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  1. New to PHP but need help already
  2. launch xpd file?
  3. Upload image based on array value
  4. Remove Excess White Space
  5. how to create and load .bin file?
  6. Page refresh using PHP?
  7. HTML email???
  8. Alternative to IIS?
  9. Script working on one server, error on another
  10. Excel output of Oracle data
  11. i get this error
  12. any ideas on how to make this more secure?
  13. How do I change this code to ignore part of a date?
  14. session_register help plz.
  15. Simple string replacement
  16. Multiple emails on Forms
  17. while loop do function in background
  18. Change Pages
  19. agreement checkbox error php (help)
  20. PDF's in services pages
  21. Why is this telling me my header is already written?
  22. Image Write problem urgent
  23. Serial number protection system?
  24. PHP works on only one site...
  25. html to pdf converter ??
  26. fopen + fread only gets part of a remote txt file : (
  27. Translate ASP to PHP
  28. mysql_fetch_assoc
  29. fprm name and id
  30. A Generic Way To Gather Names of Networks?
  31. How to pause a script
  32. My friend recomended putting an escape_data function in this...
  33. pagination problem
  34. Reading from frame
  35. array structure problem
  36. getting plus (+) symbols in query string
  37. Undefined Index Warning
  38. Page views with php
  39. help! extracting url in array
  40. Translater ASP code to PHP
  41. Reproducing chosen <select> option with large lists
  42. Making my own BBCode, sort of..
  43. Missing PHP Functions?
  44. How does this code generate a page?
  45. 2 modrewrite scripts
  46. upload csv file and import into mysql
  47. MySQL Submition Problem
  48. Category System?
  49. T_VARIABLE error
  50. <?php ?>
  51. problems with includes ()
  52. Question using PHP to drive Internet Explorer as test harness
  53. Random % Problems
  54. IP Log
  55. Selecting 2 random rows
  56. Replace "
  57. is_assoc_array()?
  58. Variable from URL
  59. CPI Integration
  60. News Script
  61. PHPMyAdmin say I need mcrypt extension?
  62. Confusion when passing variables through urls...
  63. Question about using header("Location: ..")
  64. increment record order
  65. Need to include() file from subdomain to main domain
  66. preg_split / preg_match Test for URI query substring?
  67. object oriented php problem
  68. Assembling a query from a large number of fields
  69. Preventing include()
  70. populating a webpage with a website
  71. really DELETE or set deleted='1'?
  72. Mail function problem
  73. Need advice - PHP
  74. Extract URL From A String
  75. shows html code while sending mail problem ??
  76. MySQL Async problem?
  77. PHP script for text inserted generating a new page.
  78. Popup, mysql query, pass variable back to form
  79. $end error
  80. syntax question
  81. Clocks in PHP
  82. fetch the date from timestamp
  83. date() output 23 hours behind
  84. images cut problem
  85. Update query help
  86. Creating PHP API
  87. PHP with AJAX
  88. Adding spaces
  89. Http_session_vars
  90. Quick Constructor Question
  91. simple rating script errors Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a val
  92. Vegenere Cipher using PHP
  93. Array in cookie
  94. Write "backspace" to a file
  95. preg_replace
  96. I Want To Create A Web Forum In Php
  97. how i customize pages in cakephp framework
  98. recursion help
  99. php for dummies (like me)
  100. help to get data from another server
  101. Drop down box for text color
  102. IP Ban
  103. Hidden fields create space in IE table display
  104. Generating Combo Lists
  105. file_get_contents--->email comes have html code in it and NOT graphic/text...?
  106. MYSQL e-mail query in PHP
  107. Update Query Help
  108. Location of Php error or log file
  109. tell Apache PHP is installed
  110. connecting php application from linux box to mssql server
  111. php web services
  112. How do I delete a folder?
  113. Getting latest ID
  114. Uploading Image Files (Revisited)
  115. regex for this ??
  116. SSL problem, I think it's the include php
  117. Form Image verification help requested
  118. finding a character inside a string ?
  119. Getting a larger piece of matched text
  120. Allow editor of HTML on webpage (Wiki/cPanel alike)
  121. HTML E-mail form in PHP, what is wrong?
  122. Newbie, I need help
  123. Php Shell program, http requests?
  124. help making 2 thing happen
  125. maximum upload
  126. making a free forum with no ads and supports everything??
  127. comparing the today's date with timestamp value
  128. [solved]Column sorting
  129. can anyone reproduce this?...WIERD.
