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  1. Quality and Great Value Web Design with BLUEWIRESTUDIO
  2. Awstats Installation On Linux Virtual Server
  3. [Seeking Quote]Character Design
  4. [Hiring] Forum Posters
  5. Scrabble solver programmer needed
  6. [for Hire] modelling in 3DS Max for anyone
  7. [For Hire] Professional development of web projects
  8. Java Program all code given just requires tweaking ! easy money !
  9. Rules for Work offers and Requests in general
  10. convert console app to windows service
  11. *NEW* Web Project - Travel Company
  12. Basic work needed, script to be changed
  13. Windows Service to collect data
  14. Need a PHP programmer to make change in php classifieds
  15. phpBB, vB and IPB experienced coder wanted...
  16. Install geotargetting To Max Media Manager (PHPAdsNew)
  17. [For HIRE] PHP/Mysql developer
  18. Need search feature for our site. Must include option to search affiliate DVD store
  19. Work offer -> implement template js to form
  20. PHP MYSQL expert needed to do basic work
  21. mambo, javascript & phpshop
  22. [For Hire] osCommerce Developer / Programmer for Hire
  23. Professional Web Development and Design Services [ ITScript, LLC ]
  24. Hiring full time PHP/SQL programmers
  25. [looking to hire a coder] Need a drag and drop with option to print
  26. Coder Needed
  27. Flash Kiosk and Web programmer
  28. [Needed] XHTML/CSS coder for quick cash !!
  29. VB / C# .net programmer wanted
  30. Coder needed
  31. [Hire Me]Jonathon M.
  32. Css Designer Needed Urgent
  33. need a DHTML and/or Ajax expert
  34. Adding lines to a mysql server
  35. [For hire]Someone well versed in cgi able to clean and add a search function
  36. QUICK $100 For editing a .swf file NEEDED ASAP!
  37. vBulletin Skinners (paid)
  38. Looking for a PHP/Mysql programmer
  39. [For Hire]: HTML / Scripts Management / PHP / Translations and much more....
  40. Website in need of finishing :( - Paid
  41. Auction Snipe Site
  42. Photo ordering system
  43. "[For Hire]: Skilled Delphi And C++ Programmer.
  44. [For Hire]:FSC Productions..Immersive Media Development
  45. Web Developer - New Delhi [CSS/xHTML] - Excellent perks
  46. [for hire]Experienced PHP/MySql
  47. PHP : Professionals - Your Jobs Done Here
  48. php coder wanted
  49. Convert this to PHP. Will pay
  50. [For Hire] Efficient XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL Coder
  51. [paid]php Help Needed
  52. Need CSS guru
  53. [PAID WORK] Tournament / Ladder System - PHP/mySQL
  54. Vpasp Urgent
  55. PHP Webmaster Wanted
  56. Photo Editor Web App
  57. [for hire] Design duo
  58. [for hire] - designer - psd slicing $25 /logos $50 /web design $200 XHTML/CSS styles
  59. PHP MySQL programmer required
  60. Have some ongoing part-time coding work
  61. Graphic design for hire!
  62. Help Needed with XHTML/CSS--Quick job
  63. PAID WORK! Urgent Help Needed!, PHP Client controlled content website
  64. osCommerce Developer / Programmer for Hire
  65. WANTED : PHP coder to create newsletter / email script that doesn't bounce back ASAP.
  66. Graphics theme needed
  67. [wanted]: Experienced CSS Programmer
  68. script to tally number of entries for a member
  69. PHP/MySQL developer available
  70. Convert UBB to Invision Board
  71. WANTED: Business Logo Designer
  72. web design HELP needed
  73. Good all rounder wanted - Central Manchester - or work from home!
  74. Graphic designer/flash programmer to design clickable map
  75. wickedinnovations
  76. Need C++ client/Server coder Northern NJ
  77. Help Needed! C++ Programmers for Online MMO!
  78. [For hire] Web development company
  79. [For Hire] php/mysql, just pay me 1$.
