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  1. PHP/Mysql developer needed
  2. Urgent: Web Developer for Unique Web 2.0 Website
  3. Creating a Game
  4. Fresh New Prize Game/Gambling Website idea. Coder wanted for PARTNERSHIP.
  5. No More Agencies. Please!
  6. SEEKING Web developer partner. Needs dotnet, affiliate & e-commerce skills. Up to 40%
  7. Looking for project partners
  8. I need a Coder/ Programmer & Business partner!!!
  9. Seeking Programer for 50/50 | Web Based:Political Strategy trade game [Working Title]
  10. require: php coder for rapidshare site.
  11. Web Developer/Partner needed in Tucson, Arizona.
  12. Free 100GB cPanel Reseller for anyone who manages to integrate WHMCS for me!
  13. TechSkip - News Writer, Blog Poster
  14. I am Coder require partner. read
  15. Partnership Hobby/Project Game
  16. Website/Coder needed for Project
  17. help me with code work on my php mafia game site
  18. Website database
  19. Coder & Graphic Designer Needed for TEMPORARILY UNPAID Project
  20. Web Developer Partner
  21. serious help
  22. Need a coder
  23. Looking for coders for Cola CMS
  24. Need coder for text based game
  25. Designer seeking good html/css expert
  26. PbGunTrader {PHP, DB, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT}
  27. i need a mapwalker please try awsner
  28. Website Job Partnership
  29. Partnership - iPhone Application
  30. instant Messaging Platform - partnership
  31. Freelance Programmer Needed for Mercy Mission!
  32. Developers Wanted
  33. An Interesting Project
  34. ASP Collaborative Venture (Classic ASP)
  35. Online office utilities
  36. long term programmer/designer wanted, $25/hour
  37. Revolutionary Website Project (Need assistance)
  38. Partners for several coding projects, C# & Cocoa
  39. Web Dev Company for sale!
  40. In Need Of A Coder; Free
  41. looking for Coder for online game
  42. Partner To Gangsta Based Mmorpg
  43. Looking for a Project
  44. [RPG] Brand New Racing Concept Game Seeks few more talent!
  45. PHP / MYSQL / Logical Thinking
  46. HTML/CSS Designer Needed
  47. TechSkip - Writer
  48. Patnership / Project Colaboration requested for Gamer Social Networking Site
  49. random mafia turn based game ?'s
  50. Searching for a motivated web programmer (PHP, OOP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT)
  51. Master Magician
  52. Seeking php coder for web game
  53. Text Based RPG?
  54. Looking for business partner - Gaming Related
  55. Partnership
  56. cool domain is waiting for a project
  57. Build An Operating System
  58. Partnership for online gaming site
  59. New here! Looking for people who are....
  60. Looking for partnership / work
  61. Work with me?
  62. Need Partner| For a online mafia game!
  63. User Based City
  64. Another Turn Key Text-Based RPG
  65. virus website- archive, database & forum
  66. Looking for Website Partner
  67. London-Streets Mafia game
  68. Music Player Collab (to rival itunes)!!!
  69. Be a part of something BIG.. Developers needed!
  70. Anime/Manga Project
  71. The3DMafia Project!
  72. Stanford Based Startup -- room for one more! (perhaps two)
  73. J Force Games Needs a Programmer. Guaranteed Profit Share.
  74. Gaming Community looking for Coder to make Gamemode
  75. Crysis Mod
  76. Looking for a strong coder/partner to re-release a popular strategy game.
  77. CSS Designer needed for big project
  78. Looking for a 50/50 partner for an adult site.
  79. Looking For A Gr8 Coder Parttner
  80. Open-Source Ajax/PHP (or Python) Webmail
  81. Personal Business Project
  82. Looking for Help(PhpBand)
  83. Web partner for music artist website
  84. Web Betting Site Collaboration
  85. Moderators wanted!
  86. SiOS Online Desktop needs C++/PHP programmers
  87. Looking For Web Designers
  88. Sponsorship ?
  89. Need Coders for Mafia Website
  90. PHP Developers NEEDED!
  91. Business Partner/Co-Owner Wanted for Election Website
  92. Challenging online sports game project
  93. Xbox 360 News, Reviews, Previews etc site
  94. FindMyEmployer partnership
  95. Looking for php/ajax developer to partner with - BIG opportunity!
  96. i know im a pain but..
  97. 50/50 partner for an adult website. Maybe a third?
