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  1. Problem concatenating php and js
  2. Resolved Call to undefined function mssql_init()
  3. Contact form with tabs
  4. What is the right permission of formail php ?
  5. How to fix this PHP problem [Urgent]
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  7. Resolved php_curl.dll is not a valid Win32 application
  8. Pagination Not Working
  9. sendmail.php not working
  10. php not displaying Result
  11. Getting data from another website and creating array
  12. Joining two tables with GET
  13. URL Variable from DB
  14. How to assure file was downloaded successfully
  15. php function help.. (php beginner)
  16. Best secure open source php webmail script
  17. Help 'Warning: mysql_fetch_array()'
  18. contact form with time out
  19. Display value to several input type text from text file
  20. to not submit form
  21. I need a help about nexmo PHP Coding.
  22. Help parsing XML file
  23. Display image for x seconds
  24. Changing PHP's directory in a path?
  25. on submit can't goto other page
  26. The site will not display a 'pound sign'
  27. what is this variable type and how do I access it's contents ..
  28. regex help
  29. Wrong Insert Query
  30. how to slove insert data with category and subcategory
  31. Get the variable from the previous page
  32. Using a PDO object from an included file
  33. PHP - Display SQL results in multiple tables
  34. Using other classes inside classes.
  35. how to get all files in folder apart from the ones that end with a 'p'
  36. File Path being inserted before page header
  37. mailicious code
  38. PHP Coding error
  39. generating graph using static data
  40. I am very new at PHP coding and I need some help on the code below. The Code outputs
  41. Account Creation
  42. loading array then saving new array
  43. uploads not being saved, no errors
  44. Hiding .php extensions
  45. Captcha security not working
  46. Where to put a <p> tag in this?
  47. msqli real escape issue
  48. Unset PHP session variable, weird issue...
  49. PHP not send the whole thing !!!
  50. How to call external js function in php
  51. display image inside zip archive - can't read the file if it has special chars
  52. php where clause problem grater than time value
  53. Unicode in php
  54. Need help in saving data from textboxes inside foreach loop
  55. submit form
  56. I dont want the image to be a link
  57. Checkout SSL displaying warning message?
  58. Image in PHP with background of two colors
  59. Login shows white id and pass
  60. Net_smtp error
  61. Cron Download Script not working
  62. resizer class does not resize BMP file types.
  63. File not downloading
  64. How to use cookies
  65. City, state, zip search box
  66. Data types in PHP
  67. Is PHP the language I need?
  68. help with unexpected end error
  69. side bar in PHP wrong side of my page
  70. Form error
  71. PHP security
  72. Problem with getting data from mysql
  73. php form values not being passed through?!
  74. form
  75. Resolved Parsing struggles
  76. Multiple item entry with edit and delete option
  77. Joomla php code change help needed
  78. Multiple item entry with edit and delete option
  79. Adding a note below all the product pages
  80. PHP OOP - Class extends
  81. Need help with GET Variable
  82. PHP code for opening pdf files
  83. how to convert string to num
  84. hi i need help making my api php files
  85. Displaying mysql select records in html css table and calculate total price
  86. PHP Thumbnail Links
  87. Regex or filter_var
  88. How to remove Powered by from my website?
  89. PHP call to SOAP web service that has multiple read() methods in the same service
  90. Contact Form Help
  91. Unable to copy data from one SQL table to another
  92. mysql code displaying no record on echo
  93. Timezones and displaying
  94. Php image creating problem
  95. help modifying 'onclick' to call variable url from data file
  96. Having a Problem with basic mySQL and PHP
  97. Cookies, aren't working
  98. Paypal Autobuy
  99. Contact Form 7 sending blank emails from iPad
  100. Looking for a resource
  101. How to go to the site when clicking the submit button in form?
  102. How to Fix sql injection & Blind sql injection
  103. How To Syntax This?
  104. Need help in displaying data per date and shift from database
  105. am I using cURL right here?
  106. Populating a Drop-Down Only with Items Starting with a Specified String
  107. Check if date between two dates, ignore year
  108. Search engine code
  109. need help trying to link on image.
  110. PDO MVC Framework
  111. How to unzip .tar.gz on server
  112. How do you make a form that stores data?
  113. Need help in creating a customer and retailer table for a price comparison website
  114. display product details in a pop up window with close button only
  115. break query down into arrays & nested arrays
  116. Removing duplicate MySQL data with a Flag?
  117. XSS Vulnerability?
  118. how to change the order of months in the agenda?
  119. using ksort
  120. Article isnt updating
  121. how to redirect a page - friendly URL?
  122. PHP Explode issue
  123. New project, advise appreciated
  124. Pls help me php code
  125. php and xml help
  126. Database driven site......SEO Question.
  127. mime type problem
  128. First basic login form. Help needed!
  129. how find time between two times??