  80. Looking for a designer to partner with for work
  81. Looking for Outsourcing Partners
  82. WANTED: Partner for music venture (PHP/MySQL)
  83. WANTED: Javascript expert
  84. WANTED: 3D Graphic/Flash Designer
  85. Html Coder to do one line of code
  86. WANTED: Logo designer
  87. [wanted] Experienced Coder
  88. Dedicated pentium 2.4, 1gb ddr for a php coding job
  89. Graphic design and Web hosting
  90. Wanted Webdesigner for Flash & Dreamweaver!
  91. PHP Coder or your PHP coding Skills Requires (100 Pounds) About $172 Paid Plus ..
  92. Editor work
  93. Freelance Web Designer Wanted !
  94. Looking for someone to convert a PSD to HTML file using CSS (NO TABLES!)
  95. Complete website needed (paid)
  96. TFMail PERL script expert needed
  97. Site project (PHP,Xhtml,MySQL)
  98. Links, Advertisements, Affiliates
  99. Seeking full time CF, .net developer for company in Hollywood, FL
  100. Need php coder to add town leaders and teams (paid)
  101. [For Hire] Full Web Development Service
  102. Javascript Developer in San Jose, CA
  103. [For Hire] Photoshop Design, Layout Coding, Some Javascript and PHP
  104. Server Side and Client Side coders needed for contract work
  105. two offers, dating website and url redirect
  106. Holiday booking calendar
  107. (WANTED) PHP coders for a browser based game
  108. PHP Mysql (Paid Need Coder for Hire)
  109. coder wanted for upcoming layout
  110. [For Hire]: Skilled ASP net argentine programmer available for work
  111. For hire [PHP/ any SQL DB | XML | XHTML | some Java Script | SEO ]
  112. Simple PHP script(s) needed
  113. ASP Programmer needed
  114. [For Hire]: skills include: PHP::mySQL::Dreamweaver/HTML::Photoshop::3DSMAX 7
  115. Writers Wanted - (paid)
  116. [For Hire] osCommerce Developer for Hire
  117. {WANTED} Someone to code website and create database
  118. php developer for script integration
  119. Vbulletin Site Needs some work...
  120. Job Offer: Webmaster/SEO Strategist
  121. Staff needed on a gaming website
  122. PHP MySQL Script
  123. 2 website need work
  124. Need help intalling RSS feed
  125. Job requiring php and mysql skills
  126. NetHostSpace.com Freelance creative website designer needed.
  127. Need ongoing web design help!
  128. 2 Needed.. CSS Specialist and PHP Specialist
  129. Certified PHP Developer (for hire)
  130. Need a programmer - today
  131. Wanted: PHP Developer for remote work
  132. [FOR HIRE] PHP / MYSQL Programmer
  133. anyone in my shoes (lets make a web studio)
  134. De-bugger!
  135. [For Hire] XHTML, CSS Designer Looking for work
  136. Delphi Programmer Seeks Project
  137. Articles
  138. Expert web coding, design, and development, print design, and copywriting service...
  139. Graphic Designer
  140. [For Hire] Competent Student Programmer (4 Years Experience in PHP/MySQL)
  141. [For Hire] - VB.NET, web developer
  142. for hire: web developer.
  143. Flash Banner Customisation
  144. Web construction/admin(S) Needed
  145. [PAID] php work
  146. [FOR HIRE] Knowledgeable in PHP/MySql HTML CSS JavaScript Flash ActionScript
  147. PHP/MySQL Coder Needed
  148. For Hire - Graphic Web Designer and Html Coding
  149. IT Worker 4 PHP projects
  150. Freelance PHP/MySQL Developer available
  151. Looking for coder to complete a web site
  152. [For Hire] PHP/Mysql Developer - Beginner
  153. Layout Coder Need [1layout]
  154. [Work Offer] - Modifying PHP game script
  155. Require team members
  156. Looking for CSS Guru (Consultant) Ventura California
  157. Need ASP chat script editing
  158. [For hire]: XHTML, CSS designer
  159. Need a Programmer For a Web-Based Company; 25-40hrs/Wk; Work From Home
  160. [WANTED] PHP/MySQL Coder etc...
  161. Looking for developer with free time
  162. [NOW HIRING!] PHP Coder for The Student Web Awards
  163. [FOR HIRE] Newbie Designer
  164. [For Hire] osCommerce Developer for Hire
  165. [For Hire] Full Web Design Service
  166. [WANTED] Seeking help on a little XSLT project...