  98. coder needed to help with sports team myspace
  99. Entrepreneurial software developers wanted for exciting opportunity
  100. Looking for a business partner (needs web dev experince)
  101. Free Web Site and other services
  102. Looking to partner with a designer
  103. Free webdesign + graphic
  104. Need a coder
  105. cssDoctor.com
  106. Login, Comment, and Rating System Needed!
  107. school project
  108. Looking for an experienced team
  109. Partnership in Continuation of Web-Based Project
  110. Need a professional programmer
  111. Need programmer/group of programmers (Website associated to Sports Betting)
  112. Need programmer = Partnership
  113. Possibility for employment site partnership
  114. C++ coding assistance required.
  115. Database/website coding help needed :)
  116. Text based game, easy cash
  117. Text Based Game - Already Built & Established - $100 a Day
  118. Aerox Boards ~ Coders Required
  119. Help Needed (AV site)
  120. Need writers!
  121. Coder needed for online breeding sim game
  122. Help me build social networking portal
  123. Need a programmer!
  124. Need Coding Help Asap!!
  125. Profitable partnership
  126. Assembling a Team
  127. Wanted: volunteers for scientific project.
  128. Senior Coding Partner Needed
  129. Coding Partnership Wanted
  130. Can Help WIth mafia Type Games
  131. The Relax Project Needs Help
  132. Looking for a partner to offer my Products
  133. need a bit of help with my text based mafia game
  134. 3D Game Comparison
  135. Great Idea, anyone wanna help?
  136. Website collaborator required
  137. Freelance Designers Wanted for seo and design website
  138. Looking for a partner for website.
  139. New idea for a site, need help though.
  140. Anyone interested in a php project
  141. Idea maker needs partner possiblities
  142. Aeromexico's Official Virtual Airline site, coders and programmers requested.
  143. Article Wrtire about PHP or JavaScript
  144. help with php/mysql (possible job offer)
  145. Looking for an Entrepreneur/Coder to Partner with
  146. Looking For Coders!! Next Big Website!
  147. Looking For Coders!! Next Big Website!
  148. Looking for a coding partner
  149. Entrepreneur looking for programmer for long-term partnership
  150. PHP Programmer For Partnership
  151. PHP and MYSQL'ers
  152. mafia game
  153. Seventh-Element
  154. Looking for a person
  155. Looking for someone to impliment a streaming website where live chat can be seen...
  156. Login all over the site by the forum username
  157. PHP Developers!!!
  158. Looking for partner(s) for a project/company/dream
  159. Help needed for freelance programming website
  160. Partner for websites on unused domains
  161. Looking for coder for big website project
  162. Looking for a skilled programmer
  163. Yet Another Text Based Game lol
  164. PIREP System - help!
  165. PC Game Staff
  166. Looking for partnership for new site idea.
  167. Creating a Petsite-looking for coders
  168. Entrepreneur position open
  169. Online ecommerce/shopping cart partnership.
  170. Need Translators for New Forum Software!
  171. An opportunity for young wannabe professionals
  172. Ruby on Rails Collab in the UK
  173. developing ladder website
  174. Need coders! to make somthing like myspace read for more details...
  175. MySpace For Creative People.
  176. Simple widget collaboration
  177. E-Commerce project
  178. webdesigners, graphicdeigners, php- and mysql programmers needed!!
  179. 50/50 partnership
  180. Looking for coders
  181. Looking for graphic designers!
  182. noob(free help)
  183. Need beta testers for new budget management site
  184. Looking For Mods!
  185. Partners for Web2.0 Sites
  186. Creating a portfolio
  187. Making a website
  188. mini chat / mini forum assistance (PHP/MySql)
  189. Music collaboration project PHP, AJAX, Rev Share
  190. Need help building a project
  191. Looking for some moderators
  192. MySQL Programmer for free
  193. In NEED of a PHP coding partner
  194. Looking For A partner
  195. PC / Mac Game!
  196. Need a Flash Game for Online Game Website.
  197. xLive Gaming.
  198. php coder or graphics person
  199. Experienced PHP coder (Partnership)
  200. Banner ADS
  201. Install My Gallery?
  202. why so many gaming posts here?
  203. Creating site like myspace! PHP Coders needed
  204. Incentive site
  205. Text Game Projects
  206. PHP Coder Needed ( Partnership )
  207. Looking for beta testers, bug finders
  208. Partnership in making Space/Ground text-based game.
  209. New Equal Partner in
  210. Do you have either of these scripts?
  211. Text Based Game Mafia/Gang Need Coder!!!
  212. Need reliable coders and designers
  213. Needing a Contact Page
  214. Looking for Coder for 2D MMORPG
  215. $10,000 Coding Competition
  216. Looking for PHP Coders
  217. TV show needs great php scripters
  218. New Web SERVICE
  219. Entrepreneurial Position
  220. New forum
  221. Web Designer Wanted
  222. Partner for Gaming Website
  223. Online Arcade Partnership
  224. Artist/Photoshop expert wanted
  225. PHP coder wanted
  226. Websites based upon wireless technology
  227. OsCMall - virtual mall ecommerce project
  228. E store for independent labels
  229. Programmers are needed for a fan-based 3D Zelda game
  230. social networking website: Ownership split
  231. Looking for Partner(coder) for a TURN BASED TEXT BASED MMORPG
  232. Need Help Developing HTML Editing Software...
  233. Profile Community Coder
  234. Webpage to sell my music- could use mega help/reality check
  235. Two League/Tournament Sites for Sale
  236. need partner for fun / interesting project
  237. Looking for a partner to start new web-based business
  238. Web Coder Partnership
  239. CSS HTML Coder / Web Designer
  240. Drag and drop top friends.
  241. Need Coder for Graphics Site
  242. Digital-Art.co.nr
  243. Open Source Office, calling for developers
  244. Small Project Worker.
  245. Looking for a PHP & MySQL programmer - pay probable
  246. installing the W3 validator on windows
  247. Urgent: developing a networking site. Pay possible.
  248. WhatScene.com (Like myspace?)
  249. Project: Free Web Hosting Site
  250. Looking for moderators and beta testers

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