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  1. MS SQL - Updating Issue.
  2. disappearing records ???
  3. finishing the program
  4. Syntax error (comma) in query expression
  5. E-mail/Database/Paypal Combination
  6. How to export MS SQL DB (like we export mySQL DB from PHPMyAdmin)
  7. MSSQL - problem with escape characters
  8. Connecting to MSSQL Database
  9. the LAST()function SQL
  10. How to get Min and Max from Resultset
  11. Access db
  12. Access - Stored Query Help
  13. eliminating repeated function calls for each record
  14. Problem on Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  15. PostGreSQL: Help - How to replace characters in dblink?
  16. Micorsoft SQL Server 2005
  17. MSSQL 2K Overwriting data
  18. Ms Sql Server Store Procedure
  19. MSSQL: Select Statement w/MIN Problem
  20. Free MsSQL Client?
  21. Why the data is not in my database files.?
  22. PostGreSQL8: Relation "<table>" Does Not Exist
  23. SQL Server 2005: I need help with this SQL Query
  24. What's the equivalent of INTERVAL on SQL Server 2005?
  25. Access DB - Union Select Many to one
  26. Strange characters...
  27. Access database replace characters
  28. Import Permission Problems (SQL Server to Access)
  29. SQL Server - Inserting multiple rows in one query
  30. Javascript and Client Side ADO with Access Database
  31. MSSQL - Viewing queries?
  32. SQL Database Length
  33. MSSQL formatting money field
  34. MSSQL syntax problem
  35. Gurus: PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle... INFORMATION_SCHEMA
  36. SQL Union and Sort trouble
  37. Access trouble (Well, actually aggregate sql trouble)
  38. Oracle 10g TO_DATE problem
  39. SQL Server using LTRim in Query
  40. Major Problem
  41. How to connect MS Access?
  42. Help: PostgreSQL dblink
  43. Help: Copy data from table to table within different DB, How? (PostgreSQL)
  44. MSSQL: Select Column Descriptions from a Table
  45. How do i open a .sql file in access?
  46. I want to get the order number of each record
  47. do we...?
  48. ADO ORDER BY in Javascript
  49. todays date
  50. help with query
  51. How to write where clause for a Bit column?
  52. outer inner join
  53. sql server 2005. need help with query statement
  54. Sql Server Express /substring
  55. TO_CHAR Format (Oracle 10g)
  56. TO_DATE format
  57. access: Print invoice (report)
  58. Wildcard in Access DB
  59. SQL Server Express
  60. MS Access v/s MS SQL Server 2000
  61. newbie question: how do i connect to my database?
  62. [Oracle] I want my query to return a column name(s)
  63. mysqldump-like tool for SQL Server 2000
  64. Really need some help on Select Statement
  65. column value occurs in more than 1 row
  66. problem in query of stored procedure
  67. How to Backup database - SQL Server 2000
  68. Sum string thats not working!
  69. Web admin for mssql?
  70. Duplicating SQL DB Structure
  71. Queries in SQL Server Management
  72. Basic help setting up Access database
  73. SQL Server (problem with returned value)
  74. sql server 2005 management studio.
  75. postgresql: ODBC Query Timeout
  76. access: combo box / text field problem
  77. [Oracle] using the MAX function
  78. [sqlserver] get data from SQL through the web server without a link to SQL server.
  79. Access: restrict amount of output from a field
  80. MySQL? Or Microsoft Access?
  81. mssql_close()
  82. SQL Issue
  83. [POSTGRES] SQL Noob: LIKE and ignore case?
  84. [ oracle ]find part of date
  85. Oracle: extract part of field and create next id
  86. SQL Query Problem
  87. Creating Relationship between tables in SQL Server 2000
  88. [SQL Server 2000] Where to save a stored procedure
  89. Retrieve columns with values
  90. [ SQL Server 2000 ] How to create a uniquely identifying key
  91. [postgres]Elementary database-query question
  92. MS ACCESS, SQL Query
  93. order by clause
  94. Please specify your database in the thread title
  95. [access]Help with getting table from database
  96. combining two queries
  97. Join expression not supported in access
  98. pulling out the first of each type in a dataset
  99. Help with SQLPlus query to find dupicates in table
  100. Oracle Equivilant To A MySQL Command?
  101. pulling out extra field in slightly complex sql
  102. Another SQL error help appreciated!
  103. SQL error any help really appreciated!
  104. Help - SQL Query Anaylzer
  105. MS Access
  106. Triggers and Log Files (SQL Server)
  107. sequel problem
  108. Sql query help....
  109. difference in datatypes
  110. delete and truncate
  111. Database Layout for my Project
  112. Union Queries
  113. Multiple Tables
  114. MAX and min
  115. open-source database programs
  116. Help with oracle import and export
  117. Access SQL INSERT
  118. convert excel to access with worksheets
  119. linking SQL server to Access
  120. Problem with update and select
  121. Help with order by clause
  122. Sql Server 2k Qns
  123. Migration from oracle to db2?
  124. Creating a function in PostGres
  125. Automatic insert select based on server date?
  126. Altering table.
  127. stored procs - combining multiple selects into one?