  130. Why is my class throwing warnings?
  131. Playing Sound
  132. deleting news - cms
  133. Difference betweeen name and value ?
  134. PHP and HTML
  135. Design Process of Building a PHP/MySQL Driven Website?
  136. Stripping Unwanted Characters
  137. Newbie to Classes, I need some Guru help
  138. PHP: FedEx shipping rates calculator
  139. Why does this if/else statement not work
  140. Why is there junk in output?
  141. SMTP Authentication & mail() - Help Required
  142. BCC: Multiple Recipient
  143. [solved]Random MySQL Results
  144. reading a certain line from a .txt
  145. If then else (may be a stupid question?)
  146. calculating the difference between two date&time
  147. The assignments here influenced and other php files using the variables ?
  148. PHP "Artificial Intelligence" - Site Search that learns??
  149. export array values to csv ??
  150. Understanding PHP
  151. format for php variable in select statement?
  152. ImageCreate and php_gd2.dll
  153. Run an else/if query
  154. Header location messing up
  155. unexpected T_BOOLEAN
  156. php exit command within html
  157. Simple PHP include() Question
  158. IP Log
  159. Functions and include()
  160. Extracting a URL from a site
  161. Unable to jump row 0
  162. Making a php search engine to find posts on my blog
  163. Quickest way to choose a random number NOT already chosen
  164. Auto creating a link
  165. require_once() errors
  166. Site interface with multiple languagesٍ
  167. $_post a chunk of a html file to a php code on demand
  168. Whiles not working!
  169. mysql update error
  170. breadcrumb help
  171. Processing forms
  172. Admin Contact Help
  173. tracking the EXE hit count??
  174. php submit need
  175. features to link with phpbb forum
  176. mail / sql insert scrip does nothing (no errors)
  177. Arrays, functions, breaks and basic programmin logic question
  178. XML to PHP _ PHP to XML
  179. Cursors not working for PHP generated elements
  180. Youtube
  181. Need help with this "else if" coding
  182. Unkown Error
  183. Posting Array
  184. GD Library
  185. Variable/Array not taking in another folder
  186. Including an image with GET function
  187. Returns an eror in PHP/Mysql call..
  188. send newsletter from php
  189. php.net's require_once() definition of a 'script'
  190. Stop A PHP Loop
  191. Finding Text in a File
  192. php array taking 2 form submits to work
  193. how to convert seconds into minutes and seconds?
  194. Php contact form, not attaching data
  195. Stuck on php thing for school
  196. Detecting Broken Links
  197. Which PHP IDE do you use?
  198. PHP Work? (not an ad)
  199. Placing tags in string on position
  200. Passing jscript function variable to php
  201. Tree traversal => nested array
  202. Simplist Possible Unsecure Password Script (No Database)
  203. I am looking for a php web hosting.
  204. Need help with a regex
  205. Password Verification ?
  206. best Way To Use Include() For Managing the Site's Layout
  207. Help!!!
  208. error reporting being called even on successfull query.
  209. shorter code
  210. Coverting PHP form to be submitted to MYSQL database
  211. Basic Login Account Script
  212. dynamic image resize
  213. Apache Server Email Set-up
  214. My function isn't getting called.
  215. how to display the selected checkbox id?
  216. automatically cache outbound (external) links?
  217. Modifying my pagination - only display the first few and last few page links
  218. PHP - Flash Player
  219. Imap4
  220. PB error.
  221. Error on ?>
  222. nl2br help...
  223. confused with *.php?=*
  224. regex problem
  225. Form Design to Table Insert Help
  226. mysql or mysqli
  227. Check on duplicate usernames or email address?
  228. Problem Viewing Cookies
  229. How do I find the current domain name when using an alias?
  230. MySQL - retreiving last 'row' added - n/m solved
  231. mail() and php validation
  232. store characters in array
  233. I need a PHP script that can do this or a method to help me create it?
  234. Running Grep Through SSH (screenshot)
  235. Getting server CPU usage, memory left and disk space left on disk
  236. Select Drop Down Not Retaining DB Value
  237. Date sorting problem with MySQL query
  238. data fetch from mysql (includes sorting)
  239. PHP not reading standard in from command line on alias
  240. Com and PHP
  241. update mssql via php on windows
  242. String Manipulation problem
  243. Session array for pseduo cart
  244. simple dowloader script in php ??
  245. Lots of HTML between if and else
  246. Please read my small php / javascript code! WHY DOESN'T IT WORK??
  247. Form going to multiple different users not working
  248. index.php?abc ... how to get the name of "abc"
  249. Online community
  250. Help with menu and template concept

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