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  1. Pokemon Site project
  2. C# Programmer for RTS Game
  3. Looking for a partner web designer
  4. Looking for Partner for Mobile Advertising Company
  5. Developer/Designer partner needed.
  6. CSS / PHP - Wordpress Developer
  7. Harvard Law Entrepreneurial Venture
  8. Need developers
  9. Collaboration on a Volunteer Site against cyber bullying, war and crime.
  10. Start up collaboration
  11. Seeking very competent web designers and CSSers
  12. Collaboration Consortium Volunteer Project for new website platform project
  13. Looking for a PHP programming partner
  14. Coding partner needed
  15. 'Cloud' of Development
  16. Does anybody know how to code or design in web development?
  17. Hardware Graphics
  18. PHP & MySQL page creation
  19. The Synergy Project (Video Explanation)
  20. Startup game company needs PHP/SQL developers.
  21. Looking for a web coder/designer for a trade community.
  22. Seeking PHP/SQL codewriter
  23. Hip-hop music/album disco type website!!
  24. Young Startup needs developer
  25. Need Coder for Game
  26. Partner for Traffic Generation Website
  27. Great Game looking to collaborate with [Programmer]
  28. [PHP & MySQL] 2.0 Music sharing site
  29. Looking for admins & traffic
  30. Looking for Experienced Coder/Social Network Builder for my new social network idea.
  31. Rapidshare Search Script Collaboration: Little Change - Get The Full Script Free
  32. looking for partnership for http://pricerunner.com.au
  33. Looking for a partner for a web design company (SUITABLE FOR ALL!)
  34. Need Skill Gaming Developer
  35. PHP, MySQL Coder needed
  36. Unique Auction Site
  37. Looking for VOLUNTEERS (not paid) to...
  38. Need a lot of volunteers
  39. Looking for a partner for music promotions project
  40. Looking for a sponsor.
  41. Need Javascript Programmer
  42. Looking for a coder for a startup - pay or equity on completion
  43. Need Promotor Partner
  44. NYC Web Designers
  45. Looking for coders for SA:MP server
  46. Anyone willing to start Browser Game with me?
  47. Looking for PHP/MySQL programmers for project
  48. [HIRING] For Large FPS Gaming Community!
  49. Looking for a partner or some people.
  50. Need PHP/ASPX Programmer
  51. Need Admins and Moderators for a new website
  52. Looking for a coder for 50/50 partnership
  53. New site looking for volunteers
  54. Offering free Photoshop to XHTML/CSS coding...
  55. Graphic Designer seeks Coder
  56. Looking for long term partnership
  57. Looking For Dedicated Partner For Business/Website
  58. Looking For Partner, You get 100% Profit
  59. Looking for a designer to work for a Opensource package
  60. Simple Project 's Collaboration
  61. PHP or Web Designer or Javascrip or project planner partner needed
  62. Have 3 sites looking for ideas 50/50 profit
  63. Looking for 50/50 Partner for new site.
  64. Coder/Partner Needed
  65. Coder / Parnter Needed - Betting Website Idea
  66. Coder wanted for long term project?
  67. Where can I find some project to do?
  68. Need a Partner to Help Coding on Vbulletin forum
  69. Build whoinvent.com data base for inventors
  70. Partnership for web project coder needed
  71. Ambitious Project
  72. Need All Kinds of People for FREE!!!
  73. Looking for Openspource CMS Developers
  74. Sun1ight & Moon1ight
  75. Looking for dedicated php programmer
  76. Looking a partner for www.GSMpress.com
  77. A Chance for the big time.
  78. New project, GREAT IDEA, need FREE partner/programmer!
  79. PHP idea factory partnership
  80. Need help with my site..possibly a 50-50 partner..
  81. Not another lame project, this site will be huge *and* profitable
  82. Business Proposal
  83. Retailers Raffle Dot Com Coder Partner Needed
  84. Job offer
  85. Contacting Local Coders
  86. Doctor Needs a Partner to build a Unique Medical Website
  87. Looking for Partner! (Marketing and Business Managment)
  88. Website Partner!
  89. Debate Website Partnership
  90. please help me
  91. Looking for partners
  92. JaadOS 2 Help wanted
  93. Passionate and Talented AS3 Developers needed for online Childrens World
  94. Needing a full time coder.
  95. Looking for coder for small Card battle webgame
  96. Graphic Artist partner needed
  97. Need coder for Web-based MMORPG
  98. Interested in a partnership?
  99. Need Coders!
  100. Need 2D Web-Browser Multiplayer Game Coder.
  101. dotNET coder with monetizing skills for established site. 40% share
  102. Looking for partner(s): Custom T-Shirt Design Website
  103. any mafia game owners who want to share a new script ?
  104. Big Project. Anyone Interested?
  105. Looking for a graphic/web designer (not developer)
  106. MMORPG script owners Read this!
  107. online softball game used as a fundraiser
  108. Is anyone interested?
  109. Any UScript or C++ coders interested...
  110. Looking for a web designer/programmer
  111. Forum
  112. Ground floor startup / Atlanta
  113. partner needed to build a human ranked search engine
  114. Long-Term partner 4 web service needed
  115. Social networking website partner who's located in BELGIUM
  116. Looking For Flash/Actionscript Person for Skill Gaming Website
  117. Looking for experienced coder
  118. Something Big
  119. Need 3-5 programmers
  120. Looking for a person that know there stuff
  121. Looking for a partner to start a website
  122. Social Network Creation. Partner Required
  123. Text Based Game. Partner Required
  124. Social network and some other ideas
  125. Small Project, Small Team Needed, Coders/Designers
  126. Freelancers community
  127. Small LAMP company looking for US or Europe based serious marketing/sales people/comp
  128. Partner/Programmer wanted for large scale website
  129. Michael Jackson Website
  130. Designer
  131. Looking for php/Javascript Partner/'s
  132. partner wanted?
