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  1. Images in Forms
  2. anyway to make php4 strict code in xammp ??
  3. records not looping properly in export to csv
  4. Needing help on confirmation email
  5. PHP $_POST problems
  6. Probably easy/quick error somewhere.
  7. Turn HTML/CSS page into PHP Wordpress theme
  8. Combining css and js files through php.
  9. PHP Mail form
  10. Login script help
  11. PHP 5 XSLT automatically adding trailing slashes to html elements.
  12. Coppermine exceeding limits
  13. how to make php scripts should work with particular ip
  14. create_method?
  15. Expire a page when back button is hit...
  16. Playing a midi or wav in php
  17. Attachment via email getting dropped on delivery
  18. Is this the correct way to send email and do I have to set anything up at the server
  19. GD Library Max File Size Limits?
  20. While code messed up?
  21. WordPress themes help?
  22. Opening and closing a window in php or js
  23. image resize needs bettering
  24. multidimensional array problem
  25. getitng rid of previous data in db
  26. Email Activation - Insert time() into timestamp field
  27. PHP and mysql word file upload
  28. PHP and AJAX
  29. Run PHP Script for Every Row Found in mySQL db
  30. [solved] 1062 : Duplicate entry problem
  31. php function
  32. PHP and mysql search facility
  33. Getting a birthday in a string
  34. record count correct but results displays less 1
  35. interface and abstract classes question.
  36. Host '' is not allowed to open debug sessions
  37. Email Validation
  38. preventing certain countries from accessing site.
  39. include isn't working correctly...
  40. image upload
  41. Form problem (editing)
  42. e-bay app!
  43. HTTP Response
  44. Multiple Data Types - Single Input Box
  45. php trivia bot script
  46. Form w/ file upload problem
  47. e-commerce site advice
  48. Form Submission Help
  49. Deleting file from server using code help me
  50. RegEx / MySQL / PHP - Help Please
  51. Problem..Help Me..
  52. search function with hint
  53. Setting Permissions On My Root Directory
  54. A simple shopping cart script?
  55. PHP utf-8 problem
  56. How to search for a string containg a double quote ?
  57. 3 File Upload Questions.
  58. Email Formatting.
  59. making a file upload script
  60. Trying to make a wildcard in a URL
  61. Extracing info from a page locally
  62. how to set smtp username and password through ini_set method
  63. CSV File Help
  64. Text on Image
  65. Detect what type of file it is
  66. Add to Array from Same Array
  67. should I check for failure first?
  68. A problem with getting a mysql result to print
  69. Can't upload anything other than pictures...
  70. register validation send to e-mail
  71. Pulling one column from query into an array.
  72. Data feed url linking
  73. Delete Old Users
  74. local servers statuses?
  75. Multiple checkboxes
  76. Textarea form problem
  77. Am I missing the blindingly obvious?? (check to see if class constant exists)
  78. help simplify a series of replace functions within each other
  79. getting content from title tags
  80. Connection String Changes Depending on Select Value
  81. Sortable datagrids
  82. Deleting posts from file, file format bug, help.
  83. cookie recognization problems
  84. problem adding dates in while loop
  85. Sort by date and limiting records
  86. Editing a useraccount
  87. Outputting code from a query
  88. Calendar Showing Highlighted Dates
  89. Displaying table records from a database
  90. Complex Calendar Function
  91. I want to use email to verify that a registration was not done by a robot
  92. If statement isn't evaluating properly
  93. Dynamic selects
  94. why isn't this script working?
  95. fetch data from 2 mysql tables
  96. str_replace through a certain section - HELP!
  97. Database date format
  98. Shopping Cart - VERY BASIC!
  99. image won't display on page
  100. shopping cart-ish thingy
  101. Add key to Array Push
  102. mail() script problems
  103. Php files not supporting in Dynamic subdomain
  104. adding image data into datababse
  105. Regex Script Help
  106. Validate no spaces or Invalid Charaters
  107. Registration form (Terms and Conditions)
  108. contact form details missing when message recieved?
  109. MySQL Error Syntax
  110. help with preg_replace
  111. Links, Forms, and Chips?
  112. events calendar: message for each week's beginning
  113. [kinda OOT]apache php
  114. php date()
  115. offensive filter
  116. IP ranges
  117. Login code help
  118. puttin users dob into table
  119. PHP mail() function issues
  120. Search/Echo Multi-dimensional Array
  121. php & mysql - limit user posts
  122. Login form help
  123. some simple php errors i need fixing :P
  124. Selecting the lowest variable value
  125. php-ftp copy folder?