  128. sum profits for all dates including empty ones
  129. Joining 2 databases
  130. DTS newbie
  131. windows file system , pearing inside the pandoras box...
  132. Comparing ms access 2000 db with mysql db
  133. m$xx 2000 : using form to export tables
  134. SQL Server Express - multiple connections?
  135. Access 97 - hyperlink
  136. Access 97 automatic purge records
  138. Very Important Query
  139. Help importing in sql server 7.0
  140. SQL Alter Table Error
  141. GROUP BY Problem
  142. is there SQL Column RIGHT alignment function?
  143. adding/updating SQL?
  144. difference between datatypes in sqlserver7.0
  145. connect oracle backend to microsoft frontpage
  146. Retrieving NULL with IN Clause
  147. Deleting duplicates using another table as template
  148. SQLServer : "ODBC driver does not support the requested properties."
  149. auto increment using mysql & ASP.net
  150. Oracle doubt-exporting
  151. SQL Server timestamp
  152. How can I write this query?
  153. how to delete duplications permanantly from table using sql server7.0
  154. Setting a table field based on another table's last entry
  155. how to delete data from sql server database after expired date
  156. image paths query for multiple image paths
  157. MS SQL Date indexing
  158. DTS Help
  159. Visual Foxpro
  160. Provider is not specified and there is no designated default provider.
  161. logging all mssql activity
  162. Error Importing from Access to SQL Server
  163. Newbie - Can not get PHP to connect to SQL
  164. How to separate data from one database field?
  165. Error deleting record due to FK constraint
  166. Limiting the number of records to be displayed SQL Server
  167. How to generate two different numbers for same form on copies of frontend when split
  168. Limitations in the MSDN version of SQL Server?
  169. returning multiple records with charindex
  170. return conditional boolean as a field
  171. use of reserved names for column titles
  172. how to connect MS-excel with PHP????
  173. connecting to SQL server 2000 with PHP5
  174. Need to change MS Access 2000 Query
  175. ms sql 2000 - delete non-unique records
  176. Resolving NULL returns on a joined query
  177. show all double records
  178. New to databases
  179. MS Access split large table into multiple tables
  180. MS Access - how to combine several fields in one field
  181. MS Access - searching in a form
  182. Urgent - Help/advice needed (MySQL related tasks) in forum data salvation
  183. Paypal button on forum
  184. Clear all the fields in a form?
  185. i need help with databases
  186. Help working through 'No Current Record' error in Access
  187. Extracting Tables in SQL Server 2000
  188. MS SQL Query returns EOF in ASP
  189. SQL - Create procedure error??????
  190. Tutorials
  191. Emailing reports
  192. Report need
  193. SQL query not working and I'm not sure why
  194. select random record
  195. Calendar link to Access 2000
  196. MsSQL questions
  197. SQL date query
  198. Datatype in MSAccess through SQL
  199. type mismatch with NULL
  200. Like function in Access
  201. sql function min() problem
  202. How to get date & time in one column?
  203. how to get unique row
  204. Microsoft Access
  205. Newbie need help
  207. Accessing MS ACCESS through SQL
  208. MS SQL server probs
  209. Hi All new on this...need help!!!
  210. SQL Statement
  211. SQL-question that wont work but is correct?
  212. relationship help in query
  213. load-up form in access
  214. Valid characters for access text field????
  215. Access Database - Help with Error message
  216. Access SQL command to list tables?
  217. Getting Excel Data To Access
  218. To Use Database or Files
  219. Barcode Databases
  220. database design research
  221. Curiosity Noobie Question
  222. Remove unnecessary spaces from sql server varchar field
  223. Multiple Inserts Into Access
  224. Use vbscript to access a database
  225. Little problem
  226. Customising PHP script to work with Flatfile
  227. SQL SELECT for a Blog
  228. relational database issue
  229. MS-Access and query string
  230. PostGreSQL
  231. MS Access
  232. Convert() like function in Access SQL?
  233. First Thread! - MS SQL Index question

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