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  1. Trickier regex - definitely stuck
  2. Some help needed with easy regex
  3. Print Please Wait Message While Generating Output
  4. Email + Text Message upon form submission
  5. Can't call method "XX" error, please help noob
  6. Converting UTC Time
  7. assistance with complex regex.
  8. Perl for Windows
  9. sessions annoying me now.
  10. PERL Modules
  11. Resolved problem matching values with apostrophe
  12. mkdir doesn't work and no error in logs.
  13. FormMail help required~
  14. how to write cgi/perl web application.
  15. Cgi Help with directorys
  16. 500 Error Help
  17. Explanation of Code
  18. making an export CSV button with perl-cgi
  19. Perl not showing up on remote end
  20. include php in cgi
  21. How to define in Perl that an HTML link is clicked.
  22. Resolved trying to get ajax to work with perl.
  23. Can I make my Makefile run another script?
  24. transactions with mysql
  25. printing 2D matrix elements into an HTML table
  26. perl works on command line but not in apache2 cgi-bin
  27. Resolved regex for cleaning $cgi-Vars;
  28. regex not doing as I expect.
  29. find and replace 20 number in word.
  30. just trying to understand something about cgi
  31. is this the best way to get 'today'
  32. Resolved groan: changing array separation.
  33. Server headers tool
  34. Keyword density script
  35. Exec command running in background after a fork
  36. Perl/CGI script for mailing text message in Linux/Unix server
  37. formmail.pl From Address Problem
  38. Exiting a Perl CGI Script and exiting properly
  39. Question on cgi access to server apps
  40. arriving email to trigger script?
  41. Transmit a while content to a foreach loop
  42. PHP session variables in Perl
  43. perl and MYSQL
  44. nms formmail...help!
  45. arrays in select tag - adding a new line
  46. adding some ajax -tutorials sought plz
  47. Sub routine problem
  48. Perl/CGI Script to display my diff files side-by-side
  49. mysql security/injection prevention
  50. regex for price values - this good?
  51. Perl code looping using XML::Twig
  52. perl/cgi calling java
  53. Escaping Special Characters-Help
  54. Need help
  55. How to preserve line breaks in TEXTAREA...question please
  56. Javascript within CGI, onClick events
  57. is this regex succinct enough?
  58. calling sub with a variable name?
  59. returning hash difficulties
  60. help with de-bugging perl script
  61. parsing script for MSA
  62. Delete an Entry from DB-Help
  63. Losing scope on require?
  64. Perl script - "$orthomclparser" requires explicit package name
  65. outputting file to pdf.
  66. unable to use Net:SMTP module
  67. Remove Malicious Javascript Code From Website
  68. Wanted: form processing CGI script
  69. using Perl to process XML files?
  70. Possible to execute Perl script using onClick in link
  71. Need help with CGI script
  72. capture screenshot for thumbnail.
  73. formatting into adjacency matrix
  74. Help regarding packet distribution using perl!!
  75. how to delete entire column in an excel file?
  76. Resolved sending dbh connection to a sub routine
  77. checking submitted values are clean
  78. Automatic Pic Post Submission Script
  79. if statement problem
  80. PERL/CGI Error on a PHP website?
  81. what is the problem?!
  82. getting the values of datediff.
  83. Xpath - error in processing external entity reference
  84. Words Count ....?!
  85. Perl on iSeries
  86. Count Paragraphs and Sentences Conflict
  87. forms (receiving data from forms)
  88. Counting Paragraphs...
  89. Checking Text File Input Problem
  90. configuring IIS and perl
  91. multiple sql queries question (perl related)
  92. formmail.pl Help
  93. Perl Beginner - Stuck! ARGV
  94. Get the URL where a script redirects
  95. Simple Question
  96. Form data via CGI Redirect possible..??
  97. Asynchronous file download
  98. day number inconsistency
  99. html inside perl,form.submit not working
  100. 123 reg formmail
  101. single file-uploader into multiple help.
  102. Resolved possible to call two arrays from one sub?
  103. regex questions.
  104. catching a mysql delete failure
  105. The way these websites are made?
  106. Resolved passing of params never the same order twice.
  107. shebang and perl install directory in windows
  108. learning about PERL
  109. mysql transaction error.
  110. Resolved passing of params in hash, how to get all.
  111. Using text file for body of email
  112. everyauction script help
  113. Help - Install XML-LibXML on windows
  114. Random Test Creator
  115. mod_rewrite help
  116. Any help on Perl h2xs would appreciate
  117. SSI Working in all browsers But IE?
  118. Perl module- XML Search & Replace
  119. Problem with a free script (csPost): No support for multi-threads
  120. chmod instruction - don't know what to do
  121. anyway to add form fields to this?
  122. array help for a IN clause
  123. Starting a sub process after form validation
  124. NMS FormMail 3.14c1
  125. Good Perl module/script to search a MySQL DB?
  126. perl script error!! HELP!!
