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  1. problem with SESSION
  2. foreach() help!
  3. php select list - edit form
  4. remove the space when i get value from excel file
  5. Problem with Database retrieval
  6. Code for a FORM (using PHP+MySQL) not working!
  7. PHP with JS Form sending
  8. re-POST/auto-POST form? (concatenating variables)
  9. Language Translation Engine
  10. I have got a question
  11. File Paths & Includes
  12. calling external dll functions....
  13. fsocketopen & sleep
  14. Date Hour
  15. Preventing caching in PHP (back-button)
  16. Upgrading to PHP 5
  17. form data in to meta tags?
  18. Get more from one table in PHP?
  19. Scripting languages - PHP and Web services
  20. Help With MYSQL/PHP Delete Script
  21. $result = boolean???
  22. About this preg_replace thingy
  23. Sorting Array Based On Another Array
  24. php,javascript,mysql,ajax confusion for a newbie
  25. PHP Mail Error
  26. Give a File Owner Permissions? (SUID)
  27. Site getting hacked, PHP Possibly?
  28. Display problem (number of records)
  29. DB Connection Class using wrong DB - Sometimes
  30. Upload image from another url
  31. php chat
  32. If statement + mysql array
  33. Can you help with my installation?
  34. unexpected end thing again
  35. redirection problem after search
  36. PayPal's PHP SDK on Windows
  37. Loop problem with adding to $i
  38. Deleting database rows according to checkboxes ticked?
  39. mysqli query is considered boolean?
  40. Handling cookie + MySQL variations
  41. Linked field
  42. How do you guys handle whitespace?
  43. Preventing HTML in comment code
  44. Post , add, copy to html file
  45. comments page needs to look like index page
  46. fopen echos Resource Id 2
  47. How to make proper login script
  48. Help with curl vs fopen
  49. Auto creating link from database
  50. Going from javascript drop down menu to php file handling for download
  51. Simple PHP Login Script Question...
  52. sha1() Undefined function error
  53. Writing to a div
  54. Giving your scripts configuration
  55. drop down 2 echo seletion on drop down 1
  56. Strange problem with my activation script
  57. Help with Calendar Application
  58. Passing data and adding to it !
  59. You Tube API
  60. Array Matching?
  61. Line drawing....no <hr>
  62. Probably something simple....
  63. Images change by selection box, can't find my error !!!
  64. PHP MYSQL Checkboxes
  65. Error with mysql while
  66. Help with php regular expressions
  67. need help with Fatal error: Call to undefined function: randomkeys()
  68. read an 88.8MB file
  69. Would you do this for fun/learning/showoff?
  70. query not returning results
  71. Make a string into an array
  72. Need help!
  73. Need advice on repeat section - layout
  74. Clear/Flush an Array
  75. Cookie won't get removed
  76. using functions from a 3rd party dll?
  77. PHP image cycling script
  78. Write and save to a new page
  79. Simple PHP IF, ELSE IF help (possible php.ini problem.)
  80. can I use include() to include a webpage in an email message ?
  81. How to output the page generated from an included PHP script in a new window.
  82. php code erros not instretn name of auther in to sql db
  83. chmod() Operation not permitted
  84. help in db wrapper class ??
  85. Converting a MySQL DateTime to a Javascript one
  86. how to import tables and their respective fields from mysql ??
  87. Please Help me!!!
  88. php image rotating problem
  89. Forum and login
  90. List image in scrollbox
  91. PhP coding nightmare
  92. cols and rows...
  93. how to: email go to a080725@cytanet.com.cy & $email_text ?
  94. Variables in PHP 5
  95. Forum
  96. Need help with opening XML in PHP
  97. Extracting values from a variable
  98. PHP/MYSQL Autonumber problem
  99. Allow variables to be accessed outside a function
  100. Autofilling forms on another site
  101. Problem with installing GD on windows
  102. Combining two queries
  103. SOLVED Delete files that contain quotes after uploading through upload form.
  104. Using array to replace text
  105. Apache mod rewrite
  106. Using PHP to generate filenames of images stored in directories
  107. Weird ?
  108. javascript function gets php variables
  109. Simple A/B Testing?
  110. image deleting problems
  111. frequent / resource intensive calls to MySQL databases - please help
  112. Support Ticket Systems
  113. Updating mysql rows
  114. Upgrading to PHP 5
  115. Using Switch to choose page
  116. Get CAPTCHA 2 work with following
  117. Connecting to my localhost db not working
  118. Send Variables Using POST Through Links?
  119. PHP link help
  120. Dynamically build table of images from folders?
  121. Order By with dynamic content possible?
  122. Writing to file
  123. forgotten all php I ever knew - QUick coding question
  124. TPL Parser
  125. Stripslashes. Confused.
  126. PHP Form Trouble...
  127. call to underfind function
  128. error in registration script
  129. how to include file using function ?
