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  1. Fix my yahoo status detector site
  2. I need image tool tip modification
  3. Adding Column(s) to WP Using HTML & CSS
  4. CSS templates designer
  5. sms payment implementing to vbulletin
  6. Gaming social network template design
  7. Looking for someone to do some editting to "Abledating Matchmaking Software"
  8. WANTED: SWF player. Play/Pause/Stop/Rewind/Forward buttons
  9. Small Job with youtube embedding code
  10. Simulator Project.
  11. Small Webpage ActiveX Scripts
  12. need java programmer for a small task
  13. need help with a few scripts
  14. Net Objects Fusion Forms
  15. Video Uploads and Chat Feature
  16. PHP Job
  17. Refine and polish my banner in PhotoShop
  18. Easy google ads help
  19. Forum Script, Profile comments
  20. Flash / MySQL Project For Teaching Site
  21. How to add HTML to website using JavaScript
  22. Forum customization needed (30$ In your pocket)
  23. Cross Browser Compatibility.
  24. Secure Login Form
  25. I need some JavaScript help * resolved*
  26. Forum posters needed
  27. need 2 people from 2 different pictures
  28. Amazon Simple Pay integration
  29. [Paid] Signature Generator Upgrades!
  30. Need a cookie recognition / redirect code
  31. Resolved Need programmer for simple script.
  32. Installation and Publishing my site as WordPress Themes
  33. Need a custom Microsoft Word resume template made
  34. Need guru php/css/html programmer to contact me right now.
  35. Php Link integration
  36. Integrate this League script into SMF forum
  37. Modify Leaderboard Script
  38. Unique Image Uploader (PHP/MySQL)
  39. Simple Javascript Countdown needed
  40. Create A Banlist and Report Form
  41. Resolved Java programming help game $5-15
  42. one page integration to shopping cart for paypal
  43. flash programmer for photo portfolio
  44. Need Cobalt 2.0 Phpbb Converted To IPB
  45. Integrate wordpress into ready-made XHTML/CSS templates $25
  46. Graphic makeover for existing MMORPG game site
  47. Resolved Coder to fix error on product page (Prestashop e-cart)
  48. Need html/xml guru
  49. Flash project
  50. Fix Up and Finish Java App
  51. looking for coder
  52. Resolved Fixing the Error codes, installing/publishing WP Blogs
  53. Need Star Rating System to Replace my Dropdown Form
  54. Custom Form
  55. Create pdf catalog from live online store
  56. Finish Java App
  57. Drupal Powered Blogs Needed
  58. Cocoa Application for MAC
  59. Need a coder for blog features on site
  60. Logo Creation
  61. twitter followers script
  62. Html to Wordpress Coding Needed
  63. Forced ads pluging
  64. Image Menu : Jquery + mootools conflict
  65. customised search results
  66. Fix forum borders/color.
  67. Photoshop some photo's.
  68. Script installation help
  69. Cron script
  70. RESOLVED: Javascript coding fix for exit popup on sales page
  71. Looking for Coder for Project, On/Off/On Demand visual representation for Livestreams
  72. Create A Dynamic Signature Generator
  73. Open Realty Addon
  74. simple code fix-Involves saving images as-$20usd or $50 google adwroths credit
  75. Automated email response to customers
  76. Javascript Coder
  77. PHP Project
  78. Coder needed for backup and install
  79. need a person for advertisement
  80. Simple Straight Forward PHP job, $20?
  81. Resolved simple fix of CSS 2-column layout
  82. Flash developer needed. Small project. $100
  83. Site updates/extras needed doing
  84. $20 job? Fix my browser page loading status bar issue (IE)
  85. Javascript Button
  86. Creating .htaccess to make download links - RESOLVED
  87. Adding ajax uploader to php File Manager application
  88. Simple fix? $20 Wordpress CSS issue (and possibe PHP edit)
  89. PSD to CSS/XHTML conversion
  90. Custom Icon Creation For Forum
  91. conditional Get implementation
  92. Modification to javascript page blocker
  93. Zen Cart
  94. Looking to Hire JavaScript Programmer to Add 3 Modifications to Map Editor
  95. Need Designer for Text Based RPG
  96. Simple Rendering Issue between Mozilla and IE for Already-Made Webpage
  97. PHP Profile Updating System
  98. Php/Mysql/Ajax coder needed for quick fixes
  99. Chat room install needed
  100. Custom Simple Website
  101. Website Intergration
  102. PHP Photo Gallery (Anima Gallery) Help - Earn $50
  103. CSS/HTML Designer needed for website game
  104. $50 Usd For Programming Development Rapidleech/rapidshot User Management, $50 USD fo
  105. Need Forum with Modifications
  106. PSD to html + whmcs intergration
  107. Web page parsing using PHP
  108. Two forms and a database needed
  109. Myspace Div coding needed for theme
  110. [$15+] Background Image
  111. vBulletin Programmer Wanted
  112. Help with Greybox javascript pop-up
  113. Resolved Simple Javascript Countdown required
  114. Tiny PHP job
  115. A rapidshare download script
  116. PHP Upgrade / Tidy
  117. intergrate swf into another swf.
  118. cartoon illustration
  119. horizontical menu creation like play.com?
