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  1. email form not returning one line to admin
  2. scope and inheritance issues :(
  3. Help with an error connecting to database.
  4. ajax and php
  5. php mailling problem
  6. Adding Suffix to Variable in a Loop
  7. How to deal with included files if there is allow_url_include disabled?
  8. sort string from short to long
  9. Resolved mysqli connection troubles
  10. Resolved One last session problem
  11. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  12. Resolved Session Start and check login
  13. PHP Session Security
  14. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect()
  15. Resolved Update??
  16. Help Parsing
  17. Formating PHP out put of a MySQL Query
  18. start LAMP
  19. In house php mail script works, everything else doesnt
  20. Help asap
  21. PHP MySQL config problem
  22. stripslashes(), mysql_real_escape_string() - I don't know
  23. CakePHP Internal Server Errors
  24. Resolved function help please
  25. How to load images based on Dropdown list selection
  26. if/elseif problem
  27. retreive data from previous month and loop through a year
  28. edit the displayed text on a text area and in the same place displayed
  29. Wordpress Comment Popups not working
  30. Giving feedback to the user - how should you design your code?
  31. Resolved textarea goes to search
  32. Else if with query string...UGH!
  33. Issue with image Directory
  34. Array of Radio Buttons
  35. print by order
  36. Resolved Parse Error, Tried everything.. :(
  37. Resolved safely adding to a database: mysql_real_escape_string, stripslashes?
  38. Creating a sortable HTML table from a MySQL database
  39. interspire emailer php error foreach(), please help
  40. PHP Shoutbox Help
  41. Saving state in hidden field
  42. need to edit the form values by clicking the edit resume button
  43. Trying to use session to update or delete specified article
  44. Fox Pro 9 with / to PHP
  45. ereg_replace() Help
  46. Syntax Error
  47. Multi IP Views (Image Hosting)
  48. Cms
  49. SQL UPDATE with MySQLi
  50. Unexpected $end?
  51. File upload script error
  52. insert problems
  53. changing to session?
  54. file_get_contents() Help
  55. Controlling front page of Wordpress with php
  56. Resolved I want convert an Table of Data to an MultiDimensionArray
  57. modify gallery script to attach .txt description to each images
  58. rand() Problem?
  59. Cms
  60. RSS Feeds
  61. How can i start my own leauge?
  62. Resolved Warning: mysql_free_result()
  63. how can i display the first 3 elements from the last 10 ??
  64. Max's whois
  65. Regular expressions - being ungreedy
  66. Domain Search + Availability
  67. Encrypt and Licence?
  68. GD Creating Border?
  69. Exporting MySQL Tables
  70. How do I get rid of Session ID for guests?
  71. Custom CMS
  72. PHP File Upload Scripts
  73. A mixture kinda query?
  74. help, need to upload image with extension??
  75. How to send output via a specific port.
  76. How do I incorparate a ping with my update script ?
  77. PHP Workflow
  78. Errow message - funcion.php file update
  79. Resize & Crop Image
  80. FTP Help
  81. Randomizing with php
  82. php require problem
  83. _POST Syntax from HTML Form
  84. Pull values from MySql to Curl data=array()...
  85. PHP - Problems with Cookies
  86. PHP, PDF's and all kinds of fun!
  87. CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode
  88. Newlines removed with fpassthru() for txt files?
  89. a little php/mysql help please?
  90. Class Error
  91. PHP Forms
  92. html entities ()
  93. Cron Job Not Working...
  94. Problem using Key inside foreach loop
  95. Problem with str_split
  96. php file not showing image
  97. query on HTML form
  98. how do you track visitors?
  99. dynamic pages adding image
  100. help with Explode function.
  101. Need help making chat
  102. Form Attachment problem
  103. quotes in PHP mail
  104. Financial Options?
  105. Help! Session errors after switch to HostGator
  106. Creating a Registration/Email Validation process in PHP
  107. PHP/mysql UK postcode partial match array - please help me!
  108. Printing code in "if" statements
  109. Connecting to my MySQL (XAMPP server)
  110. Resolved Working with an XML response
  111. help with lottery script needed
  112. cURL Get Results
  113. What is wrong with this code?
  114. Comma Help
  115. Resolved how to style tags in php
  116. Select box not assigning correct number
  117. Resolved Quick syntax question..
  118. Text along curved line
  119. Contact.php form is working, but Im still getting errors after submit - not sure why.
  120. Adding functionality on upload page to send email when file is uploaded?
  121. Resolved Contact form wont work in Joomla/Jumi
  122. Resolved [SOLVED] Problem with imagecreatefromjpeg()
  123. Trying no-page-reload with Ajax, but need help with include_once
  124. Having troubles with UPDATE scripts - Look Inside!
  125. tabs and php not working together
  126. csv import woes...
