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  1. php news letter
  2. I'm close.. but can't figure this out.. testing for end of page
  3. Learn PHP or MySQL first ?
  4. blog archive menu
  5. Programming a youtube upload API
  6. Installing SSL on localhost
  7. Help with concepting and thinking
  8. make ping with PHP
  9. help..shopping Cart.Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): ..
  10. Weird PHP Time
  11. Resolved how do i hide warning messages?
  12. Secure PHP File Upload
  13. Resolved I Need help from a PHP programer
  14. how to Move and replace if file exists
  15. PHP File restriction
  16. choose which sendmail
  17. regxp that only accepts numbers and comma's
  18. help with parsing links
  19. greybox back button problem
  20. iii...help me in drop down list
  21. Simple Ad Managment Script.
  22. Comic Pagination Script
  23. time() problem
  24. Regex For Email
  25. Redirecting code help
  26. Printout comes properly in Ie 7 but not in Ie6 ?
  27. PHP code is being displayed instead of execution.
  28. PHP Parameter Naming Convention (Like Javascript)
  29. Session objects
  30. Race help
  31. linking two php scripts
  32. background
  33. Resolved advice on selecting certain mysql rows depending on content
  34. URL Rewite for simple GET form
  35. Time Calculation in PHP...
  36. Managing hierarchical data, an issue with PHP version.
  37. dbclass php
  38. create thumbnails dynamically / automatically?
  39. Multiple uploads in PHP
  40. adding to xml
  41. mysql_query("SELECT issue
  42. Still Adds Record To Database
  43. setting the target of a program when using exec or shell_exec
  44. Resolved A PHP Session problem coupled with an SQL query
  45. Plugging text script
  46. Code not working in PHP5
  47. Resolved Trying to replace all instances of string, except those in code tags
  48. How to change codes to my language please
  49. INSERT INTO problem..
  50. Not proccessing php
  51. Installing FFMPEG on Windows XP
  52. Age from Birthday
  53. printing an array
  54. Ad hoc regex
  55. MYSQL query into an ARRAY
  56. recording response from <?system('telnet aspmx.l.google.com 25')?>
  57. calling a function with <?= tag?
  58. saving blank date field to sql??? arghhh help please
  59. mysqli_num_rows not working
  60. preg replace?
  61. problem in clean url pattern ??
  62. validate domain sintaxis
  63. php ide suggestions
  64. Able to upload certain files and reload of form action
  65. Anyone Familiar With Jamroom?
  66. $_POST's
  67. Resolved advice please on using $GET to get a value and using the value to determin what loads
  68. Resolved explode(); and unset();
  69. add data (on)to an image ??
  70. special character problem
  71. help with "imagecreatefromjpeg"
  72. pulling multiple values from database
  73. How to replace a string using preg_replace, only if it's present?
  74. Preg Match
  75. Login System
  76. Edit xml & php
  77. echo array object.
  78. Key => value pairs
  79. Resolved </td> Won' Code Properly
  80. hacker
  81. Using loop to pull each matching value
  82. POST inline within html
  83. failed to open stream: HTTP request failed??
  84. Resolved overwrite string parts: HELP
  85. File uploads
  86. how to catch a error in OOP php?
  87. Resolved weird fwrite from MySQL results.
  88. Ordering a column with dd/mm/yyyy
  89. PHP mail not getting through...
  90. make links clickable -- PROBLEM
  91. Theme System
  92. Checking for same name in database
  93. If else and where clause conundrum
  94. Resolved dynamic stylesheet delivery
  95. Data grouping
  96. How to tell if script called by HTTP or SSH?
  97. PHP - CMS (preferably free)
  98. Php versions
  99. how to re-write the way php handle this form?
  100. PHP Advice
  101. problem using UPDATE
  102. Image Select
  103. Japanese and Russian Text Encoding Problem
  104. how can i put dropdown menu and search
  105. just a gerneral question
  106. Retriving images ODBC connection
  107. Simple Subscribe Form
  108. php template background
  109. Simple form submission error, I'm perplexed.
  110. Resolved HTTPRequest to PHP with Sessions
  111. no value on next page
  112. simple php array help. how???
  113. Filter .EXE file links from user input?
  114. Unique hits on dynamic pages
  115. Ideas For Boxing/Wrestling Promoter Script
  116. Validating user input
  117. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  118. Good old question: Get Screen resolution in php
  119. ordering by date
  120. Annoying image update problem
  121. PHP - exec and Firefox
  122. Using a form result as a variable to parse XML
  123. validation heartache!!!
