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  1. 3gp audio loss with ffmpeg
  2. How do i make a file expire after 7 days
  3. Image Thumbnail to Enlarged
  4. Efficient PHP/mySQL question
  5. pagination
  6. Alphabetizing a while loops output?
  7. Pictures not loading
  8. Help! Probs with GoDaddy Mail Form
  9. replacing specific array indices with text "Fizz"
  10. how to create a function that receives an array as a parameter
  11. seeing if user has posted in thread
  12. can't delete last row in csv
  13. Using FTP to transfer an open file.
  14. advanced php
  15. PHP list directory contents
  16. Advance SQL Injection Attacks
  17. Resolved FCKEditor not loading text file in PHP
  18. using a for or while loop to create an array
  19. Problems with menu build file - need to go vertical
  20. Resolved PHP If Problems
  21. Show Name not inserting into DB
  22. Resolved [HELP] Trouble With Writing Code As Text Onto Page
  23. Trouble with FTP and fopen
  24. csv strength
  25. PDFLib Using Non-standard Fonts
  26. on demand include function
  27. Php upgrade problem
  28. Read And Write A Php File Online.
  29. need a windows SMTP server for apps/use exchange??
  30. ini_set()
  31. Which are these mime types?
  32. Webmail Client.
  33. displaying images???
  34. Php Includes depending on radio button selection
  35. uploading image errors
  36. question about using sql server with php
  37. Resolved MySQL Improved Exstension UPDATE Problems
  38. Mysql database corrupt professional needed.
  39. time of viewing
  40. phpbb3 and Advertisement Management (phpBB3) Mod
  41. how to restrict access to admin pages
  42. Turning .php into .png
  43. product listing
  44. KevinRoth RichTextBox editor problem ?
  45. free web hosting with php allow_url_fopen enabled
  46. generated forms
  47. help with php + ssh
  48. Un expected T_Variable
  49. upload image and save with randomized name
  50. How to split rows and redisplay header after each 20 rows?
  51. Allow access to page once?
  52. select in multiple tables;
  53. Checking number of rows per user
  54. PHP - I need to update a MySQL table and return the new results without refreshing!
  55. new posts/ no new posts
  56. Coding a Joke Application
  57. Server Test Script
  58. Getting Multiple Checkbox Results
  59. Help with OOP
  60. Resolved How do i find the number of days difference between two dates?
  61. Best way to prevent duplicate posts?
  62. Switch case
  63. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type reg_validate as array
  64. apache crashes when mail() to external address
  65. How to cache php scripts?
  66. Free or Commercial Script for Tracking
  67. crypting mysql login password
  68. Redirecting
  69. Resolved is it possible to ...
  70. Ajax and PHP problem with encoding
  71. mediawiki problems
  72. loop through array and retrieve value from the request object.
  73. PHP forum value
  74. uploading images to mysql db
  75. Content-type: image/pjpeg - help :(
  76. signup script just needs a verifying for valid email!
  77. Object Not Found...
  78. foreach help needed
  79. Resolved tag differences
  80. Resolved Need help to add PHP code to display warning on page
  81. Deleting Individual records.
  82. PHP to Trigger email from HTML form
  83. Creating an online catalogue database
  84. need some help with code
  85. csv instead of mysql
  86. Should a php file be in text format?
  87. The function in included file is not recognized.
  88. Double insert in MySQL!!!
  89. Duplicates in an array
  90. List Fields and Apply Links
  91. updating database with form
  92. flv upload error
  93. How to automate the cron job
  94. Warning: Cannot modify header information *HELP ME*
  95. Resolved Noob PHP MySQL Query Problem prolly
  96. Resolved check if file is empty
  97. Alter Table With Variable Problems
  98. Resolved Random password on button click
  99. need help using date function
  100. php adding cumlative total across mulitple records
  101. eval help
  102. php.ini -- how to create?
  103. need help with "quote"
  104. short url
  105. Validate
  106. Resolved CalenderPopUp Doesn't Load
  107. problem with insert into dynamic table
  108. Php MySQL Add Field and Insert Data
  109. trying to post form data to div
  110. Mysql in a function
  111. I need a help creating a registeration form (Signup)
  112. the words do not sit as i type in
  113. Setting up a 24 hour cron at same time daily
  114. HTTP Wrapper not supporting File Upload
  115. MS SQL (uniqueidentifier) usage issue, works on one table
  116. While loop not getting next record.
  117. Resolved Strip Matches
  118. imagepng quality?