  130. Weekly event help
  131. Style PHP MySQL output?
  132. Super Noob - Need help display a certain image on certain dates
  133. query results to javascript array
  134. Global variables, sessions (noob help)
  135. Include and if, else if statement problem
  136. Attach image to email without saving to disk
  137. Avarage
  138. Embedding a blog in my site
  139. sending 2 id's
  140. Session variables problem
  141. Help with readdir, is_dir functions
  142. Finding IP
  143. Automatically Emailing An Excel File
  144. referal system fine tweaking
  145. unexspected $end in...
  146. Array help? Anyone? Please?
  147. order by
  148. PDF won't Download on Mac?
  149. Printing Actual Paper Size in php
  150. Echo Or Post
  151. add up
  152. Newbie question about variable and memory
  153. equals
  154. Syntax Highlighter, please discuss here...
  155. OT: File Manager (Big Lick Media)
  156. Downloading MySQL Data To Excel
  157. Display MySQL stored data from textarea HTML
  158. Newbie question about function
  159. Sessions
  160. Need help with preg_match
  161. How to send more than 100 HTML e-mails through PHP
  162. new row after 4 cols
  163. htmlenties
  164. help for perfect login and logout system
  165. Sessions
  166. PHP/MySQL Update Script
  167. Pausing script for X seconds.
  168. getting page from database
  169. error handling
  170. Trying to get all exploded values in table for HTML email
  171. Reading and Writing Contents
  172. Feedback Form
  173. Passing code Anti-Slash problem !!!!
  174. profile script
  175. Checking last 4 characters of a string
  176. mail() text/html
  177. Displaing images from db
  178. Displaing images from db
  179. How to get a part of string using an iterative method
  180. regular expression
  181. PHP File Manipulation: Erasing a single line?
  182. Why wont this work???
  183. Gettext problem
  184. Session End?
  185. ? in URL string
  186. Password in a Cookie
  187. Newbie: Making a form drop-down menu required
  188. condition (if) help
  189. session variable is not available from SLD to TLD
  190. search based on month and year
  191. Get Second Variable From URL
  192. Send a java variable to php
  193. Php counter problem
  194. Username Clean Up
  195. Making checkbox field sticky and remembering
  196. Database annd While not working!?!
  197. Space between TR in php
  198. opening a tcp/ip connection using PHP
  199. How to trim a string by a fixed amount of characters
  200. Little mysql limit problem
  201. Need options for resizing large images
  202. ADD file and EDIT forms- need help :(
  203. Submit then go back
  204. website crawler and indexer
  205. if else statements
  206. How do I validate input data in a form-to-email script?
  207. _POST or _GET after inserting data
  208. Making Seconds Change
  209. scheduling to delete files
  210. Combinations using PHP Arrays
  211. PHP - Converting IP to Country
  212. turning newlines into <br/>
  213. alter and create new png file
  214. Curl with postback
  215. DreamWeaver Wont show php?
  216. invalid arguement error foreach statement
  217. checking all array values are not negatives
  218. Get this PHP array into Javascript
  219. post file not being passed
  220. Proxy locally
  221. specify printer for different web app print jobs?
  222. Need help with interactive image cropping script
  223. Newbie to PHP tried to find the answer by myself
  224. Making urls tidyer
  225. Upload Word Docs
  226. creating the virtual groups exactly like yahoo groups
  227. RegExp and string manipulation question
  228. Search for a string in a variable---
  229. Onclick output size help ...
  230. Using XMLWriter to write to file
  231. Detecting the url
  232. how to send email using php imap ?
  233. multidimensional arrays?
  234. Help with cron jobs with MMORPG test based game!
  235. php directory rollover script
  236. Make form field not required
  237. Help regarding the activation link ...sent to the registered user..????
  238. Putting php where?? Noob Question!!
  239. spam filter
  240. IPN Page not working please help.
  241. Using header("Location......") and sending $_POST at the same time
  242. Regular Expression - Html Markups with qoutes, parenthesis
  243. if n else
  244. Somthings Wrong? ( WHILES AND DATABASE )
  245. query on file downloading
  246. PHP cURL is driving me mad!
  247. [SOLVED] Errors in sql results?
  248. exec
  249. Date Type
  250. help for pros

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