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  1. Wedesigner needed!
  2. Need CSS Guru (WordPress)
  3. Webdesign,HTML wanted
  4. Need a site coder and designer
  5. flash and php integration
  6. Need Program ASAP
  7. Mixtape Database Project
  8. RBS WorldPay XML Direct integration for Magento
  9. CD registration page
  10. web-based game php and mysql - PM me offers
  11. Xfilesharing Script Customization - Perl Expert
  12. Need someone strong with Google Maps
  13. simple coding for my t-shirt site
  14. Experienced Forum Poster Wanted
  15. Developer needed for Job referral & search web site
  16. Debugging Educational Site - expert php, mysql, javascript, ajax
  17. Need PHP/MYSQL Programmer to finish a CMS Project
  18. Gaming League Coding
  19. Web Developer/Coder/Designer needed!!!!!
  20. Website upgrade needed.
  21. Need Programmer To Finish Nearly Complete Java Game - $500!
  22. Online Class Registration
  23. Can you do this?
  24. VB.Net Web Crawler Application
  25. Custom CMS PSD provided
  26. Javascript Form AutoTab and Validation (real time)
  27. PHP/MySQL Online RPG Game - Coding and Debugging
  28. My Joomla site was Hacked, need someone to put it back to normal
  29. Want To Leave a Legacy Behind?
  30. convert my site to wordpress
  31. Programming Advisor
  32. PHP to ASP.net Project - Newsletter CMS and Mailer
  33. eCommerce Store
  34. Need - Experienced Programmer / Coder
  35. Looking for website developer
  36. $200 potential - need this program for personal use .
  37. Site Update Needed
  38. Drupal Website needed
  39. Ready For Work
  40. Coding help for a start page ( index.php)
  41. Need Coder to fix bugs, pay from profits
  42. Paid to Click Script Work (Gen 4)
  43. Looking For Professional Homepage Help
  44. Facebook Application - Phrases-Creator / Random Texts App
  45. Gaming League Coding Required
  46. We are looking for Professional Programmer : ASP, PHP, .NET
  47. Wordpress/Buddypress Install w/ Movable Type Import
  48. Quick Ajax Project
  49. Website redesign and development
  50. GWT Ajax Calendar to Documentum DFS
  51. Facebook App Upgrades Paying
  52. Wikipedia Article Writer, for notable, applicable person
  53. Looking for someone to build just 1 page
  54. Clone
  55. Javascript form calculator in existing webpage
  56. Need Experianced PHP Coder
  57. VBulletin Custom Skin
  58. Picture upload and gallery
  59. Rapidleech integration Datalife Engine
  60. Need new web design for a website!
  61. $500 - WordPress integration
  62. Need A Coder For "My GB Script"
  63. Looking for a PHP/XHTML coder for a project
  64. Taxi Website
  65. Google Maps and Data System
  66. Need helping coding web shop in PHP
  67. teach me the important "hello world"-type stuff in Joomla (Drupal too if you want)
  68. Looking for Website Template Designer (Photoshop)
  69. Gaming Script Finisher
  70. Looking for Php ads, Banner Manager... Help..
  71. [FOR HIRE] XML Reader Script
  72. Looking for a coder to code my wordpress site
  73. PHP coder and MySQL
  74. Overhaul for text based browser game
  75. PHP Script Modification needed
  76. Javascript Programmer / In-text ads
  77. Virtual Hangout - Client & Server Developer Needed
  78. looking for a coder in php & MySql
  79. 3g video chatting
  80. Can Someone Build Me a Web Hosting Site?
  81. web developer (front and back end)
  82. Looking for a designer
  83. Javascript form calculator coding
  84. Design new theme/add buddypress to existing site
  85. Paid help
  86. [FOR HIRE] PTC-Script Add-Ons [Urgent]
  87. WTH - UI (jQuery like www.songza.fm) design and site themed
  88. Calculate PDF form fields
  89. Flash ringtone tool project
  90. Need Coder, Designer (Long Term), Teacher
  91. Classipress theme
  92. Design WordPress-BuddyPress Website
  93. Need PHP Mod to Search PHP File
  94. Simple website needed (php/sql)
  95. Paying 200 to a coder
  96. Looking for Teachers
  97. Special Clock and Calendar - 'Project Time-machine'
  98. ATS System
  99. 1st Post - Need Top Coder For very Specific Project
  100. Resolved URL Shortening (PHP5/AJAX/MySQL)
  101. American Football - Win / Loss Calculator
  102. I have a website that needs to be finished
  103. Worpress Plugin - Take Youtube Videos From 1 User and Upload To Blog
  104. php & java appointment calendar
  105. Looking for experienced Vbulletin Mod Coder
  106. Dynamic Display Page
  107. Coder needed
  108. Need help asap with cgi issue
  109. need a coder
  110. PSD to CSS
  111. Google KW Tool/Domain Availability Project
  112. Interactive flash map wanted
  113. CD Upload Form - PHP , Ajax , MySQL (resolved)
  114. Search Engine URL Scraper
  115. pharmacy site redesigned needed..