  126. PHP input form not posting to database
  127. mail() adding extra lines
  128. how can I make a php encoder like this one?
  129. phpmyadmin Problem
  130. could not see anything
  131. outputting "text" from the database
  132. challenge my php abilities?
  133. problem with contact form
  134. multiple $_POST formatting
  135. small php help
  136. echo vs. inline
  137. parse_url error
  138. regexp matching
  139. Handling $_GET and $_POST vars in OOP
  140. PHP OOP Question
  141. How do you set up a Wiki task force?
  142. passing javascript array to php
  143. Need help of yours!
  144. PHP classes and objects hands-on exercises?
  145. PHP code for a browser based notes tool
  146. PHP/SQL for Small Business
  147. best way to save files?
  148. alert user of error/missing data in form
  149. events calendar: message for each week's beginning
  150. changing a sql requirement using php variable
  151. Global doesn't work properly in PHP 5
  152. PHP Contact Form
  153. Forwarding a url to another url
  154. Just Need a Small Script
  155. form submit not working
  156. Use different CSS?
  157. What is Going Wrong?
  158. Getting the file name
  159. alternatives to mail() ?
  160. future proof descending pagination?
  161. inter date conversion with language support ??
  162. How to make an HTML editor online?
  163. help - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  164. changing the php extension
  165. Whats wrong with this code?
  166. passing $_GET variable
  167. Question about PHP from someone new to it.
  168. get month from datestamp string
  169. date stamp -1 month
  170. contact form
  171. help with vbulletin & vbdate();
  172. Turning a .doc into a dynamic mysql driven page
  173. Help with nuke php module - topMusic
  174. Searching Artist & Song
  175. Get Info One Line at a Time
  176. error with mysql_num_rows()
  177. GetHostByName NOT WORK
  178. Errors for IE not for Firefox
  179. changing a time format
  180. Updating totals
  181. Show Limited Text From Database
  182. What Am I doing Wrong?
  183. Pear Excel App
  184. how to assign values by using loop
  185. validate URL
  186. Help finding a error in the code.
  187. Help with recreating this php script.
  188. .php -> .html
  189. sub-categories
  190. Not printing newlines
  191. Trying to create a sortable table
  192. Professional Login System
  193. PDF and PHP - A very strange problem
  194. Not calling the data
  195. PHP check URL
  196. updating users info
  197. Adding to a Form (doesnt add record to database)
  198. Turning off PHP errors
  199. PHP Registration form validation
  200. 2 dimensional POST array - help anyone?!
  201. Storing >4KB cookie values with serialize()
  202. MYSQL like and simple search help
  203. Auto GET
  204. Need simple session sniplet code
  205. Protect my variables
  206. XML data file parsing in PHP4
  207. PHP forms and search not responding
  208. Curl etc: Help a Noob!
  209. text boxes
  210. Trouble with ssh2 functions
  211. loop table with diferent colors for each cell
  212. PHP Registration Form help
  213. any functions to work with JSON like XML (eg. appendChild)
  214. Statistics for SHOW TABLE
  215. What do you think of PhantomBB?
  216. Modify code check for Security Image
  217. Click verification
  218. mysql_fetch_array issue when using a "0" as a value
  219. Making a Site Meter
  220. Show Table Status
  221. templating, parse a variable
  222. XHR works perfectly in FF but doesnt in MIE (no error)
  223. how to get data from an external page ?
  224. XSS Cross Site Scripting Function SQL Injectsions
  225. I'm trying to get the Zend debugger to run in eclipse but I get message on windows st
  226. PHP script works on one server but not on another
  227. how to find the disk usage of mysql database
  228. Form to E-mail spice up help please.
  229. full path in upload
  230. Dropdown selected Focus
  231. Get sum of cells in table
  232. Errors after upgrading to PHP 5.1.6
  233. Action on href and php
  234. regex check for email validation
  235. PHP help please (unexpected T_STRING) error
  236. foreach() outputting two arrays simultaneously
  237. What are the steps after email activation link is sent
  238. Need help...script isn't working the way I'd like it to...
  239. call me dumb but please can someone help
  240. Like named fields updating at same time
  241. HELP dynamically replaced text & image
  242. White space in query
  243. PHP Login Script (Not working)
  244. Last Resort before Expat Parsing XML
  245. Making a loop to update mysql tables.
  246. Pictures in a page
  247. Problem with file, file_get_contents and include in PHP 5
  248. Session length
  249. newbie need help with a small script
  250. PHP inputs

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