  133. Partnership/JV required with an Acrobat API programmer
  134. Synergy Project - Social Bug-tracking, Open-Source!
  135. two ad network ideas look for partnership
  136. Please help -I want to make this css IE freindly
  137. Game Site with Player Ranks and Stats
  138. Open source web game framework looking for programmers
  139. Multiple Artists Partners Needed
  140. php/mysql coder partner required for messaging company
  141. Collabortation on think tank company that creates Dynamic Websites of all sorts !!
  142. Need Partner/Coder for Mafia MMORPG
  143. Artificial Intelligence Programmer Wanted
  144. PHP Programmer Wanted for profitable JV!
  145. A new forum team (2)
  146. Coder/Designer Partner for Text-Based Game
  147. Hockey Manager site, need manpower
  148. Looking for 'Publishers' to post ad's to their site...
  149. work from home project
  150. Looking for Solid Coder and Decent Designer..
  151. Looking for a Javascript coder and a Designer for an online OS
  152. Looking for a php-coder to partner up for a innovative dating site project
  153. "Will Code for Green" Contest For Devs
  154. PHP, MYSQL, JAVA Programmers wanted
  155. Partner required!
  156. game business partner wanted
  157. special php encoding (encryption )for sale for one person
  158. Looking to Start a business
  159. Looking for an online racing game to feature our special rally event
  160. Need partner for CodingAgent
  161. Looking to partner with coder & designer for equity tinyurl clone
  162. Need graphic artist partner
  163. AIR Media Player - Beta Testers Needed
  164. Looking to form a partnership to make a new social networking site for gamers
  165. Looking for web developers to help with our working website for stake
  166. www.GSMpress.com - looking for partners
  167. Small Film Co. needs pro bono Flash logo/sequence coding
  168. Startup Needs Head Developer And App Developer
  169. Template Website
  170. [Looking] Highly experienced Java Programmer (Co-Parenter)
  171. The Mafia Uprising
  172. Looking for a highly motivated and skilled Web programmer for design agency startup
  173. Flash/actionscript game programmer needed
  174. Project Imperium
  175. Need Programmer/ Co-Founder! Designing Next Big $Billion Web App!
  176. Looking for programmers, admin and others to team up with and pay them for leads
  177. Seeking Web Designer/Html/css coder for Forum Hosting Script
  178. design & coding partner wanted for share of the company
  179. Need Web Programmer - Online Game (with Toy Tie In)
  180. Looking For Website Partner For Torrent Site
  181. Skilled Designer looking for Partner!
  182. Looking for partner/s to start a web business
  183. Partner wanted
  184. Partner needed for Construction Industry Web Site
  185. International Collaborating Websites
  186. Cheap Apparel Design
  187. MAD-Network Media Partnership
  188. [FREE] Web design will design for you
  189. Looking for Partner for Motorsports Community
  190. Looking for 2 or so people for music site diesign started hopeing to make good money
  191. Text based game
  192. Partnership for a business / new website concept
  193. Coldfusion Programmer Needed
  194. Looking for a Coder/Web Developer.
  195. PHP/CSS Wordpress theme expert needed for partnership
  196. part-time job, full-time paid
  197. Internet Startup offering Equity Stake for Executives and Web Development Team
  198. Please help - Team Needed
  199. New Game (Co-owner)
  200. Php Developers Needed!
  201. [PHP PARTNER] A New Website?
  202. Blogging project.
  203. Go-to Wordpress Expert Wanted
  204. Trade coding work for design work
  205. Login Script/Main Page Reflection...
  206. Text Based Airline Management Game Looking For Partner
  207. Need Urgent Help!!!
  208. Need partner for mafiaGame
  209. Looking For Partnership In Online Game
  210. Looking for partner for web design team
  211. Want to be part of the next big thing?
  212. Looking for a designer and Writer
  213. WebOS Project seeking for developers
  214. Game Designer/Partner
  215. coders for slymaste.tk
  216. coder wanted
  217. Startup needs experienced CI/php/sql individual
  218. Resolved Resolved
  219. need php coder to help out.
  220. Ambitious Start up company seeks talented developers and programmers.
  221. Looking for partner
  222. Need HTML help with a Fansite for Habbo.com.au
  223. New Open Source Project
  224. Looking for programmer for start-up
  225. Seeking experienced php coder for new network.
  226. Creative designer needed for project
  227. Coder Needed for a Game
  228. ASP + XML + VOICE project
  229. Looking for partners is making really good gaming social network
  230. Ventrilo Channel for Developers?
  231. Movie Fanatics / Writers Wanted
  232. needed media site upload script. 18+
  233. Partner for project10tothe100ideacollection.com/
  234. Doox CMS 3.0 just released. Content management system based on AJAX
  235. Needing a HTML coder and good forum man
  236. Looking for ideas and/or partner to launch new website
  237. Looking for a Coder who LOVES Fantasy Sports
  238. Looking for serious marketers
  239. Project
  240. I'm new in town.. but looking for a coding partner for a project/startup
  241. Resolved This might be interesting! PHP coder needed
  242. seeking technical visionary people for exciting idea
  243. Looking for Flash Programmer Expert
  244. .htaccess Need Help
  245. PHP/Mysql developer needed
  246. Urgent: Web Developer for Unique Web 2.0 Website
  247. Creating a Game
  248. Fresh New Prize Game/Gambling Website idea. Coder wanted for PARTNERSHIP.
  249. No More Agencies. Please!
  250. SEEKING Web developer partner. Needs dotnet, affiliate & e-commerce skills. Up to 40%

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