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  1. Resolved Two variables next to each other.
  2. query and then query again
  3. php/mysql last id
  4. I'm telling you there is NO T_STRING
  5. cURL Blues...
  6. Script but error
  7. In php how we can add and show two days working hour
  8. Free PHP Encoder/Decoder?
  9. Any Rbac or Acl class to recommended?
  10. Display Data in two rows
  11. PHP creating extra table rows with a given value.
  12. YaBB forum
  13. Unique Id hashing issue
  14. Change Name to userid.jpg durring upload
  15. Prasing XML using PHP
  16. Photo Gallery
  17. explode
  18. mail href not working in Entourage 2004
  19. PHP DOM - XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
  20. Write each array Item to file with linebreak, except last item.
  21. Help making an html form for phpgmailer
  22. Match string with and without white spaces
  23. problem with variable
  24. E_Parse error handling
  25. Can you format an Excel/CSV file?
  26. Checking values in a form?
  27. Mail sending on Windows Server with Apache
  28. Wordpress Upgrade Fatal Errors
  29. List time with intervals
  30. How do I code this
  31. What is the best way to modify array item with loop?
  32. Coding TextArea Submissions to HTML
  33. updating a site with PHP
  34. script optimization
  35. Modify reminder send function
  36. Should this work with the new session update
  37. Resolved FOR loop problem.
  38. Need help with API call using SOAP
  39. Troubles using require_once
  40. problem with "" in a string
  41. VCF Parser
  42. Securing form to mail script
  43. get part of a string within the brackets
  44. mysql help required
  45. Dynamic CSS question with Joomla module extension News Show GK3
  46. Attaching a file to email
  47. quick $_POST question
  48. Uploading Files With PHP
  49. intelligent form?
  50. simplexml_load_string begginers question
  51. how to display various of text(links) at fixed times.
  52. Notice: Use of undefined constant act - assumed 'act'
  53. ASCII equivalent of white space
  54. Resolved Passing Variables
  55. php beginner-how to get started?
  56. need help!about filtering word..
  57. Urgent (for tomorrow) cookies won't save!!
  58. multiple checkboxes / links on submit
  59. Adding email to form with simple password protection
  60. form field generated from database table
  61. CURL Help
  62. Resolved Multiple insert tag
  63. T_String Error with SQL Query
  64. I need to be pointed in the right direction
  65. Form Action Not Working
  66. PHP Mailer - Using Wamp TO send Emails
  67. Implementing Change Order
  68. Advice on simple E-commerce site
  69. Form help
  70. Not sure how to do this
  71. Resolved Not showing value with error
  72. Alphabet list
  73. How do I populate a listbox seperately for each row of data loaded in a grid
  74. How do I set my User listbox to default to the user logged in?
  75. Populating table using PHP
  76. Check for duplicate input data
  77. How to map a script into an OOP approach?
  78. explode() a number
  79. Theme programming
  80. is this statement correct?
  81. Personal profile login
  82. SQL Errors
  83. server display
  84. form not submitting
  85. Not Bringing Up Calender
  86. Resolved I need help fixing my if else statement
  87. Custom Stats?
  88. do I use $split to split my common.php into several smaller files?
  89. Server_Name conflicts within localhost and live environment
  90. Resolved radio and array menu to mysql
  91. Stuck on 'Active-State' Menu Issue
  92. question about GET HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: \r\nConnection: Close\r\n
  93. PHP Coding Help
  94. XMLHttpRequest request to php page gives server 404 ( page not found)
  95. Echo to another page
  96. Developer Info in HTML Comment
  97. convert number?
  98. How to add correct path via get_include_path?
  99. php remove temporary cache?
  100. Password Confirmation
  101. quick pick?
  102. PHP-mySQL troubles
  103. Two actions in 1 form (without js)
  104. session cookies (i think)
  105. Help on using form to query mysql database and display results across several pages
  106. Little bit of homework help
  107. Image Within Image - imagegif()
  108. PHP script causing login errors - WordpressMU
  109. Reading SimpleXML_load_string
  110. Php Framework Poll
  111. hexa code in php
  112. Displaying Fields
  113. Pear: Mail
  114. update mysql datetime field with php
  115. Timed Field
  116. Email marketing & Tracking
  117. urgent .... uploading for windows server with php
  118. open link with firefox in php
  119. Joomla Help
  120. monthly or years archive
  121. Updating Shopping cart qty
  122. Need help with $get issue
  123. A few questions to help with
  124. PHP Redirect
  125. Blog Post Summary
  126. Add a break after certain text
  127. Alphanumeric Increments - Advanced
  128. Missing link between php and postgrepsql
  129. CMS choice advice needed
  130. Using variables in variables
  131. Unknown cause of Too many connections
  132. Distinguishing PHP codes in Wordpress
  133. 3 ways to set variables in classes
  134. displaying list style forum posts?