  167. Need Virtual Programmers - Freelance
  168. Need php coders for greatest project
  169. [FOR HIRE] Professional Design serivices at affordable prices
  170. [For Hire]: PHP/MySQL programmer - cheap!
  171. [For hire] You do the coding, I do the graphics
  172. [For Hire]: XUL Engineer Seeking Employment
  173. PHP Coder, Web Commerce, PlugnPay module
  174. [WANTED] Experienced Designer to help set up website/forum
  175. Beta testers needed
  176. [COMPLETE] Fix 1 IE/mac bug - $20
  177. PHP Coder Needed
  178. [For Hire]XHTML, CSS, PHP programmer
  179. Contract & FT Flash Developer Wanted
  180. Film Festival Online Database
  181. will pay for programmer to set up store
  182. [For Hire]: PHP/MySQL, ASP, JavaScript, VB, Java
  183. Looking for Shopping Cart system coder (PHP/MySQL)
  184. Profile Script Wanted
  185. Layout coding needed
  186. Career Suggestions
  187. Hiring professional only
  188. Wanted: PHP Coder
  189. PHP Programmer Needed
  190. [For Hire] Beginner PHP/MySQL developer. (FREE* looking for experience)
  191. [For Hire:] Need Logo or Banner Work Done? For Free?
  192. Flash Web Designer to join team
  193. Flash Banner Designer Wanted
  194. PHP programmer needed
  195. For threads looking for work, please prefix subject with [For Hire]:
  196. XUL programmer required for a simple online book store
  197. [For Hire]: Website Design/Development and graphic design
  198. [For Hire]: PHP/MySQL developer available
  199. Need someone that knows sql to help for $$!
  200. [For Hire]: Professional Logo, Banner, Website designer
  201. Small HTML / CSS project available
  202. php/mysql coder needed, up to 1500$ USD for completion.
  203. Web work for this summer
  204. Css coder here
  205. Web site project help
  206. Advanced PHP Coder Needed!
  207. CGI coder with security and server knowledge NEEDED
  208. Looking to subcontract UDM customisation service
  209. Paypal IPN
  210. JavaScript Guru Required for project in UK
  211. DHTML / Javascript Guru needed for full time position
  212. Looking for ASP/Access coder :)
  213. Looking to start a small business..need a good devoted person who is skilled
  214. need a creative logo for my web business
  215. Print Manager, Mac OS man, IT knowledge, print/web design knowledge
  216. PHP quote calculator to be developed
  217. ASP / .NET Coders Needed!
  218. Need Coder!
  219. PHP Programmer Required [Large Scale Partnership]
  220. All The Coders You Need!
  221. Need a poll made for a website. Offerring to pay.
  222. Updated rules for posting in this forum- must read
  223. Web designer for review/community site
  224. Need C++/ASP Coder
  225. Looking For Php Coders
  226. Wanted: PHP Programmer for remote work
  227. PHP Coder needed to finish website - URGENT
  228. Professional Design serivices at affordable prices
  229. Seeking Flash/Javascript/DHTML freelancers
  230. [For Hire]: osCommerce Developer for Hire
  231. [Looking for long-term Freelancing]
  232. Media Encoder Needed
  233. Gaming Network Project - exciting, demanding, fulfilling position
  234. Need help
  235. Programmers needed for forum-building project
  236. Emergency -- Fast coder!
  237. Training site - Who want to develop it?
  238. quick layout coded
  239. OFF SITE Design contest for $$$'s
  240. Site Redesign - Quote Me Happy!
  241. Need an eCommerce Programmer
  242. E-COMMERCE: Looking to pay somebody for a PHP/MySQL Project
  243. WebDesigner / Coder for hire / free
  244. Various Programmers and Graphics Designers Needed
  245. Need PHP Programmer with Mysql Knowledge - $500 to $1000
  246. Looking for C/C++ programers for New MMORPG
  247. Need php coder for gd project
  248. Need help with CSS design
  249. Regional Manager(s) Needed
  250. Programmer wanted for ASP and Access Project

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