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  1. Web Form Creating
  2. Fun With Google
  3. Creating WEB based form with elements..
  4. opening cgi-files
  5. Distance Between 2 Zip Codes
  6. Deletion filter
  7. help in preventing a loop
  8. externalize db connection
  9. perl config
  10. download monitor
  11. im new so excuse my ignorance
  12. cgi-bin prob
  13. Is this possible? Request for a script to tag downloaded files.
  14. copyDir module???
  15. bnbform problems
  16. run CGI without setting up a server
  17. SUBSTR question
  18. Problems Sending Mail Using Mailing List.
  19. Perl form problem with drop down menu
  20. Help w/ Regular Expressions
  21. File Declaration
  22. downgrading to older version of a perl module
  23. How can I take data from the end of a File?
  24. Bizmail cgi script
  25. Forcing download of file problems
  26. New to CGI...
  27. I'm having problems installing a perl program.
  28. Substitution in words where first 'letter' becomes 'Letter'
  29. Sendmail sending multiple emails all on its own
  30. problem redirecting to file
  31. Opening Web Page and Grabbing Text
  32. In Need of a Script
  33. Perl cuts off after <space>
  34. How: call a script into another as a sub routine.
  35. URGENT HELP!!! Search
  36. Read entire file or one at a time?
  37. Syntax Errors...
  38. speedy_backend[xxxxx]: protocol error during build
  39. Checking for empty string
  40. Perl question
  41. Using Perl to control other programs
  42. Creating reports using multiple MySQL tables
  43. Comparing total stock capacity available per day against stock sold each day.
  44. Copying binary files
  45. Can't get past "rename" on this file
  46. open a file from a network drive
  47. Moving Data From Excel to Web Page
  48. Date & Working days
  49. Can it be done in CGI?
  50. Fun with random numbers
  51. incrementing
  52. converting numbers so they represent distance.
  53. Round Decimals
  54. Thoughts on Session.pm
  55. to use or not to use, a module?
  56. Net::FTP or LWP question
  57. parsing filename/size
  58. Coin Tossing CGI Program Help
  59. Can't install Mailman Free script on any server (not even apache)
  60. Sending data between perl pages
  61. Simple OPEN FILE will not display
  62. formmail cgi file
  63. co-location hosting
  64. coding efficiency measurement program?
  65. Appending to STDOUT
  66. Description passed to PAYPAL button
  67. pattern substitution confusion...
  68. unusual sorting of array.
  69. Autosubmitting form in perl
  70. Columns and Rows
  71. Premature end of script headers
  72. Hash errors
  73. Perl regex for substituting urls with links
  74. best way to compare four numbers in sequence
  75. loop to display inconsistent number of images
  76. Changing pages my visitors see
  77. Max and Min in Perl help!
  78. Can't run most basic CGI scripts
  79. Problem while paging MySQL results...
  80. Returning the content of a tag
  81. script wont recognize users logged in. Help!
  82. Count problem
  83. Problem "writing" checkbox selections to flat file dbase
  84. Simple regex problem..
  85. splitting an array item
  86. planning how to hash
  87. Uploading Multiple Image Files At Once
  88. Help with CGI gateway and passback
  89. Changing date format in meta tag
  90. how to Referenc one method to another???
  91. Submit form without reloading page
  92. Net::Telnet::Cisco
  93. How does a search engine calculate age of pages?
  94. CGI Help
  95. Missing Separator Error
  96. Time date script - HH:MM:SS Cgi/perl
  97. Sorting by date
  98. Creating the ultimate form processor
  99. Search Engine for Web
  100. Perl returning flatfile line numbers!
  101. Perl editor: beta-testers needed
  102. Writing to a database-order of entry
  103. Can't Call Method on Perl Makefile.PL
  104. Need help to add a few things to my database dump back up program
  105. Simple Script Help
  106. Perl Script Wanted
  107. Database problem
  108. CGI to read database without reloading page
  109. Disable Back Button Cache After Logout
  110. Can standalone password protection be added?
  111. strange rounding error
  112. cgi hosting
  113. file uploader - how to modify the field
  114. Intellisense in PERL--- Possible?
  115. just wondering,...about variables
  116. modifying variable as a counter
  117. Inserting multiple values from <select> into MYSQL
  118. Find and replace blank lines in text file
  119. Need help - appending to file new data first
  120. internal server error after changing perl module
  121. Email Spam Detector on 'questionable emails"..any scripts for this?
  122. entering a loop
  123. Executing programs on a server through a remote URL
  124. Send E-mail to whomever fills out feedback form
  125. need cgi upload help
  126. generating html from multiple files?