  116. Download CSV Script
  117. Small Article Directory in PHP MYSQL
  118. Autouplaod script
  119. Upload Image PAYPAL
  120. Merge two mp3 files together in php
  121. Ladder Site Modifications- PHP/MSQL/AJAX
  122. Web Developer
  123. Need a webdesigner and css coder
  124. General cleanup/SEO work on existing site
  125. C++ Coder needed for Circlemud
  126. C Programmer required. Urgent.
  127. Convert cgi and .pm scripts from old server ptpcam lib to new server gphoto2 lib
  128. Convert my PSD -> CSS/XHTML + wordpress integration
  129. Bug Fixing + Feature Adding [PHP]
  130. local banner ads
  131. Interactive map with zoom in/out feature
  132. Looking for a script or blog site like blogger
  133. Coder needed for development of game
  134. Programmer needed for League/Ladder site changes
  135. Coder Needed for simple auction Website.
  136. Programmer needed: Simple JS medical themed game with leaderboard needed
  137. Corrupt Vbulletin
  138. Need a coder for Party pics website
  139. Need Coder for a friend request program
  140. PHP-Javascript-AjaX Coder Needed
  141. Looking for a coder for website.
  142. Need Coder for website
  143. Simple PHP/GD 12 Month Sales Graph
  144. Need adult video sharing script
  145. Online custom label ordering joomla script
  146. (Request) PHP Code Modifications
  147. js/jquery developer wanted
  148. Educational site with e-commerce and BB
  149. Resolved Job Listing Script (PHP/MySQL)
  150. Gaming lottery site (using API)
  151. [Request] Diablo 3 Website Design
  152. Need flash developer or javascript person for music site
  153. Woodlands.ucoz.com
  154. Freelancer wanted to render a website.
  155. 2 websites needed
  156. I want to make a mafia multiplayer game!
  157. Html and php coder needed good offer
  158. Custom CMS for website
  159. Paid to click site
  160. Google Search URL Scraper
  161. Looking for coder for importing products
  162. Online Custom Label Design and Order System
  163. Looking for Coder + Paypal Intergration.
  164. Looking for a web designer for a matrimonial site design
  165. Looking for Website Coder + Shopping Cart Creation.
  166. Wordpress based image / text posting site
  167. Website Like Shareapic.net
  168. Looking for somebody knowledgable in PHP/MySQL
  169. Looking for Programmer for Medium to Large Project.
  170. WANTED: Coding for Referral system website
  171. Need Coder for Text Game
  172. PHP Help needed
  173. Php modify and add-ons Needed
  174. Need ad network script and redesign
  175. Resolved Basic WORDPRESS install
  176. Flash Programmer Needed for Small Project
  177. Need a C Coder (URGENT)
  178. Resolved PSD to HTML and a few things in between
  179. need a coder for simple search engine
  180. Paid Job - Counter Strike competition help.
  181. To track sale from partner sites
  182. Looking for coder to work on community sites
  183. Php/Mysql/Html/Web Development
  184. Need Programmer for Game
  185. PHP Emailing Help
  186. Looking to Buy a text based MMORPG
  187. PHP MYSQL security issue
  188. Wordpress knowledge needed and javascript
  189. [WTS] ONLINE Mafia GAME
  190. Coder Needed For online mafia site.
  191. Full Business Website for Sale
  192. Phplist coders needed
  193. PhP coder or Pre-Made Codes WANTED!
  194. vBulletin programmer needed
  195. Extremely urgent PHP Problem $100 to person who solves problem
  196. PHP/Javascript/AJAX - populate drop downs
  197. JavaScript/HTML/CSS Expert Needed
  198. New Auction Site
  199. Database & PHP Coding
  200. Develop Web News Interactive
  201. HSBC e-Payments API
  202. product customisation order form
  203. Template Design & Coding For Exciting New Site
  204. Rules for posting a Project - (MUST READ!)
  205. CSS pages on website
  206. Simple flash video chat script
  207. css and asp.net store help
  208. Custom Facebook Application & Custon Toolbar WANTED
  209. Search Feature For Site
  210. Auto Vote (Bot) Program / TopList Related
  211. Cross Browser CSS & Some javascript

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