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  1. Looking for a generous man(investor)
  2. Where to advertise online software?
  3. Teenager looking for a job.
  4. I love Javascript, what professional path should I take?
  5. Building a portfolio
  6. Code copyright help
  7. decipline myself to study python.please help
  8. Developers Sandbox
  9. Which language(s) should I pursue, for working at home and earning good income?
  10. Advertising
  11. need advice. PHP or Java
  12. Resolved Do guilds exist for coders?
  13. Entrepreneurship Development Program
  14. i look for Java training and course
  15. Earning 500$+ a month from project?
  16. Concerned about the coding practices at my work...
  17. Skills Set for a web designer
  18. Entrepreneurship Development Program
  19. How are you using the web to find new clients?
  20. Classified Searcher for Kijiji?
  21. Need feedback on a new design - Google Keyword Rank Checker tool
  22. Back to school tablet or laptop
  23. Looking for a job coding anything
  24. suggestion required
  25. Earn up to $500 per day from home.(11724)
  26. Advice For wikiclik.org
  27. Anyone working in Computer Programming w/o a CS Degree?
  28. build it and continue to make money
  29. Is this legal?
  30. New business needs programmers to partner with
  31. Best place to advertise a job
  32. PHP, HTML, AJAX Solutions
  33. Looking into a career change to embedded systems.
  34. best prog language for finding freelance work
  35. contracting out work
  36. StoneRage - Established VideoGame seeking WebCoder (Joomla)!
  37. Local business website cost.
  38. New here. Been learning with Codecademy, where to go next?
  39. Career Path Changer in Need of Advice
  40. Home For Elderly People
  41. Need advice deciding what Programming class to take
  42. Advice on Web Scraping
  43. What job is right for me?
  44. CMS Installation and Upgradation
  45. Starting a tech business, currently a freelancer.
  46. How to improve your odds of finding a job related to Java?
  47. hello there, asking about pay per click
  48. Total newbie but interested
  49. Details to not forget While Obtaining lv
  50. About Paypal
  51. 12 year old, would like to become website designer
  52. Web Dev Internship Interview...
  53. Pay 2 Click
  54. Trying to find a starting point
  55. Dust off your resume...
  56. Coding clubs for adults [uk]
  57. Data Entry Jobs at Home
  58. I have knowledge in C#&ASP.NET, which is the best website to learn SharePoint?
  59. What Do I Need To Know To Start Working For Clients?
  60. need advice on product display site
  61. Career Questions, Help Please
  62. Which is the best site to hire php coder?
  63. Google Ads Website
  64. Industrial training institute in Delhi/noida
  65. Study In USA
  66. Can you help me write an article on hiring a good programmer?
  67. How to get a job at Facebook
  68. Old Programmer disappeared. About to hire another Programmer. How Do I Approach this?
  69. Gaining programming experience
  70. Easily finding shop management software
  71. Is IT recruitment broken?
  72. Value of the MCIT degree at Penn?
  73. How can I certify once I've learned enough?
  74. Thinking of writing a HTML & CSS Book
  75. Information Technology major -> Software Engineer
  76. Becomming A Programmer: Realistic?
  77. A novel online platform for client sourcing
  78. Need Some Advice
  79. Are Online IT Courses an effective trend?
  80. How to get ICT Training online?
  81. Where can I get the cheapest online training?
  82. Are online IT trainings more effective than traditional learning?
  83. How much should online IT training/courses cost?
  84. What online program offers the widest range of online IT training courses?
  85. What are the benefits of online IT training or IT courses?
  86. Using the GI Bill for school/certifications (former military)
  87. If you could LOCK DOWN for 3 months and learn any skill/language, what would it be?
  88. What to charge to convert a site to responsive >
  89. Looking for Web Designing & Development services
  90. am I too old to start a web design career?
  91. Language Translation Jobs
  92. Long term/permanent jobs availible
  93. psd to html/css job
  94. web development
  95. Old Dog, New Tricks.... mmmm....
  96. Which of these courses shall i do?
  97. Hello everyone
  98. IT Programmer Analyst - Associate's degree worth it?
  99. A cool tool to search info from Google Yahoo and Bing at the same time ! Advices pls.
  100. which programming language should i learn to get a good job?
  101. Questions on Hiring HTML Coders
  102. Need advice for first portfolio program
  103. How can I start my job
  104. Career start with Android Development
  105. Is C language important or outdated?
  106. Website and Internet Services - What do you charge?
  107. Accountancy Finance | IT Equipment Finance | Fulton Asset Finance Solutions
  108. Idea Names for new project
  109. Looking for an experienced coder for business proposal
  110. Another Old Dude Career Rebuild
  111. Hiring a Local (Irvine, CA), DBA/Excel Guru
  112. how can I send money to my paypay account?
  113. Is university needed?
  114. Why it shows when "The number of queries" is increasing,but"Click" number is reduced?
  115. buy Twitter Accounts
  116. Samsung is hiring Senior Staff Engineer, Bluetooth Software in Cambridge, UK.
  117. HTML, CSS and XML. Now which way do I go?
  118. I've Been Offered a Job, but the Salary is a Disappointment. What would you do?
  119. How do you stay motivated for your web projects?
  120. Where To Start?
  121. Career Project Interview Questions
  122. [Seeking] Business Partner (Web Developer)
  123. advice for a future programmer?
