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  1. after registration
  2. PHP Redirects
  3. Rotating a link and .gif
  4. imagecopymerge() Function assist - Looking to make (custom ID card site)
  5. Strange: IE (WORKS) Safari (WORKS) Firefox (DOESN'T) ???
  6. Tips for performance improvements
  7. Get User OS
  8. Pagination, Please Help
  9. Creating directory from input box on registration
  10. php redirect
  11. Character encoding issue
  12. question about select tag in php
  13. Display file as per its format
  14. facebook
  15. Secirity certificate error
  16. PHP interaction with WHM
  17. Hiding URL in address bar
  18. Beginner PHP OOP Questions
  19. active link
  20. Textareas in PHP
  21. Adding new entries to db field
  22. Proper/Best way to Store/Retrieve Text
  23. Check if a form field has been completed
  24. Array implode help
  25. social networking site
  26. database
  27. Javascript Problems because of PHP?
  28. installer?
  29. cannot get regex to match with simple .*
  30. Using RAND function for letters
  31. GBCF Contact Form Help
  32. New array item when clicking on link.
  33. Time Function To Generate Random Password
  34. only allowing jpg files to be uploaded?
  35. using phpBB3 auth
  36. Other Problems.
  37. Uploader not working
  38. Users Online
  39. php and css
  40. Uploading Script
  41. Can't make it work, loop MySQL rows
  42. Simple fpassthru with POST
  43. Sending POST data without a form
  44. News posting/editing interface
  45. authenticating a login page then directing to proper URL
  46. Need help with PHP stuff...
  47. Using fwrite, can you detect the when Excel is full ( 65536 )
  48. array output messing up table
  49. Function Inside Function?
  50. Smarty question.
  51. Slashes at the end
  52. What's going on here? "mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid..."
  53. Newbie - Need help with AJAX PHP front end
  54. File Upload ahhhhh!
  55. Form Mail Issues
  56. Send an email to a variable
  57. Add/Remove Slashes (SQL query)
  58. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE
  59. Need banner help..fast
  60. Rename Files From Original
  61. upload restrictions to only allow jpgs
  62. Reoccuring Event
  63. Sync User system with vb forum
  64. Exporting Excel
  65. Restricing files from Image Hoster Script
  66. Sorting multi-dimensional array?
  67. Compare Array and Insert Results
  68. PHP encoding troubles
  69. Audio upload feature
  70. browse file required field
  71. Uploader.php File type limitations help!
  72. How To Install A Forum
  73. Run Query Once in function
  74. AJAX, PHP/MySQL query questions
  75. Which one is better & why ?
  76. posting variables withou using form
  77. need help regarding CC payment
  78. PHP Join Error
  79. add headers to a jpg file
  80. MySQL SUM() in a query
  81. Quick question
  82. Form Echo Redirect
  83. File Create /php
  84. fwrite($fp, "print_r($_POST)") // write POST_Array to file?
  85. Cmod PHP
  86. POST data processed last
  87. Another foreach($_POST[''] as $Key => $value) problem
  88. Review Section For Each Result
  89. Finding ranges of values in array
  90. All pictures, normal or faded, depeding on if question answered
  91. Not allowing spaces in username
  92. Regex issue
  93. PEAR Spreadsheet Insert Bitmap
  94. Issue with two fopen commands in the same html page. Only one displays
  95. Lock Page in php
  96. Random Banner Display
  97. Neater preg_match required.
  98. PHP: STUMPED! Problem with HREF & URL Variable WITHOUT HTTP://
  99. Redirect not working in https
  100. prevent user hitting back button
  101. passing variable from https to another https page
  102. Php Upload?
  103. set duration/timeout of a PHP session
  104. PHP error
  105. sign in php/mysql
  106. md5 help
  107. Order Form- just a mail form...but need some guidance
  108. PHP rotation script - Suggestions?
  109. how to convert bmp to jpg
  110. How to convert to date... and back again?
  111. making requested fields?
  112. Calculation using PHP ?
  113. Is it possible to create table of contents at html via php that has pages?
  114. Sorting data in textboxes
  115. Modify Utopia News Pro comment display method
  116. Use PHP to encrypt, then Javascript to decrypt?
  117. php mail
  118. Offsetting server time ahead to local time using date();
  119. Directory Traversing
  120. T_VAR error
  121. scraping, autologin using cURL and cookies
  122. restricting access to folders on server
  123. login works different in differently from Firefox and IE
  124. How do I format data neatly?
  125. Random Bulleted Items
  126. Regular Expression Problem
  127. setcookie
  128. Uploading Images PHP
  129. BBcode help
  130. Drop Down Change Form Action - Multiple Search Engines
  131. mysql_fetch_array confusion
  132. Form output using mysql, search people name in specific category
  133. Use Forms to Edit Data in a PHP File
  134. Append ... after 100 chars???
  135. require
  136. PHP regex Unknown Modifier error
  137. Need help ASAP
  138. problem with associate array -- print_r outputs nothing!