  127. If no selection in any criteria show all
  128. sorting subdirs
  129. Query about CPAN modules
  130. Help wanted for cgi,PHP ?
  131. Can this be done?
  132. Help needed with adding password to CGI script
  133. PerlBlog open development project
  134. Perl script malfunctioning on query
  135. textarea woes on editing txt files.
  136. quirks while uploading a file
  137. problem with logging in text file..??
  138. About sending mail with cgi
  139. Album
  140. how to tell printer to use separate page for each looped output
  141. confused with this conditional
  142. new to cgi
  143. trying to match but syntax error appears
  144. Please help me with forms!
  145. Using a script to get the output from another script on the web
  146. CGI page loads only halfway, parameters causing problems
  147. Not using FormMail
  148. Suggestion req'd - passwording a file used by many clients with url ?client=name
  149. How do I...
  150. Form recipient problem
  151. Display headline only section in index.html by parsing another page in the site
  152. working with 2 frames
  153. collect rows from file in a periodic manner
  154. How to output fixed no. of entries in Html?
  155. Random Domain Generator
  156. Make Directory With Perl
  157. Cookie limitations?
  158. uploaded photo not displaying in perl!!
  159. PHP or Perl
  160. Need help with Form Processor Pro
  161. How to manipulate QUERY_STRING??
  162. News Pro Help
  163. Premature end of script headers
  164. Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value
  165. taking data from the main url - how
  166. email after submitting a form
  167. trouble looping through several txt files for specific content from each
  168. Adding to a textfile
  169. special chars in regexs
  170. CGI - Show text file in reverse
  171. Please Need help grabbing 2 variables - cgi
  172. Comparing two files
  173. Begginer/help nedded please.
  174. reading from flat file - troubles
  175. Are cookies turned on?
  176. help with print and spaces
  177. A Question about databases
  178. can't find setup.
  179. confised myself with output from if/else/elsif/unless
  180. meaning of: - if($dir =~ /\.$ext[$i]$/)
  181. keyboard and mouse control
  182. does 'this word' exist in flat file? how to search
  183. Wont update file?
  184. Spiders, bots, and crawly things
  185. script from makefile
  186. Problem with a few PERL modules
  187. when i press the add button it goes to an error page
  188. forking problem
  189. Really stuck with CGI
  190. Mailing List Program
  191. A command that gets other files in perl
  192. $var = $var2; how to do this with array?
  193. how to read files content from an array listing.
  194. Emailing via sendmail: no errors, but no emails either!
  195. what is this use for and how do i replace it?
  196. how can I forward slash..
  197. Cookie from GoLive form
  198. Customizing webmaster email form
  199. what is the path to my script?
  200. Script only prints last selected checkbox in guestbook form
  201. Too late for "-T" option
  202. Need help in installing script
  203. a simple Tk GUI
  204. chopping a string into an array
  205. diffs calling series of DB files from 1 dir.
  206. Newbie to Perl/CGI
  207. Why does my web page become so slow after rendered by cgi?
  208. CGI & PHP Interoperability
  209. I need help on allowing my visitors cutomize the look and content of my site.
  210. Premature End of Script Headers
  211. making array with readdir info
  212. Apache no longer will run Perl after 2005.
  213. Splitting on commas while ignoring commas in quotes
  214. onClick does not work
  215. modifying time format
  216. need help to fix forms
  217. filtering text out of a number
  218. How can I create Perl/CGI script that stores information via a clickable imagemap?
  219. forms and database issue
  220. There Must Be an Easier Way?? (Cookies and Arrays)
  221. how to output a list of directories
  222. return from a script
  223. Store the options of a select group
  224. File attachment from CGI email
  225. Perl program how much to charge?
  226. Checkbox dynamically displaying content
  227. Regular expression field validation
  228. PROBLEM ON Palindromic Pangram.!!!!
  229. previewing form removes paragraphing.
  230. Help With Passing an Array Reference as a CGI Parameter
  231. how to recieve senders email nms formmail
  232. Replacing Spaces in filenames
  233. my $incs=new includes; busts the functioning of my script.
  234. problem capturing large output in perl variable
  235. perl script: find files & send filenames by mail
  236. Trying to figure out how to process a form to return an HTML page.
  237. Passing submit cariable to Perl
  238. Trouble implementing Matt's "Guestbook" pl script
  239. Proper formatting for detecting multiple IP's?
  240. perl cgi onClick button
  241. Newbie needing help!!!!!~!!!!!!!
  242. print on update
  243. Problems with Making CGI script work
  244. running a script from command line?
  245. How do I prevent caching of image files generated by a CGI script?
  246. printing the username
  247. sending 2 different emails from the one perl script
  248. parsing string..
  249. my cookies secure or not ?? please read
  250. Can you point me to a good simple shopping script plz?

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