  130. Get the time differance??
  131. Auto Session timeout
  132. Form not working on iPhones?
  133. explode implode issue
  134. WordPress - Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gt_save_images()
  135. Resolved Array to string
  136. tracking visitors
  137. If Else statment
  138. Problem with update mysql data via php
  139. $_GET Not Working on index.php
  140. How to excute MySQL command with so much record
  141. Undefined index: prod_id...
  142. Resolved image upload move errors
  143. Need help in table design in displaying data from database
  144. Problem on inserting data from foreach to database
  145. Problem with my php dynamic CSS
  146. file search issue
  147. Design: One or Two Roles?
  148. Linking problem
  149. Need help in my table layout where the data are from database
  150. help with auto log in
  151. Newbie needs help.
  152. price not populating in text field when selecting product in drop down
  153. PHP Captcha Not Recognising Answers
  154. Site Search noindex page code
  155. Need help in getting the value of one field to be used in mysql select query
  156. MySQLi E_NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object
  157. Inner Join 2 tables, and fetch results during while
  158. Group Permissions Problem
  159. difficulties displaying Gravatars on my website
  160. How to filter text that should have some 'special characters'
  161. HELP! My Signup Form Is Not Working!
  162. Error with website [CODE]
  163. How to tell what is opening the website
  164. adding txt to the second last line in a file
  165. pop up help using php
  166. Need little help to finish this little snippet!
  167. Return Meta-Description Instead of Post Excerpt
  168. Rename columns before downloading CSV
  169. Always Display Child Pages on Parent Pages and Child Pages PHP/MySQL
  170. PHP - mysql Count same word column values
  171. PHP - mysql Count row values together
  172. Get dropdown value when editing user
  173. Replace default code with personalized one
  174. Who's online not working
  175. Who's online manfunction
  176. How to create Video & Documents sharing site in PHP
  177. prod_id not populating correctly in tblretprod
  178. Changing URL
  179. How can i add this into my php code?
  180. How to remove part of a title name using php conversion tool?
  181. Could use help with some php / twitter code
  182. Retrieve database article with slug string
  183. Still cant get the ' character work in data-entry
  185. better way for this query-creating script
  186. Resolved allow a special character in string
  187. Newbie Questions
  188. Job posts not showing in search results
  189. redirect not working
  190. Advantages of PHP Development Over Dot Net and Java
  191. How to improve Timesheet Application
  192. Best method for logging timestamps
  193. asp tags dont work????
  194. [B]Install PHP on an Ipad[/B]
  195. Top Interview Questions for PHP?
  196. Count occurrences of multiple varying substrings within table field?
  197. Php foreach
  198. How do i use the LIKE operator in a if statement
  199. Backward Incompatible in ver 5.5
  200. Session Security for password reset
  201. export data to xlsx format (need it quickly please )
  202. Php official beta site
  203. tracking installations of application
  204. Saving image to mysql, help needed
  205. ZipArchive() problem with special characters in filenames
  206. My website have the expiry email notification but is not working and need your help
  207. Hello, I am new to PHP and need your help with .
  208. SOAP calls slow down with multiple users
  209. How to: filter csv, show results (??)
  210. Trying to link to anchor?
  211. Define() Constant inside mysql connection string probelm
  212. problum in creating image using imagettftext()
  213. adding header.sidebar and footer over fullscreen slider
  214. Text to Images
  215. The cursor is scrolling when code executed
  216. How do you filter search results
  217. select columns from table NOT = 'name'
  218. Alter PHP code to play video instead of images
  219. PHP Wordpress Slider Help - Alter to play video instead of images
  220. creating multiple empty files
  221. Passing parameters to webservice using php and soap
  222. How can I resolve this search ?
  223. Resolved Ampersand Breaking Code
  224. Email Rules
  225. stop direct access to scripts
  226. Problem with cookie write/read
  227. image drectory structure .. formula?
  228. getting different result live than i am locally
  229. Resolved SESSIONS in MVC
  230. [PHP] Open new window for update
  231. Can't get _GET to work
  232. Change form options if a photo is uploaded
  233. array_push issue
  234. Whois & bootstrap issues?
  235. Getting delimiter from a line
  236. faster than glob
  237. Adding a PHP search function to Search MySQL Database HELP
  238. Duplicate records during a foreach loop
  239. PHP sorting problem
  240. selecting and displaying records randomly from mysql + php
  241. Can you sort email lists with PHP?
  242. Fatal error: Call to undefined function seconds2human()
  243. newbie - developing webcam webpage using PHP
  244. How to fix Fatal Error PHPExcel: Memory Limit Exhausted while reading XLSX file of 5M
  245. How to remove $row[
  246. Contact form to send a email after 3days
  247. Adding popout image of webpage on link PHP script
  248. Trouble working with an array of data.
  249. Inserting routine into script
  250. I need help with PHP codes

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