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  1. Help getting started with a PHP app...
  2. session problem
  3. frustration!!!
  4. Help with changing font of image generated by php
  5. language .best way.
  6. Help!
  7. help with form
  8. PHP question or not?
  9. A few questions - abit stuck
  10. click link and insert into db
  11. Increasing Session length
  12. expecting ','?
  13. Disabeling login / Setting login = always true
  14. Array help
  15. headers already sent error.
  16. list database contents
  17. url rewrite regex help ??
  18. form validation using php
  19. 'Secure e-mail' form?
  20. How IPB Shortens URL's
  21. Store (and then retrieve) a variable in Drupal/PHP page
  22. PHP MediaWiki Bot
  23. problem with code - beginner need help
  24. PHP eding another PHP file
  25. learning php
  26. eaccelerator files goes where ? &
  27. MySQL phpmyadmin or no?
  28. big problem with array and global switch
  29. Securing a database
  30. validating textarea using php
  31. adding a space between records?
  32. echo a link
  33. How to stop round() displaying result as exponential
  34. starting PHP - basic help required please
  35. Character set problem, can anybody guide me.
  36. common database sharing?
  37. Calling Remote Flash Game URL Using CURL
  38. Please Help
  39. users online script trouble
  40. Level/If/Else Help
  41. RegEx to remove everything but numbers
  42. Multiple Form Processing
  43. Cookies...
  44. formating question
  45. Free PHP/MySQL hosts
  46. Newsletter unsubscribe security
  47. Problem: Page url and date is printed automatically when i print a page.
  48. comment area
  49. Best way to extract database array
  50. CHMOD'ing a file when uploading it?
  51. How do I Submit data without form?
  52. PHP error in Apache error log -Advice needed
  53. time deletion
  54. Rewrite a url in a string http://www. ???
  55. Pull information from google news feed
  56. $_GET with value of 0?
  57. zip a file and stream
  58. Sign Up and Log In Forms
  59. My PHP gallery not working, problem with explode.
  60. blob image problem
  61. Detecting colors in an image
  62. how to record that some emails have been read
  63. Exploit Please Help
  64. Form upload issues - won't work on larger files (not sure why)
  65. problem positioning..
  66. php + ajax username check
  67. moving value to other page via link
  68. Value not returning
  69. Array Values in function
  70. Query not retrieving more than one value from a field
  71. escape wiht <<<EOF ?
  72. File upload issue
  73. Hit counter on thumbnail problem.
  74. Only Display a certain amount of words with a View more button after how?
  75. How to Combine Multiple HTML Page together?
  76. cant get my echo to work
  77. Find The Location of Website Users
  78. restricting access
  79. Live Price Changes :S
  80. login not working :S
  81. Single & double quotes problem when using AJAX inplace editor
  82. adding user as a friend
  83. Deny certain email domains?
  84. calculation
  85. Urgent help required !
  86. "Save as" dialog box
  87. Unregistered SESSION Variables
  88. installing php, my SQL
  89. php zend framework info
  90. Unable to get Select Tag value (But input class works)
  91. Loop
  92. big problem why
  93. I have an error in my SQL syntax?
  94. How can I restructure to avoid script timeout?
  95. best option for me: fwrite to .txt or use MySQL ?
  96. Regex Help
  97. How to create an IMAGE search
  98. help me,please...!!!
  99. Smarty form aliegnment
  100. How to Convert PDF to HTML using php?
  101. Header with message question
  102. Ordering Nodes
  103. Reversing a Formula
  104. importing css paged on $_GET or similar?
  105. Variables within Strings within Variables?
  106. Customizing profile page
  107. foreach problems, only returning last item
  108. PHP/Javascript/AJAX problem. Going NUTS!
  109. need help with phproxy
  110. Random "1" got into my array
  111. stop people from directly linking my pics and favicon.ico
  112. How to detect completion of a download
  113. Where with unix timestamp in INT column
  114. Error when calling function
  115. Update script
  116. url rewriting. wondering
  117. Net_SMTP
  118. Horizontal Looping within another while loop
  119. HOW to insert page breaks in printing a report using php
  120. cant make multiple condition search??
  121. Looking for "Digg like" image selection script
  122. Reordering Chapter Numbers
  123. Quick and easy PHP questions.
  124. PHP Form Help!!!
  125. how to bias search results
  126. Auction Software Needed for Nonprofit Site
  127. Question about Unix File Permissions
  128. Problem with updating my db
  129. PHP Includes and Dreamwaever
  130. eurosign being displayed as question mark or block
  131. fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
  132. database/table synchronization?