  139. shoutbox for vivvo
  140. Split mysql results into groups of seven
  141. Navigation
  142. How to create a search engine?
  143. Display everything in a directory.
  144. Uploading images logic
  145. PHP and AJAX
  146. ? about my site email
  147. Block users if session or cookie exists from another domain.
  148. strtodate( '-7 days' . $todaysdate ) seems to add 6 hours too !
  149. Loop help
  150. Open a css file, post it to textarea
  151. Simple Bad Word Filter
  152. PHP include
  153. Development Environment...would you use it?
  154. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  155. someone make me one?
  156. mail() Help
  157. uploader.php
  158. Checkbox quandry
  159. array check to empty I ideas
  160. To expiry a session must pass 20min
  161. array_push help
  162. How to open a Windows command window from php?
  163. strstr help
  164. PHP fatal error, Can't slove
  165. question about direct access to url
  166. Dynamic News Rotator
  167. [Mac OS X] How to enable the XSL extension?
  168. Need help today..
  169. Quiz Algo
  170. dynamic menu - mysql
  171. PHP Include if predetermined tag is present in text
  172. can't run php on sbs 2003 r2
  173. PHP/MySql - Inserting Multiple Records
  174. create image of page on the fly
  175. php code
  176. Header include problem
  177. how to pass variables from ssl channel to non ssl channel
  178. data over secure channel
  179. Drop Comma and switch Last, First to First Last??
  180. help with mail() function
  181. Need help with if/else
  182. SQL Injection Prevention Issues
  183. How to get info from external sites if user enters l/p
  184. Regex to match a line
  185. php GET
  186. login form
  187. Why code with OOP?
  188. <> operator?
  189. how to install open ssl on a php server
  190. Sorting correctly, but not assigning back to array?
  191. List Contents of directory
  192. !<=
  193. syntax error, unexpected $end in ____
  194. A simpler way?
  195. An error on my site I'm having trouble finding
  196. Simple Form Processing
  197. How to control CRON jobs?
  198. Context of a sentance
  199. Custom php needing to be done
  200. Php Mysql Insert
  201. A lot of undefined variable errors
  202. "Did you mean" feature
  203. My thumbnailer is foobar'd
  204. php:coookie var set in hp do not print in a subpage of application ?
  205. Trimming Variables
  206. || or 'or'
  207. CURL Errors with SIMPLXML.. HELP
  208. Simple .php Query
  209. How to talk to another website using PHP?
  210. array shift, next?
  211. Questions on image uploads
  212. parse error...
  213. oop delegation in php
  214. PHP Time question
  215. Help! Couldn't find the error...
  216. How to convert uploaded files into attachments?
  217. PHP Table Wrapper Class, & How to use it.
  218. Email Query Results
  219. How to generate codes
  220. X-Cart/Smarty Custom PHP Scripts
  221. Media="Handheld" Reliability
  222. Curl hop link grabber
  223. MySQL Timestamp into PHP Format
  224. Totally stuck => MySQL error
  225. question about database injection
  226. Really confused and lost.. trouble with PHP/MySQL
  227. passing variables values using POST
  228. Recurring number eg . 1.3333333 How do i make it to 2 decimal places HELP
  229. Do you know script for stats content management?
  230. Safe Guard when updating
  231. Determine .mp3 length (time) with PHP?
  232. Is this right a a IF AND && Statement... Cant Get it to work.. Help plz
  233. Deleting records from two tables
  234. syntax error
  235. Quick Preg Question
  236. need help to code an email notification once an event occurs
  237. [Request] Help to make a simple PHP script..
  238. Why do my cookies crumble
  239. PHP: Fetching foldername from URL
  240. Updating multiple rows at once
  241. Port status!
  242. Why is my site running so slow? Little Help
  243. Detecting if row value already exists
  244. Show directories
  245. Really need some basic help
  246. Installing PDO_MYSQL
  247. Variable not getting into email properly
  248. PHP Table Wrapper Class, & How to use it.
  249. Dynamically Following Links
  250. PHP Forum

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