  127. XML Simple - having an attribute in XML also using NoAttr
  128. [Questions] simple search
  129. Syntax Error? Really?
  130. How to make the ? query with /
  131. mysql insert not inputting what the loop is using :confused:
  132. MKDIR and/or CHMOD
  133. perl file included in shtml file messes session start
  134. select query where (regex) :(
  135. Tips for troubleshooting "An error Occurred" message
  136. Special Characters->Password: Help
  137. CGI in iframe target parent PHP
  138. forcing header include on subfolders
  139. Script not posting results
  140. regex approval
  141. quick run thru session passing plz.
  142. select query, where NOT IN @array?
  143. better way to roundup to whole integer.
  144. Fetching rows from the db
  145. Data::Page module assistance please.
  146. quick regex help plz
  147. take JS vars and send to perl file.
  148. How to extract images file names of a file ?
  149. adapt PHP Code Sample into a Perl Script
  150. Naming The Extracted Folder With Archive::Zip
  151. building a perl API ~ question
  152. perl and oracle
  153. Formmail not sending
  154. Change Email In Perl Error Messages
  155. CGI scripting with CMRL
  156. duplicate entries not to die.
  157. the use of sctrict;
  158. Resolved insert erroring
  159. scripts structure for MySQL queries
  160. Cookie problem
  161. Conditional redirect
  162. Using Multiple Scalars In A Filename
  163. Random Image Perl Script
  164. Problem with perl script
  165. perl script to replace values in a file
  166. Enforcing good perl coding practices
  167. authentication pop up
  168. Win32::IEAutomation Click help requested
  169. submit button onClick on perl/cgi ignored
  170. Mail::Sendmail
  171. Can't figure this out... should work
  172. Win32::IEAutomation is not recognizing image with class button
  173. making a script (fetch link generator)
  174. hash building difficulties.
  175. file read problem.
  176. is the third hash value here an array?
  177. insert of data puts records the wrong way around
  178. Bad file descriptor on system() call
  179. Resolved looping back through years.. stuck.
  180. File doesnt allow perl.
  181. query giving unknown error
  182. Resolved prevent duplicate records
  183. with Perl can I use parseInt() ? etc Q...
  184. passing several params to a sub - issues.
  185. ssl question
  186. Resolved another date problem :(
  187. How to create server and client sockets in the same program?
  188. cgi/perl questions:beginner<->intermediate
  189. Newbie perl -extract text between two strings?
  190. Perl CGI: HTML Submit to CGI Script to Copy File
  191. stop more than one of same banner ad on screen?
  192. Regd: Clarification needed for fetchrow_array in DBI Modules
  193. may round a float number to the smallest interger bigger than float with using only
  194. Loop through namespace
  195. array indexing question
  196. passing form params (Vars) multi-value issue.
  197. Please can you see if you can spot my error
  198. STILL not getting hash building.
  199. counting words in file
  200. Please help adding captcha to email form...
  201. PERL - Compare file against an exception list and remove lines
  202. I need help! Please!!
  203. loop 'next' troubles
  204. plz help with running cgi in wampserve
  205. dynamic css from other domain
  206. a little help with this hash plz.
  207. query returning wrongly
  208. tracking handheld usage?
  209. Is this accidental or how it should work?
  210. Removing zeroes from beginning of 00005
  211. pre-define a sort for a foreach loop
  212. Calculating Data
  213. Loop - if/else not working properly :confused:
  214. call PHP from Perl
  215. Resolved storing images in perl script
  216. form/cgi help
  217. how do i create a CSV file and enter data on cmd line
  218. Resolved malformed header problem
  219. CGI Mail form isn't displaying all the values in the results email...
  220. CGI does not support IE automation??
  221. How to refresh cgi web page on windows
  222. date being returned wrongly :(
  223. How to implement timeout in UDP
  224. System command
  225. Display Delimited File
  226. question about document flow.
  227. regex help
  228. comparing array values with hash keys..this OK?
  229. Perl hash
  230. Form Mail CGI
  231. php and perl in the same host...
  232. passing from sub to sub - is this correct?
  233. getting third hash value to merge with another hash.
  234. confusion over match of session and hash data
  235. Can't call method "databits" on an undefined value?
  236. strange symbol showing up.
  237. looping through hash with regex.
  238. trouble retrieving hash data from table
  239. Uploading an entire folder
  240. query trouble [SOLVED :) ]
  241. Modern form menu
  242. Passing Data from One Script to ANother
  243. CGI Form Mail Troubleshooting
  244. Advanced Array Sorting
  245. how to simulate form post using perl
  246. perl login script for authentication....
  247. regex assistance please
  248. Can't Delete Cookies With CGI In Firefox
  249. How to code a cgi script to accept multiple checkbox values?
  250. Simple CGI question

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