  127. A Loop to Find all Possibilities...
  128. Convert SimpleXMLElement to xml_parse_into_struct script
  129. Handling two forms in one page
  130. Searching for PHP equivlent to JS's "replace" function
  131. Generate number sequence.
  132. How to store HTML like content in forums?
  133. update scripts get error messages!!!
  134. add collected data into invoice.php file
  135. please help in this yahoo weather api class
  136. UPS shipping system integration
  137. Getting Host Name taking too long
  138. Simple question about cURL
  139. PHP error possibly?? not sure!!
  140. how do I use timezones?
  141. Capture a rotating image?
  142. How do I format a date?
  143. create individual member profiles???
  144. Pound to Ounces
  145. Form Processing - check boxes - help needed please
  146. Blank Username & Password Authenticates with LDAP?
  147. Resolved Embedded video player?
  148. How we can integrate UPS shipping system
  149. select box help.
  150. Filename problem
  151. Best way of adding my contact.php form to my Joomla site?
  152. problem extract Request
  153. Resolved striping carrage return & new lines
  154. PHP Scraping Problem (Can't POST)
  155. How can I shorten an url and still keep the parameters?
  156. Counting how many times a file was downloaded!
  157. Resolved Set COOKIE with checkbox values?
  158. Shortening a url by removing long query string?
  159. Object inheritance/override
  160. Search form to search a directory
  161. How to trim from the right
  162. roulette
  163. IonCube PHP decoder?
  164. Has anyone used the Jumi Joomla extension?
  165. Strange Regex Problem
  166. :: wall planner/calendar required plz...
  167. Convert HTML Table to CSV
  168. Show active (dynamic) page in menu?
  169. Resolved Auto generate HTML/PHP page and embed video?
  170. if/else conditions
  171. Loading data from MySQL table, by a value found in database.
  172. problem with the yahoo api weather
  173. what does '@' in PHP mean ?
  174. Making PHP run through MSDOS
  175. Echo out far too many
  176. Get a response from a remote server
  177. FCKeditor more than 1 text area, shrink toolbar?
  178. Whats wrong with this php redirect ?
  179. Not Showing correct Value
  180. Searching Multiple Tables for Keywords
  181. Need help with Parse error: syntax error
  182. Newbie Learning PHP
  183. flash player
  184. embedding the weather conditions
  185. upload images code request
  186. Resolved Not clicking with me.
  187. SELECT mis mask
  188. Resolved Not Updating
  189. what array is this?
  190. Retrieving Data Into Editable Form
  191. How can I find the width and height...
  192. convert numeric string to date-time format
  193. Resolved Multiple Delete Query To Different Tables
  194. Joomla article separator PHP question
  195. Resolved Returning human readable file size
  196. if radio checked show include x else include z
  197. Random image display on page load
  198. Lookin for a registration script/form please help
  199. Resolved php select array, need help with option=selected
  200. Blogs and News Scripts - Are they the same?
  201. Make array from db query results
  202. url rewrite problem ??
  203. PHP search with while
  204. read txt file and display in webpage
  205. dropdown menu, need help!!
  206. Retrieving youtube paths
  207. Sockets - Client closing connection
  208. How To Code A Reverse IP Lookup?
  209. Problem, returning incorrect data
  210. Resolved Messed something up
  211. How to set image display size ?
  212. Why is <<<__HTML_END used
  213. session start errors, need help to fix these coding errors
  214. help with query
  215. Page able to be edit by user.
  216. Call to undefined method domdocument::loadXML() Error
  217. "Parking" database information for display in a calendar
  218. Creating a install script
  219. Problem with this query???
  220. Updating Yes/No
  221. php redirect
  222. Pagination Columns
  223. Resolved Update or Delete
  224. Simple Php Help. How to insert a variable into a path please help!!! May be Simple fo
  225. call HTML in php
  226. View other users profiles
  227. Need help with Joomla php module class suffix
  228. If username
  229. UPDATE script not working the way it should. HELP!
  230. leaner code
  231. Porting Rbac System
  232. I need a regex to get link URLs from content.
  233. Insert not Inserting into Database Part 3
  234. Insert not Inserting into Database
  235. Resolved help writing a proper array
  236. session_start()??
  237. PHP Pagination and Mod_Rewrite
  238. Resolved Two variables next to each other.
  239. query and then query again
  240. php/mysql last id
  241. I'm telling you there is NO T_STRING
  242. cURL Blues...
  243. Script but error
  244. In php how we can add and show two days working hour
  245. Free PHP Encoder/Decoder?
  246. Any Rbac or Acl class to recommended?
  247. Display Data in two rows
  248. PHP creating extra table rows with a given value.
  249. YaBB forum
  250. Unique Id hashing issue

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