  133. php error - dont no how to fix it.
  134. php update query not woking every time
  135. Excel php and search
  136. Simple Session Question
  137. php form validation error display
  138. Scope Resolution Operator Question
  139. Deleting items that are checked
  140. User Interface
  141. Urgent MySQL class interference help needed
  142. show text under select box
  143. How: Mysql: Next & previous record ?
  144. You have an error in your SQL syntax; [STANDBY]
  145. Joined Classes with autoload
  146. [merged] photo gallery
  147. Need help with a query
  148. how to remove tags wrapped around phrase
  149. Session name with counter number from file and time first logged
  150. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  151. PHP code disappears??
  152. Simple select statement
  153. Please help me! Problem: Multiple calculations from multiple drop boxes need adding
  154. Optimisation
  155. confusing myself more each day...php integration
  156. appear a load icon in the same page, or in a new page
  157. Global Variable
  158. 2 mysql querys at the same time...
  159. Need help adding a simple forum to a template I have
  160. Str_replace not working?
  161. variables not refreshing contents after posting to self
  162. parse_url error
  163. Creating a function to execute mysqli statements...
  164. php for site maintenance?
  165. Moving a file from one directory to another
  166. PHP MySQL Simple Search not displaying results
  167. PHP-General - How to send text data via ftp
  168. No data passed
  169. Managing mysql entries using php
  170. posting variables on other page
  171. Post Data Dissapears
  172. Use of undefined constant
  173. url rewriting . htacess [ask]
  174. password encryption
  175. OOP template if statement
  176. Need code for Drop Down selections
  177. My script works well on cPanel but not on h-sphere
  178. Using php info to check if mail function is enabled
  179. regex begining of line(^) in []
  180. set the default on an included set of list box values (Answered)
  181. Inserting Form Input into Table - Help!!
  182. migrate a wiki, from tikiwiki to gxwiki (another kind wiki).
  183. Displaying all directories on a server
  184. Need help with PHP script for IP address of sites
  185. associative arrays vs indexed arrays performance?
  186. if file_exists
  187. only ie7 problem. continually security warnings prevent quote appear
  188. testing out php code
  189. too much time to load
  190. How to link text in data stored in mysql
  191. security certificate sign on address bar
  192. how to properly store objects in session variables?
  193. redirect the all website pages in https
  194. getimagesize()
  195. warning on mysql_fetch_array
  196. mailing list. [ask]
  197. How to make an event signup sheet
  198. Color Username
  199. php function problem
  200. Re-Size Images BEFORE UPLOADING?
  201. sessions
  202. problem updating database
  203. Restoring Form Values
  204. second mail() not working
  205. PHP Data saves from IE but not from Mozilla
  206. PHP Coding Help Needed
  207. Setting up crons
  208. Help with a simple query
  209. Check before adding to array
  210. Request and POst method
  211. can't find my php.ini file
  212. Splitting a string
  213. Parse HTML with PHP
  214. I Need A 'Send Quick Error Report'-Button On My Custom 404 Page
  215. PHP form will not submit - Plz help
  216. automate form processing
  217. Returning $_POST or $_GET from class
  218. Curl and Strings
  219. uploading video of 100mb
  220. concatinating url variable
  221. Killing sessions
  222. Do I need a cookie?
  223. $variable Question
  224. Redirecting page help
  225. Create a New PHP Document from the Script
  226. If / Else problem
  227. Variable is not printed in echo statement!
  228. Jack-of-Trades needs help with parsing focus
  229. custom nav bar not working
  230. Change background div img if
  231. Adding a dimension to an array
  232. Flood Protection code half working...
  233. php soap module
  234. Back to referring page
  235. finding number of days between 2 dates?
  236. Echo sitename
  237. Port checking
  238. PHP and XML
  239. SQL error
  240. Image upload and GD resizing
  241. explode $_POST from form
  242. setting admin/mod privileges
  243. passing values in a function(I don't understand this)
  244. Delete old database records not working.
  245. Basic WYSIWYG type editors - recommendations?
  246. installing and running MemCache functions in PHP
  247. Birthday Form ~ Edit Profile
  248. How to make a Group legend
  249. I need a JS code to be made in PHP, very simple
  250. email validation

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