  120. Custom Birthday Form
  121. Php Help for Classifieds Website
  122. PHP File Upload Script Needed [Paid Project]
  123. looking for proxy search engine
  124. Have to Correct a Ready Made Script
  125. Small Job
  126. Password problem - Church site
  127. Small Quick Install and Fixes
  128. Cleaning up a created site (Flash and/or PHP knowledge required)
  129. Javascript gateway modification
  130. Looking for freelance technical article writer
  131. Comment and Rating System Needed ASAP!
  132. One page design is needed, PSD is enough
  133. Basic interactive map - see details
  134. Medical research project
  135. Someone who can create a 1 page layout
  136. Resolved Simple CSS Job
  137. JavaScript small project
  138. Simple Job (Will Pay)
  139. Need Widget built
  140. I Need a c# programmer pronto
  141. Need help with form cookies
  142. Resolved One time freelance AJAX project. - COMPLETED
  143. write script
  144. Looking for a php coder
  145. Graphic of site
  146. Resolved CSS styling
  147. Resolved Grab and Email
  148. Graphic Artists
  149. Resolved Small Modifications in GPScene Script
  150. quick link project (edit on current code)
  151. Need JavaScript programmers help
  152. e-commerce installation, must handle credit card payments securely
  153. PHP Mail Validation
  154. Need a coder/designer
  155. Need someone to create a javascript iframe
  156. Resolved Need help with a "got ya gag" surprise
  157. Help Wanted with website
  158. Adding ajax upload module to existing php upload page
  159. phpMelody MODS
  160. Resolved I Need WordPress Knowledgeable For Install and correction On Errors
  161. Taking a image off of a website and placing on mine
  162. Number to Words Conversion.
  163. I am looking for a web designer-will be well paid.
  164. Banners needed
  165. Zen-cart/Oscommerce/Similar setup
  166. Programmer Need for Game
  167. Alignment Fixing
  168. Easy $100 design psd
  169. htaccess and htpasswd help
  170. Graphical table-based multi-level cross-browser fly-out menu
  171. Resolved Java script that does three tasks
  172. Looking for JS programmer for form validation
  173. Turn C cmd program into windowed app
  174. Upload SQL Database
  175. need my site to look the same in all browsers
  176. $40 WordPress Skinning Project
  177. 10 or 20 bucks or so.
  178. Need Graphic Designer For Logo
  179. Woodlands.ucoz.com Text-Based game (simple)
  180. html generator
  181. MyBB to VB
  182. Need to develop a small API in asp
  183. Need a small change in the script
  184. Challenge
  185. Help with a very simple C program
  186. Job: Userplane Apps intergrated into osDate
  187. need some bug fixes - css/html
  188. Help. Php/html.
  189. Change new theme,install comments section and article directory
  190. Seeking for part-time forum posters.
  191. Simple Flash Script Needed
  192. Need 2 pages recoded.
  193. hostpay with custom temp
  194. PHPBB3 Style Needed
  195. Question about two MySQL database
  196. Need shadow border around my main div
  197. ajax asp
  198. [Buy]Maffia design!
  199. $10 to fix a php bug
  200. Need a template coded in CSS/XHTML $$
  201. Photoshop or Graphics needed
  202. Birthday countdown code - $50 (plus I'll pay paypal fees)
  203. Flash file needs php added
  204. Resolved modify existing script
  205. Special coding help....$50
  206. Validate WP Theme/Website
  207. Resolved Fisheye menu modification(s)
  208. Resolved human verification script
  209. Phpbb User Rank
  210. C++ programming Help
  211. Small CSS problem - $10
  212. Redirect Script
  213. AJAX Page
  214. Basic PHP/MySQL Form Script Needed
  215. Short, simple data-mining code needed
  216. simple upload and link return script w/registration
  217. Adding captcha to perl form...
  218. Inline popup needed
  219. Add new design into script
  220. Need PHP Script to Parse Shopping.com XML feed
  221. $75 for edits to a php script
  222. Web banners
  223. Need database conection in html
  224. Security test php script
  225. Java script needed (using JSON)
  226. pligg script install/modify need help
  227. Resolved Help modifying an existing PHP-based background script
  228. project10tothe100ideacollection.com design help
  229. Php & mysql help required
  230. Mysql database corrupt professional needed.
  231. NEW JOB basic html required.
  232. Need someone to setup and optimize hosting for Magento Script
  233. small vbulletin url rewrite bug
  234. no images are showing up on my site
  235. Resolved Basic WORDPRESS install
  236. Facebook,vista gadget etc.
  237. Health forum poster needed
  238. $30-$40 paypal - PHP/mysql work
  239. who can fix this for $10
  240. Forum posters needed
  241. Resolved Niceforms + onChange = $$$
  242. $20 via Paypal- Minor Modification to Free Script
  243. Site Application Emails not being sent
  244. $30 via Paypal - Need assistance with div caching issue...
  245. Alter a few anomolous text colours on wordpress theme
  246. Java coder needed for a simple program
  247. NEEDED: Paid Forum Posters
  248. 6 Language Codes Flags
  249. Site Search Perl Script (No crawler needed)
  250. Resolved Modifying two JavaScripts to work together

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