  124. <?= ($_SESSION['title'] == "Dr") ? " selected" : "" ?> well for big lists likeCountry
  125. Newsletter
  126. Polish text on a website?
  127. Won't post data when email is sent
  128. Keep getting an Invalid argument error in Word Press
  129. Periodically display exec() output?
  130. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
  131. Can't Insert into DB
  132. Parse error
  133. How do I ping the server to see if it is up or not?
  134. I need help
  135. Newbie with simple issue can't resolve "video link"
  136. Disable scripts
  137. Resolved Zip creation error?
  138. Problems installing Sweetcron?
  139. PHP Mail() echoing the email
  140. Skinning Problem
  141. Insertion form and email
  142. How can I prevent a web browser to load XML file from apache server?
  143. PHP returning to original page? (skinning)
  144. php form validation/processing
  145. Basic Loop
  146. getElementsByTagName issue, Help!?!?
  147. Curl
  148. Resolved Enter value before post
  149. Form Issue
  150. Find out what the newest account is
  151. Skinning + PHP Ask Script
  152. Resolved is_dir not working?
  153. Permission problem with rename.
  154. Getting the filename of a file
  155. Safely store password and username in a cookie?
  156. On SSL pages: Some parts are nonsecure?
  157. Url rewriting with PHP
  158. PHP Username Login ERROR, Help?
  159. See whos Online
  160. unexpected T_IF on line 12
  161. lucky number
  162. populate dropdown from cached file rather than SQL query
  163. Designing an Optimized Forum
  164. a question about $_GET[]
  165. How do I suppress the printing of a hyperlink
  166. Help
  167. Else Inside of Table
  168. Need help with complex query
  169. How do you find out which button was clicked.
  170. problems with unset and $_FILES...
  171. PHP traversing CSS file??
  172. posting code in a forum
  173. Suggestions needed please....
  174. problems capturing form data
  175. include files or function in a for loop possible?
  176. How to update table with dynamic form?
  177. PHP login Scrip
  178. problem with images displaying after upload?
  179. Calling PHP script with file name.
  180. Problem PHP form
  181. Converting Video Files to FLV
  182. Data insert
  183. Authentication
  184. String Extraction
  185. file explorer
  186. just a bit of help with code
  187. Line splitting into two
  188. Building RSS
  189. Resolved Help with an array
  190. PHP and Yahoo Pipes
  191. Contact Form: Possible to redirect div instead of whole page?
  192. Editing Data in a Database
  193. Very Basic PHP question
  194. Look for right paypal ipn script
  195. email form [auto-reply]
  196. how is this done?
  197. .htaccess file help please
  198. Textarea Security
  199. Simple Bad Word List
  200. IE only downloads 0 kb, while Firefox download works
  201. Preventing Duplicate Records
  202. Image Gallery Help
  203. magic quotes
  204. Resolved displaying the date/time as today, yesterday or 'date'?
  205. PHP Mail Function
  206. Registration/Login/Logout/Members Control Panel
  207. registry Entries with PHP, Apache and MySQL
  208. changing the date format of a varible
  209. Going blind - piece of php code driving me mad
  210. .htaccess --> Removing multiple "/"s in a URL using mod_rewrite
  211. Joomla HELP!
  212. Hide Filetypes and Folders
  213. (Noob) call php file in php
  214. How to display textboxes automatically in PHP?
  215. How to display textboxes automatically in PHP?
  216. PHP/MySQL, Does not update immediately...
  217. text box to mysql database
  218. How to send textbox value to next page in php?
  219. help with php left join
  220. Longitude / Latitude, closest distance
  221. fwrite function help
  222. Java / PHP script to load links
  223. Connecting to a remote database using Wamp Server.
  224. why this code dont create a sql table?
  225. Weired form striptping tags
  226. results wont show :S
  227. Resolved Warning: mysql_num_rows(): in php page
  228. Resolved Unable to delete cookie.
  229. controlling the loop execution -bit of a puzzle
  230. help error in xml
  231. 2 PHP Questions - vBulliten and Search Engines...
  232. goolge maps wrapper class ??
  233. Each line of file into array
  234. Can ping port 80, but no others?
  235. database design help ??
  236. Upload images problem
  237. Hiding header location URL from headers
  238. Disabling header
  239. Error workthrough
  240. Website keeps getting Hacked...
  241. Need help displaying region
  242. Adding Matches and Participants To Events
  243. Multi-file upload php script oracle
  244. PHP Dynamic Image Problem
  245. question for professionals
  246. PHP rmdir() Help
  247. PHP + GD problem overlapping images
  248. Articles system
  249. Issues saving xml as UTF8
  250. Ecoding problem (rss & page encoding is different) what to do ?

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