP Best Practices (no replies here please!)
  118. how to check if an image is present in the folder?
  119. Help with Calendar - attribute eventday
  120. Upload script: IE vs Firefox
  121. How to trim or sub a date variable?
  122. PHP comment type thing
  123. insert problem
  124. PHP login redirect error
  125. Wordpress with phpbb
  126. How to display image in user mail
  127. Help Regarding Bounced Mail
  128. which is the best CMS in PHP/MYSQL ??
  129. add html code into php code.
  130. layout problems
  131. Do I have to have \' in my database with mysql_real_escape_string() ?
  132. PHP to Mimic Browser "Save As" Feature
  133. I need an idea for a game
  134. file_get_contents()/fopen() giving me grief
  135. Ordering Columns HELP
  136. Compare Arrays
  137. Pagination Help
  138. 'Send to Friend' - yet another fool struggling with the basics :-)
  139. PHP Best Practices - Discussion
  140. hmmm slideshows
  141. display images based on last login
  142. a good php coding format ???
  143. simple mysql data viewed by columns
  144. PHP mail issue - Mail not reciving on all providers
  145. Login in a diferent site
  146. Help on session and cookies
  147. How to add security and sessions
  148. $tring inside HTML inside PHP
  149. How to add security and sessions
  150. How to add security and sessions to login page
  151. Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  152. Alert user if data inserted is not unique
  153. issues with strtotime and date functions..
  154. Need help building a chat
  155. Automated System (probably with a bot)
  156. PHP Errors
  157. problem with mysql connection
  158. PHP Register/login help needed
  159. Syntax help
  160. error in code
  161. Active record pattern issues
  162. How do I call a random quote using PHP and javascript?
  163. database loop
  164. writing to files in different directories
  165. Seo
  166. debug help
  167. php session counter problem
  168. Stop Browser Back
  169. Progressing dynamic checkbox forms
  170. Very simple dynamic content
  171. Cannot modify header information - headers
  172. dynamic drop down not submitting
  173. Noob Question about email sending
  174. Mail to local server
  175. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  176. Array Question - How to rename key?
  177. Do PHP image functions take up much server resources?
  178. regexp for db query
  179. help validating form
  180. Explode and separate into 2 arrays
  181. Parsing XML on PHP 4.4.0 Server
  182. Form help - restricting usage
  183. php file manager
  184. Php Screen Grab software
  185. Frustrating upload problem
  186. Creating Dynamic PHP Link in.js file
  187. MySQL Insert From Array
  188. Query help
  189. PHP - Put together Oracle BLOB Chunks
  190. Translate HTML to PHP?
  191. Ajax - Using checkboxes to populate a multiselect...
  192. wierd things happening with text :S
  193. any1 able to help with Parse error: syntax error ?
  194. PHP:Writing tables in to a word document
  195. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  196. Uploading the pdf file
  197. Split / explode a variable containing a command - possible?
  198. one php file multiple pages??
  199. Log Analysis Frustrations
  200. Updating an table Field
  201. PHP function or include?
  202. Download remote images?
  203. Saving variables as text files: Any security issues?
  204. Display images from database
  205. Is Bidware and PHPProbid based off of PHPAuction?
  206. Phpmyadmin and charsets
  207. i have a problem with repeating my background, yet not haveing 2 images show
  208. What is PHP Worth? $$$
  209. Using a javascript mp3 player, is it possible to get the script to play random files?
  210. Dynamically replacing parts of strings on the fly
  211. insert into 2 tables
  212. php problem
  213. Return to a PHP script
  214. A little problem in Regular Expression
  215. Rating System
  216. forms and passing variables
  217. [FIXED] Stumped on PHP/MySQL error
  218. Alternative to frames
  219. Updating multiple records in a recordset?
  220. Image Upload Site
  221. I'm starting PHP now.
  222. Help printing arrays
  223. help in php calendar ??
  224. add string after <body> tag
  225. Pagination
  226. Sessions issue
  227. Results in 2 Columns
  228. Forum Software + SSI.php
  229. Extracting info from HTML
  230. Know the country come from..
  231. Protect PHP script
  232. delete a directory with photo
  233. DomDocument in PHP4.3
  234. escape doesn't work
  235. PHP + GD help or advice anything you can offer to help me..
  236. How to count characters in variables?
  238. How do i do images
  239. Iterator interface and count()
  240. plz make me a loop
  241. Age of Files
  242. magic quotes and \n\t
  243. creating a website.
  244. Single Quotes and file uploads
  245. can one insert a PHP constant into a MySQL query
  246. uncheck checkbox value saved
  247. Someone to help me?
  248. PHP Cookies
  249. [question] website builder
  250. Displaying dates

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