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  1. Back to referring page
  2. finding number of days between 2 dates?
  3. Echo sitename
  4. Port checking
  5. PHP and XML
  6. SQL error
  7. Image upload and GD resizing
  8. explode $_POST from form
  9. setting admin/mod privileges
  10. passing values in a function(I don't understand this)
  11. Delete old database records not working.
  12. Basic WYSIWYG type editors - recommendations?
  13. installing and running MemCache functions in PHP
  14. Birthday Form ~ Edit Profile
  15. How to make a Group legend
  16. I need a JS code to be made in PHP, very simple
  17. email validation
  18. Create Player Finish Order
  19. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting '&' or T_VARIABLE in /home/ridhi
  20. making friends list
  21. Retreiving multiple SELECT values
  22. changing the colour depending on the gender
  23. form updating db, but not sending email
  24. Is putting private Database passwords in a php file safe?
  25. error with echo 'selected'; script
  26. eregi, How to I change this...
  27. Preventing XSS using fckeditor
  28. Retrieve a Cookie Value
  29. IMAP Forwarding
  30. popup menu
  31. Syntax Error
  32. $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] not working on the server ??
  33. Looking for some help with a PHP Warning
  34. please help with recursive rule engine design...
  35. Sorting by month
  36. Fatal error: Call to undefined function dns_get_record()
  37. CSS tabs with includes
  38. inputting word list into mysql using php script
  39. to use or not to use php constants?
  40. User CP Help
  41. detailed IP
  42. can't delete cookie
  43. Basic help, using a members entry, please help
  44. putting a variable in the date() function
  45. if || or statement not working correctly
  46. check table for existing entries
  47. Printing
  48. passing variable to javascript, how?
  49. How does I gets this thang?
  50. Members can shout only help
  51. Process form then resubmit it
  52. $sql_prefex inside functions
  53. SOAP & WSDL connection - Epic fail :(
  54. how to add 0's to a number
  55. how to remove tags with php?
  56. WHITE_SPACE error
  57. GD Canvas Color
  58. Inserting a variable in a mysql query
  59. some php problems with godaddy host
  60. indentation
  61. php/ffmpeg
  62. Sending SMS messages problems
  63. Make my form pick up the sum total of a script
  64. Multiple languages, and providing support.
  65. Array Change a value
  66. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object
  67. PHP Modeling
  68. Starting a Website project
  69. How to check in php wether javascript is enabled or disabled
  70. Private Messaging
  71. Mixing design with php files
  72. Why so! for Php-CLI and Php-SAPI?
  73. [SOLVED] preg_replace to remove http:// (with typos) from url
  74. Membership Tutorial Revisited
  75. Controlling an autoresponder opt-in page's landing?
  76. How to display errors on shared hosting
  77. adding Link to mail()
  78. Download Multiple Images
  79. MagickWand not working
  80. [Problem] While Loop & Fetch Array
  81. PHP upgrade stopped CAPTCHA working?
  82. how to delete array element with shifting the indexes ??
  83. a problem displaying pages within my get_page
  84. Sending mail with multiple attachments
  85. complexity
  86. Dynamic Change of Content weekly
  87. php problems with godaddy.
  88. Subtract time?
  89. Is it possible?
  90. php mail undelivery address change
  91. profiles
  92. groups
  93. array value includes linebreak from data file
  94. Doing some math on form submission
  95. Turning Excel formulas into PHP
  96. Fill a JavaScript variable from PHP
  97. Delete from db help
  98. Using foreach to get numbers
  99. PHP error (String)
  100. will not update db
  101. sort strings using data from another array
  102. How to pass a php variable to a js function?
  103. MVC for a CMS?
  104. site design with php
  105. PHP output doesn't show changes made to include files
  106. Return to previous page type function
  107. php date help
  108. Adding/Modifying E-mail address on server
  109. Questions on folder security
  110. writing php files for a website
  111. Php to hide e-mail addresses?
  112. PHP text parsing from HTML
  113. Downloading URL content into Files
  114. Form email problem
  115. detailed DNS query result problem
  116. Submitting form to email error
  117. There is an error with your SQL syntax...
  118. Downloadable file... Variables not working
  119. Form Submission Preview
  120. Can this run faster?
  121. Problem with mysql_real_excape_string, I think...
  122. setting up a mysql database
  123. Making a downloadable file?
  124. Any idea why it wouldn't be able to connect?
  125. Displaying incremental values in a textarea
  126. mod_rewrite string problem
  127. function is not working
  128. storing ip addresses
  129. how to refreash same page in php script?