  124. manufacturer
  125. Seeking for some advice.
  126. Information on mobile recharge implementation
  127. A day in the job
  128. Jobs without a CS degree?
  129. A question for computer scientists in the field.
  130. Resume Advice for a Fresh Grad
  131. Let's Get Rich Together - Joint Venture?
  132. Want to become an App/Mobile Games Developer
  133. looking for a writter
  134. What program I need to place on Github to demonstrate it in resume?
  135. Terrified of Being Laughed Out of the Room
  136. Own Professional Website: Life Bio / Details or Not?
  137. Apple developer question
  138. Seeking career advice
  139. Hilarios interview - web development
  140. Computer Science, TOO NARROW?
  141. web design and web development
  142. Any advice for a new learner
  143. Best programming language to learn?
  144. Question regarding rates charged
  145. Where to find a challenging job?
  146. Called disrespectful and had it put in my permenant file
  147. spanish language domain extensions
  148. I am studying Information Security, what language should I learn?
  149. Programming Classes
  150. Do you think there is much money to make running a web agency?
  151. What should I do with my website of this business?
  152. Would anyone be willing?
  153. Thoughts, ideas, on creating and maintaining websites to generate income?
  154. Advice on how many programmers to hire
  155. iam a web developer
  156. Changing Careers
  157. Freelancing
  158. How should I start my existance on this site
  159. Get money from URL shorteners
  160. Advice
  161. What and where are the bussines opportunities in my town?
  162. Advice Request: best way to assemble an App Development Team?
  163. Survey: Where are all the programmers?
  164. Can I get a programming job with an Associate's?
  165. CMS Killing jobs?
  166. Financial Analyst Career Advice
  167. Advice -- where to start programming.
  168. Someone who is in the business:school interview with me?
  169. Career Development in Food Engineering
  170. HTML Expert
  171. web dev career
  172. Becoming a Freelance Web Developer during High School?
  173. What is the role of a junior developer?
  174. Serious startup
  175. I want to dive into web dev / anyone had an internship?
  176. Switching Into Web Development Career from Unrelated Industry
  177. How do you handle Hosting/Domain costs/issues with client
  178. Where to go for minor website changes?
  179. O'Reilly Online Courses?
  180. What do you like least about IT outsourcing?
  181. Creating templates/websites for people
  182. Do you need to go to uni to learn web development (namely php)?
  183. got a product, need a marketer, where do i find one?
  184. Best practices for estimating a sofware project?
  185. How do I charge per hour in a legit way when building someone's website?
  186. Is it worth paying for Search Engine Optimization?
  187. Help with a Startup that uses GitHub
  188. Photo Battle Script for Formspring.me Script!
  189. need help in beginning programming
  190. Basics of owning a website
  191. startup/patner thoughts, opinions, experiences?.....any veterans wanna weigh in?
  192. Salary Question - The Good News (And the Bad)
  193. Looking for feedback/suggestions
  194. Need feedback - image recognition API for mobile
  195. Have intentions of starting a Web Design Business. Need Advice. Anything helps.
  196. When you look for a change in your job...what do you say?
  197. Need advice for hiring developers for somewhat complex site
  198. I am doing research for potentially hiring developer
  199. Php programmer: London or Berlin.
  200. Learning About Contracting?
  201. Fellow Coders Needed!
  202. Justbooks.in: Looking for web designer
  203. Becoming a video game creator...
  204. php programmer needed for a couple of hours
  205. Need someone to code..
  206. Question regarding salaries via different languages
  207. CS degree questions! For professionals!
  208. Job interview
  209. Front end web developer
  210. Seeking PHP Developer interested in Open Source Frameworks
  211. college
  212. Next Step for Possible Web Development Career?
  213. What should I learn to become a web developer?
  214. PHP/ Web DEVELOPER Wanted!
  215. Big Project Please Read
  216. Should I try to use the cash from the game I want to patent to patent the game itself
  217. Advice in studying for a programming career
  218. I'm transitioning from contract to perm. Should I expect a raise?
  219. Web Developer
  220. Looking to partner up with a Drupal Programmer. Part-time. Start up ready to launch.
  221. Half serious question. Just curious.
  222. he with slogan for pc business!!!
  223. Looking for BOT coders
  224. Terminated, need to upkeep skills
  225. tech help needed
  226. Cost of developing a website!
  227. For all of you out in the real world?
  228. how can i get information of seo interview
  229. Need help. What is a cut file
  230. an idea, or more like a need [related to way a file is downloaded (mainly MP3 files)]
  231. What to do this Summer ?
  232. Freelance work
  233. Project Management as Career
  234. How to make website?
  235. Designer Interview
  236. Need help creating a Web Development Porftolio
  237. Cost estimation for php project
  238. I am sure this has been beat to death but...
  239. I'm a designer looking to learn Javascript...advice
  240. Anyone working in a corporation with a misdemeanor?
  241. Looking for someone to help build a program
  242. The Designer & Programmer: Team/Relationship[Advice]
  243. Need advice
  244. What language should i learn for games?
  245. Looking to Outsource
  246. I need advise on mathematical problems solver website
  247. How can I identify a phishing website?
  248. Hi Im New Here, Need Advice
  249. I have made commitments to my clients that will be difficult for me to fill
  250. Graphic Artist question

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