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  1. PHP Formatting Data from mySQL
  2. posting PHP code in a javascript header
  3. get a part of string from a string
  4. Username
  5. split a string into array
  6. Best way to Query DB for array contents
  7. Generate graph with php and mysql - Any one have any info one this (maybe use flash)?
  8. strlen in if
  9. Problems with Image Upload & Chmod
  10. require_once
  11. Using PHP to read torrent trackers
  12. booleon problem
  13. unable to read checkbox and radio
  14. Problems finding a pattern in file. Please help.
  15. Scraping data with regex
  16. login script doesn't work
  17. How can I display more than one column from retreived mysql data?
  18. Gallery Pager
  19. trying to save files to server via a form
  20. PHP Mailer (doesnt recognise $email)
  21. how do you copy an external file URL to your own server?
  22. PHP Q:empty()/redirect/include() ?
  23. PHP:"working with files&directories" / edit record/entry in a txt file , how ?
  24. /SECTION in a URL
  25. delete
  26. PHP file upload help
  27. Multilingual website
  28. is this possible (how) ???
  29. Does commenting the PHP scripts make it slower to execute?
  30. copy mysql table using , change data and save new table
  31. Mail delay problem
  32. Mysql data to html tables question
  33. Reply box
  34. most effective way to get largest value of remainder?
  35. Help making popout window with this html form..
  36. Using PHP to consume web services/parse XML
  37. Help with form POST and redirect
  38. ftp_fget 'path' problem
  39. purpose of <<<END ?
  40. I receive spam from webform even I make it inactive/delete ...?
  41. with this the checkbox['emailme'] must have default UNCHECKED or does not matter ?
  42. Problems in writing text on an image
  43. Server Error - Error 500
  44. Weird Id ascending
  45. Data Safe - SQL Injection
  46. how to stop "nl2br abuse"
  47. Form Error When User Enters "'"
  48. Poker or roulette script?
  49. PHP file upload system, need help customizing it
  50. Need help with error
  51. Pull Down submit
  52. upload file problems
  53. Problem with selecting by category
  54. automate ftp ?
  55. how to check for new packets
  56. session var PRINT IN A PHP PAGE that is included in an email ?
  57. Separate one string in two
  58. Search Directory by PHP
  59. Help needed with Recurring error: Notice: Undefined index
  60. Sorting alphabetically
  61. Zen Garden - Dev class ="?"
  62. Loaded PHP, can't get gd library to work
  63. php current day date
  64. Maintaining an audit log
  65. Re-Direct To A Page After Login
  66. cURL with cookies
  67. If User Hasn't Logged In Don't Show Page
  68. ucfirst Doesn't Appear To Work
  69. PHP Mailer advice (google mail)
  70. I have a good email script and +ve tests but email still work work
  71. Problem with cron
  72. Posting a Variable into a text box
  73. Import from wordpress
  74. open_basedir restriction in effect error in PHP
  75. does session_start() reset the session vars ?
  76. js link quota problem in php
  77. Increase number per refresh
  78. issues with using form in php
  79. Problem with anchor and name tags in php
  80. how to perform dynamic cascading references ??
  81. Flat File Search
  82. passing variable not working correctly
  83. Select from DB
  84. foreach loops
  85. Else help [php]
  86. Iframe - I need to refresh outer frame from inner frame
  87. Which is selected, pagiation ?
  88. Silent Posting Script Not Working With PHP 5
  89. Need help with Regex
  90. repeating problem
  91. appending data to each form field within the form
  92. Regex Help
  93. convert http:// to [link]
  94. Cookie on localhost
  95. Linking php header template to css style sheet..?
  96. isnt $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; an exploit?
  97. elseif to switch
  98. php if variable is empty default to other text
  99. Trying to get mail() function to work - any ideas ?
  100. testing for blank variables ?
  101. Strange result using eregi_replace - help!
  102. PHP questions - % of web + finding a developer / host
  103. PHP / Mysql's Date Interval
  104. What is the standard image component that usually php uses?
  105. Very Slow loading time !!!!!
  107. how to split an url in 2 parts?? (i dont need parse_url)
