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  1. Auto loop Form
  2. Resolved md5 Info
  3. Redirect function not exicuting as expected
  4. file_get_contents(<url>) not working with 404 error pages?
  5. Adding section in form depending on user
  6. Showing and Hiding Form Fields
  7. Getting file contents (which one takes up less resources)
  8. Wordpress, some basic PHP Help please
  9. Simple add numbers
  10. Confusion about PHP performance
  11. PHP Keys
  12. elements in form not sending to mail
  13. Merging Two Files and Working With Different Functions in Admin Panel
  14. SHA1 Hash + Salt
  15. help with paging.
  16. Assigning MySQL Query to Array
  17. custom function help please.
  18. Store and Disply Video files
  19. Splitting the Date Field
  20. Automated Postback to alternate domain
  21. Can I use an Intermediate page on a form submit?
  22. Radio buttons are not printing to php from form
  23. function to convert utf8 to windows 1256
  24. PHP calendar
  25. problem in the width in my script
  26. How to encrypt url that contains an email address
  27. Piechart - no image only data stream?
  28. resizing images using php.
  29. date difference in php
  30. Php GD save in database help..
  31. Problems with Multiple field search function
  32. search variable for string
  33. Altering Data in a MySQL Table via PHP Form
  34. preg_match for &nbsp; in POST
  35. Displaying newest file
  36. [ZF] Http component, no response needed after a request.
  37. which command line?
  38. http 404 redirect custom page
  39. do my contact forms work?
  40. Redirect issue - whoever helps it get rapidshare acc
  41. wordpress pictures galery
  42. php google search code request
  43. Resolved php mail problem
  44. My First PHP FORM(PROBLEM)
  45. monthly archives
  46. Redirecting on different server
  47. Need some help with some code
  48. Adding 90 days, and comparing dates
  49. Using fopen(), fread(), fseek() for data in memory instead?
  50. session question
  51. is there a way i can have more than one session?
  52. Modifying Date output
  53. htaccess mod rewrite
  54. Problem with preg_replace/str_replace
  55. Make a Custom Gamercard-Like Generator Using PHP
  56. Cannot Get My PHP Script To Upload MP3 Files
  57. PHP add script wont work
  58. php.ini runtime modiyfing
  59. If the page doesn't exist I get an error
  60. Integrating Wordpress
  61. Ignore spaces and line changes inside string
  62. Resolved php SQL next page script
  63. Backup MySql DB with PHP
  64. Parsing Data from a 50 meg text file.
  65. Random Number Gen Length Problem
  66. PHP display total # of something code
  67. Resolved [help] teach me how to send mail through email()
  68. Can't echo LEFT JOIN field
  69. $_SESSION returning different results on windows and linux
  70. returning function from other function in same subclass
  71. add content to a specific position of a file
  72. How to populat MySQL table with an option or select list?
  73. Memory size problem and DOMPDF
  74. Problem with PHP headers, boo!
  75. Resolved Upload script questions
  76. Resolved UPDATE Form Not Processing
  77. photo album
  78. While Loop iteration problem
  79. populate mysql table w/ php
  80. Resolved conditional statement help.
  81. hoe= planting= starting to grow= crop
  82. php include using files from another server
  83. OOP Form Generator and Validator Tutorial
  84. Help with FOREACH... with an example
  85. Posting form data to another form
  86. Help with updating a DB after changes
  87. Storing Passwords - MD5 or AES?
  88. Displaying a date range from an array of dates
  89. Problem with uploading images using Jsp
  90. Count file in dir with matching $string at a line $var...
  91. Security Token?
  92. php tree help
  93. changing the name of something
  94. Dynamically inserting directory name into a file name?
  95. How does include_path work?
  96. Terrible Wordpress Error
  97. Converting a british date to a timestamp
  98. Display ALT tag on image from DB
  99. How do I get only a few results using foreach
  100. undefined call to function error
  101. PHP algorithm
  102. Assign preg match to varabiles
  103. Advanced Sessions Processing
  104. PHP / Active Directory Integration
  105. FTP Upload Problem
  106. Test a domain
  107. Help needed with stackbased UBB parser
  108. PHP Menu without refreshing
  109. I Don't Think I've Done It Right (mod_rewrite)
  110. Can't Activation Email to Send?...Strange?
  111. Pulling Info From An RSS feed Using PHP? Help Needed Please.
  112. need help please...
  113. PHP form submit help
  114. Allowing one person to vote at a time
  115. Resolved MySQL and & symbols
  116. MSIE Processing
  117. Form Post not working
  118. Can I pass a function name to a function and then call that function?
  119. Resolved Set time to CST
  120. PHP injection of HTML code
  121. GD Library Phantom Line Break Issue
  122. adding prev and next links + events
  123. Domain Masking
  124. Folder view works but can the output be formatted?
  125. How does Iterator work?
  126. Preg_match??
  127. Random Image Script.
  128. sort array by multiple values
  129. Page Numbering [Links]
  130. Doing functions based on result
  131. User Imput to Variable
  132. search field
  133. question about directory listing.