  119. Title to image convert problem !!!
  120. Simple form question
  121. Variable in MySQL Query String
  122. Xml, php, sql
  123. Apache Mod rewrite for dynamically-generated URLs
  124. Showing an MD5 field
  125. control statment if else
  126. why two paragraphs join together after select it from database
  127. Class Variable Scope
  128. MySQL database
  129. Resolved foreach displaying rows
  130. Two Week Calendar code - weird problem...
  131. Multiple Forums, Multiple Databases, One Login Location
  132. Store checkbox list values using php sessions
  133. check if 2 rows have the same value
  134. Resolved if then help
  135. Resolved Problem using data from SQL tables and while loops to compare them
  136. How to refer a user back to the page they came from?
  137. foreach giving errors
  138. 500 Internal Server Error on Upload
  139. Am I using the arrays correctly? (dynamic fields POST values)
  140. PHP from inside the contents of a MySQL field?
  141. PHP Display Text & Dynamically created Images without saving images to server
  142. Clean URLS for web n wap interfaces
  143. Help! what does -f mean inside the exec()?
  144. Big Modify To File
  145. login problem
  146. Resolved Retrieving multipl keys that have same value
  147. Url rewriting
  148. Post count
  149. Repeated Hacking attempts
  150. More foreign shenanigans - saving to file
  151. Multiple list boxes with foreach loop
  152. Flash
  153. Put data from UNIFY into MySQL with PHP
  154. While look Help
  155. php 5 Search
  156. vBulletin external login?
  157. Display by date?
  158. MVC Routing Explaination needed
  159. Need a sinple Database handler class
  160. not sending attachment with email
  161. help.php my site won't connect to the database
  162. Send email over secure connection
  163. Need help with "print this page" option.
  164. Php pm system
  165. tracking visits to a site
  166. Last post username not working right
  167. date_format Can't figure it out.
  168. Resolved Why Isn't My Form Running Anymore
  169. Forms: Variables from one page to another
  170. sum of times
  171. entering bbcode into message??
  172. Question about keeping values
  173. help me with my code please
  174. How do i display RSS feeds in my php page?
  175. Trimming UK postcodes
  176. regex not working in php4
  177. how to show list of images?
  178. cant update data in mysql
  179. Resolved Registration script problem - checking if username exists...
  180. How to trigger a contact form from a download link.
  181. Echo part of text from database table
  182. php mail only works sending to certain email addresses?
  183. Is there a way?
  184. File Upload Problem
  185. Long load Time for PHP Include Statement
  186. PHP Upload Script - File Sizes, Zips, and Blank Pages
  187. displaying visitor info
  188. Help with script - what part creates the order?
  189. Image gallery- cannot modify header issue.
  190. Need to hire php guy today(tuesday)!
  191. finding largest increasing subset of an array (non-contiguous)
  192. Resolved how do i get the sign to show up when reading from a database
  193. vBulletin help
  194. Passing data
  195. PHP Mail : Test if message was sent?
  196. Generating Random Numbers
  197. Why aren't my parameters passing into oracle
  198. Help Please about login
  199. Need help with complex loop
  200. Date format issues
  201. How to make elements changeable?
  202. How to control date
  203. Update datatable every hour??
  204. Using GET and Ajax Can't seem to be able to send variables over
  205. Making PHP Classes Play Nicely With Each Other (OOP Pattern Question)
  206. Adding IdnA Converter (PHP) To Register Page
  207. Add Checkboxes to existing contact script
  208. Trying to get an image to update using PHP/AJAX
  209. Image Manipulation
  210. Problem with form submission
  211. PHP Code help for prompting info
  212. New to PHP, and having issues with a PHP script.
  213. file_put_contents in php4
  214. avatar
  215. help making a regular expression
  216. Joomla!- ini_set() function disabled. How to enable it? Help?
  217. fsockopen() Error
  218. PHP/MYSQl If zero rows are returned, do something...
  219. stripos not working correctly!
  220. How do you pass parameters from one php page to another
  221. File Writing into a textarea
  222. hiding warning messages
  223. call parent method from child instance???
  224. How can I get data from another web page into PHP?
  225. calling php and returning javaSript
  226. why this warning??
  227. how to stop an action
  228. Mod_rewrite
  229. Uploading multiple files.
  230. script not working.
  231. script not working
  232. To make a breadcrumb for hierarchical data
  233. Shorten Script
  234. Ban IP script
  235. help with partial string matching
  236. help with file_get_content
  237. need help with curl
  238. Grabbing words from table to create a bad words list
  239. Error Logs
  240. Returning MySQL rows doesn't return first row
  241. Resolved my divs are over lapping why?
  242. how to show User ip into an image?
  243. How to stop user form auto refreshing
  244. Simple regex help needed...
  245. how to prevent script execution
  246. getting post vars from drop down box ..?
  247. what could cause this?
  248. Date YYYY-MM-DD
  249. How read Alternative lines from a TXT files
  250. php news letter

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