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  1. Help getting img to dispaly if spaces in filename
  2. Creating a new page in Joomla.
  3. Children & Attributes from XML
  4. Can't solve browser error
  5. Help with php includes
  6. dif. class if level contain other level.
  7. Submit button inside of table
  8. How do I know my apache is working?
  9. includes problem
  10. Array of Objects?
  11. RESOLVED -- list populating proplem
  12. Show IP to saved log when enter page
  13. Populating a pulldown menu from mysql / php
  14. stripslashes : I get slash twice
  15. Need help with my mod rewrite and php include
  16. Login Page Issues
  17. Creating a Full Directory
  18. Simple IF statement problem
  19. simple PHP timetable class
  20. Can someone upload a script for me
  21. looping mktime is very slow, any better way?
  22. Using date refresh on form submit
  23. Login script to phpbb
  24. Not Creating A Record
  25. dealing with several substrings
  26. Code. Need help with it.
  27. including two blogs on one page
  28. Update Table Problems
  29. gd library problems
  30. Add php to dreamweaver output
  31. The basic 5-10 projects
  32. Anyone see anything wrong with this ..
  33. Metarefresh not working on all browsers
  34. Myspace curl login postfields help!
  35. Time on website 2 hrs ahead?
  36. Making a button to clear a DB table
  37. Way to include PHP file into textarea from a link
  38. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'nobody'@'l
  39. Step by step tree menu
  40. GD intermittent colour problem
  41. Simpler Compare Prices Script
  42. Dynamic Images
  43. Using PHP Images
  44. Problem processing form
  45. A Script thats lets users sign up, make gallery...
  46. Make php accept <? as well as <?php
  47. Bread crumb and naming the topic
  48. problem with preg_match ' and "
  49. include files php error
  50. Any visitor see GMT+2 time.
  51. numpty security question re passwords
  52. problem with friends script
  53. Split flat-file by date
  54. php script to ping pingomatic.com
  55. TimeZone conversion form
  56. Append string to multiple variables
  57. If statement problems
  58. Cookies or sessions for storing user information
  59. What is an easier way to do this?
  60. php form to save to db for user to add more info later to be emailed when finished
  61. Checkboxes
  62. PHP Limiting access based on IP address
  63. sorting arrays by multiple indexes?
  64. Getting DB value and assign each diff var
  65. Help with No Records then do this
  66. Help with a travel website
  67. Default document in Apache
  68. eval() issue
  69. days in a month show vertical
  70. Permission issues I think
  71. Flood protect
  72. multi colums through query
  73. calculate number of days between dates.
  74. PHP Redirect based on Domain Name
  75. mysql_fetch_array() error
  76. dropdown table holding query
  77. mail()
  78. VERY Frustraiting SESSION variable problem.
  79. How select just first content of a field in database?
  80. Need to display subcategories based on categories ajax
  81. PHP COM function help....
  82. Add error message with eval()
  83. Insert a scroll bar to my table
  84. Amount of Sessions
  85. INSERT INTO... not inserting into
  86. Username functions, etc. not working between frames
  87. xpaths
  88. array?
  89. Unique IP visits from network
  90. read/unread tracking
  91. question about session variables
  92. if between dates PHP include
  93. help with array
  94. Wordpress: Is it possible to publish a post in future date?
  95. preg_replace query string parameters & values
  96. Roster Management System
  97. Line break in email
  98. session management issue
  99. linked listboxes - or whatever are those called
  100. huge promblem here....
  101. Dynamic Array
  102. Spider Search in IIS
  103. a get string without .php?
  104. Paypal API Problem
  105. How do i retrieve a php variable value in java script
  106. Find the highest 10 values from an array.
  107. INSERT into MySQL problem
  108. How do you remove magic quotes....
  109. upload help
  111. displaying page load time
  112. users online
  113. communication between classes ???
  114. Retrieving textbox values after submit
  115. My encryption script -- many errors.
  116. Banner Generator
  117. Can't insert a string with an apostrophe into a table
  118. PHP and GD
  119. If statements
  120. Writing to a file on a different server
  121. strftime() warning
  122. "foreach" repeating & styling
  123. Image Upload Problem
  124. editpost script seems to edit everything
  125. About Include()
  126. unlink
  127. What am i doing wrong with UPDATE
  128. text limiting
  129. id of thread not been sent :S
  130. Abstraction's not working :(
  131. Correct File Size settings
  132. filling in auto_increment blanks
  133. getting replys from db
  134. Posted material being posted but not seen
  135. cannot connect to mysql db on localhost
  136. Warning: session-side effect
  137. <?php if($important == 1){ class='mainrow1' } else {class='mainrow2} ?>
  138. posting checkbox info
  139. Undefined index:
  140. how do i select a table within a database?