  108. My Website is loading very slow!
  109. manually setting $_GET array
  110. Upload file Script Doesn't Work
  111. regex problem for inverse
  112. How to handle dates when year isn't always known ..
  113. creating n inserting in to mysql using php via sql file
  114. Session stuff
  115. php mysql query
  116. pulling info from db and outputting separate lines
  117. Using CURL cookies from previous sessions
  118. Ajax - Handling process scripts
  119. new server/chat
  120. need help to develop a software using php
  121. Not sure if this is the right forum for this..
  122. PHP Mailer
  123. in need of php codes to send sms.. plz help
  124. File upload
  125. Working locally but not on the web server
  126. How to send array from one form to another?
  127. Showing transitions of pages users between pages
  128. Page Layout Help
  129. Highlighting latest added records ?
  130. sessions passing to while
  131. MySQL and PHP Help?
  132. PHP5 : errors in form processor script ?
  133. newbie sessions problem
  134. short function problem
  135. enter my forms dob and gender into a db
  136. input form date check help
  137. order by two fields
  138. PHP & Microsoft Office Remote Saving
  139. Is this possible in an eBook?
  140. preg_match() Help
  141. PHP? Help
  142. I need PHP program chain IRC...
  143. building Adwords like system in php
  144. Newbie Array Help
  145. Linking PHP with satellite
  146. Login script (Active/inactive) account
  147. sql prefix not working
  148. Session Timeout Problems [URGENT]
  149. If.. Else Statement Troubles ex:Call to undefined function: isoldversion()
  150. Related articles help please?
  151. Problem setting root variable
  152. Getting information from URL's
  153. Multiple Email Attachments
  154. A little bit of regex
  155. Need help on preg_match pattern.
  156. Error in accessing remote file. Please help.
  157. MySQL Time Stamp
  158. image scripts?
  159. Web Development Projects
  160. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&'
  161. mail() woes
  162. Javascript in php
  163. How does digg/reddit do it?
  164. Making a proxy
  165. problem with the $_GET thingy
  166. delay in seconds
  167. Link help
  168. php contact form
  169. PHP and Mysql search
  170. sort record according to specifc condition
  171. PHP time 1 hour fast.
  172. Website address form validation
  173. Php SDO
  174. submitting to paypal or other
  175. Image Alpha transparency with GD2 library
  176. how can php read + sign
  177. Changing the value of an external stylesheet using php?
  178. get content of each .HTML files & put it in database
  179. PHP Error Messages
  180. Error only on 1 php page connecting to db...
  181. Accessing my.cnf
  182. Populate DropDown Menu From Datatbase
  183. Noob at PHP
  184. Need Loop Help
  185. Installing PHP on Windows
  186. can not kill session
  187. PHP / MySQL
  188. Can't parse PHP using DOM or the older xml parser functions!
  189. Download link not working
  190. PHP Sessions not working in IE
  191. Presentation in an echo
  192. Need help for selecting file from directory!!!
  193. Selecting only certain data
  194. any googlecode developer here?
  195. Timespan between two dates.
  196. dynamic calendar php+mysql?
  197. Internet Explorer 6+7 rejecting some cookies
  198. Activation problems
  199. Selecting Things Automatically In Form From Previous Page...
  200. preg_matching images on a page
  201. Rating system
  202. Using fetch and insert statement help
  203. echoing php code
  204. Use Relevance Algorithm
  205. Login Session help
  206. finding second to last in a string?
  207. Help me choose a CMS! for a site with a lot of .html articles
  208. syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in
  209. JSON code structure
  210. Payment Gateways
  211. define a constant using echo
  212. Can't Get This Script to Work
  213. Parse error, unexpected $end help
  214. preg_replace problem
  215. Fetching Content
  216. PHP Form help
  217. how to check if a string is present in a portion of a string
  218. PHP command to display all records
  219. Display mysql data problem
  220. inarray
  221. error in else statment
  222. Background image in a table
  223. List everything that meets criteria
  224. PHP, MySQL and Excel
  225. T_IS_EQUAL Problem
  226. daed or alive link
  227. Php Poll
  228. PHP and the textarea field
  229. I've been trying to get PDT all in one package to work in eclipse
  230. Customizing welcome screen
  231. Looking for a Word (.doc) and .pdf file upload script
  232. File download help
  233. Parse error:
  234. installing soap on php on linux
  235. Only View Pages If Logged In
  236. Foreach and arrays
  237. Why wont my login work? =[
  238. if then elseif - who knows?
  239. Image upload and create tumbnail
  240. Improvement Suggestions Anyone?
  241. using mysql and postgresql
  242. php ppc tracking - cant get it to work
  243. Php Poll
  244. getitng users dob and sex into db
  245. chnaging content area
  246. Login script(cant get logged in)
  247. Images in Forms
  248. anyway to make php4 strict code in xammp ??
  249. records not looping properly in export to csv
  250. Needing help on confirmation email

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