  134. PHP Form Permanently Reporting "Error"
  135. Script fails with Error 500, no errors in SSH
  136. Shopping.com PHP Script is skipping groups...why?
  137. preg_match Help
  138. Php help with calendar
  139. Help with exit()
  140. Help With GET
  141. Help with echo please?
  142. Reload
  143. Manually Crawling for Data (w/o RSS Feed)
  144. Automatically List 5 Release Dates
  145. Remove .php file extension
  146. Passing Info From Html Checkbox to php
  147. Geotargeting Slowing Down Website?
  148. Adding handlers in Apache cPanel- how?
  149. Combing Array Elements Across Different Arrays
  150. keep any changes visible in form without submiting
  151. navigation through folders
  152. How to use PHP form to amend XML for gallery
  153. count,list specific file type, collapse/expand ???
  154. no duplicates my_sql_fetch
  155. Things appearing where they shouldnt be
  156. Problems with joining web page url and relative paths together
  157. Forum help
  158. isset() Demo?
  159. only users can view there own fields
  160. Add image to each story in RSS feed reader
  161. Block PHP to one domain
  162. PHP image as radio button....
  163. sessions don't work though javascript
  164. PHP Email Attachment
  165. Timeout issues with Mailing List script when sending to a large amount of emails...
  166. how to ban spammer
  167. mysql_num_rows not working
  168. OOP login scrip
  169. seo mod that would stop PHP sessions thoughts?
  170. Little PHP project.....
  171. $Strings in an array
  172. pagination and anchors
  173. Homeserver is acting up with php
  174. What would be the best way at doing this
  175. Resolved magpieRSS help. Cannot use object of type MagpieRSS as array :(
  176. Variables will POST data won't insert into Database
  177. reading a file for position to save to var
  178. Adding control panel to main script
  179. Sessions and cookies in login
  180. chdir ($variable) doesnt work
  181. a newbie coder. Need some help
  182. Plaintext HTML from PHP/MYSQL
  183. TinyMCE oddities
  184. $_REQUEST issues
  185. Form problem / updating
  186. Displaying more than one file in a directory..
  187. Resolved Fetch Array not working
  188. Session Problem
  189. writes to files as
  190. Help needed with stackbased UBB parser
  191. PHP/MYSQL Reorder
  192. Simple elseif help Please!!!
  193. ip blocking
  194. Getting curl to save cookies
  195. Multiple posts in cURL / handle text files
  196. Coloring today and week-end in a calendar...
  197. Resolved PHP Image not working correctly
  198. Php get link
  199. make gold decrease when people buy wood
  200. While Problems
  201. Issue with global Keyword
  202. Rendering Spanish accents correctly
  203. Help needed with Mailing List PHP script.
  204. PHP Script for User feedback.
  205. Help with listbox onchange event
  206. Looping through days
  207. Mailing List Creation
  208. Piece of advice needed for arrays
  209. need a regex for password validation
  210. PHP security needed for this send email form?
  211. Mod rewrite issue
  212. Do I need to use PHP for this?
  213. # of return records
  214. Megaupload Direct download Link
  215. Problem with file upload script
  216. between dates (noob question)
  217. images not showing with require_once
  218. Can't modify featured articles in wordpress theme
  219. The Prepared Statement Is Not Getting Set
  220. Faster way to list dir ?
  221. Showing an image
  222. Can Joomla 1.5 use PHP Includes as Standard?
  223. Curl not writing cookie
  224. file creation date copare user load date time...
  225. I get no error, but there is no data
  226. loading bar
  227. 450 characters and cuts off?
  228. Pligg Script Change Title Help Needed
  229. Better Database Search Method?
  230. XML XSLT and PHP AddType Question
  231. Resolved Don't had to page ???
  232. I'm Stumped
  233. Help with formatting my statement
  234. Getting fsocketopen() Error in cPanel API
  235. selectable time zone how?
  236. urldecode doesn't work?
  237. Insert/Update problem
  238. please i want live php viewer
  239. preg_match and ereg
  240. Can I grab disk space usage from cPanel?
  241. Can't get the mail() function to work.
  242. opendir('Y/m/d') ???
  243. Slashes being added without magic quotes
  244. MD5 doesn't work
  245. Help with modifying date/time in filename for a backup script...
  246. Flex code generator
  247. For loop and arrays
  248. Sessions not working...
  249. Filling in the inputs
  250. Looking for the reverse of pow()

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