  130. help modify script!!
  131. forum
  132. Dynamic Textbox Generation
  133. Paste video link and view embed version on different page
  134. php and mysql array sorting and more
  135. Help finding specific string in file
  136. Form Submission Help
  137. Help - with inserting date from one form into two tables...
  138. [HELP] Filter content form a text file.
  139. Help with simple IF Statement
  140. where to place db resource transformation functions?
  141. traffic stats and referring URL
  142. Clicking a link to previous post
  143. Does the browser have any control over POSTDATA?
  144. userside online poker game startup problem?
  145. Users Online Script
  146. php/mysql search from single to multiple categories?
  147. Exporting from MySQL to Excel with PHP
  148. Why doesn't fetch_array work on a remote server?
  149. Smarty html_options bug
  150. PHP question
  151. file_exists on folders
  152. Cannot redeclare function
  153. Left Join IS Null
  154. Formating DataGrids
  155. reg_replace() help!
  156. storing long html code in javascript
  157. Select box displays information
  158. Looking for a auto update script
  159. Error on closing connections
  160. SQL syntax correct?
  161. Advertising bar using php include
  162. proper way to import settings into a class instance?
  163. Help With A Custom Forum Code?
  164. Emailing only the filled-in fields...
  165. How to run PHP in Apache & PHP environment
  166. Using Sessions to protect form submits
  167. Storing Dates and Times in MySql?
  168. if statement problems
  169. define target="_top" in php
  170. Implimentation Help
  171. Need Help Correcting Script
  172. GmDate Help?
  173. Regex problem
  174. Looking for a way to read and save data from a site
  175. "OR" not working in MYSQL SQL
  176. how to get referral address link like my server stats does.
  177. Sub-actions
  178. Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:\xampp\php\pear\')
  179. Question about looping with variable
  180. Getting a return value from a function on different server
  181. URL variables not getting to frames?
  182. How to unzip a file
  183. Multiple Cron Job Request
  184. Calculating Time Difference Problem
  185. I need to put $company up, before the query but it is not shown!
  186. Youtube Download Link
  187. Double quotes problem
  188. product customisation project
  189. Date since website started
  190. file upload not uploading
  191. PHP OOP and Classes
  192. Fatal Error
  193. Query Help - Distinct Info from database
  194. Show 0000-00-00 as a NULL
  195. Search Form Problem
  196. Zipped files corrupt
  197. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  198. Which is the best Image Gallery Script (not gallery2)?
  199. Session variable and/or where statement issue
  200. Complex Private Messaging System
  201. Form Problems?
  202. Seo Urls
  203. argument list in an array
  204. echo IF problem - Need a simple answer
  205. How to turn database values into arrays?
  206. PHP MailForm Problem
  207. file_exists problem?
  208. List dir in session array var
  209. login problem with IE when i not click on the remember me
  210. counting column
  211. working with images in Yellowduck Framework
  212. Advanced redirect
  213. SQL Duplicate entry
  214. ternary operator problem?
  215. mail form checkboxes
  216. store info into mysql with this script
  217. file function and utf-8
  218. PHP Submit
  219. PHP Library/Module able to capture entire parts of XML file?
  220. insert data from a db toanother db
  221. Mail Function
  222. h.264 Live Streaming
  223. To validate multiple emails mixed with some texts from address book
  224. Parsing Apostrophies Newb
  225. Form submit problem
  226. php file upload using progress bar
  227. Mind Block: Would validation come at the top or bottom of script?
  228. PHP MySQL search
  229. Http Request errors
  230. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  231. Saving and Loading Form Data with PHP
  232. Form problem, please help
  233. header and footer.php appear wrong.
  234. Generating N Distinct Random Integers From 1-M
  235. md5() and sha1() encryption and mysql_connect()
  236. Querying a table
  237. need help with php email form
  238. UPDATE MYSQL FIELD - what is the error in this short code?
  239. How can I use font type in imagecreate() ?
  240. Email/SMTP problem.
  241. mysql search not happening
  242. Database Query Problem, Please Help
  243. Image uploading script
  244. data will not show from db
  245. insert datas into 2 tables at the same time
  246. Username must be lowercase
  247. timestamp in my db from yyyy/mm/dd to dd/mm/yyyy
  248. Help with a PHP script
  249. calling https inside the frame
  250. Optimized my web sites to php files

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