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  1. Tables in XML with CSS ???
  2. Include XML within XML
  3. Problems with <xsl:preserve>
  4. MathML resources
  5. a couple of questions...
  6. Styling the XML document... Questions
  7. Problem with XSL translations
  8. help with automation depending on current time
  9. XML in visual C++
  10. no getElementById function for XML data Islands
  11. XML data island needs to be CDATA only
  12. XSLT within XHTML?
  13. xml problem with firefox
  14. XHTML border="0"
  15. How XML is run???
  16. Anyone creating and reading Excel or Word docs using XML?
  17. XML & Digital TV
  18. what is VML ?can it be used with HTML..????
  19. need guidance.....
  20. XML data islands for Mozilla
  21. How do I create a DTD that has a recursive element
  22. <p> & <u> tags in xhtml
  23. XML in visual studio
  24. XML Schema / Regular Expression Help!
  25. Why Aren't XML Simple Links Working?
  26. Can you pass a template name as an attribute?
  27. Add nodes with javascript.
  28. What can i do with XML & XSL(T)
  29. how to create a xpath for cdata value which has single quote
  30. forms and database issue
  31. Error In Text Element Has Newbie Confused
  32. XHTML Validation
  33. XML page not displaying
  34. Help Using Javascript to display Xml Data
  35. Extracting data and listing it alphabetically
  36. Email button and XML; HELP!
  37. cannot parse the data in insurance can anyone help?
  38. XSL Transformation of .owl file
  39. How to sort my table
  40. XML Newbie
  41. XML Copy and Date Formatting
  42. Using XML instead of PHP form
  43. SSI in XSL/XML
  44. How to disable option choice
  45. xhtml compliant strike
  46. Replacing class colour with col element
  47. XHTML validation problem
  48. XML Help Please
  49. XSL Styles
  50. Inline Styles: Are they Deprecated?
  51. XML Help
  52. XML download file formats?
  53. Need schema help
  54. "Currently Playing"
  55. Adding a URI attribute for <dc:creator> in an RSS feed
  56. Quirks Mode, Doctype, Namespaces and extensions
  57. Converting text to tags
  58. How do I set the height of a table in XHTML with CSS?
  59. XML and JavaScript
  60. Should meta tags be closed in transitional XHTML?
  61. Beginner XML Javascript not even sure if this can work
  62. Validates w. Xerces but not w. XMLSpy ? Ideas?
  63. Dynamic tables
  64. Re-Direct Code
  65. Can't find the XML based dynamic tree
  66. Getting lastModified datetime of xml in xsl
  67. Copying and Sorting at the same time
  68. VML fills-transparentt color?
  69. Extracting text from XHTML using XSL(T)
  70. Need Help
  71. need help for xsl
  72. Multiple XML files
  73. deeptree, no kidding...
  74. Help w/ Entity Reference SAXParserException
  75. read xml
  76. Display information in a time table format
  77. xml guidance
  78. XML data does not display in OPERA, Netscape
  79. Sorting and grouping with XSL Stylesheets
  80. how can use XML link in web page
  81. parsing HTML tags using XPath in Java
  82. Links with XML
  83. Getting Started (please help!!)
  84. Attempting to read XML into HTML, input information, then rewrite back into XML
  85. A hard one...(i think)
  86. Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.XSLTemplate.3.0")
  87. filenames & server problems
  88. markup language
  89. Xml and JS help
  90. <xml> elements containing <html> code.. possible?
  91. Can html form data be sent to an XML file??
  92. <a href="<xsl:value-of .. />"> error
  93. XML Parsing Error caused by XML prologue being inside a CDATA tag
  94. Dynamic XSL - Mime Error
  95. can anyone tell me what phtml is, where i can get tutorials etc?
  96. xPath for traversing iTunes XML
  97. Read XML/XSL output back to XML
  98. Question about Tabular Data Control and links
  99. predefined entity for percent (%)
  100. Output nested elements in series
  101. Using XML in html attribute via XSL
  102. progratically add attributes to PI or Document
  103. XML Prologue Problem
  104. need something like getElementsByNodeName
  105. can processing instructions occur deeper than document children
  106. how to insert imported node without HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR
  107. import XSL from within XSL
  108. sort xml elements in asp/jscript - xml dom
  109. Data Island Script: Please Help Me Debug
  110. xml applicaion
  111. xml and dreamweaver
  112. RSS: What is it?
  113. RSS Feed
  114. xml and xhtml
  115. XML stylesheet ??? Any basic tutorials ??
  116. using html elements as well in xml
  117. Xml-php
  118. XML im i missing something? (very novice)
  119. Rss / Xml
  120. Is this XML ?
  121. a hand with converting xml to excel as well as xhtml
  122. RSS and dynamic php links
  123. XSLT: Transforming variable numbers of paragraphs
  124. need xml programmer
  125. Form Problem
  126. Images Showing in IE, not in Moz 1.71
  127. XML tag nesting: repeat names ok?
  128. XML and PHP - HELP???
  129. Rss
  130. where wrong, and how to solve
  131. Binding the checkboxes in the table with HTML in XML
  132. info from a page
  133. Passing an attribuit on to a command
  134. php's @include a xml file in a editable textarea; hiding node tags
  135. I need to get this output ASAP.
  136. serving proper mime type
  137. learning XML
  138. MathML formatting isn't working!
  139. tabindex ?