  141. date("u") Milliseconds
  142. Trimming a word. How?
  143. Redirect
  144. Searching for invalid characters
  145. Checking in DB problem.
  146. OOP function into a variable
  147. Too many loops. What can I do to my code
  148. one click two or more proccess.. ?
  149. php file result not displaying in new window opened
  150. Show Image from Drop Down Select
  151. bb code
  152. validating # sign in php
  153. sql injection
  154. form validation
  155. Saving form data to a db while entering data
  156. SOLVED - Double Query]Unkown Error Being Kicked up - Simple Fix I am sure!
  157. Premature submission of query
  158. having trouble after a server move with bbphp
  159. PHP DB2 Stored Procedure Error
  160. PHP4 str_split() alternative?
  161. Looking for simple Date manipulation function/class
  162. Create an array using MySQL data?
  163. Permissions for Unlink and Security Concerns
  164. Fail to send email from my local php script
  165. Page wise display.How to do it?
  166. "did you mean" functionality like google in php+mysql
  167. Preg match problem. Please help.
  168. Search function for an online store
  169. echo title tag content - hopefully a simple question
  170. Help with php xml html parsing
  171. how to add stylesheet to fpdf
  172. Using PHP to retrieve ASP session data
  173. connecting to db
  174. PHP for simple calendars
  175. forum
  176. Thing not positioning on my registration page...
  177. Error in queryError in queryColumn count doesn't match value count at row 1
  178. Session won't pass from page to page.
  179. pdf generation
  180. in the confirm php webpage(php include) how I refer this url name of fileField ?
  181. Would Like to host my own apps
  182. how to manipulate this array ??
  183. Configure php to accept <?
  184. Reading from MS Excel File
  185. attach file in form and send it via email, email message body=included php file
  186. friends list
  187. Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_form()
  188. File upload attacks
  189. "Access denied..." Error on first loadup of page.
  190. T_VARIABLE | Errors!
  191. Fetch values from Database
  192. Problem With String Replace
  193. Fetching the contents of a div tag by id
  194. forum not showin up
  195. regex headache
  196. need to get rid of new line extra space
  197. How to clear cookies using PHP
  198. php query help?
  199. Difference between PRINT and ECHO?
  200. Preg match help required.
  201. error message of webmail
  202. Advice on using sessions please
  203. How do i match these patterns?
  204. Implementing a suckerfish menu
  205. Problem with a join script in PHP5
  206. File Upload
  207. snippets and titles parsing
  208. tricky new line
  209. Help. I have downloaded XAMPP for mac and PHP won't show...
  210. button to call scanner
  211. form validation
  212. problem with: field empty - print nothing, else print ...
  213. Photo preview
  214. validating username
  215. American Express integration
  216. Issue about form submission and my database.
  217. How to get path to running script
  218. how to code print button
  219. Ajax function in PHP echo
  220. Array, add file info ...
  221. PHP including and linking
  222. im wondering how to do .php?id=1
  223. Making Game. When you click on the map it is 10% chance you get a monster, how?
  224. decode html analogs of symbols
  225. PHP Date Difference Function?
  226. Help with a form processor.
  227. What is wrong with this?
  228. Convert File Extentions for Uploads
  229. Var = Var in UPDATE
  230. $_GET['page'] but in 2 folders
  231. check against 2 sql queries?
  232. What does <?=$something?> mean?
  233. displaying error messages
  234. Stop PHP from rounding up
  235. cURL/Fill in input values in backend!?!?
  236. String with hexidecimal in it
  237. Calculating a Countdown
  238. Image Upload c/w Resize & Thumbnail
  239. Php/Mysql Retrieve
  240. What is wrong with this currency code
  241. http_put_file
  242. Blogroll Error
  243. storing values from a URL into a string
  244. Deny another page's access
  245. case insensitive in array
  246. Doing if statements based on part of a string
  247. Trouble Bookmarking PHP Page
  248. Browser/PC Functions
  249. Error while trying code from w3schools.com
  250. gd displaying random symbols instead of png

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