  135. Simple if help
  136. PHP sending forgotten password
  137. Need help with PHP Form
  138. Generate PDF, DOCX and DOC with PHP
  139. Overflow search results onto new page.
  140. Cant get variable inside function
  141. Blank Form when emailed
  142. Need help with posting data from multiple selection listbox
  143. Remove Key from Array
  144. Parsing XML question...
  145. ldap password update on OS X Open Directory
  146. inserting - into a phone number, help plz
  147. Functions
  148. Is this a valid php sql update ?
  149. Validating a URL
  150. mysql insert error
  151. Generation of array definition
  152. using PHP variables in image url
  153. Subtracting one value from another in php from mysql query
  154. Evaluating the captcha variable ?
  155. Php Include not working
  156. Jooma Page Class Suffix PHP Question
  157. form gpg'd to send via phpmailer mess
  158. New guy needs a little help
  159. Validating form inputs
  160. cronjob
  161. Need help getting started - PHP, MySQL, Item/Part Configurator
  162. Insert dynamic droplist
  163. Special ORDER BY
  164. line graphs in PHP
  165. put values from mysql into array
  166. Problem with a simple php redirect
  167. problems with my Autosuggest project
  168. Form validation - checking a filetype
  169. How to work with Unicode (UTF16) in PHP?
  170. Where to start?
  171. RE: Resources to Learn PHP
  172. Need help on regular expression to compress html source
  173. In writing a query Function.. Appreciate you help
  174. session help
  175. Image link to next page
  176. How to display message thread in ascending order of date?
  177. $_GET help
  178. bullet cp
  179. Biometric ( fingerprint ) authentication ?
  180. hidden variables PLEASE HELP- Beginner
  181. Cron Job Ghost Files
  182. passwords in php/mysql
  183. Database model help wanted
  184. How do I display "posted" data via FCKeditor?
  185. PHP::Pear
  186. how do I sort..
  187. Changing background color of current day
  188. random url string
  189. Declaring an object global?
  190. Design problem about pagination in php
  191. Table row counter help
  192. Dynamic short / search engine friendly URL's
  193. why is this not working i am sure you do it like this?
  194. Resolved What is wrong with this simple statement ?
  195. trying to parse a custom feed (compete.com traffic info)
  196. Resolved PDO Where did i go wrong
  197. forms and validation
  198. Where to go from PHP OOP?
  199. Include script errors with off-site links
  200. Printing or Echoing Every Line
  201. Retrieving information from another page
  202. Creating a post-a-comment system using flat files
  203. Rid duplicates in list due to 1 < fields & how to get multiple entries on same page
  204. Use wildcard find and place segment of field in another field?
  205. jquery pagination with php
  206. add a record counter
  207. Check to see if IMG has loaded
  208. Help me in calling PHP function via hyperlink
  209. Problem with mail Sending
  210. Preventing dupes with php
  211. Resolved contact form doesn't email
  212. reading pdf metadata
  213. Help! Enter info from page onto another page...
  214. Searching for Strings
  215. Duplication of image or video
  216. Help updating database
  217. not receiving mail from php script
  218. submit problem
  219. disadvantages of Html tags in MySql DB
  220. math calculation on a php page (AGAIN)
  221. how to integrate fck editor in my php code?
  222. php form - checkbox foreach
  223. Session Initiation
  224. stuck with variable variables and arrays
  225. Changing CSS background-image on multiple DIV's on new page
  226. Forum inside website
  227. Click Counter
  228. Random link generated.
  229. Help Edit this Viewer php
  230. what is the best licence system to protect our scripts ??
  231. Switch case Usage:Choosing the array definition in the Server
  232. Resolved purge text file
  233. Help With Posting Data From MySQL To A textarea Using PHP.
  234. JPG to BMP
  235. Quick regex help.
  236. My SQL Moving
  237. Php Coding showing nothing (blank space) when used in titlebar
  238. Mandatory fields Going Crazy
  239. What's the best way you've found to learn?
  240. css background-image caching?
  241. Advice needed for site creation
  242. Page/table row counter
  243. How to put preg match all results in a table?
  244. Download ZIP file PHP script errors
  245. Array help please
  246. Check to see if table exists ?
  247. user ID translate to user name
  248. PHP / ASP Encryption Translation
  249. Include() in PHP5
  250. How to insert Google Adsense code in this php file?

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