  140. XML News Feed for Dummies (ME)!
  141. xsl:attribute on EMPTY elements
  142. XSL Transform With Querystring
  143. Validator problems with BR clear="all"
  144. Newbie XML Question
  145. How can I serve sock exchange feeds from my website to other websites?
  146. XML map
  147. Why are Divs not working?
  148. Show an image in XML page
  149. Is it really hard
  150. help on php function domxml_open_file()
  151. **-[ XML mapping HELP ]-**
  152. How do you write an xml file from a website
  153. custom xhtml1.1 dtd
  154. .setAttribute where attribute value is a variable
  155. removing elements based on their attributes.
  156. Simple DTD question
  157. Processing A Remote XML File
  158. XSL nested For Each
  159. updating XML with ASP
  160. appending to XML file with javascript - problem accessing XML file
  161. Save XML data islands in Mozilla
  162. How to create email links with XSLT
  163. simple xsl question
  164. using Altavista Babelfish and inline Javascript in XHTML
  165. Why should i use XML and what for
  166. RSS newsticker xml
  167. DOM - Finding node problem - VB
  168. Mozilla equivalent of "document.XMLDocument"?
  169. XUpdate help!
  170. Books on SVG?
  171. rowsep colsep not understanding this
  172. Using JavaScript to load and implement XML
  173. XML upload using JavaScript or "Suggestions"
  174. XML advice - 2 questions
  175. Navigation Troubles with the combination XML - Framespages
  176. I just had an interesting thought...
  177. displaying XML document in iframe or object (IE)
  178. XHTML 1.0 Strict - Form Input
  179. Displaying CDATA in XML/CSS
  180. External JPGs Won't Load
  181. Putting a link in XML.
  182. Stylesheet error over vpn
  183. Checking to make sure xmlDoc.load() is done before continuing
  184. what is wrong
  185. passing value using javascript to xsl:if
  186. Getting an RSS feed to display date-dependent XML files?
  187. html tags within xml
  189. XML file being read fine in IE, but not in Mozilla
  190. XSL: sorting and summing by attribues
  191. Help making a submenu/popout menu?
  192. XSL: "NOT" Boolean?
  193. XML is easy enough, but how to 'style' the data?
  194. Best Way To Display And Sort This XML Document
  195. Equals Sign In XML Attribute
  196. How do I use CSS formatting in XSL with Netscape?
  197. Changing Scrollbars
  198. Netscape does and doesn't show data
  199. How do you incorporate RSS into a website?
  200. CSS and RSS?
  201. XSL:sort problem using param passed in
  202. XML and RSS feeds?
  203. Processing XSLT with PHP Problem
  204. Still having some problems with loading an xml data island in Mozilla
  205. XHTML page works in IE 6.0 but not in Mozilla
  206. XML data islands
  207. Dynamic changing of the css file in use
  208. XML and DOM manipulation by javascript
  209. XML standalone? When and why?
  210. Data island - set color for each row
  211. Questions regarding XHTML 2.0
  212. is this valid XML ?
  213. XML DTD for ECMAScript - design decisions
  214. Inserting XML into XHTML comes
  215. Help making XML validate
  216. New lines with XML and CSS
  217. Adding <embed> to the XHTML DTD
  218. creating XML file
  219. XSLT to Shuffle or Merge XML
  220. Watching the position of an animated object in SVG
  221. VML question
  222. Reload XML Data Island
  223. Can I put an XML object in XHTML code?
  224. Create table dynamically
  225. How to set the http-equiv="Content-Type" when writing XHTML documents.
  226. Problem with background image and unordered list in xhtml strict doc.
  227. Dynamic SRC value for Data Island
  228. Is it possible to use form elements defined in html with xhtml strict dtd?
  229. Compile ExpatPP !!!??
  230. XML ASP HTML Problem
  231. XML as serverside langauge?
  232. Whitespace in XSL
  233. XML loads specific XSL file reasoning
  234. XSL-FO: using repeatable-page-master
  235. XML Newbie needs NEWS help
  236. Join in XSLT: too many copies
  237. Has anybody managed to get Netscape to read an XML file?
  238. How to handle an empty element
  239. DOM parsing
  240. Xml - Xhtml
  241. Dtd
  242. A new tag defined as a li tag
  243. Random XML in the document....
  244. best xml schema for directory structure?
  245. onmouseover and other things in XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD
  246. <xsl:attribute> problem
  247. Newbies Question
  248. XHTML Page not showing correctly...
  249. Help With creating valid XHTML
  250. what is the Advantage of XML

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